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Not normally, but occasionally a reaction to something will make the skin around my eyes very dry, and then I use eye cream. I have a tiny tub of it I keep around in case of emergency, ever since cheap makeup remover gave me a horrid reaction and made my skin go all red and dry around my eyes.

I think that age has a lot to do with this one – I’m in my early twenties, and don’t use one because, frankly, I don’t need one! But older readers may use one because, due to age-specific marketing, they feel that they “need to” to keep things from getting crepey and saggy. I think it would be interesting to add another question to the poll above, with an age bracket range (20s, 30s, and so on) and calculate the data so that you can see where the most yeses and nos come from – it may just prove what we already know, but it’d be interesting to see it laid out that way.

I’m 24 so don’t feel like I really have to worry about ageing as such yet, but I have been using eye cream as a preventative (hopefully!) measure since I was about 20. I’m using one from simple at the moment,called the Regeneration Age Resisting Eye Cream. Not sure whether you can get the brand outside the UK? It’s one designed for sensitive skin and preventing early signs of ageing anyway and isn’t too heavy. I like it because my eye area feels nice and moisturised but it sinks in quite quickly.

Yes, I use 2 – one in the morning and a different one at night. I use Origins EyeZing in the morning, it helps de-puff and brightens with light reflectors. At night I use Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream, I cannot believe how soft this makes my skin, I didn’t even realize how dry it was prior to using this. I use very small amounts of both so they last a long time. I am 33 yrs old, btw.

I started using one recently because my under-eye area was getting dry and it was making my makeup look awful. I have dark circles and some fine lines but I’m not expecting any miracles. As a moisturizer it does the job pretty well.

No. I’m 19, so I don’t feel the need yet, but sometimes if I’m feeling a little dry in my eye area, I swipe a little bit of my mum’s eye cream. Otherwise, I just use my regular moisturizer.

I’ve fallen in love with Nuxe’s Yeux Prodigieux for night time. Still looking for a perfect daytime alternative. I’m constantly trying out new brands, formulas, etc. I’m lucky in that I haven’t developed many lines, but I do have crows’ feet I’d like to control and prevent anything else from developing.

I’m in the “SOMETIMES!” category as well. 😉

I use my daily skin cream on my eye as well, considering how sensitive my skin is if the cream is good enough for my skin it’s good enough for my eyes. lol

I do use a light weight eye cream in conjunction with my Amazing Concealer to help it blend out. That being said I’ve tried a few anti-aging/depuffing eye cream and they all stink on my skin a bit … just not worth it!

If you are over 21 and not using an eye cream you are going to age a lot faster than if you did. Seriously, the eyes age the fastest due to the thin skin. If you answered no, please due your future self a favor and buy some eye cream !!!

I only used an eye cream if I had a sample or it came in a set.

Even though I am older, my dermatologist said I don’t need one but preventative maintenance is a good idea at any age.

I do use an eye cream now, morning and night. Does it help? LOL … I don’t think so. Maybe as I get wrinkles *hush my mouth* I’ll be able to tell?

I use shea butter to moisturize my face, under eyes and all. It is the best moisturizer I have ever used. Just take a tiny bit and rub it into your hands until it’s a decent consistency and maybe run my hands under warm water to help it melt.

Often there is some left on my face, I just take green tea or whatever tea I just brewed and rub it off. Works fantastically.

i use eye cream RELIGIOUSLY! i started at about 14, using sea breeze moisturizer until i was about 31, then i started using murad, dermalogica and DDF, which was the best. i used the bio life serum (can’t remember the actual name-bad beauty junkie). that’s where it all started, now i use an eye cream for morning, one for night…

I have been wanting to try one as recently my under eye skin feel dry and makes the concealer look terrible. I’m only 18, so I wanted something only moisturizing and not very expensive. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I use Clinique All About Eyes Rich for the purpose you’re looking for. I love it: it’s moisturizing, goes on smoothly, tear-free and is also smoothing–seems to almost prime my eye area for concealer. This is not very expensive for an eye cream but is still costly. I believe it’s worth it–I always end up going back to this after trying both lower and higher end formulas.

Every morning and night! I’m surprised with the people in their early twenties who feel they don’t need it. I don’t have fine lines yet (I am 22) and I want to keep it that way. Also makes a nicer surface for concealer under my eyes.

Yes, and I have since I was a young thing (I was a smart young cookie). I used to use something from Dior that I’m sure isn’t being made any longer. Now I use 2 eye creams by Clarins – one with SPF for daytime and another – the Super-Restorative – for night. If you can believe the stuff that the skin care companies tell you, eye creams are formulated so they’re less likely to cause milia on the eye area than regular creams are. Whether it’s true or not, who knows but I think eye creams are a worthwhile product.

I don’t, but my skin isn’t especially dry. Sometimes I even forget to use moisturizer, and I generally don’t even notice an effect unless I forget a few days in a row.

I pack on eye cream….been using it since I was 17…..because I used to wear contact lenses. Then I realize the pulling and tugging didnt help so I stopped using contact lenses and putting eyeliner on the lower lashes area…..now about 30 years later, I have two lines that develop but no crease on the side of my eye….still not to my liking…..but I know I would have more lines and creases had I not used eye cream at such an early age……Clarins eye balm was what I used for a very very long time.

I now use Sisley…two types, Clarins eye balm, La Mer eye concentrate, Estee Lauder Eye Repair…am still searching for all the eye creams to find the one that fits me at this moment in my life.

Yes, actualy I use a lighter for morning and a heavier/creamier for night. Have been doing that from about my twenties and in my 33 I am able to appreciate it!

Im 30 and Ive been religious with this AM and PM since I was maybe 25. My mother, who at 60 has the face of someone a decade younger, taught us to always put on our faces the best that we could buy, and to start taking care of our face young. I use Clinique’s All About Eyes, since I still dont need anything more potent. But I want to start exploring with the Genifique and the likes.

i’m 26 and have been using eye creams for probably almost 2 years. i was using anti aging ones ‘preventatively’ but found they irritated my eyes more than anything. i’ve recently switched to the simply hydrating Keihls Avocado eye cream and its AMAZING. doesn’t migrate, thick, hydrating and for the first time, i’m noticing my eyes look more rested… just from simple hydration. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE KEIHL’S AVOCADO EYE CREAM FOR THOSE IN THEIR 20s-early 30s!

I use a light one during the day just under my eyes to help my concealer glide on. My undereye area is quite dry but my lids are oily, so I skip that area. At night, I use Strivectin’s eye concentrate to (hopefully) stave off wrinkles. As another commenter put it, this is an age thing. I’m 32 and both my mom and grandmother have made a point to inform me that I must change my skin routine now that I’m in my thirties and start using products that help to diminish the signs of aging. Both are beautiful women who have aged gracefully, each looking 10 years younger than they actually are with very few wrinkles and luminous skin. I figured they know what they are talking about so I’ve adjusted my routine to include these types of products. So far so good!!

I’m 31, and my under eye area is extremely dry – I can’t use concealer at all unless I use an extremely emollient moisturizer. Currently using Shiseido Benefiance and it’s the first thing I’ve used that works well enough in the outer corner of my eyes so I can use concealer there (they get very ruddy, especially when eyes are irritated).

Eye cream? Nah, it’s a rip off!
I worked behind the counter at Lauder and Lancome in the early eighties in college; It was a giant scam. Most department store treatment is questionable, or was last I checked. Now we have Science; peer reviewed double blind tested, and it wound up in the drugstore. I find that bizarre. So what goes on my face goes on my eyes neck and bad sun damaged spot. Ran the clock back!!

I’m fifty. 50. No wrinkles. OK, lines on my forehead but so what? They’re faint and nobody notices but me! And I have fewer lines since Big Shot High Society Derm Doc saw me in a post Katrina free clinic and sent me to the drugstore. Giant tub of CeraVe cream, well I used to use the lotion but it wasn’t doing enough. For allergic things around the eyes or anywhere else Aquaphor is on the same aisle. Plastic surgeons send this home with the eye lifts to keep things moist and sooth. Good for allergies and chapped anywhere though.

But I’m distressed by teens and twenty something’s nursing over fine lines? Nobody else notices! You’re two inches away from the mirror bare faced. Put on your make up and under eye brightener and they’re buried. The problems you should be worried about are spray tans and a good sunscreen. NO cream will undo sun damage! Wrinkly beach bunnies look awful by 35.

Smoking will do more to sag your face into your lap than even bad genes! Eye cream is already meaningless unless it has some of the stuff that really works but no cream can counter the million times a year a smoker squints! And the mouth pucker, clouds of smoke drying your skin, a system in such duress it can’t keep major organs- skin- fed and oxygenated….

Eye cream? Take care of yourselves from the ground up. Wear sunscreen, eat properly, don’t smoke, don’t put your faith in gestures if you aren’t doing the really important things!

I am 20 and started using eye cream about a year ago because I thought (correctly) that it would help my under-eye concealer go on more evenly in the dry winter months. Since then, I’ve been using it every day. Unfortunately my go-to Garnier Skin Renew anti-fatigue eye cream has been discontinued, so now I use Bliss Fabulous Every Day eye cream in the winter and Yes to Cucumbers eye gel in the summer.

I’ve received plenty of eye creams and serums for review, so I use them. However, I don’t buy the argument that the eye area needs a separate cream, as the skin is thinner. Jen of My Beauty Bunny says that she likes eye creams because they have brightening and tightening ingredients not found in other creams. To each her own.

Dermatologists I’ve talked to swear there isn’t any difference between what the eye needs for moisturizing and what the rest of the face needs, so they advise just using the face moisturizer of choice in the eye area. I can’t see any difference in the results when I’ve tried eye creams v. just using my moisturizer. Except in my wallet. 🙂

I am only 19 but recently I have been looking into investing into an eye cream. My current nominees are Bobbi Brown and Clinque. I figured to go hard than go home because from there I can only go with less expensive products!

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