Do you depot your makeup?

This Week's Poll


44%, 1,097 Votes

I have before but not often.

31%, 763 Votes

Yes, on occasion!

16%, 409 Votes

What's depotting?!

5%, 131 Votes

Yes, all the time!

4%, 98 Votes

Total Voters: 2,498

Thanks to Rachel for today’s poll!

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I just got into doing it. What a space saver. Got rid of all that Nars packaging that’s collecting dirt and getting sticky. Really I had to make room for all my ColourPop eyeshadows!

I de-pot anything that can be de-potted. The exceptions are (most) pre-made palettes, LE packaging, or any packaging that I really like or think is cute.

I find I use my singles, duos and trios a lot more after de-potting them into Zpalettes. I just can’t keep track of all the little pots and compacts in a drawer. I also hate Wet n Wild’s packaging, so I de-potted most of their shadows and blushes into magnetic packaging (sewing boxes meant for pins, needles, etc). Much sturdier packaging, and I can see it all at a glance.

I grouped my shadows singles in Zpalettes of matching colors (blues in the blue palette, teals and aquas in the aqua one, etc.). I grouped all my highlighters together, all my blushes. It’s so much easier to keep track of a large collection with most of it in Zpalettes.

I only depot makeup that I’ve pressed on my own. I never depot an original item.

I’ll normally press a loose powder or pigment into an empty compact, but if I later find that it’s more suitable for an empty custom palette, then I will depot my creation.

Not yet, but only because I am really scared that I’ll ruin the product. I own a huge stash of the old Nyx eyeshadow singles that have been DC’d, and I would LOVE to depot all of them, put magnets on the bottom, and stick them in a Z-Palette. Just worried I’ll wreck them. ?

I have some NYX singles that I’d like to put into a Z Pallete but the heat method I tired last night was a bust. How did you do it?

I never bothered! The only palette that was so cumbersome that I considered it was UD’s NYC palette, but as long as my palette drawer is not overflowing, I’m just keeping it the way it is.

Wow, I’m surprised I’m in the minority (Yes,all the time!). It takes up less space, I can group things how I want, and I don’t forget about things in some little pot in the back of a drawer. I depot pretty much everything it’s reasonable to do so with (unless the packaging is already sleek). Ever since I started I play around more, because it’s easier to see what I have. I totally recommend it, and the floss method is awesome (no heat!). I just take a bit of floss and a pin, use the pin to push the floss under the pan and then wiggle the floss and the pan pops out. Easy & quick!

I’ve never tried that method. I always use my old straighteners and a pair or thin scissors to pot the pan out. Might have to give the floss method a try!

I have depotted my makeup before but I found that I am not using those at all, I prefer to use eyeshadow that naturally comes in the container. Maybe I’m attracted to the packaging.

I am with you Sarah, I used to love the idea of depotting stuff and put them in a Z palette or Unii palette that completely in the style of my liking. I would depot Urban Decay shadows, Nars, Benefit, etc, even those Coastal Scent 88 shadow palettes that are already so small and space saving…lol. But it turns out that I would never use them once they were depotted and became just a bunch of sad looking pans in different shapes (so with cracks or uneveness from depotting)…That’s when I realized, packaging actually matters a lot! Makeup is not just about makeup itself but how it makes you feel! Now I just simply avoid getting bulky or easy-to-get-dirt packaging to begin with. As a bonus, it’s a really good habbit for developing a reasonable, small but highly selective collection!

I’ve been too lazy to start, but I definitely have intentions on doing it with lone eyeshadows left from various palettes. I’d probably also use my loose eyeshadows more if I pressed them and put all of these into one handy palette.

I’ve depotted all of my MAC eyeshadow & blush, and B2M’d all the empties for new ones. I’ve also depotted my Too Faced palettes, as I can’t stand cardboard packaging… I’m planning a depotting binge of all my NARS products, but that will likely be next month, when I can buy the palettes (I refuse to pay $20 for a Z-Palette…). I’m going to need about 6-7 large palettes, so I need to save up, LOL!

I depotted all my MAC single eyeshadows and have made palettes – so glad I did! It’s been great for their Back 2 MAC program. If you go to a counter, it’s 6 empties for a lipstick; if you go to a MAC freestanding/PRO store, it’s 6 empties and you can get an eye shadow pan refill or a lipstick or a lipglass. I mostly only buy palettes now, so my empties stash is dwindling. I’d only de-pot from UD or MAC because their pans are the same – I’m afraid I’d damage the product if I were to try to on others.

I depotted a few blushes that I’ve hit pan on but for the rest, I bought acrylic organizers for them and arranged them alphabetically. I think I just want to keep the palettes for eye shadows and have my blushes in the organizer (for now, at least – I go back and forth).

For lipsticks, I only depot my MAC lipsticks when they are all the way down to the casing. I scrape out the remaining product with my handy dandy mini rubber spatula and I have a little acrylic palette that I put the last bit into. You can peel off the label and put it on the acrylic lid. Seriously, there is a third more of the lipstick in the casing tube!

I have in the past and loved it. However, I’ve gotten a lot busier than my early days. Depotting requires a lot. Not only do you have to depot…but you may have to rearrange the palette it was intended for. i.e. neutrals, spring, matte, etc.

I have depotted things in the past. In fact, I have three z-palettes of products, mostly high-end but also some drugstore/indie products, that I rarely ever touch. It’s almost as if the items become second-rate after they go into the z-palette, even though many of them went into the z-palette as soon as I bought them. I know that it’s purely psychological… but still can’t seem to alter my view. And I NEED to! I am running out of storage space!!

Maybe if I decorate the z-palettes with high-end names it will alter the way I view the products inside. Well… it seems that my weekend plans may have just been altered! LOL

Cat, I can totally understand the change of mind-set when items are depotted from their original packaging. It’s funny – I’m fine with MAC Pro Pans in MAC palettes and with Inglot products in Inglot palettes but I think if I had a mish-mash of products in a “random” generic type of palette, it would change how I feel about them too. As much as I am sometimes annoyed at packaging (why can’t MAC put FLAT lids, rather than slightly domed ones, to make stacking them more stable? Same with Nars…), seeing the name and seeing the packaging is part of the experience, I guess.

Never! I’m super… particular about things, and when something is not “perfect” on some level I want it to be, I really don’t like it. Depotted things just don’t look right to me. And packaging is one of my favorite things about makeup, so I hate the idea of destroying it.

I’ve filled 9 Zs & 1 other from MUG. 2 Zs were double sides. 2 were Sephora big Zs, which btw are the dome palette. Mostly Nars, secondary to ick factor. Yah, Ginny… Also did UD shadows; one of those big boxes was SO cumbersome. And 90s borghese & U II, from when it was dept. store & Kevyn- inspired. Also was able to deep six the benefit blush boxes. It IS addictive. Think I’ll try flossing. Thanks for reminding me. But my favorite is to buy pan only, like MUG: no labeling, no stickering, just pop ’em in.

First of all most of my eye shadows are in palettes – I only have 4 or 5 singles. So it is not worth it. Secondly I know I would make a mess of it somehow…….

No, I only buy sleek packaging and I even like mono-eyeshadows. I will not buy a palette where I do not like every shade or the combination of shades. There are so many to choose from, so that I am always getting what I want, sooner or later.

I’ve depotted nearly all of my eyeshadows and blushes. Nearly everything gets depotted and put into a Z Palette. All of my UD Naked palettes have been depotted, my MAC singles, Nars singles etc. I just find it more convenient because I can custom make my own palette with my fave shades and brands. I find that half a pre made palette is usually things I don’t like, either due to texture, colour or performance and the idea of carrying around a palette and not using half of it just seems silly to me.
The only exception is singles that I wear on their own a lot like Bobbi Brown Stone or Mac Blushbaby because if I go away for a weekend I’ll only take those and a foundation/powder and my UD Naked Basics 1 because I love every shade in that palette so there’s no need to depot it.

I do like having products in palettes that I can move around and reorganize, which is why I like MAC, Inglot, MUFE and now Buxom. And I like it when companies sell their products in “pro pan” type packaging (like MAC and Inglot) so I’m not paying for packaging I don’t want in the first place. But I’m not about to resort to extreme measure, many of which end up damaging the product, to get something out of the original packaging. At least Sephora has designed their shadows so they’re easy to remove and put into palettes (I think a few other companies have done this but I can’t recall which just now).

I’ve depotted a few MAC lipsticks last year in order to have enough empties for Back to MAC, but I ended up no longer using them because I just hate using lip brushes. Idek why, because I’m not that bad at it, but it’s just tedious, I guess.

Idk if this counts, but I’ve also decanted some of my loose powder eyeshadows to press them into empty pans. Most of them were fails, but I still have a few that stayed together in my Z Palette.

I depotted all my MAC singles, even some old LE’s. Singles tend to get to the bottom of my makeup drawer, and I had to pick them up to search for the combination I wanted. With three MAC palettes, without the insert, I use some of the MAC’s every day. Previously I hardly used them more than a few days after I bought them. Now I just buy MAC without the little container.
I’ve also depotted some old Lancome and other eyeshadows and my MAC blushes.
I find it fun and relaxing arrenging and rearrenging my palettes.

I never have, but I’m geting ready to. I recently ordered a bunch of pan-only eyeshadows, and a palette to put them in. When the palette gets here, I’m going to experiment with depotting so I can switch to all large palettes and no singles. Except for the ColourPop and loose pigments, obviously, but my next big project is experimenting with pressed pigments — I want to turn my loose mattes into pressed.

Depotting is not really my thing. Call me a snob, but I love impractical, bulky, pretty packaging over practical, not so exciting packaging. The only thing I have depotted were some eyeshadows that were too bulky (and broken anyway), so I pressed them into a palette, but that’s the only thing I can think of…

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