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Nadine Haobsh Q&A Session For Beauty Confidential

Nadine Haobsh has recently published her book entitled Beauty Confidential. Nadine brings beauty to your door step with this humorous and guilty-pleasure-reading book with all sorts of tips, tricks, and secrets on how to look your very best. This is a great stocking stuffer for your favorite beauty addict, because Nadine gives such a refreshing account of the beauty industry from her unique perspective from being a current beauty blogger and former beauty editor.

Nadine was available to answer some questions submitted by the Beauty Blog Network, and here’s ours:

Q&A with Nadine Haobsh

What are some tips for traveling light, without missing any essentials, for the upcoming holiday travel season? — Temptalia
Hmm, so you mean you can’t bring an entire suitcase devoted entirely to beauty products? (Kidding, of course even though I have been known to do just that a time or ten.) Start with the basics, and then add more if you have room:

  • SKIN: 1) A cleanser, 2) A day moisturizer with SPF, 3) A night moisturizer with peptides, retinol, glycolic or salicylic acid. (My favorites: Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash, Olay Regenerist Touch of Sun SPF 15, MD Skincare Hydra-Pure Vitamin C Serum)
  • HAIR: 1) Travel sized shampoo and conditioner, 2) Leave-in conditioner. (Scrunch leave-in conditioner and let hair air-dry, or apply before heat-styling to help hold and condition. You probably have a hairdryer at home, but may not have other tools. If you have room, throw in a curling iron or flatiron, to dress up hair and impress relatives who have driven in from five hours away and will secretly pick on your appearance otherwise.) (Herbal Essences makes yummy travel-sized versions, and I’m a huge fan of Infusium leave-in)
  • MAKEUP: 1) Foundation, 2) Bronzer or blush, 3) Mascara, 4) Lipgloss. (If you have room, add black eyeliner and a neutral colored eyeshadow. Otherwise, the bronzer can double as shadow.) (In my bag: Bare Escentuals, Guerlain Terracotta bronzer, NARS Orgasm, Max Factor Lash Perfection, and Clinique Black Honey)
  • MISC: Throw a sample-sized tube of perfume in your makeup bag (Bond no 9 Chinatown is too good to be believed), don’t forget a razor, and depending on how long you’ll be home consider bringing tweezers, mini scissors and an emery board.

Now, keep on reading for Nadine’s answers to our fellow BBN blogs’ questions.

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MAC Cosmetics – The Stylistics Event

Just got back from The Stylistics event at Valley Fair! I attended with my boyfriend, and a few artists joked that we were the best dressed couple there. Cute, right? My boyfriend’s such a stud, but he refuses to let me share his moneymaker with you all (I even tried pouting). I ran into a few of my favorite MAC artists (Victor, Paula), but it was really a madhouse with a zillion of MAC artists rushing around. There was a slight dress code enforced (or at least heavily suggested), hence why I chose a dress to head out in.

The event was sponsored by Belvedere, which meant glasses of champagne and martinis were being passed around. They passed around little appetizers as well, but I skipped on those. A DJ was set up in one corner, and they played a lot of jazzy and era-inspired tunes. All in all, it was a fun time, but thank goodness I had already picked up most of my goodies this morning–I don’t know if I’d have had the time to really scope things out otherwise! Anyone else go to one of The Stylistics events held yesterday or today?

A few more pictures of me pre-event…

Looks – Teal with Blue, Slight Smoky Eye, for Stylistics

I used Teal pigment on lid, Aquavert eyeshadow on inner lid, Shimmermoss eyeshadow on middle of lid, Freshwater eyeshadow on outer lid, Deep Truth eyeshadow on outer crease, Carbon eyeshadow in outer crease, Aquavert eyeshadow above crease, Motif eyeshadow on brow, Aquavert eyeshadow on lower lash line, Mystery kohl power on lower lash line, and Graphblack technakohl on lower water line. I wore Springsheen blush with Peach Haze beauty powder to highlight and Sculpt sculpting powder to contour. I had Soft Pout lipstick with Vital Spark lipglass on my lips.

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Interview with Juli, MAC Freelance Make Up Artist

Temptalia had the opportunity to speak with makeup artist Juli (age 29) who works as a freelancer for MAC. She has been working as a makeup artist for nine years, with the past year and a half at MAC. Juli has two certificates; one in Applied Cosmetics and another in Makeup Artistry (including paramedica, camouflage, theatrical, and special effects).

Temptalia: What surprises you most about working as a makeup artist?
Juli: How shy people are to try new things. Part of why I love makeup so much is because it’s always new: new colours, new formulations and new ways to put things together.

Temptalia: When did you first fall in love with makeup?
Juli: I think I was about 5 and a neighbour girl did myself and her little sister up in her clothes and makeup for a “fashion shoot” and I couldn’t believe how pretty I felt! After that I wouldn’t leave makeup alone.

Temptalia: What do you consider “beauty” to be?
Juli: To me, beauty is anything that catches the eye in a pleasing way. It can be anything from makeup and clothing to the way the sunlight reflects off of a lake. It’s such a personal thing.

Be sure to check out the rest of the interview,

Interview with Monica, MAC Freelance Artist

Temptalia caught up with twenty-three year old MAC Freelance Artist, Monica, this week. She’s worked as a makeup artist for about two years, and she has been trained through both Sephora and MAC. Additionally she’s attended seminars at the Make Up Show, read beauty books, and found beauty forums to be a real help in the beginning.

Temptalia: What surprises you most about working as a makeup artist?
Monica: Probably that it’s really difficult to get paid as a freelance artist and how many ladies don’t know how to properly apply make up.

Temptalia: When did you first fall in love with makeup?
Monica: I’ve had a love affair with make up for a long while now have been experimenting with different looks since I was about seventh grade but I didn’t really get into make up until probably the latter half of 2005.

Temptalia: What do you consider “beauty” to be?
Monica: There’s so many aspects to beauty. There’s a person’s personality, personal style, the cosmetic, and the skin care side of it. All these thing can be attributed to beauty. It all comes together to paint a complete picture. It’s about being aesthetically pleasing.

Check out the rest of our interview,

Report – Nordstrom Cosmetics Trend Show November 2007

I attended Nordstrom’s Cosmetics Trend Show this past weekend, and now it’s time to share some of the tips and tricks shared throughout the show with my dear readers. The show was divided into three scenes: Matte Skin, Lined Eyes, and Red/Burgundy Lips.


This season’s extra-fine matte finish creates a natural yet flawless look. Unlike the heavier mattes of the ’90s, today’s mattes are more lightweight and transparent, offering you healthier and brighter-looking skin without the shine. You’ll feel fresh and rejuvenated in this fall trend.

Product spotlights:

  • Diorskin Extreme Fix Long-lasting Setting Powder | A universal color suitable for all wearers to help set foundation and liquid products for ultimate day-long wear.
  • DiorShow vs. DiorShow Unlimited | Unlimited as a skinnier brush than DiorShow, which allwos for more precision and getting every single lash.
  • Prescriptives Custom Blend Bronzer | Prescriptives recommends ensuring you have both a winter and summer bronzer, rather than a year-long one to achieve great, natural-looking skin.
  • Fusion Beauty SkinFusion Micro Tech Soft Focus Fluid Foundation | With SPF 10, this is a colorless foundation that activates with your skin to match your color flawlessly.
  • Trish McEvoy Brow Builder | Build fuller eyebrows with this brow extension product.

There’s so much more for me to tell you!