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Storage Solutions: How I Organized My Eyeliners

Eyeliner Storage
My Current Eyeliner Storage

I love peeking into others’ storage solutions for their makeup, because I am always on the hunt for new ways to organize my own stash.

I would love to feature YOUR storage solutions and ideas here on Temptalia. If you’re interested in sharing photos and a brief description of your storage solution, send a few high quality images and the details to me.  It could be your entire vanity set-up, how you store palettes, where your lipsticks are, or how you arrange your perfumes.

I’ll start if off with a recent reorganization project I did! A couple of weekends ago, I reorganized my go-to eyeliners, which I keep separated out from all my other eyeliners. I keep them out so I can easily reach for a particular shade on occasions when I’m not testing any eyeliner. In the past, I had them organized by color, but I found that I would often think of a specific shade and brand, so I decided to instead organize by brand. I have four favorites for eyeliners: Sephora Contour Eye Pencils, Tarina Tarantino Hyperliners, Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliners, and Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliners. I also have a fifth glass that I store some Stila Smudgesticks a few one-off shades in.

I was thinking of glasses, because they’re clean, affordable, and can always be used as drinkware if I change my solution (yet again). I originally considered blue-tinted Ball Mason Jars, but I felt like it didn’t suit my personal style (I like the aesthetic, but nothing I have in my own home really matches it). I picked up glass tumblers from Target (similar options here and here) that are just under six inches tall and three inches in diameter. I bought mine in-store, and I couldn’t find them online, but if you love the exact ones I have, I recommend checking out your local store, because they were $3 for 4 glasses (no joke!). Otherwise, any discount home stores (Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc.) are good places to check out for options. You might also check the office supplies section for actual pencil cups/holders.  If you only need one or two, vintage glassware can be incredibly stylish and useful, and it’s not difficult to find two that coordinate/complement each other.

I ended up liking the way these looked on the counter that I ended up buying eight more glasses and storing my brushes in them, too! You could also use shorter glasses for storing things like lipsticks, lipgloss, and mascara.

Eyeliner Storage
Eyeliner Storage

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MAC 45 Powell Street & MAC PRO Products Anyone Can Use

MAC Flagship @ 45 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA
MAC Flagship @ 45 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA — PRO Products

In March, MAC debuted its newest Flagship and PRO store in San Francisco’s Union Square. The newest store is located at 45 Powell Street, and chances are, if you’ve been in San Francisco, you’ve shopped and walked around Union Square. It’s a large space with an open layout with an area in the middle specially reserved for artists to apply makeup to customers without interruption. There’s even a private space where you can have your makeup done by appointment with enough space for friends or family to sit with you. One of the more unique features is their Lash Bar, which features forty different lash styles; each lash is glued to a plastic stick that allows you to hold it over your eye to better envision what the false eyelash might look like on your eye. At the newest Flagship location, you’ll find some of the most talented artists working at MAC today, and the team at Powell is multilingual to support international visitors and travelers.

Visit the new Flagship and PRO store:

MAC Powell St
45 Powell Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 402-0658

If you’re ever in the area, you’ll want to stop by and look out for Danny Zhen, a MAC artist and walking encyclopedia of all things MAC. Long-time fans will undoubtedly have a blast discussing collections from long ago, and he’ll know them–there is an intense passion for the MAC brand and history. He’s incredibly knowledgeable about products and techniques, and he’s ready, willing, and able to help even the most discerning MAC addict!

MAC Flagship @ 45 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA
MAC Flagship @ 45 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA — Danny Zhen & Victor Cembellin

I visited the store last week, and while there, I also spoke with Victor Cembellin, a 19-year veteran of MAC, who I’ve had the pleasure of working with throughout the past years of on all things MAC. He’s a Senior Artist (North America) and is another example of the passionate people that work with MAC. (Over the years, one of my favorite aspects to being a beauty blogger is really having the pleasure of meeting the people behind the brands who show such clear passion and drive for the brand they work for.)

What I really wanted to ask Victor was about PRO products and which ones are more consumer-friendly; if you were to visit a PRO store for the first time, what might you buy? What could someone who isn’t a professional makeup artist find useful and interesting to add to their routine?  (And if you can’t visit a PRO store, many PRO products are available for purchase online now, and you can always call a PRO store to place a phone order.)

His top five recommendations:

  1. Lip Mix: He described them as “raw makeup pigment for lipsticks.” It’s all about “the idea of making a new color, mixing up your own color, and everyone’s looking for that little individuality.” With a grin, he said, “The best part is when someone asks you what you’re wearing on your lip, they can’t get it, because you just created it that morning!” Lip Mix ($15.00) is available in thirteen shades ranging from white to black and everything in-between.
  2. Lash Mixing Medium: If you’re looking for a way to incorporate upcoming trends into your makeup wardrobe, Victor says “Colored mascara is coming back in style in full-force. You can throw in pigments to create your own colored mascara, and it’s really fun.” The Lash Mixing Medium ($13.00) is a clear version of MAC’s Pro Long Lash Mascara that’s just waiting for you to take your favorite MAC Pigment (loose color) to create a shade that can be applied to the lashes.
  3. Chromaline: This is one of the most consumer-friendly products, because, as Victor mentioned, “They’re similar to Fluidlines, which is a product customers have really embraced,” and now, customers are able to get it in a formula that has additional shades, many of them basics and primaries, which can be mixed and used to create custom shades. This is a product that is often used backstage at Fashion Week. Chromalines ($19.50 each) are available in ten shades.
  4. Sculpting & Shaping Powders: If you love the idea of contouring and highlighting, Victor recommended, “[‘MAC’s] Sculpt & Shape powders, because they are forgiving and easy to use.” There are five shades of Sculpting Powders and five shades of Shaping Powders, each available in Pro palette form for $16.50 each. I remember when these first launched, and I had to have them all. They continue to be some of my favorite highlighting/contouring products on the market.
  5. Shine Mixing Medium: “During spring/summer shows, we kept hearing about athletic skin. People wanted to have that authenticity where they look cool and they aren’t trying too hard. Pat Shine Mixing Medium on top of skin that gives everyone the look that glowy, ‘end-of-the-day’ makeup look.” He was wearing it on the sides of his face, so he was more matte-like on the center and a little glowy on the edges–it’s less luminous compared to things like Pearl or Luna Cream Colour Bases.

As invariably happens, at some point, we went off on a tangent and started talking about the amount of photographs we take of ourselves and others, and of course, I had to get Victor to share some of his favorite tips. To that end, he highly recommended:

  1. Big Lashes: “Chunky, fashion show lashes is very cool, very street, very San Francisco,” and he recommended In Extreme Dimension Mascara, because he felt like it gives huge lashes that photograph fantastically.
  2. Luminizers: You can buff them into the skin–and he recommended using the 168 brush (which is favorite face tool that MAC makes) with Soft & Gentle or Lightscapade.
  3. Glossy skin: “It’s a gloss texture that you can put anywhere on the face or entire body.” The big thing? If you’re in poor lighting, glitter and gloss are two things that add a lot of pop to your photo. “You’ll have more impact in a dark restaurant with something glossy,” says Victor. MAC Clear Gloss Creme Brilliance ($21.00) is designed to add shine and highlights to the face/body.

See more photos!

A Smoky Eye How-to Featuring COVERGIRL’s Bombshell Collection

COVERGIRL recently launched their Bombshell collection, which features new cream eyeshadows, mascara, and liquid eyeliner. They asked me to create a tutorial featuring some of the new products, so here’s what I came up with: a sultry, smoky eye that can be paired with a softer pink lip or a more intense, fuchsia-hued lip–depending on just how bold you want to go.

Beginning January 5th through January 25th, all COVERGIRL products will be buy one, get one 50% off at ULTA Beauty.  Plus, we’re giving away products from the COVERGIRL Bombshell collection with a $100 ULTA Beauty gift card!   COVERGIRL will be hosting a Twitter Party on January 6th at 9PM EST, so be sure to check that out!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Products You’ll Need

  • COVERGIRL Bombshell Shine Shadow by LashBlast in Ice Queen, Ooh La Lilac, Platinum Card
  • COVERGIRL Flamed Out Shadow Pot in Melted Caramel, Charcoal, Molten Black
  • COVERGIRL Bombshell Intensity Liner in Pitch Black Passion
  • COVERGIRL Bombshell Volume by LashBlast Mascara in Very Black
  • COVERGIRL LipPerfection LipColor in Bombshell, Darling
  • Flat, firm brushes for cream eyeshadow application
  • Small crease brush
  • Fluffy blending brush
  • Small eyeliner brush

See more photos and get the how-to!

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How to Conceal Under Eye Circles – Tips & Tricks

Makeup & Beauty Tips on How to Conceal Under Eye Circles

Share your best tips and tricks for concealing under eye circles, tiredness, darkness, etc.! Feel free to share your experiences, how you mastered techniques, or what you struggle with.

My Tips

  1. I like to use a concealer that is slightly peachy (or salmon) toned to help to counteract darkness.
  2. I prefer a creamier concealer that’s not too emollient but not too dry to maximize effectiveness in terms of concealing and smoothing out the area while minimizing settling/creasing.
  3. I like to pat on with finger tips, and then use a fluffy blending brush (like for eyeshadow) to blend the concealer.  Then set with translucent or pressed powder!

How to Care for Oily Skin – Tips & Tricks

Makeup & Beauty Tips on How to Care for Oily Skin

Share your best tips and tricks for caring for oily skin! Feel free to share your experiences, how you mastered techniques, or what you struggle with.

My Tips

  1. This is all readers!  I don’t have oily skin, so I don’t have any TRIED and true tips.  Ones I’ve heard often are: don’t skip moisturizer, just use one that’s appropriate for your skin type; mattifying powders and primers help; keep blotting powder or papers handy.

How to Hydrate Dry Skin – Tips & Tricks

Makeup & Beauty Tips on How to Hydrate Dry Skin

Share your best tips and tricks for hydrating dry skin!  Feel free to share your experiences, how you mastered techniques, or what you struggle with.

My Tips

  1. I like using products that help give an added boost to dry skin like hydrating serums/gels along with a really heavy duty moisturizer that I can use a spot treatment, so it won’t necessarily feel heavy or too much all-over but just right for those drier areas.
  2. Spend a little extra time working your moisturizer (both AM and PM) into the skin–make it more of a ritual.  At night, make sure you’ve let your moisturizer absorb before laying on your pillow so your pillow doesn’t get half the hydration!
  3. Don’t over-cleanse or over-exfoliate.  Make sure the products you’re using aren’t stripping your skin of its natural oils.