Did you buy Jealousy Wakes?

  • No, but I wanted to & it was sold out!
    34%, 1,552 Votes
  • No - not my thing!
    29%, 1,331 Votes
  • No, but I wanted to + lived outside of U.S./Canada!
    23%, 1,047 Votes
  • Bought 1
    12%, 571 Votes
  • Bought 2
    1%, 52 Votes
  • Bought 4 or more
    0%, 15 Votes
  • Bought 3
    0%, 9 Votes

Total Voters: 4,577

I’m really MORE curious to know what kind of quantity was there/not there.   Sometimes we wonder just how many of something (e.g. Marine Life, Stereo Rose) were actually in stock, because it feels like it’s not many – but it’s hard to capture just how large the MAC audience is.  I think this might be a good chance for us to have some data to extrapolate and guess at it.

Based on the current poll results, it’s obvious there wasn’t enough stock, and perhaps around 1,000 in total.  I think that since it soft launched the night before that mostly those who have played the LE game before and who were waiting for an announcement probably snagged those, and then a mixture of MAC’s mailing list and Temptalia readers when it officially launched on the 21st.  We must also recognize that this is only a sample, more of a snapshot, as not everyone who bought (or didn’t) will participate in the poll.

Like I’ve said before, it doesn’t bother me one bit if you didn’t want to buy it! One reader said that a Canadian customer service representative said “hundreds” of orders went through. Definitely feels like the stock set aside for Canada was underestimated quite a bit! (And for those who wonder, “Why 4+?” I know that many readers were doing CPs for others!)  I don’t know if MAC will restock or bring it back someday – your guess is as good as mine.

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section! 🙂