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Halloween Make Up Tips – Products To Consider


Halloween is a little under two weeks away, which means it is definitely getting to be crunch time to have your fabulous costume in order, right? Well, what about your makeup? Halloween makeup is all sorts of fun because you can be over the top and crazy, without anyone thinking you’ve lost your mind. You really get a chance to be creative and let your inner artist come out and play.

False lashes are an amazing way to make your eyes pop and finish off flawless makeup. During the haunting season, all kinds of crazy lashes come out – you can find a good variety at your local drugstore for $4-10 a pop. Make Up Forever also makes an incredible selection of false lashes for all times of the year (pictured above), and you can find them at Sephora (www.sephora.com); they’re really quite reasonably priced for their quality and how different their lashes can be.

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Make Up Tips – Temptalia’s Top 10 Makeup Tips

Last week I asked readers to give their three best makeup tips to beginners when it came to makeup. Now, I’m going to share my top ten make up tips I think are important for anyone at any level or skill. These are in no particular order!

Accentuate your favorite features, and remember that focusing on one feature per look tends to achieve a better overall look. Doing dramatic eyes, cheeks, and lips can sometimes take away from beauty because it comes out overdone and perhaps even “clownish.” This is not to say you shouldn’t or you can’t do bold eyes and lips; it is more a word of caution when it comes to doing multiple focal points.

Confidence is the most essential piece to what you wear out. Anybody can rock any color eyeshadow, blush, or lipstick/gloss as long as they have the confidence to back it up. Being comfortable in your makeup is vital, because the awkwardness or self-consciousness will definitely be picked up by others. So, honey, take that bright blue shadow you’ve been lusting over, but haven’t dared to wear, and pull it off by just realizing how amazingly beautiful you are and how much fun can be had with experimentation and trying colors that aren’t your norm.

Looking polished is easily achieved by complimenting your makeup and not forgetting the parts of your face. Those with naturally fabulous skin can do well simply by moisturizing (and if you feel the need, a light powder or concealer), and others who have less-than-perfect skin have so many variations and formulas of foundation available to them to turn that skin into even, smooth, flawless-looking skin. Perfecting the skin can do wonders on your confidence, because so many of us fret over those teenage acne scars or the slight rosacea some of us have, and other various skin “flaws.” Sparse eyebrows are easily turned into glamorous sisters by gently filling them in. Lips are defined by lip liner and/or lipstick, or even a light gloss with only a hint of color to give off an image of lush puckers. Eyes can be enhanced with nothing but natural brown mascara, to lengthen and thicken lashes just slightly.

Prom dresses and makeup?

With prom season dawning on us, thousands of anxious teenage girls are gearing up for the big night, and I’m sure some of them are at a loss as to what to do with their makeup! Some ladies will go to professional artists and salons to get the perfect look, but a good amount of girls will be prepping and primping on their own. To help you figure out what look you might want to consider with what color dress you’re wearing, I went through and picked out some random prom dresses in an assortment of colors and then matched them up to past looks I’ve done that might work with them.

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How-to: Eyeliner

Eyeliner is often considered essential in finishing eye makeup or accenting the bare eye. You would be surprised at how much of a difference adding a touch of black eyelilner on the lower rim of your eye can be. There are many different types of liner–from gel to kohl to liquid to pencil–and nearly infinite shades and colors. Even textures vary from brand to brand and certain types of liner have a specific texture.

Buying Makeup On a Budget

Not everyone can afford the prices of high-end cosmetic lines like Chanel, Dior, Estee Lauder, Lancome, MAC, etc. And there are many who do not want to spend a lot of money on cosmetics, either. This is a guide, of sorts, to help direct price-conscious consumers to cost effective products that actually work. Many more drugstore cosmetic lines are coming out with products that are made to rival higher-end items.

There are several brands that offer great, more inexpensive alternatives for your cosmetic hauls. One of my favorites is called NYX, and I would consider it one of the best cosmetic lines I have tried–and the price is right. Their eyeshadows are extremely pigmented, and several colors are perfect dupes compared to MAC’s! Shadow textures are lovely, and apply evenly and smoothly with little fuss. NYX offers single shadows as well as shadows in sets of three, blush, and various lipglosses and eye/lip liners. Prices generally range from $3-7 for most items they offer. I would say that the only serious drawback from buying NYX is that it is not often readily available at your nearest drugstore. However, several sites offer it online, so that is always a good option for those who cannot find it in our local store.

How-to: Blending


What is it?
Blending is the art of mixing different colors (whether still similar in hue or on completely opposite sides of the color wheel) to create a gradient of color, not a muddying mess that obliterates the vibrancy and trueness of the individual colors used to create a particular look.

Why bother?
Using a single wash of color can be perfect or even ideal for some situations, like running out the door to make a few errands or for a simple workday, but in general, people who utilize makeup want to use more than one color, and of course, there are several good reasons behind this. Using multiple colors creates a sense of depth and dimension to the eyes, especially when used correctly. A darker color in the crease gives the appearance of a deeper, more pronounced crease; just as darkening the outer portion of the lid often defines the natural eye shape. By contrasting this dark shadow with a lighter color, the artist will open up their eyes while still allowing for an emphasis on accenting the shape of their eyes.