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I’m just thankful my husband doesn’t make any comments about how much makeup I have and buy! Then again he realizes that it’s smart move on his part to know that makeup keeps me happy. If I’m happy then the whole family remains HAPPY!

Yes, and I DO care! haha I have realized that I will never use all my makeup and that the money I’ve spent on makeup could have gone towards something else.

Some people would be floored if they knew exactly how many products I wear (for example, today I used 4 different blushes in total). I don’t think I have a big collection compared to other like-minded gals but I know the average person would say I definitely do have too much.

Yeah, I think I have too much… and I actually do care, because it creates so much clutter in my tiny apartment. I’d like to pare my collection down to the “essentials,” but I have a hard time defining what that means to me, and I’m a sucker for a new “must have” product. That said, as problems go, I think makeup hoarding is not a bad problem to have!

I only really got into makeup about a month or 2 ago. I’m kind of a late bloomer. I definitely have more makeup than I need, but not ”too much” by any means. I plan to continue buying what intrigues me, that’s for sure.

Haha, way too much! But it doesn’t stop me from buying more and more and more. Have pretty much run out of space to store them now, not sure what I’m gonna do. And that’s with me wearing make up every day. Oh dear…

Yes, I do. Sometimes I get so frustrated because I don’t want to seem wasteful as I want to use all of it, but I know that I will never be able to do that. Yet I keep purchasing. It is my passion for sure.

I do have too much make up, but somehow I can’t stop collecting lol.

I’m pretty much done getting any new e/s ‘s as I have 50 different colors and about any combo I could ever want for quite awhile. Lipstick is something I can’t stop buying though. Although I have noticed with 50 different lipsticks that a lot of them will get neglected and that I could wear a different color everyday to school and still not repeat if I didn’t want to… But Lipsticks are my weakness… Blushes I have ten different ones or so … A couple bronzers and highlighters so I’m ok there.

Lipsticks are my weakness…Sometimes lipglosses as well lol

More like not enough!
I probably have enough eye shadows, especially since they can last me YEARS (I probably should toss a few of my things…) but I always want to buy more if I see an absolutely gorgeous shade that I don’t have and can’t imagine replicating myself. I don’t have enough eyeliners, especially since I’m throwing out a handful due to no longer liking their consistency (too glittery). And gloss? Well, I could probably spend my life’s fortune on gloss.

No, absolutely not!!! My family & friends always say I have too much, but I keep looking at people’s bigger collections than mine and ‘no mine is so small, I wish I had as much as them’

Yeah I know I do have more than what an average person really needs but I love make up so it doesnt really matter that I have more than what I need

But the make up addict in me keeps saying “Its not enough” XD

Compaired to my friends I have definately too much make-up, but I love it. I believe I will buy more stuff, if I really need it or don’t have anything like that in my collection.

i love my make up!!!! and i want more lol the only thing that others me i don’t know where to store it!! i have no space at all and i don’t want to put it in my bathroom!!! any ideas?

if i do it shouldn’t matter to anyone besides me! it is like a hobby of mine. i know that some are more costly like than this one like cars or traveling. some people may call it an addiction but i dont mind as long as it makes me happy.

I know I have too much, but I just can’t help myself 🙂 I take my train case on the plane with me (no way am I trusting it underneath the plane for them to loose it) and when the airport people open it up they get this dumb look on their face like “what on earth does 1 girl need so many eyeshadows for!?” Then they ask me if I do makeup, and say nope and then they look more confused. I just like choices!

i dont think i have too much. i dont collect makeup, i only purchase certain colors and types of makeup that look great on me. With makeup being so expensive, i feel there are other things i need rather than products i will never use.

I know I’m not as bad as a lot of people, but I still feel bad for just having so much STUFF. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to finish everything I own in my lifetime, not to mention the colors I don’t even use!

I do have a lot of makeup, but i still have a loooong list of products to buy (and I don’t think it will ever stop growing). I am definitely obsessed, addicted, passionate, whatever anyone wants to call it. But it’s also how I pay my bills…so that makes it a little more ok, right?! Eh, who cares, it makes me absolutely happy and makes me and many others feel beautiful and good about themselves (me too!) so as far as I’m concerned, keep it coming!!!

I totally have too much makeup. I mean, compared to other junkies its not that much, but it is really quite a lot. the thing is, although i like counting it up, and looking out and experimenting with colors, it really is a strain on my wallet as i am into high end products, and i feel guilty after buying to much…

Yes, I have too much. Not a lot as a few people on Youtube, but enough to know I will most likely never use it up. It was making me happy for awhile until I realized I am pretty much wasting my money. Sooner or later I will have to throw things away that go bad, but then again if I got good use out of a product then I don’t feel so bad. I have make-up that I use and I have a shoebox full under my bed that I don’t even ever touch. I gave my mom my checkbook and debit card so I will stop for awhile. I have spent over 400 bucks in July on makeup/skincare products. It is getting out of hand. It was my therapy but I think I will go back to writing in my journal. But I love my makeup so much.

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