Video Tutorial – Neutral Pink with touches of Gold and Berry, N Collection Look

Hi everyone!  I know there have been numerous requests for video tutorials, and I expect sometime in the future it may be an option, but I was wondering if this kind of video tutorial would satisfy you in the meanwhile.  Please let me know what you think, and if you’d like to see other tutorials in the same format (but they will always be in a still format with step-by-step text, as I personally feel this is a good way to learn).

Edit: I think I must have confused you all… this would NOT replace the existing all text tutorials, I am just wondering if these are worth doing.  I’m fully aware that it is not live action, but it is currently not feasible to do something of that nature for the time being, which is why I’m trying to offer something in between.  So please tell me if you would like to see these in addition, not in place of, the existing tutorial format.  Thank you!