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MAC Cosmetics – Curiositease Collection Information and Product Photos


In the majestic fashion of our holiday Antiquitease collection yet with a style and realm of its own: Curiositease. Handsome in their bearing, these mini colour sets come in a textued cream paper cylinder embellished with gold or silver crown motifs. Inside, all your MAC favourites:  lipglass, lustreglass, plushglass, pigments, glitter and softsparkle eye pencils. Unlike anything you’ve seen from MAC before.

Warm Lipglass and Lustreglass: Expensive, Bada Boom, Pinkgrapefruit; Beaux, Ornamental

Cool Lipglass and Lustreglass: Be Seen, Spirited, Nymphette; STar Nova, Flashmode

Plushglass: Wet, Wild, Wonderful, Pretty Plush, Bountiful, Plus Luxe, Hot stuff

Softsparkle Pencils: Nightsky, Peacocked, Iris Accents, Reflecto, Goldenair

Warm Pigments and Glitter: Reflects Gold; Lily White, Dazzleray, Copper Sparkle, Sunpepper

Cool Pigments and Glitter: Reflects Blue; Helium, Softwash Grey, Naval Blue, Forest Green

Each set is $29.50 .S. / $35.50 CDN. Available November 15, 2007 at all MAC locations, 1-800-387-6707, and www.maccosmetics.com.

Keep reading for product photos.

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MAC Cosmetics – Antiquitease: Finery Collection Information and Photos


Every Antiquitease adores her finery, including this petite purse of true style. Of woven cream fabric, incproration filaments of metallic gold or silver thread, the frame and handle featuer a decorative ivory moulded plastic frame with a royal crown motif. Fabulously authentic in look and feel. Each contains three lipcolours of various finishe dtextures in plum, coral, tan, or pink colour schemes.

Finery: 3 Plum Lips | Ultra Madame & Culture Class lipsticks; Contessa lipglass

Finery: 3 Coral Lips | Aristo-Chic & Ruling Class lipsticks; Splendid! lipglass

Finery: 3 Tan Lips | High Tea and Haughty lipsticks; Honorable lipglass

Finery: 3 Pink Lips | Snob Appeal, Blueblood lipsticks; Gentility lipglass

Each set is $32.00 U.S. / $42.00 CDN. Available November 15, 2007 at all MAC locations, 1-800-387-6707, and www.maccosmetics.com.

Keep reading to see photos.

MAC Cosmetics – Kids Helping Kids Holiday 2007 Product Photos


Kids Helping Kids Greeting Cards, Gift Cards, and Wrapping Paper are designed by children living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. Proceeds from the sale of these products are given to the MAC AIDS Fund to help support Pdiatric AIDS Organizations around the world. Pick up 6 greeting cards for $6, or 12 gift cards for $6, and three different styles of wrapping paper at $10 each. It’s such a great cause, so I make it a point to do my best to pick up an item or two for my holiday gift giving.

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MAC Cosmetics – Stylistics Color Story and Product Photos


Stylistics Collection is a collection that shows that MAC can do couture if it wants to, and if last year’s was any indication, they know how to do it well. This collection is due out November 29th, 2007 for US/Canada, later in December for international locations.

Keep reading for a rundown of all the products featured in limited edition, couture packaging (pearls and crystal embellishments galore), plus photos.

MAC Cosmetics – The Originals Information and Product Photos




  • Utter Pervette Soft pastel pink (lustre)
  • Nouveau-frou Beigey grey pink with white pearlized pigments (lustre)
  • Rozz Revival Watermelon reddish-pink (lustre)
  • Sandy B Light shell pink (frost)
  • Russian Red Intense bluish-red (matte)
  • Retrofluid Sheer deep plum with gold and red pearlized pigments (lustre)
  • Back to Del Rio Deep brown red (lustre)
  • Supersequin Plummy pink with silver pearlized pigments (lustre)
  • Twig Twig Neutral brown plum (lustre)
  • Chintz on Chintz Sheer mid-tone yellow brown (lustre)


  • Full On Lust Neutral brown pink (cream)
  • Nico Now Mid-tone grey purple with multi-coloured pearlized pigments (frost)
  • Avarice Mid-tone yellow red with soft red pearlized pigments (cream)
  • Real Desire Deep plum with red pearlized pigments (frost)
  • C-Thru Soft peached-beige with shimmer (cream)


  • Daisychain Soft yellow-beige with soft white pearlized pigments (satin)
  • Ochre Style Mid-tone yellow brown with gold (frost)
  • Frisco Soft pastel pink (matte)
  • A Little Folie Mid-tone red brown (matte)
  • Clue Mid-tone grey with silver pearlized pigments (frost)
  • Alum Mid-tone blue grey with soft blue pearlized pigments (satin)
  • Charred Deep steel grey with silver pearlized pigments (frost)
  • Memorabilia Mid-tone purple (matte)
  • Parrot Deep aqua blue with bright green and blue pearlized pigments (frost)

Eye Pencils

  • Indigo Muted greenish-blue
  • Coffee Muted brown
  • Ebony Soft black


  • Kitschmas Light airy shimmering pink mauve with pearlized pigments (frost)
  • Violet Vivid bright purple (frost)
  • Golden Olive High frosted green gold (frost)
  • Melon Soft bright golden peach (frost)
  • Steel Blue Rich deep turquoise green blue with small pearlized particles (pearl)
  • Reflects Blackened Red Sparkling burgundy
  • Reflects Very Pink Sparkling fuchsia pink
  • Reflects Transparent Teal Sparkling white with turquoise
  • Reflects Antique Gold Sparkling taupe

Keep reading for product photos.