How do you feel about glitter in makeup?


I like it sometimes...

59%, 1,716 Votes

No thank you!

27%, 791 Votes

Love it! The more sparkle the better!

13%, 389 Votes

Other -- I'll tell you in the comments!

0%, 9 Votes

Total Voters: 2,905

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It’s one thing to put on pure glitter, but microglitters seem to fall out more than- either during application or during wear. It’s messy, and if it falls out, it defeats the purpose of it bwing there in the first place which makes it moot! Just rather skip it than deal with it.

I wouldn’t wear it everyday obviously but for special occasions/costumes or where you just feel like experimenting I love to use glitter, as long as its done nicely and doesnt look too tacky!

I love glitter – when I want glitter 🙂 but glitter REQUIRES a sticky base, like pixie epoxy. Then it is amazing! I don’t like fallout and I don’t like glittery cheeks unless I am trying to look like a fairy 🙂

I have been having an ongoing debate about this with my sister, who insists (wrongly), that I do not need glitter in my beauty arsenal. (The woman has one eyeshadow. ONE EYESHADOW. Sometimes I don’t know how we’re even related).

I haven’t really used glitter much myself but I love the look for something glam and beautiful. Honestly I don’t have occasion to wear makeup like that very often. But it’s definitely something I want to add to my collection.

I have a sis like that too. Bought her some mac yrs ago and she never used it more than once i got it back last week!!! She models and even modeled for mac which i laughed at as shes a tom boy!! an im all glitter and pink lol

I personally like it. Do I need to go the extra steps to make it adhere better? Yes; but we do that for everything else in our lives (from paint primer to our undergarments), and if we can get the best result in the end, it’s all worth it.

On the other hand, if one doesn’t like glitter, they don’t have to buy/wear it. I can’t begin to express how annoying it is to read comments about “Brand X” having too much glitter. There are more than enough products available that don’t have the glitter, so they can just buy those, instead of whining that products shouldn’t have it. There are those of us who do like it.

I think there is a huge different between glitter, shimmer and illumination. Glitter (larger pieces) is great for costume, more dramatic and fun looks! Shimmer (like in most of UD shadows) is gorgeous for eyewear. IMO of course! I wear shimmer on my eyes daily and illumination on my cheeks…at the same time. I think all 3 are gorgeous of used correctly.. Even daily!!

I HATE IT WITH A PASSION!! Sorry, I know the all caps thing is annoying but I just had to get that off of my chest 🙂 I will be 57 yrs old next month and nothing looks more ridiculous (in makeup) on a woman of my age than glitter. I am often told I don’t look my age but I definitely don’t look like a teenager or 20 something. It wouldn’t bother me at all if the companies would offer a no glitter, or at least low shimmer, option on popular products. Perfect example: the new Chanel blush in Accent. I saw it on blogs and started lusting after it, the color was so perfect. I swatched it at a counter yesterday and what a glitter bomb. The SA told me it wasn’t selling at all in my demographic because of that. The younger lovelies can certainly get away with the glitter so I understand why it is so popular. When you have no lines, wrinkles, or creases for it to gather in, it can look great if not overdone.

Women in my age group are not Edward Cullen and we shouldn’t look like we’re trying to be. But we still love and wear makeup and want to experiment and not be stuck in “fuddy duddy” territory. I wish so hard that the companies would just recognize that and start giving us some options. There are a lot of us baby boomers, and often times we are the ones with the money to spend on the high end brands. I’m NOT throwing any shade on the younger ladies; I know that a lot of you also buy high end.

For those of you in the younger group, I say go for it. Wear it, love it, own it….as long as you can. When you get into my age group (and you will) you will understand what I’m talking about.

I totally agree with you! I think everyone should wear what they’re comfortable with, but I also think there is (in most cases) such a thing as age appropriate makeup.

I’m only 30, but I feel like I look like a 13-14 year old if I wear a lot of glitter. It just screams juvenile to me. I know that a lot of people, even my age and older like it and can pull it off well, it’s just not my thing. I really hate when an otherwise perfect lipstick, eyeshadow or blush is ruined by chunks of glitter. Glittery blush is the worst. Why would I want huge sparkly chunks on my face?

Eh, I’m 39, and glitter eyeliner is my favorite makeup item! And yes, I wear it to work sometimes. I like glittery eyeshadow too. Not age appropriate? I really don’t care!

That said, glittery blush mystifies me. I’m glad it’s out there, but don’t wear it personally.

YAY!! i agree im almost 31 been wearing shimmer sparkles glitter and the likes my whole life i will never stop! i guess i will be the minority and some will judge but without sparkles i might as well die

I’m 40, and a mom, but I still rock glitter on a regular basis. For those who don’t like it, or aren’t comfortable wearing it after a certain age, there are a plethora of other options out there. It may be a different brand, but with the help of blogs/internet, it’s easy enough to find near dupes. There are only so many shades that can be done, so at some point, there will be a “no-glitter” option. I don’t mean to offend, but I’m sick of all the whining about certain brands being known for their shimmer/glitter, and “lack” of matte shades, when noone is forcing anyone to buy the products if they don’t like them.

AGREED!!! we cant have all matte only makeup every where! Bobbi brown is less glitter and the balm and inglot make plenty of options!! PLUS pearl is different i recently got my stubborn matte only 52 yr old mother to Sephora and had her try a pearl on and she loved it! So we all have lots of options out there these days, and a lot i find boring but i think are more aimed at ladies wit a strict no glitter routine!! wont find me complaining about those brands

Amen! I’m 31, and grew up during the rise of Urban Decay (my favorite ever since my discovery of it when I was 18) and late 90’s fun with shimmer and glitter.

I work in a cosmetics store. We sell Urban Decay as well as other high end brands, and I hate it when someone any age picks up a palette and makes a comment like “I’m not a teen, not gonna wear this, this is childish, etc” and I’ll be rocking something like Maui Wowie or Chopper.

I am 48 and I love glitter. I found out about glitter a few years ago. Glitter is my middle name. I use it sparingly…meaning, I use it to accent my eyeshadow……It’s noticeable, but it is not too loud. Urban Decay ES were my first ones. I bought all the glitter shades. Now, I have the Tom Ford collections too. Life is stressful, so I need innoculous things to keep me going…and makeup is one of them.

Obviously there are different levels of glitter, but I generally love it. I love when it’s worked in to a product, like with some of the Giorgio Armami eyes to kill intense shadows (#26 for instance has gorgeous glitter particles). I also appreciate it when it’s fine and in a product that doesn’t flake all over my face so I get a hint of sparkle on the lids but I’m not cleaning up glitter bits everywhere. The lightest color in the Dior Mystic Metallics palette (Bonne Etoile) has some glitter in it and I love it! I like to put a touch in the center of my lids during the day. If I’m judicious I can still pull finely milled glitter off for daytime wear.

Alternatively, the NYX roll-on shadows have large glitter particles, and the Lorac 3D lusters have great glitter that stays where you put it but I can’t use these for work/daytime because it is too much (even for an adventurous girl). I still use them on the weekend. I don’t want to make any broad statements here and offend anyone, but I’ve heard that glitter isn’t as flattering on aging eyes so I’m trying to make the most of it while I still can.

Laura, no one should be offended by your comments. The simple truth is that glitter is NOT flattering on aging eyes or women of a “certain age”. Sure, there’s always someone like Cher who can get away with just about anything but that doesn’t hold true for the general populace. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen women my age covered in glittery makeup and wearing clothes better left to someone 20 or 30 years younger. It just looks so foolish.

I am not a fan of glitter. Luckily, I can avoid it in most cosmetics. I don’t mind shimmer, particularly in eye-shadows, because I think the shimmer looks lovely. However, when it comes to nail-polish, I don’t like shimmer or glitter. It drives me nuts when new nail-polish collections come out and 80% or more of the shades have either shimmer/glitter/holo/chrome. Granted, it is nice for my budget, but there are some brands whose new collections I look forward to coming out, but then they turn out not so nice.

I like glitter but I don’t often have occasions to wear it, so I tend to prefer products that are glitter free. I don’t mind if it’s a couple of sparkles in an eyeshadow, but I don’t like fallout so I tend to try dusting them off or something. I agree with comments about glittery blush (like Nars Super Orgasm), it suits some people, but not me. On the other hand I am unreservedly all for shimmer and illumination. I also think Inglot eyeshadows have nailed glitter finishes, with their matte plus glitter shades, the glitter doesn’t fall out and it doesn’t blend with a shimmer finish to look ‘textured’.

fall out dosnt bother me i like to be sparkly and if its on my checks or chest i like it no worries!!!! I notice all my fave mac shadows are sparkly, mythology, honey lust, idol eyes, trax, twinks, pink venus!!! to name a few!! which a lot of u guys dont like for glitter, i love em!!! I do wear other things without but there not my faves!

I hate glitter in all forms because it’s so messy and difficult to clean up! I’m a teacher, and I don’t even use glitter in my classroom for arts and crafts. Lol I just can’t stand it!

It’s okay sometimes but I feel like almost everything has some glitter or shimmer in it, and if it’s matte, it’s limited edition. Like the new Maybelline color tattoos are in matte shades, but they’re limited edition and hard to find right now. Why can’t they make those shades permanent when everyone’s always asking for matte anyway? Are matte finishes harder to make or something? Ugh, so annoying.

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