Chanel Eclosion Eyeshadow Quad Review, Photos, Swatches

Chanel Eclosion Eyeshadow Quad
Chanel Eclosion Eyeshadow Quad

Chanel Spring 2012: Chanel Eclosion Eyeshadow Quad

Chanel Eclosion Eyeshadow Quad ($57.00 for 0.24 oz.) is described simply as having shades of “peach, gold, beige, and plum.”  It looks like it’s joining the permanent range, per Chanel’s press release.  This color palette should work across skin tones, both warm and cool, light to dark.

The upper left shade is a peachy-orange with a soft frosted finish. It’s not quite peach, but it’s not quite orange. I almost thought it was in the vein of corals but it doesn’t have enough pink in it. The pigmentation is rich, and the texture is buttery and dense, so it’s very soft and smooth. Dolce & Gabbana Jewels has a slightly similar shade, which appears more orange and less vibrant. Make Up For Ever #153 is the closest shade I could find, though it has a golden sheen.

The upper right shade is a pale ivory with yellowy gold sparkle. This is the frustrating shade I mentioned earlier; it is sheer, powdery, and the sparkle gets everywhere. I tried to use this on the inner third of my lid, and the majority of the shimmer landed underneath my eye, plus the sheerness made it look like virtually nothing was on my lid. MAC Carefree is similar but a little yellower in the base color and doesn’t have fall out issues. Make Up For Ever #101 has a stronger gold sheen instead of the gold sparkle.

The lower left shade is a medium-dark beige brown with a pearly sheen. It’s soft and smooth, and the color payoff is nice. Make Up For Ever #13 is more metallic and a bit darker. MAC Sweet Satisfaction is similar but seems warmer. MAC Grain is a touch lighter, while MAC Arena is a little darker.

The lower right shade is a reddened burgundy with red-brown undertones. The pigmentation is intense and opaque, while the texture is silky smooth. Make Up For Ever #17 is more metallic and browner. MAC Festive Delight is redder and lighter. MAC Cranberry is redder and lighter. Inglot #452 is more metallic but similar in color–just a touch lighter.

With the exception of one really frustrating shade to work with (more on that later!), I really enjoyed this quad. I think it’s fairly dupeable, though, so you may want to shop your own stash to see if you can recreate the color palette yourself. I can’t recommend something that has such a dud in it at this price point.

Chanel Eclosion Eyeshadow Quad Review, Photos, Swatches

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Chanel Eclosion Eyeshadow Quad
Chanel Eclosion Eyeshadow Quad

Chanel Eclosion Eyeshadow Quad
Chanel Eclosion Eyeshadow Quad

Chanel Eclosion Eyeshadow Quad
Chanel Eclosion Eyeshadow Quad

Chanel Eclosion Eyeshadow Quad
Chanel Eclosion Eyeshadow Quad

Chanel Eclosion Eyeshadow Quad
Chanel Eclosion Eyeshadow Quad

Chanel Eclosion Eyeshadow Quad
Chanel Eclosion Eyeshadow Quad

Chanel Eclosion Eyeshadow Quad
Chanel Eclosion Eyeshadow Quad

Chanel Eclosion Eyeshadow Quad
Chanel Eclosion Eyeshadow Quad

Chanel Eclosion Eyeshadow Quad
Chanel Eclosion Eyeshadow Quad on lid

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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!
We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!
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Christine, I would really like your thoughts on the difference between Chanel’s U.S formula quads and the Asia/Europe quads.

I just can’t understand it. Baked formula as we know and loathe is still very fadtastic, very sheer and dry and fall out is almost always there. And the difference in weight between the 2 quads are ridiculous! Even taking into account that baked formula means lighter. We are paying the same (or more!) for a superior product with less value in grams!

You know, if anyone at all can justify the difference in quads, I would really appreciate it.

I don’t have any Asia/European quads, sorry! Without being able to compare the same shades side-by-side, I can’t really say. All I can recommend is emailing Chanel and asking them why there is a difference. Sorry!

The asian/european/international quads are the ones with round pans, while the U.S. ones have square pans in them. (Usually, not taking into account some round pans limited editions like Topkapi)

I asked the same question in another blog, very popular with Chanel quads, and one commenter’s answer includes “they also take into account what look is more popular in respected continents”. Sad to say my friends and I are makeup fiends, and none of us actually have baked eyeshadows in our arsenal. We’ve bought it, but we don’t keep it. And we’re Asians living in Asia. Actually, I don’t know any one that prefers sheer(er), dry(er) eyeshadows.

I just. Don’t get it. Really looking forward to what information you can get, and your opinion on it as well.

(This rant is caused by the same price point between the two quad formulas.)

I know they’re round and baked as I’ve seen photos of them, but since I don’t have an Asian/European one and the U.S. one to do a side-by-side comparison, I really can’t offer insight from personal experience! 🙁

I once read that there was some controversial stuff going on between the side-companies that manufacture and distribute the Chanel make up line.I googled it now and couldn’t see anything about this though.Chanel claims that the european(and obviously the other non US women) prefer their make up subtler,and in consequence softer colors.But that doesn’t really make sense.
I agree with you.the baked quads are really bad all together.The blushes are not that terrible,I actually like some.But they are as perfect as the US ones.For a brand like Chanel it is a shame even just to sell those quads,whether it is expensive or not.

I feel already bored with the spring releases and colors,but your make up looks really pretty Christine.It is soft and somehow sultry at the same time:)

To an extent, I imagine this to be true – I know that the bestselling shades for MAC in U.S. are different from Europe, Asia, etc. whether that’s sufficient justification or the justification for formula differences, I don’t know, though 🙂

This is not a justification, Nitnot, because I really do prefer the US formula. I do; however, own a few of the Euro/Asian quads and find that, without exception, they produce a lighter, more sheer and crystalline effect that is better suited to women with light skin tones who value subtlety. It’s just a question of what you expect when say Chanel. Women in the US have a different expectation from women in other countries. As for fall out, I use a fairly stiff and dense brush like a MAC 239 and pat–never sweep–the shadows on over a moisturizing eyelid base. It keeps fallout to a bare minimum. And, although I get a lot of dust in the compact, I don’t get it on my face 🙂

Let’s just hope Chanel never tries to eliminate the US formulation. They’d end up losing a huge customer base.

LE baked quads are better but the ones in the permanent line are often just duds.I also prefer softer colors on my eyes but then again,Chanel is known for the simple and natural elegance,both in clothing and make up.The line doesn’t offer much brights,glitters or any other kind of more amusing make up elements so why not sell those lighyer colors with a better formula? Their baked shadows look chalky and ashy even on my pale(nc15)skin:/

That’s the thing though, Eileen. The only cultural reference to lighter/sheerer makeup I can think of is Japanese, and it’s a big market for sure, but enough to justify a whole region’s formula? Surely not. Also, aside from East Asian I can hardly think of any other Asian regions with fairer skintone. Let me just say I am south east asian, and I myself am NC30. I cannot comment on European skintones.

On subtlety, I agree pigmentation is not everything, but I think Burberry and Guerlain has it quite right at offering formulas that may seem sheer but in reality is buildable, and I am *positively* dying to get my hands on some Metier De Beaute. But from the reviews I’ve seen around the internet these baked quads does not do the same.

I promise I’m not being argumentative for argument’s sake. I’m a consumerist (oh, how I am) but I find myself asking “why?” and shaking my fist to the sky.

Hi Nitnot,

I certainly don’t think you’re being argumentative. You just sound understandably frustrated. Beauty has become a global economy so we are exposed to products from all over the world; many of which we cannot get in our respective countries 🙁 It’s really annoying, I know, but until the day arrives when cosmetic brands make all their products available online and internationally, we just have to accept that we aren’t going to necessarily get everything they make in the formulation or colors of our choice.

By the way, I think you misunderstood what I was saying regarding fair skin. I wasn’t suggesting that all Asians have fair complexions and want a subtle look. I was just saying that the more subtle, transparent colors work better on those of us with fair skin (I’m NC15). Whether we are Americans, Europeans or Asian doesn’t really make any difference. That’s actually all the more reason why products should be available internationally.

You’re probably never going to get your frustration assuaged via a blog because, as the French say, chacun à son goût. Have you thought of enlisting your friends and lobbying Chanel? If enough people let Chanel know that they aren’t going to buy a product because they don’t like the formula that is available, Chanel will eventually take notice. Good luck, Nitnot.

Hi all,
I live in Switzerland and I had 1 European Chanel quad (round pans), I hated it so I gave it away. Since I discovered the square pans, I only buy those. I have tried to ask here why this difference but they dont know.. They don’t even know that there is a difference !!! They often have no interest in makeup at all here…
I also have tried to ask them if I could borrow one quad (the tester) and do some swatches to compare it to the ones with the square pans : no luck, they don’t let me ! Well I understand that 🙂 But I do not want to buy one just for the swatching purpose as I know I will not use it. If somebody has the same quad, round and square pans, could they please swatch them side by side ? thanks 🙂

With my dark, moss green eyes, this quad is perfection. The colors really make warm green eyes pop. I don’t even really mind the glittery nature of the ivory shade. I’d never try to use it anywhere other than the browbone, though, because there is a lot of glitter to be sure. So, I save it for a browbone highlight and pat it on with a MAC 239 over my Kanebo Sensai base. I don’t get any fallout and it seems to stay put. But, despite the problematic ivory, I still think the quad is worth the purchase as the other colors so beautifully compliment each other and blend harmoniously to create a warm, sunny, and cheerful look which is quintessentially springtime. With more emphasis on the plum shade (as you’ve applied it) it will also work well when autumn rolls around again.

The colors are easy to dupe, but the soft satin finish, buttery smooth, easy to blend texture is not. In short, i find that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

You made me try out my quad again to see what happens. lol Now, I always use a base with shadows b/c I haven’t met a shadow I can’t crease so I really didn’t have any fallout but I’ll agree with you that it’s sheer and probably best as an overlay on another shadow. To me it does feel nice and soft, a touch less so than the other colors however probably due to the glitter. I’d agree with Eileen that this quad can make certain eye colors really stand out. Mine are olive brown and this quad makes them look amazing!

What a pretty combo of colors, too bad about that one shade though. I am going to try to recreate the look you did tomorrow. Perhaps mix Sketch and Cranberry for the darker shade

I had the saleslady apply this on me last Thursday. I am a dark blond with blue eyes and a light complexion. I would not have chosen such simple colors to buy in a quad so I was interested to see how they looked on. They were LOVELY. I did not buy it (I haven’t been able to invest in a quad for awhile now because I always have to have the LE lipsticks, gloss, eyeliner, etc.) but it is on my wishlist. It seems very versatile. I will look into finding dupes in my stash now, though, since you think that I can possible find something to work. That dark shade is very lovely and amazing unexpected for me.

Do you think UD Midnight Cowgirl could be a dupe for that troublesome shade? It has major fallout issues as well but I like it as a highlighter and don’t mind a little gold glitter on my face.

that upper right shade reminds me of the typical Japanese palette’s glittery shade that’s meant to be patted on top (on the eyeball area) for extra sparkliness. and those have even more issues with fallout than this one lol.

My Chanel sale associate told me a few of her clients had bad reactions (swelling, watery eyes) to the quad due to the red dye. I wasn’t a fan of the colors since I have red hair but I am always a sucker for Chanel. I am glad she told me.

It’s entirely possible, as that is the reason that there are not a lot of pure red eyeshadows out on the market. It is definitely based on the individual – if you have other purples, burgundies, etc. and have no issues with those, then you’re likely to be tolerant of the dye. I didn’t have any reaction myself (wore it for 12 hours).

it seems to me that to get the chanel spring look u can use a pink blush on the eyelids. or if u can get the horizon blush u’ve got all the eyeshadow shades in it needed to recreate this look.

Christine, your make up is beautiful. I bought the same quad in France and I don’t see the difference between mine and yours. I find that’s exactly the same colors. May be there is a difference in the texture. The weight of my quad is the same that your, it is written “1,2 g” but it is logically for 1 pan (1,2 x4=6,8)

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