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MAC Cosmetics – PRO Launches Beauty Powder and Loose Powder, New Reflects Glitters

MAC PRO Launch Reviews
Overall, PRO products are always fun to dabble in because most of have to make special trips to the PRO locations to even check these out. I went with my girl Karen to check everything out, and whew, we both hauled some good items! First, I went with the mind to check out the new beauty powders and nudes & shapers. I have all the Nudes and Shapers already on their way to me, so it was more to just sneak a peak at than buy.

There is so much stuff available, and it was a bit overwhelming. However, Karen and I scored one of the best makeup artists, David, who was the manager of the San Francisco PRO store. (BTW, anyone can place an order for PRO items, just call (415) 771-6113 and ask for David — tell him Christine from Temptalia.com sent ya!) He was absolutely so helpful and showed us all these crazy tricks and how to use some of the products. He turned me on to the new reflects glitters, which are just beyond gorgeous, as are the beauty powders.

Beauty Powder/Loose Powder
A sheer, jet-milled loose powder that brings a silky smooth wash of colour and luminous shimmer to eyes, cheeks and skin.

Daisydust — This is my favorite out of the bunch! It’s a lovely light gold with a touch of white shimmer, and it reminds me of Gold Dusk pigment, only more finely milled.
Dancing Light — This is almost like a lighter version of Daisydust, more white gold than yellow gold.
Drizzlegold — Part peach, part gold, and overall, gorgeous. It’s a slightly peachy gold that’s light enough to use just about anywhere!
Lightly Lilac — The “craziest” color out of the bunch, which I could see working for some, as it is a lovely bluish purple color, very cool.
Micro Pink — A lovely cool pink with tiny bits of shimmer, which goes on so smoothly.
Natural Flare — A gorgeous reddish peachy color, lots of melon hues in it, and it’ll warm up cheeks perfectly (though it’s not overly warm!).
Paperwhite — White, white, and white! I had to skip this beauty powder because I’m too tan to work this as well as the others, but it feels like silk on your skin with slight shimmer.
Peach Haze — A pinkish peach with shimmer, and like all the beauty powders, goes on flawlessly.

Reflects Glitters
Reflects Antique Gold — My favorite out of the bunch, most definitely. It looks like shimmering water when applied. Incredibly shimmery and smooth.Reflects Bronze — More gold than bronze, but gorgeous. Think Goldmine with a whole lot more punch!
Reflects Blackened Red — Sultry, dark maroon with glitter and insanely smooth. If Maroon pigment had glitter, this would be it!
Reflects Bronze — More gold than bronze, but gorgeous. Think Goldmine with a whole lot more punch!
Reflects Copper — I was totally thinking this was Off the Radar in glitter form – it’s a very orangey color.
Reflects Purple Duo — Kind of an odd color, probably my least favorite, as it sort of looks like Turquatic, but with more purple.
Reflects Rust — More red than rusty copper, but lovely nonetheless. This looks amazing over red lipstick!
Reflects Transparent Pink — Like Transparent Teal, this is a great body highlighter. This reminded me of Pink Opal pigment, only much more intense.
Reflects Transparent Teal — Oh, wow, this was gorgeous – it’s this crazy whitish with teal reflects glitter color, so it would make an amazing body highlighter.
Reflects Turquatic — Very blue, darker than sky blue by a touch, but really gorgeous. Hard for me to see where I’d use this other than the eyes (and I don’t know if these are eye safe yet — none of the other Reflects Glitters are, so history says no!).
Reflects Very Pink — Fuchsia pigment with glitter, but ultra fine and amazing color pay off.

Check out the rest of the post for product photos and swatches!

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MAC Cosmetics – The Originals Collection Preliminary Information

We have an update on the Originals collection! Many of the items are more like improvements of existing or old shades that are consumer favorites, but perhaps not MAC addict favorites, but who else is tired of Kitschmas coming out? Many of the products featured in this collection will be reformulated to be better than their original counterparts, hence why some of the names aren’t dead ringers for older colors.

Here’s what we’ve recently learned about what’s in store…

A Little Folie
Ochre Style

Golden Olive
Steel Blue

MAC Cosmetics – Antiquitease Royal Assets Eye Shadow Palettes Information

Here’s what you can expect to be found inthe four Holiday eyeshadow palettes launching this fall/winter. There are four: warm, cool, smokey, and metallic. I’m most intrigued by the Metallic!

Sunday Best – Ivory with frost (F) (released before)
Nobility – (S)
Retrospeck – Beached blonde (L) (perm)
Star Violet – Earth-touched pinky-brown plum fusion (VP) (perm)
Club – Muted reddish brown duochrome with green opalescent shimmer (S) (perm)
Showstopper – Soft smoked brown black (M) (released before)

Medallion – (VP)
Silverwear – (F)
Trophy Pink – (F)
Modern Heir – (F)
Shadowy Lady – Darkly veiled plum (M) (released before)
Queen’s Jewel – (VP)

Keep reading for colors in the Smokey and Metallic palettes!

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MAC Cosmetics – Holiday Collection Launch Dates and Links!

Here’s a list of the upcoming colletions, which will take your wallet through the end of the year! Watch out, MAC is throwing out some curveballs come November and December!

Mattene: Launch of 16 new slim semi-matte and matte finish lipsticks in a variety of shades. We’ve reviewed the collection here, have product photos here, and even have swatches here.
US: October 4, 2007 | Internationally: October 2007

MAC for McQueen: Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra inspired collection designed by Alexander McQueen for MAC Cosmetics. Our review, swatches, and product photos are here.
US: October 11, 2007 | Internationally: October 2007

Antiquitease: Antiquitease will launch a full collection this October, with the typical holiday sets releasing later. Our review is here. You can find swatches and product photos here.
US: October 18, 2007 | Internationally: November 2007

Antiquitease: Royal Assets: These are the much acclaimed holiday palettes; they are rectangular travel-size palettes that have six eyeshadows. Find information and photos here. Our review is here.
US: October 25, 2007 | Internationally: November 2007

Antiquitease: Heirlooms: Get your MAC brush-fix on by checking out the holiday brush sets, which are short handled, travel-size brushes for a great price (much cheaper than buying individual, full-sized brushes), so they make perfect holiday gifts (to yourself or others!). Find product photos and information here. Our review is here.
US: October 25, 2007 | International: November 2007

Keepsake: Nordstrom/The Bay exclusive. Information is here.
US: October 25, 2007 | Internationally: November

Viva Glamourous: View our swatches and product photos here.
US: October 25th, 2007 | Internationally: November

Kids Helping Kids: Find photos here.
US: October 25, 2007 | Internationally: November

Signature Bags
US: November 15, 2007 | Internationally: December 2007

Curiositease: Are you sick of Holiday 2007 yet? Find information and product photos here. Read our review, see product swatches and photos here.
US: November 15, 2007 | Internationally: December 2007

MAC of Beauty: Gorgeous beauty powders will be launching, which make great blushes and highlighters. View product photos and information here.
US: November 15, 2007 | Internationally: December 2007

Antiquitease: Finery: These are the lip sets, which also come in travel-size palettes. See our review, swatches, and product photos here.
US: November 21, 2007 | Internationally: November 2007

Metal-X: New formula of cream-to-powder shadows and glitter liners. See product photos here. Information is here.
US: November 21, 2007 | Internationally: December 2007

The Stylistics: Remember last year’s Couture collection? Stylistics is MAC’s foray into true high-end cosmetics with inventive design in packaging and products not available in normal collections. View information and product photos here.
US: November 29, 2007 | Internationally: December 2007

Wait, there’s MORE? Oh, yeah, there’s more. See what’s coming in December!

MAC Cosmetics – Mattene Lipsticks Collection Product Swatches and Review


Overall, Mattene is impressive in its range of hues and shades (dirty corals to vibrant reds to deep berries) coupled with a deliciously smooth texture. One of my reasons for not owning many matte shades is due to the fact that they tend to be incredibly dry and without some sort of gloss, look quite awful on my lips. While I really am a gloss girl, so I doubt I’ll be sporting any of the true mattes (didn’t you know, half are semi-matte!) sans gloss, just because that’s a personal preference. Now, for those that love a great matte lip, look no further, Mattene lipsticks are the answer to that quest! You’ll find at least one color, if not a handful (armful?) that suits you beautifully. Remember, half are matte and the other half are semi-matte (you’ll see it noted in each individual product review); even the semi-mattes are incredibly close to being classified as a matte, so don’t let that put you off! My personal favorites were Seriously Rich, Immodest, Classic Dame, and Rapturous (bold colors I love, but how rarely I wear them!).

Keep reading for a detailed review, and don’t forget to view Temptalia’s swatches of all 16 new Mattene lipsticks here.