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MAC Cosmetics – Rushmetal Collection Excerpt

Launches July 19th, 2007

The alchemy of gold transformed, and then manipulated by MAC artistry into the next wave metallic glam as eight limited edition pigments radiate the power, glory and versatility of this key element. Playing their part in this new gold rush, four lipsticks and finished to reflect the trace-colour of each gold-tinged pigment. Applied with the 249 large shader and 239 eye shader brushes that accompany this collection, this is metal as it should be worn. Feel the rush.

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MAC Cosmetics – Flashtronic Collection Excerpts and Pricing

Launches July 19th, 2007

Illuminating, soft yet electric, colour and light fused to perfection. Captured by the light-reflecting, slow-baked, naturally shaded mineralize skinfinish and the multi-shades and shimmering ambient effects of our six new limited edition shades of mineralize eye shadow. Torched by our four impeccable shades of high-reflective lipglass, this is the subtle shine that adds to your dash, flash and flare. Arrives on counter with the proper complement of brushes: the 134 large powder brush for applying skinfinish and the 227 large fluff brush to shadow the eyes. Catch the light, while you can. Limited edition.

Mineralize Eye Shadow and Skinfinish Profile
A sheer, pearled, mineralized powder eye shadow with up to four shades baked together in one pan. Superfine, lightweight: provides a softly tinted, reflective shimmer on the skin with a delicate sense of dimension. Subtly builds colour and shine. Can be worn on face, eye or body.

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MAC Cosmetics – Paint Pots Excerpt

July 21st, 2007 with Nordstrom’s exclusive Novel Twist collection; nationwide in August 2007

This innovative formula feels like a cream shadow and lasts for hours with no creasing, caking, or transfer. Its skin-like adhesion allows formula to build seamless coverage without heaviness or caking. A new combination of waxes allows superior blendability and spreadability. This new formula is easy to apply, blend and mix with MAC shadows and liners. Superior color vibrancy & intensity not commonly found in cream eye shadows. Its dense coverage can be easily built up in both matte and pearl formulas. It can hold large particle pearls on the eye area without risk of transfer. Easily removable with MAC wipes.

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MAC Cosmetics – Novel Twist Collection (Nordstrom Exclusive) – More!

This launches July 21st, 2007 at a Norstrom counter near you.

Colour, swirls, bends, loops and thrills in the limited edition lip eye compacts, and brush/makeup bags of MAC Novel Twist. Stylishly coordinated, richly fall-like in spirit and hue, all feature a design of menswear striped fabric, hand-embroidered with a wayward twist of thread. The lip compacts in shades of tan, coral, pink, or plum sport a trio of colours, while coordinating compacts for the eyes highlight five shades in a choice of warm and cool. In each a brush, plus a mix of firm favorites in new additions that allow to follow convention or stylishly ad-lib. For the brush bags – a fresh new selection of brushes for face and eyes. As inspiringly unpredictable as cube-shaped makeup bag, this is a collection that sends the imagination for a loop.

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