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Interview wIth Jen M. MAC Make Up Artist

If you are a makeup artist who is interested in being interviewed, let us know at [email protected]!

Temptalia had the opportunity to interview MAC make-up artist and beauty blogger Jen M., age 36, who has been an artist for two years and with MAC for less than one. Even though she has no formal beauty training, she’s finding her way as a makeup artist just fine!

Temptalia: What surprises you most about working as a makeup artist?
Jen: That’s a great question! I think I’m most surprised by the many women I meet who apologize for not knowing how to do complex looks with their makeup. How on earth do women expect they should have learned these things?! Unless you’re a makeup junkie and magazine addict, like I was, or if you had a mother who was a makeup junkie, there’s no way to expect that the knowledge would just “come to you”. That’s why there are makeup artists, and when you meet a good one he/she should be able to teach you some tricks so you can expand your own looks. The other thing that really surprises me is how many women immediately degrade themselves when they sit in my chair. I hear “oh- don’t look at my brows! I need to wax them” or “I know I have wrinkles, but – or “Ugh, my skin is so bad” or other things that are harsh and they wouldn’t say to a friend. Why can’t women be accepting of their own unique look?

You know you want to see the rest of the interview, so

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Interview with Linsey Snyder – Face Time Cosmetics President and Make Up Artist

Temptalia had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Linsey Snyder, aged 29, who is the president and CEO of Face Time Cosmetics. She runs her own cosmetics line, as well as does side work on television shows, socialites, celebrities, and editorial spreads. She’s been working as an artist since she was “old enough to have makeup of [her] own and [had] friends who wanted makeovers!” Her education has stemmed mostly through learning from magazines as well as classes taught by James Vincent at The Powder Group in New York City.

Linsey, as generous as she is, has donated Beauty In a Box in Stunning ($90 value) for a Temptalia giveaway contest! Enter by leaving commenting on the interview (a real, substantive comment – don’t just say hi!) by 11:59 PST November 2nd. One random, LUCKY winner will be selected November 3rd!

Before you can win, though, you have to read the interview!

Interview with Toya Smith Marshall Freelance Make Up Artist


Temptalia had the pleasure of interviewing Toya Smith Marshall, aged 29, who works as a freelance artist with her own company Makeda Make-Up Artistry. She’s been working as an artist for three and a half years, and she works in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area. She is a graduate of the Von Lee International School of Aesthetics. Toya also runs her own beauty blog, The Life of a Ladybug, which makes for a great morning read.

Temptalia: What surprises you most about working as a makeup artist?
Toya: How stressful it can be! You haven’t seen pressure until you’re faced with an anxious, nervous bride and her 11 bridesmaids who all have different ideas on how you should make them look beautiful!

Temptalia: What’s your favorite way to achieve the perfect natural look?
Toya: The perfect natural look is different for everyone, but, by and large, concealer only where you need it (usually under the eyes and around the nose), a dusting of powder, some highlight under the brow and on the cheekbones, a healthy pop of blush (peachy-pink is a great color for most, but on women of darker hue, a saturated apricot or darker orangy-red works well), and sheer glossy lips. Carmindy got it just right and I love her book, The 5 Minute Face – every woman who seeks the “natural look” should buy it!

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MAC Cosmetics – Louise Zizzo Dishes Out Advice on PRO Reflects Glitters, Nudes and Shapers, and Beauty Powders!

Here are some quick tips and thoughts on the new PRO Beauty Powders, Reflects Glitters, and Nudes & Shapers rom one of Temptalia’s favorite senior regional artists, Louise Zizzo! I e-mailed her for some advice on how to make my new PRO additions really work for me, and I thought I’d share what I learned!  (Don’t you love her?  I do!)

Where to use the glitters? “Because they are sold at pro, ideally they are amazing for body and face work, and can be applied easily by using a little bit of lip conditioner and then tap on the glitter with a brush. Lots of fun can be had especially with Halloween coming up.”

Nudes and Shapers? She recommended I try this combo (can’t wait to try it!): “Highlight brow bone and cheek bone with Emphasize, Contour cheeks and eyes with Bone Beige; Deepen eye crease with Definitive, add Warm light to apple of cheeks; Use Shadowy to line your eyes; Absolutely gorgeous and don’t forget lots of mascara!”

Where to use the beauty powders? “The Beauty powders can be used anywhere; Paperwhite is my fave for highlighting on cheek bones for some extra dazzle.”

How to use the beauty powders? “My trick for cheeks is to use any blush and mix with the beauty powders and then apply. Just dip in the beauty powder and then in your blush, it looks fabulous, I like to use Micro Pink or Drizzle gold for this. These can also be used on the eyes, a little tap in the center of the eye lid can spruce up you look from day to night.”

P.S. – If you haven’t been able to purchase these, you can always call up your nearest PRO store (even if that’s eight hours away!) and place a phone order. Shipping is only $7, which isn’t bad at all. However, if you can wait, later on this year, you will find that MAC will launch a few beauty powders from the PRO line plus new ones to consumers in MAC of Beauty. There will also be Nudes and Shapers coming in the form of Sculpting duos! I’ve heard rumors that a few of the reflects glitters will also be making an appearance!

Napoleon Perdis – Interview with Napoleon Perdis, the creator and founder

I recently had the amazing opportunity to interview makeup artist Napoleon Perdis, who is also the founder of Napoleon Perdis, the makeup line. He first debuted his cosmetic line in 1995, and you can find it quite readily all throughout Australia and New Zealand. He also launched his own makeup academy the same year in Paddington, Sydney.

Some of Temptalia’s favorite Napoleon Perdis products have been their gorgeous Blush Patrol, which is a baked and pressed powder with darling swirls of pink and raspberry, along with their Empress nail polish. I also love the matching Empress gloss (it’s a great color, because it looks like a lip stain and is so lightweight, perfect for on-the-go).

What’s the feelings and ideas behind the line and how Napoleon approaches beauty?

Napoleon’s philosophy is focused on female empowerment and individuality taking a cross-generational, multi-ethnic approach to beauty. For this reason, in the span of a decade, Napoleon Perdis has made his mark around the globe with inspirational and customised capsule collections of products that empower women and give them the tools they need to bring the perfect look into their own reality.

Enjoy our interview!

Temptalia: First, thank you so much for taking my questions! What inspired you to start your own line, and what keeps you inspired to pursue and expand the line?
Napoleon: I was inspired by my Greek mother. I would watch her put her makeup on everyday and I was immediately attracted to color and glamour. I have four daughters and I just love women. That’s what keeps me inspired.