Does it matter where your beauty products are made?


37%, 970 Votes

No, it's not important!

31%, 809 Votes

Yes, it's important!

20%, 521 Votes

Yes, it's very important!

12%, 321 Votes

Other -- I'll tell you in the comments!

0%, 2 Votes

Total Voters: 2,623

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It’s sad to see “only sometimes” is leading the pack. It really should matter because of the standards. When the 88 palette first came out everyone jumped on board and now almost all smaller “cosmetic” companies have the same palette with their logo. No one bothered to ask, what is in here, how is it tested for safety…some of these companies were selling it for upwards of $65. If you look at ebay you can find the same 88 palette for .99 with shipping at 10.99. Don’t get me wrong, I see the appeal, but please think about your eyesight before just applying any shadow. Some countries prioritize profit over safety.

Finally a topic on this. I totally agree with you. I get diss for this opinion. This woman told me that she gets fake MAC products because it is cheaper. She sell fake designer bags also. I asked her if she realizes what is inside that fake MAC. Then she paused and realized that I had a point. I told her she is putting stuff on her face unlike a fake bag is just a fake bag. Furthermore, the FDA standards have certain standards. When I wanted to buy certain Jill Stuart cosmetics that were not available at the Jill Stuart store in NYC, the clerk told me that they cant sell certain colors due to the FDA standards. I shutter when I think how companies in China placed melamine (plastic protein) into baby powder to increase to weight and those babies die or when there was ethylene glycol (antifreeze) component in toothpaste made in China and sold overseas. I would buy any USA product like Maybelline, etc if I could not afford the high end brand over any made in China and I am Chinese.

I agree with you. If there are any chemicals made in China that I’m going to put on my face, I’m concerned!
I don’t mean to offend you (and other Chinese) but I think quality control in China, Vietnam, etc is not on par with those in EU and US; since labor is much cheaper, manufacturers don’t care either.

well, I’m Chinese as well, and I disagree with some of the things you said. whatever is sold in the US market goes through the FDA, so that wetnwild stuff that everyone raves about is made in china, if it had not been inspected, it would not have been sold legally. also, many companies such as shiseido does a collaboration with Chinese market (Aupres) so they are manufactured in China, my mom as been using that skin care line for ages~10yrs, and she loves it! Also, the cases you are talking about doesn’t really isn’t a huge deal and as severe as US media portrays it as. the E coli case here in the US had a more severe news coverage in Hongkong and Mainland China with actual details and interviews. My whole family lives in Beijing, and ppl are making such a huge deal out of one case here. I don’t know where you are from, but you clearly have never been to China, and then talking from the awfully biased US news coverage.
oh, btw, your beloved apple or android is also made in china, yeah it prob have lead in it too….or your laptop….then stop using them!

dont own an apple or an adroid, still use the landline…or referring to apple juice with arsenic prevalent now?…staying on topic….never bought makeup from china and never shall….tom ford makeup is now my current love.

Ever since the pet food scandal – and it was supposedly high quality pet food sold only by vets in Canada – I won’t buy products made in China. Too much corruption, lack of quality assurance, and the companies that outsource there don’t seem to oversee the quality assurance either (too busy saving a $).

I put “yes, it’s important” but have really mixed feelings. OTOH, I don’t think it matters that much in quality terms anymore – Elf products (made in China) used to have really inconsistent quality control, but they’ve improved a lot in the past year or so.

If there was a way to know which factory something was made in, and how the workers are treated at that factory, I’d made the effort to support factories that treat workers humanely. As it is now, something being made in the US or some other “first world” country is no guarantee it wasn’t made in a horrid sweatshop. 🙁 So while I’d like to avoid supporting the mistreatment of workers, I don’t think basing my purchasing decisions on what country they were made in will do a very good job of that.

I prefer buying items made in USA/Canada, or in Europe. I do have ideams, htose 88 palettes I bought specifically for use on stage make.. $ wise makes much more sense to use those products and achieve just one BRIGHT GREEN look you were looking for, intead of trying to get a mac pigment that is shimmery and not matte

It is surprising to see “Sometimes” leading the pack. It goes on my *skin*!!! I prefer things made in France, Italy, Canada, Japan and the U.S. I don’t worry about quality standards of Chanel or Guerlain, ever. There is something to be said about tradition of cosmetic chemistry and pride that some companies take in creating their product. Quality over quantity – always!

It is very important for me. For example, since Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in 2011, I avoid purchasing anything produced in, or produced using ingredients from, Japan. The disaster and its effects are ongoing and the radiation level remains very dangerously high throughout the region.

I voted no. I’d say it matters in terms of where the brand originates, a company may outsource labour/production to, say, China, but use the same formula and ingredients as they do in their US produced products, so safety wouldn’t necessarily be an issue. I’m not sure that country of origin could really guarantee worker rights, animal safety etc, so I’d want to check that the brand I’m buying values those things. That said, I’ve used some awful $2 shop slop on my face and never had an issue, but I know people who’ve used upmarket brands and had reactions. So yeah, check ingredients, and wether they test on animals or not.

^ This is why I say sometimes as there is so many products out there Made in China and made well with oversee company/brands standards that saying everything made in China is going to be hazardses a misnomer now.

You can thank Mattel slip in quality control to shine a spotlight on this issue with other brands but also sending a message to china that this is unexceptionable.

I’m much more concerned with ingredient lists. I will never buy fake MAC (it’s quite easy to find in Toronto) but i do buy unbranded gel liners from a number of pro/theatrical and mineral companies that do indeed list their ingredients in a full list that are manufacture in china.

My friend goes back to China to visit her family in the belly of the Roster. (I won’t be able to point that on a map but she tells me it makes sense when you live there. lol)
She is glade to see other international company coming in as the bring their work standards with them in terms of manufacturing.

yes, it’s very important to me because quality and ingredients matter! I can’t buy on-face products made in China, as I am not sure of the quality of ingredients and melamine (?) toxicity. I prefer products made in Europe, Canada and the U.S., in that order.
That being said, I have used items from Taiwan that I just loved, and of course, Japanese products are great!

Yes it matters. I avoid made in China products and I just don’t use made in China cosmetics, ever. I trust made in EU, USA, Japan, Brazil, Australia and other western countries products because I just trust these countries cosmetics legislation and regulation more. No offence to China, but I’m not going to risk applying toxins on my skin, no matter how cheap Chinese make up products might be.

Peace from Finland.

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