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Yes, I have an extensive list, but I’m constantly changing it (I’ll always find dupes, or I’ll feel that I don’t need the product). And then I just end up never buying anything. I always feel like there has to be a cheaper alternative, and I don’t want to buy something and then find out that I could’ve gotten the same thing cheaper. I’m a bargain hunter, so it holds me back a bit. xD

As much as I would love to just walk into a store and drop hundreds, I’m quite annoying when it comes to buying makeup, especially online. I’ll add everything I want to the cart and spend days adding/deleting products. Then many days later I’ll finally commit to the final items! LOL.

Then again, there are those pesky 3-day HauteLook sales that I’m quite impulsive about!

Most of my purchases are planned ahead of time since it usually requires saving up for an upcoming collection or waiting for a FF sale or something like that. Drug store purchases are usually a spur of the moment kind of thing. So my answer would be most of the time yes, but sometimes no. 🙂

I make spreadsheets to plan what I’m getting from MAC collections! There are so many of them it’s the only way I can properly budget and not end up with loads of dupes. I usually make an initial list then refine it when reviews and swatches are available. Sad? Probably 😉

I don’t really plan any other purchases other than maybe Urban Decay palettes.

haha it’s like, i’ll go into nordstrom all determined, thinking, “i’m here for a new toner and a new toner only!” but once i get inside, i get all distracted and come out with like new mascara, gloss and blush or something. ): grrr impulse buying hahaha.

Most of the time I research pretty thoroughly what I want, and also most of the time I see things I want on blogs before I see them in stores anyway. On rare occasions I do impulse buy, usually if it’s really cheap or if I really love it (usually it’s because it’s really cheap). Like when I got Illamasqua Hussy blush, it just caught my eye on the display and I’d only swatched it but I knew I had to have it.

My collection is at a point where I’m way choosier than I once was because I’m comfortable with what I have. I also tend to do a fair amount of research so I can up the odds of being happy with my purchase.

I will always do research before I shop. That doesn’t mean that my targeted, well laid out list doesn’t sometimes get blown to bits when I actually get to the store, though. Just the other day I went in for a concealer and came out with a shadow pencil.

I chose sometimes, because if there is alot of stuff i want from a collection, i have to make sure i will be okay financially for the month. But if theres not much i want then im happy to do some splurging on random stuff

I usually plan my makeup purchases, especially when there’s a mac collection coming out… And other more expensive products like Urban Decay palettes and Too Faced palettes.

I research everything thoroughly before I buy but I can easily fall victim to the impulsive distraction at the counter or to the HauteLook too-good-to-pass-by sales (agreed, Joyce!)

Maybe I’ll buy something spontaneously from a drugstore etc, but for more expensive items I always plan and I do some online research before purchasing. I definitely plan Mac purchases beforehand (and I usually stick to the plan), or else my wallet is in mortal danger!

I dont plan to buy in advance…..I have to look at the product and then go from there….like UD new palettes or a new lipstick coming out. Then there are those products like liquid foundation, powder and what not necessities that I plan to buy. Rarely do I go to the store to shop and go home with an unexpected product anymore….too much makeup at home already.

I always have a plan, but it varies from “I’m going to go straight to grab a primer potion and come right out” to “I really need to find a killer red nail polish”. If I leave myself too many options I end up leaving the store empty handed. I can be the worst at making a decision on the fly, sometimes even planning doesn’t help it.

I used to buy everything on impulse, now I mostly plan things out. Reading beauty blogs/reviews has helped a lot since I get more time to plan and decide.

Yesssss, I must plan. 😀

It gets overwhelming going to the makeup section or Sephora and seeing all kinds of brands and not remembering which product is good or not. /run-on. Lol

And if I didn’t have a to-buy list beforehand, I’d prolli and spend even MORE hours browsing. +__+

I do now, thanks to you! It’s not just the information about the products but the information about what is coming up is important to help me plan what I really want versus an impulse purchase. This helps me save money and get what I really want instead of buying too many things and end up not caring about some of them.

Expensive items, yes. Affordable ones, less so. I generally have an idea of what I want, and I’ll shop around for more budget friendly alternatives unless there are none. I have no problem with splurging as long as I get my money’s worth out of it.

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