Do you like monthly beauty box subscriptions?

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41%, 562 Votes

No, not at all!

41%, 560 Votes

Yes, love them!

16%, 222 Votes

Other -- I'll tell you in the comments!

3%, 35 Votes

Total Voters: 1,379

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I put “sometimes.” I love trying brands and products I may never have tried on my own. I only get Ipsy, Lips Monthly, and I’m starting Notoriously Morbid’s Vanishing Cabinet this month (after being on the waiting list for eternity). I really like Glossy Box, Boxy Charm and Beauty Box 5, but I dropped my subscriptions a couple months ago. I was just accumulating too much, and I wanted to put the money toward some palettes.

On the other hand, I hated Birch Box. The sample sizes sucked, and I didn’t think the products were any better. I couldn’t afford a lot of the full-sized items when I did like them. Too upscale for me, I guess. 😉

I also get annoyed with some subscription services, because even though I fill out their questionnaires and indicate what kinds of products and colors I like, they don’t really follow it. For example, Ipsy seems stuck on the fact that I’m past 40. Even if products and colors I would prefer and actually buy are available, they’ll still send me skincare that doesn’t suit me (I don’t have age or sun spots; don’t need fading creams. I don’t have dry skin; don’t need heavy-duty moisturizers), cream eyeshadows, black eyeliner, and neutral colors. For $11 a month, though, I get enough stuff I like, and they often have good offers with free shipping. I donate anything I don’t use.

Ummm…I do and I don’t.
The first beauty box subscription I ever signed up to was MyGlam, which is currently Ipsy. I was one of those few customers who had subscribed the moment it launched. It was great for the first year, but by the time year two had rolled around, I’d realized that I was constantly getting repeats of certain products, but from different brands. I mean, how many black eyeliner pencils, red lip glosses, and chalky eyeshadow does a girl need? And another thing I noticed was the fallacy of items being picked based on your personal evaluation. For example, I noted that I have dark skin, but I would get products for fair skin; especially when concealers and/or foundations were concerned. I ended up giving lots of products away to my friends, which was nice for them, but bad for me since I wanted to try the new item out. By year three, I had unsubscribed. I had been accumulating more Ipsy bags than products.
It wasn’t all bad, though. I did love the fact that they introduced me to beauty brands I’d never heard of before (like Mirabella Beauty/Cosmetics, which I now love). Also, the items that did work for me, were delightful! Waiting for and then opening a new, mysterious beauty bag every month was comparable to Christmas morning: sometimes it was an amazing present and sometimes it was a lump of coal. It was still fun despite the outcome. Lastly, I loved the pricing. $10 a month was a reasonable and affordable price for the subscription.
I have yet to venture out to other beauty box subscriptions. I’m interested in trying Mophe’s new monthly makeup brushes subscription, or Sephora’s new $10 monthly beauty box…or the monthly perfume box from Scentbird. I still want to wait and read other customers’ reviews of these subscriptions before committing to any of these companies.

Yep! A monthly brush beauty box. When they’d first announced the subscription was live, the website to sign up had crashed almost immediately. It was like trying to buy a 35O Palette. Lol. The subscription sold out in minutes; it’s still sold out. Let me know if you found the link to place your subscription. I have it. Although it’s sold out, you can still join the waiting list.

I live in Canada and the huge shipping fee’s make it hard for me to actually buy them, but once in a while I do. I’ve tried Ipsy, Birchbox and Topbox. I am still subscibed to Topbox just for fun and it’s only a Canadian subsciption. I don’t find them to be a good value but interested to find brands that I don’t usually buy.

I use to do loose button (now Luxe Box). Because the shipping does eat into the prices of these boxes.

My complaint is with all of them was way to much skin care and hair care products. It’s was all stuff I would be hesitant to use due to my sensitive skin. What I want is more makeup. lol

I like the **idea** of them. The few I’ve been in, after the first few months, are disappointing. Sort of a bait-and-switch, or maybe I’m just too picky.

I also think the policy of some boxes sending out tiny samples and charging for them is ridiculous. Companies should send samples free in order to get you to buy full sizes.

I really like Birchbox. I’ve found a lot of new products through them (primarily skincare and haircare, which I would have said I didn’t care about before I found them – my hair is short and low-fuss – but they changed my mind). I love their points system. They have amazing customer service.

I haven’t liked any of the others I’ve tried – Ipsy’s products were cheap/repetitive; Boxycharm I’m convinced is a scam where YouTubers get it for free and get good stuff while the rest of us suffer; and Starbox, the same.

I had to vote “other-I’ll tell you in the comments” because the last time I had a monthly subscription was back in the late 70’s ! Nothing recent, so I haven’t formed any opinion on them.

I’ve been tempted, but my stash is so big, and I get so many free samples, that I don’t need boxes coming every month. I already have boxes of stuff coming every week! And none of my family or friends wear much makeup at all, so I don’t have anybody to give away extra or unwanted stuff to.

I put “sometimes” because I like the concept, but think the execution is maybe a little flawed. It’s hard to put out a box with five products (or so) that’s meant to satisfy many different tastes—especially when it’s not just a “makeup” box or a “skincare” box; it’s just a “beauty” box, which could mean, like, anything: makeup, brushes, skincare, hair care, lip balm, nail polish, body care, etc. and everyone is just so different (one person might be delighted by a cellulite cream in their box, whilst another person is like, What? Or there will be a skincare item with ingredients a bunch of people just won’t use on their faces, you know?) Subscriptions like these are a fairly recent trend, and so I think there’s a lot of room to grow for companies that provide this type of service.

I was subscribed to GlossyBox and BoxyCharm and they were both good in different ways, I suppose—GlossyBox has really sweet packaging, but I found myself admiring the box more than the products inside! BoxyCharm’s packaging was less spectacular, but I often found myself liking the products more/thought the products were a better value—like, you can tell me that the lip liner in the box costs $19 retail, but I certainly wouldn’t spend $19 on it, but since it came in a box that I got for $21 total, I guess I’ll use it. You know? Also, there have been a couple of products I’ve really liked, but are extremely hard to find if you want to repurchase.

Anyway, if you are a person who knows you’re very finicky with your beauty products, then you should just know not to sign up for something like this; but if you’re adventurous and love trying new things, then maybe for the like $20 a month it costs, it’s worth a try!

I really like the idea, unfortunately the ones I tried were just not featuring brands and products that get me excited. Seeing the unboxing posts and reviews of other boxes on blogs, I think this is a common issue. They may include one really new and exciting product every once in a while, but most of the time these boxes seem to be filled with subpar brands and boring products.
I’m curious to see how the Sephora Play box performs though. If everything included is sold at Sephora, then it could be a really good option.

I would subscribe to a box but I wish they weren’t so gender specific. As a guy I like some of the male boxes but I don’t care for the skincare products geared toward men and I don’t have a lot of use for mini lipglosses in the female boxes

I voted ‘sometimes’. I subscribe to Birchbox UK and I’ve gotten used to how it works so I understand it better and accept it for what it is now. At first I wasn’t impressed that they never seemed to listen to my personal profile details with skin type and tone, etc. but now I understand that it isn’t actually meant to be a personalised box (despite them saying so) but just collecting your info for marketing purposes and passing on that on to the companies that provide the samples (you don’t get spammed though). I used to get annoyed at the small sample sizes with the occasional half or full size product but now I accept that it’s literally ‘try before you buy’ and Birchbox UK does have a very generous points system for buying the products – 100 points gives you £10 off.

Other boxes I occasionally subscribe to as one-offs are Lookfantastic and Latest in Beauty. I will also buy individual one-off curations from Space NK, Cult Beauty and Naturisimo sometimes. These boxes have the contents shown online before you buy so I can decide if the box is worth buying (for me). Currently I am really enjoying Lookfantastic’s advent calendar, I deliberately didn’t look at the sneak previews from bloggers but I did glean that it was an excellent collection so was happy to buy it!

I voted “No.” Over the last couple years, I’ve tried Ipsy (back before they changed the name), Birchbox, and BoxyCharm. And I finally had to admit to myself that even with the cheaper boxes, all I was doing was throwing away money I couldn’t afford, on a half-chance I might get one or two things I can actually use in each box. A big part of the problem is that the boxes tend to skew toward the age of my daughter, not me (Lots of glitter and shimmer, flat matte lips — I once even got a yellow lipstick from Ipsy — etc). My budget is far too limited to not be *sure* I’ll actually want what I’m spending my money on.

Now if someone came up with a box geared more toward us “Women of a Certain Age,” I’d probably give it a shot.

It’s tricky. I do want to support indie brands before they get famous, but reality and execution is tough. I’ve subscribed one of the boxes back in 2013, for 6 months. And I feel like none of the “samples” hit my favorite, neither did I end up buying any full size item. In the end I felt it’s just not a wise way to try new products and investing money in this business mode, in regards of brand image, packaging, texture and inspiration. Since I am capable of researching my own source, I think the majority purpose of the subscription has been fulfilled already.

I voted sometimes. I love getting a box, having no idea what to find in it. Most of the times there’s some things I like, and I try almost everything in the boxes. I don’t like everything though, and sometimes some stuff are just so wrong.
I only have one box subscription atm, Glossy Box.

I used to – but I just have so much makeup now there’s no point. I need to use what I have, besides I usually only ended up liking some of the things in the beauty sub box – not necessarily everything.

I think they are probably too expensive overall and you could easily end up with products you don’t like or can’t use. I would rather save my money for specific purchases.

I get the Allure Beauty Box and love it. $16 a month and it has face, hair and nail deluxe samples as well as makeup deluxe samples, sometimes full size (i.e. full size nail polish, full size lip balm, full size liquid eyeshadow). I’ve been consistently pleased with the shipments and highly recommend it.

Ok, I live in South America so I can’t suscribe to any of these boxes, but I was suscribed to an art supplies one for a while and I’m on the fence about the whole concept. You do get really cool and useful stuff once in a while, but you also get tons of things you don’t need or want. Besides, when it comes to beauty products, you probably end up getting things that are not suitable for your skin type or color. On the other hand, opening the boxes is a lot of fun since you don’t know what you’ll get.

I don’t have any beauty subscriptions. I have thought about it but right now I would rather save my money to spend on products I know I will like rather than just to try something that may or may not work for me.
I do have a few magazine subscriptions thought lol

I currently subscribe to Ipsy but I’m thinking of cancelling. I’ve never received anything I’ve been excited to try… including in the package I received today. I watched quite a few unboxing videos before I signed up and the products the vloggers received were far nicer than anything that’s ever been included in my packages. :'(

Around fourteen years ago, I had a subscription that was pretty nice. I always received something that caught my interest. I wish I remembered who that subscription was through as I would sign up with them again. (if they are still around).

I voted “other” because I don’t have any subscriptions, but I think I would have one or two if I could afford to. We did Dollar Shave Club for a few months, but then cancelled it because we realized we don’t shave often enough to justify having so many razor heads. 😛 If I had some extra money, I’d probably try Birchbox or Boxycharm.

I voted sometimes. I subscribe to ipsy, birch box , glossy box , and pop sugar. I love ipsy for the small bags that fit so nicely in my purse. As for the products, I have more luck with ipsy and have ordered a few of those items. What I dislike is their tie in to social media. I don’t want to share my ipsy thoughts on FB or Twitter! And I feel, that because I don’t , I’ll next truly get the cool stuff I see people unveil on YouTube. I rarely like my birch box items and have cancelled but then they had a free Beauty Blender promo so I rejoined but haven’t been wow’d yet. Glossy box is fun but I don’t know how long I’ll stay subscribed . My fave is Pop Sugar. I’ve only subscribed for 3 mos so far but have liked everything I’ve received. Even gave some away as gifts. It’s a bit pricey but it’s fun and I’ll stick in out for a but.

I once subscribed to three, but now Im down to the most economical one, Birchbox. While it is fun to receive a little package of trials every month, after a few months they begin to pile up– unused. And the monthly charges still add up. I do keep and repurpose the cute boxes they are housed in. These days free samples of products are thrown in with every purchase at the counters and on the websites.

I feel like a lot of the subscriptions out there are great for people building a makeup collection, but once you start to find your favorite products and brands, the value for me drops a lot. I like memebox because they often have products that I’ve never tried before, and I do love their skincare focused boxes. Ipsy and BB5 are alright, but they get repetitive very quickly.

I’ve been getting Sephora’s Play!, and for $10, (plus state tax in MA), I think it’s a great deal. The $10 includes shipping, and six samples of product that are all sold at Sephora. There’s a pamphlet that explains how to use it, and if you’re interested, you’re able to scan on that page to take you directly to that product on the website. There’s also a great tie-in to their points program. As to the product, it’s been varied enough that I’ve been really, really pleased with it. Some of it is a little expensive for me but not so outrageous that, if I found it to be wonderful, I wouldn’t buy it. Most of them are brands we recognize – Marc Jacobs eyeliner, bite beauty lip pencil, fresh black tea toner – and some Sephora brand product. I’ve either used or plan to use all of it, so no complaints here. It started out limited release, in just two cities I believe, and I’m fortunate to be in one them (Boston). I’m not sure if they’ve rolled out elsewhere, but I’m definitely glad to be in the first wave!

I feel like subscription boxes are rip-offs. You pay so much every month for a few tiny samples. And sometimes they don’t even work for you (skin color, tone, or type).
I think a lot of people wouldn’t have bought the things they get in their box, so it’s an effective way to accumulate things you feel luke-warm about.

I subscribe to Birchbox and Ipsy. I’ve subbed to Birch for like two years now and I’m thoroughly sick of them and ready to cancel. The samples are just too small and I’m tired of what they offer. (If I get one more Harvey Prince/Davines/Beauty Protector/etc. product I may scream). I’ve been thinking about doing Boxycharm just based on Kathleen Lights recommendations of it and “unboxings.”
Ipsy is fun, I enjoy it and I think the ipsy deals they offer on their site are phenomenal. But I hate the social media tie in too (and the waiting list to join unless you post about them on social media really turned me off). I wanted to join Morphe’s box but of course it’s too “limited” and I can’t sign up right now. Eye roll. Oh, I’ve done the British “Look Fanrastic” box a few times last year and it was pretty nice.

i like them, but i really shouldn’t be getting some or even all that i get. haha recently i signed up for the mask maven subscription from beauteque and i love it! my birch box has gotten a lot better but i will probably cancel because i have SO many samples and am getting repeats now. and i eventually cancelled ipsy. i’d like to do loot crate because my husband and i like that kind of stuff.
i kinda prefer the quarterly boxes like my fortune cookie soap box and fab fit fun.. i’ve found a few good things i’ve purchased when fab fit fun had their add on sale.

When I was new to makeup I really really loved them! I had practically no makeup and no experience trying different things. Had never tried a primer before, a highlighter, real lipstick (only tinted balm-type products), had one eye-shadow trio so no variation there… So this was the perfect way to try a variety of products for a low cost!

Now that I have more makeup and more experience, I am not subscribed to any of them because it became useless accumulation of products I barely touch. I’m still tempted to re-sub to some of them because I really do like trying new products… but the thing is I never finish them and it’s rare that I get a lot of good use out of the beauty box products so I stay away!

I have had beauty boxes in the past… Birchbox, Ipsy, Glossybox, Boxycharm… I found that I gave more away than I kept. Once I finally figured I was allergic to soy (and it’s derivatives) I finally just had to give them up 🙁 If anyone is interested in NON beauty boxes, I highly recommend Loose Leaf Tea box (small batch loose teas), Rawspicebar (spices… every month is a new country’s theme, with recipes) and Bloomfield bath soap box (natural soaps). I don’t give any of these away! 😉

I voted sometimes. I joined choix a few months ago and I LOVE it!!! it has saved me a lot of money on highend products that I would have swatched and thought they were great, but did not like for one reason or another. And I’ve tried ones that I was on the fence about but ended up loving. Best of all I CHOOSE the samples I want, colours and all. Plus their customer service is the best I’ve come across. I once ordered a lipstick I loved that was limited edition. At the time of purchase they did not realize they were out of it and were not going to get more. Without my asking, they not only refunded me the lipstick, but then sent me 10 samples of other brands in similar shades AND sent the remaining supply of the original shade at no charge. I cancelled my subscription to glossy box and boxycharm after that. I’m always happy with what comes in my choix box, oh AND now if you purchase additional samples for 5$each, if you buy the full size, they give you a 5$ credit toward the purchase. So essentially you tried it for free. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! oh and did I mention that they only carry high end brands (ie chanel , dior,dolce& gabbana etc)…….

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