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I do, which is primarily why I’ve been thinking through my purchases these last couple of months. As much as I wanted one shade in the KvD Serpentina palette (Blood Milk), I knew I wouldn’t realistically use the other shades. Still, it was really hard to resist a good red eyeshadow… My current “wishlist” is quite short, and a few of those items aren’t even available yet.

The answer is most definitely yes, but I keep buying more! The problem is that some of that makeup expires, and having so much there’s no way I can finish anything in time. In fact I should purge my lipsticks (I’ve been keeping all lipsticks I bought since I started purchasing makeup… 10 years ago) but it breaks my heart to throw away high end lippies that made a hole in my budget at the time!

You know I couldn’t answer it because I think I do but then I think I don’t. There is so much more that I WANT and NEED that it’s a toss up. I’m going with “Maybe” lol

From an outsider point of view, yes (probably from a practical point of view also), but I actually feel really comfortable with my collection right now.

Yes, but it doesn’t stop me from wanting new stuff like those new MUFE lipsticks. lol.

I recently spent six weeks traveling abroad and brought what to me felt like pretty minimal makeup and perfume options, but was realistically the size of plenty of people’s entire stash (six lipsticks, two eye shadows, three eyeliners, two blushes, five free sample sized fragrances, etc). It fit in one medium makeup bag. During my vacation, I found that I only reached for about half of it because I had brought several loud statement colors that I feel more comfortable in at home. It made me appreciate the vast options I have (and feel… not like a complete oddball while wearing) home in Seattle, but it also really drove home for me how much I get overwhelmed by having too many wonderful things to choose from! Kind of makes me want to give away everything in my stash I don’t absolutely love so that the stuff that I ultimately feel more meh about stops distracting me.

It’s very difficult to know which products will turn out to be ones you really love. I’ve found that how excited I feel buying it isn’t a perfect indication, each purchase has a chance of being something special but an item being flattering and high quality isn’t enough to guarantee that you will feel that spark of being really excited to reach for it when it’s been sitting by your sink or on your makeup table after a while.

Everything about your comment resonates with me. It’s so, so difficult to know which products will be The Ones! No matter how well I know myself, know my colors, know my habits, brands, preferences, etc., I never can be sure which cosmetic will become an indispensable part of my routine—or become part of a new look I stick with for awhile—and which I use for a little while before it goes in The Drawer. (I find this is true with clothes too; you just never know which items will pop, for whatever reason, until you get them into your life.) And, for me, it’s almost always about that particular chase: finding the perfect “everyday” whatever (blush/lip combo, for ex.).

We just got home from vacation, where I took a 90% makeup break: I didn’t take it and I wasn’t wearing it (mostly). On our way home, we visited friends and I bonded with 7-year-old Cora, as I do every year, over everything FANCY. As I was packing up from the beach, I thought about Cora and how my makeup break would affect our annual lipgloss festival. Uh-oh! Except that, by the time I went through my small travel cosmetics case, purse, and beach bag, I came up with 9 lipsticks and 4 lip glosses. For a vacation when I wasn’t wearing any makeup! And I didn’t (mostly)! But I HAD at least 13 lippies with me. Just…by happenstance. Plus, of course, enough other cosmetics for a full face if I felt like it. Clearly.

Lauren and Blue….are we separated at birth? I’ve recently been making trips to NYC to visit my son (2 trips so far and another coming) and travelling with just carry on luggage has forced me to scale back; it’s been a great lesson. First trip, I took way too much; 2nd trip – one lippie (my fave, MAC Craving which works with everything), one gloss (Clarins Raspberry), a small e/s palette (can’t recall if it was Naked2Basics or Tartlette Tease but I think it was the latter), 1 liner and MAC sample jars to hold my IT CC cream and concealer. One blush, a mini mascara and 2 fragrance samples. Minis of eye cream, LRP sunscreen, moisturizer, shampoo, leave in conditioner, face wash and eye makeup remover (the teeniest little bottle from Clarins – it’s perfect). And I was fine…I think I was happier than when I took lots more, to be honest, because I wasn’t faced with decisions every morning.

This—paring down or “minimalism” (in relative terms for people like us)—is fascinating to me. I think about all of this a lot. And it speaks to Blue’s point, above, about wanting to get rid of everything she doesn’t “absolutely love” so that it stops distracting her. I occasionally find this appealing and I mention it, sort of, in another comment below about my buying/keeping habits, but here’s the thing: I like the IDEA of minimalism and the PRACTICE of maximalism. Don’t we all at this site (at least the maximalism part?)? And we each have our version of maximalism, whether it’s owning every color in the spectrum or dozens of minute variations on one shade. Or both!

The thing is, as much as I’m constantly seeking the “perfect look” or routine, the one I can adopt to the exclusion of all others, there are two obstacles:
1) The look/routine is constantly changing because I’m changing: I change my hair color, my life/style/mood/energy changes, I get new glasses, I love a seasonal collection, new formula, etc. And I can’t get rid of the things I don’t absolute love at the moment because I might love them again—it’s true! This really happens!
2) I LOVE BUYING MAKEUP TOO MUCH TO BE A MINIMALIST so, even if I’ve scaled back a lot (and I have), the thrill of the new is just so compelling that I will always be seduced by, say, the gorgeous new Marc Jacobs blushes or those interesting new Bite Multisticks or whatever! Or maybe MAC Craving, which, according to rumor, works with everything! 😉

Mariella, which blush did you take? And, be honest, did you have any moments of heedless panic that you might not have enough whatever in case you wanted to do something special like a bolder lip, smokey eye, etc.? And will you take the exact same set for your next trip? Thanks so much for discussing—it’s so interesting!

Lauren, the first time I went, I took Clinique Plum Pop but the 2nd time, I took Tarte Natural Beauty, mostly because it has a mirror and I really was trying to pack light and streamline! And, no, I didn’t have any moments of panic because I knew everything else was waiting for me at home and that IS a good feeling. If all I had was what I’d taken with me and some crazed makeup thief broke into my house and stole all my makeup (all my lovely, irreplaceable LE and discontinued stuff but everything else as well) it would have been a very different story. And with the palette I had, I was able to do a smokier eye though, to be honest, for some sightseeing, shopping and spending time with our son, I didn’t really have the need for a bold lip or a smoky eye and it was so bloody hot and humid the last time I was there (worse than the first time, at the end of June, which was hot enough) that I didn’t want to wear much makeup in any case. It’s funny – when you’re “home” and the weather is too hot, you stay in your home or go to the movies, to a mall – stuff like that that gets you out of the sun, heat and humidity. But when you’re in another city, especially one with lots to offer, you don’t really want to stay in or just hang in a mall or by the lake/river…you want to be out and about and seeing stuff. It would have been waste to stay in our apartment rather than mooch around the city but it was SO dreadfully hot (and I’m from S. Ontario where we have plenty of hot, humid weather from about April til October!).

I outgrew my narrow Sterlite 3-drawer designed for small spaces and had to buy a regular size 3-drawer. So my answer is a big “Yes”!

Definitely yes, though I am still in search of a couple items, like the perfect red lipstick or plummy shimmer lip gloss. So on one hand foo much and on the other, incomplete.

I think I have my perfect red lipstick, but it doesn’t make me want more reds, there could be an even better one, or I just want an ever so slightly different tone.
(My perfect red is UD F-Bomb by the way.)

Yes! Enough to last the rest of my life, probably. But it’s my FAVORITE thing! And obviously we, here, are in it together. 🙂
1) I still go back to my “archives” and use older products all the time.
2) I don’t buy as much as I used to.
3) No more Clinique/Estee/etc GWPs! I never ever use that stuff; it’s just clutter.

I think I’m getting there, but my entire makeup collection* fits in a single drawer in my vanity, so I think it’s not too bad just yet. If only we had a Sephora in my part of the world the situation would be very different, I fear.

*not counting my nail polish collection, that is.

When i see all the make up that i have buy at the beginning of my addiction,some products who are not really “me” and that i still have but not completly satisfied i think i have too much makeup!
When i see all the products that i have bought but i dont know why? i think i have too much makeup
But when i see the products that i want,the brands that i havent and my wishlist so i think i havent too much makeup because they miss me 🙂

That expression, if the shoe fits, buy it in every color, I seem to have in reverse. If I like the color, most recently the brown reds and later the grayed mauves, I seek it out from everyone, from Nyx to Nars. Just threw away ~20 red lips; it’s ongoing, and I still have an obscene amount and every base covered. If it’s in my comfort zone, I have 1-3 of your dupes already, then engage in foolish rationalization why I need the new one. Haven’t tried the new X formula yet, better get some. My dupe are only at 90, not that close. Get it. It’s a deal (Viseart) better do it. As wise as I am to my own bs, it still works. The consolation is, if most of these readers live as long as I have, and they are not major purgers, they’ll have more than I do!

Makeup is my one guilty pleasure, not shoes, jewelry, or handbags. I do my own hair and nails. So I don’t feel guilty about having too much makeup. And when it’s time to declutter, I pass it along to my nieces who love makeup like I do!

Yes, I do – especially in the realm of eye shadow palettes, quads and quints, plus lipsticks. But I love them all and I am rotating the eye shadows so they are get some use. Currently I am using my Emerald Pretty and Stilla’s In the Garden palette – beautiful shades.

I’m fairly new to makeup, and I’m slowly building a collection. I want some better quality eye shadows, some more lip liners, maybe a few different blushes and highlights. I have 0 bronzers at this point, so I’ll probably check some out at some point. I’m currently avoiding contouring, because doing softer cheeks suits me, I think. I have somewhere between 15-20 lipsticks, but I do want more, as almost none of mine (except my two blues and two pinks that were gifts haha) are double-ups. And I haven’t found a good nude lippie that suits me, because my lips are very red with a slight hint of brown. Any recommendations for me?

A timely question because I definitely DO have way too much makeup, to the point where it’s stopping me from enjoying my collection, as illogical as that sounds. And while I’m trying very hard to scale back (and doing a pretty good job, though it’s only been a week), I know there are things I will just break down and buy, not because I need them but because I want them in spite of sooo NOT needing them.

AHAHAHA what a well timed question! I spent two hours decluttering my collection today. Got rid of probably 1/3 of everything. So it was yes ten hours ago, but now it’s more in the “no” range

Yes, but, it’s really my only vice. And I don’t go out much, buy a lot (or even many) clothes, eat at restaurants, collect anything, etc. So … I’m okay with it.

i do.. i have a lot of stupid purchases but all of my urban decay and kat von d products i just can’t get rid of [unless they’re expired liquids, creams and stuff]

I’d say for sure I have too many lipsticks (and nail polishes, if that counts). I have so many lipsticks in all kinds of colors, yet I wear the same small handful of colors that are my favorites. I don’t want to get rid of any without trying to wear them first, but I think if I started over, I’d try my best to buy lipsticks that I think I’ll definitely wear more than just a few times a year.

Hmmmmm possibly. It depends on who you ask- ask the hubs, he says yes. Ask a girlfriend, she says no 🙂 I have beauty staples I wear daily, special occasion items like vampy or blood red lipstick, and costume-y pieces for special occasions ie. black lipstick and fakelashes

Hmmm…. My face products, blushes and lippies are not too excessive and I assume I can finish them within the span of this lifetime…..
But to finish 30 odd eyeshadow palettes, one pair of eyes is soooo not enough!! The Palette Addiction is real….

My teenaged granddaughter thinks I have enough to open a store.
On the bright side, I am getting pickier and pickier with new purchases.
Maybe there is hope for me yet!

Of course I have too much makeup! I love it and collect it. Who cares if I already have 10 of a very similar color? This is a new brand/formula/whatever. I need it!!

i have more makeup than a single face can wear in a lifetime, so the answer is YES. But It doesn’t means I don’t love to try new things and buy every single fuchsia lipstick or every bronzed eyeshadow in the market.

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