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Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick Launches

Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick Launches

A full-coverage liquid lipstick delivering up to 14 hours of continuous wear, vivid color payoff, and a velvet matte finish. A proprietary blend of advanced polymers delivers intense, vibrant color for up to 14 hours, as well as a sophisticated velvet matte finish. Creates a breathable film of intense pigment that instantly bonds to the lips and seals in moisture with skin-conditioning emollients, fruit extracts and vitamins. Cili Fruit and Goji Berry extracts offer anti-oxidant protection for the lips, while Vitamins A, C and E nourish and protect. Rich formula glides on, provides cushion without tackiness and infuses the lips with dramatic color. Creates a silky smooth texture on the lips while filling in fine lines and preventing moisture evaporation.

Lips must be clean of other oils and balms to ensure proper binding of the fluid. Allow to set for 30 seconds to one minute. As the formula sets, the polymers bond to one another and create a protective, flexible “web” of color. Throughout the day, lips stay comfortable, while color film remains vibrant, elastic and firmly bound to the skin – without flaking or dryness. Extended coverage means you can literally set it and forget it over the course of the day. Free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates and lanolin.

Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick ($28.00) (Permanent)

  • Ballet Vibrant pink
  • Canvas Dusty rose
  • Edition Soft pink
  • Empress Aubergine
  • Icon Cherry red
  • Muse Coral
  • Rose Medium rose
  • Raven Orange red
  • Riviera Tangerine

Availability: Now @ Sephora; August 2012 at Barneys New York, Bergdorf Goodman, Sephora, and SpaceNK

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Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer SPF 15 Review, Photos

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer SPF 15
Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer SPF 15

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer SPF 15

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer SPF 15 ($52.00 for 1 oz.) is a “mineral-based, water-resistant primer with SPF 15 that neutralizes the skin, minimizes shine, and creates a smooth, uniform canvas.” It is also supposed to “[absorb] exess oils and [minimize] the appearance of pores.” This primer uses a mix of titanium dioxide (2.45%) and zinc oxide (4.20%) to provide the SPF content. As a result, you may get a white cast, particularly in pictures, as these are physical blockers (which work by reflecting), as opposed to chemical ones (which work by absorbing). I have worn it in photos on the blog, but primarily in ones without flash, which is where you would worry most about what kind of sunscreen agent you had on.

It has a thin consistency that appears white when pumped out of the container. One pump tends to be sufficient coverage for me. I use either a flat face brush or my fingertips (cleaned, of course!) to apply all over my face, and then I let it dry down for about five minutes. There’s a slightly oily feel initially–it almost feels like a moisturizer–that dries down to a more powdery feel that looks satin-like in finish. It does give my skin a “smooth” feeling from the silicones. The primer doesn’t pill, though, which I do appreciate, as that has been an issue in the past with silicone-heavy primers.

It has been a very long time (years) since I’ve tried a face primer with this many silicones in it. I’ve worn this numerous times over the past couple of months, and I haven’t had any extra breakouts as a result. I’ve certainly had acne before, after, and during the previous months, but the level is as much (or as little) as is “normal” for me. Previously, it seemed like I had a sensitivity to silicone-based products, which meant that I had to limit how many products I wore each day that had silicone–e.g. avoid silicone-based primers, because they appear to have a lot more silicones as compared to a blush, moisturizer, or foundation, since there are usually a few in the beginning of the ingredients’ lists.

I’m not a doctor, and no dermatologist ever evaluated/tested my skin in relationship to silicones. The last time I saw a dermatologist, she told me to never wear makeup and that wearing any makeup was causing all of my acne (so I never returned to her!). After that, my general doctor prescribed me Differin, which has greatly decreased my acne. I decided to give Hourglass’ primer a chance, because I saw a lot of readers rave about it!

Mineral Veil makes everything else I layer on top of my skin look noticeably better. I think that “smooth canvas” enables foundation to apply and settle better against the skin. I used this a lot during the winter when my skin was drier, because I did have a few flaking areas (particularly around the nose), and it helped to smooth and almost hydrate those areas. It didn’t do much to minimize pores, but it certainly helped add longevity to my face products.

Typically, when I would wear this under a foundation, it would prolong the wear by an hour and a half to two and a half hours–and as a result, my blush stayed on better and for longer as well. Though I have normal-to-dry skin, I do get a little oily around my t-zone after six to eight hours of wearing full makeup. This really did help combat that and staved it off until eight to ten hours.

The biggest downside to this product is that it’s very pricey! I’d recommend trying the smaller version (0.33 oz.), which is a more palatable $18. It’s a great way to test out the product over a longer period of time to get a feel for whether it’s suitable for your skin type and needs. It’s one of my favorite primers, but I can readily admit that my “big picture” view on primers is limited, as I haven’t tested many in the past few years because I’ve wanted to stay away from silicone-based ones! I may open this up a bit more in the future, but no promises–it will be a very slow, gradual introduction to see how my skin reacts!

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Hourglass Imagine Extreme Sheen Lipgloss

Hourglass Imagine Extreme Sheen Lipgloss
Hourglass Imagine Extreme Sheen Lipgloss

Hourglass Imagine Extreme Sheen Lipgloss

Hourglass Imagine Extreme Sheen Lipgloss ($28.00 for 0.24 oz.) is described as a “peach champagne shimmer.” It’s a milky peach gloss with lots of peach and peach-gold shimmer. It doesn’t have a ton of color, but it does lighten and add some warmth to my natural lip color, along with lots of shimmer. MAC Naked Space is more pigmented and orange-toned. Dior Satin Peach has more color. NP Set Mauritius has a milkier color and more of a sheen. Cle de Peau #2 has more shimmer and sheen. Chanel Pin-up and MAC Nymphette are slightly pinker.

The Extreme Sheen formula is supposed to have high-shine, rich pigment, no feathering, and be moisturizing. The brand’s description is frustrating, because while some shades are most certainly intensely pigmented, many of the shades are sheer and seem sheer in a deliberate way. In this instance, Imagine is semi-opaque but my natural lip color peeks through because the pigmentation is primarily in the form of shimmer. On more pigmented lips, I would expect this to look rather different.

The texture is thick without being goopy, non-sticky, and moisturizing. It smells a little like creme brulee to me, lightly sweet but ont cloying. The wear is just under three hours, but the shimmer doesn’t feel gritty, and you won’t find it travels while you wear it either. The glossy shine is definitely there.

P.S. — I have the older tube, which is only 0.12 oz., but a Google search showed that the new tubes seem to have 0.24 oz., which makes sense given that the smaller tubes (same style packaging, just miniature) from holiday were 0.12 oz. each.


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5 Pretty in Pink and Red Lipglosses for Valentine’s Day

5 Pretty in Pink and Red Lipglosses for Valentine’s Day

In case you’re not into lipsticks, or maybe you like to mix, here are five of my favorites that would make for a perfect lip for Valentine’s Day!

  1. MAC Driven by Love — ruby red with ruby shimmer
  2. Chanel Trimphal — pinky-red with lighter pink and red shimmer
  3. Illamasqua Indulge — bright, yellow-toned pink
  4. Milani Photo Flash — glittery, glitzy pink-red
  5. Hourglass Siren — metallic orange-red

What’s your favorite gloss for Valentine’s Day?

Top 10 of 2011: Lipsticks & Lipglosses

Top 10 of 2011: Lipsticks & Lipglosses

Whew — this was difficult!  I ended up having to lump some of the new-for-2011 formulas into a single pick, even though there were lots of shades I loved!   These are products I reviewed and discovered in 2011, some being part of a brand’s permanent range and others being new/limited edition shades that we saw over the past months.  I guess you could say I gravitate towards reds…

  1. Hourglass Siren Extreme Sheen Lipgloss
  2. Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Colors
  3. Guerlain Rouge Automatiques
  4. Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lipglosses
  5. NYX Chic Red Round Lipstick
  6. NARS Damage Lipstick
  7. Guerlain Garconne Rouge G Lipstick
  8. Dior Nocturne Rouge Dior Lip Color
  9. Illamasqua Atomic Lipstick
  10. Giorgio Armani #406 Rouge d’Armani Lipstick

What was your favorite lip product this year?