Best Eyeshadows, Lipglosses/Lipsticks, Blushes for Medium Skin

Best Makeup for Medium Skin

This part of the Guide seeks to help our medium-skinned beauties find new favorite shades to love. Whether you’re fair-skinned yourself and can offer what you’ve found to work the best or you’re an experienced makeup artist or you have a medium-skinned friend who you know loves such and such product… we want your help and expertise, so please share it with us and everyone else!

To leave a suggestion, simply leave a comment and be sure to let us know what your skin tone is like (you can give your foundation shade if that makes it easier!), whether it’s warm or cool, and then rattle off your suggestions! Suggestions can be from any brand you want!

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Best Eyeshadows for Medium Skin (Cool)

  • MAC: Carbon, Digit, Espresso, Satin Taupe, Seedy Pearl, Shroom, Smut, Tilt, Typographic
  • NARS: April Fool’s, Blade Runner, Brazil, Caravaggio, Cleo, Habanera, Jezebel, Portobello
  • Urban Decay: Asphyxia, Goddess, Lounge, Cherry, Roach, Sellout, Twice Baked, YDK

Best Lipsticks/Glosses for Medium Skin (Cool)

  • MAC Lipglosses: Nymphette, Prrr, Russian Red, Viva Glam V
  • MAC Lipsticks: Angel, Dubonnet, Hue, Lustering, Up the Amp
  • NARS Lipglosses: Belize, Boogie Nights, Tempest, Turkish Delight
  • NARS Lipsticks: Catfight, Flair, Russian Doll, Niagara
  • Urban Decay Lipsticks: Lovechild, Naked, Requiem, Rush, Trainwreck

Best Blushes for Medium Skin (Cool)

  • MAC: Cubic, Desert Rose, Dollymix, Peaches
  • NARS: Angelika, Copacabana (Multiple), Deep Throat, Sin

Best Eyeshadows for Medium Skin (Warm)

  • MAC: Amber Lights, Bronze, Coppering, Expensive Pink, Gorgeous Gold, Juxt, Patina, Ricepaper, Romp, Shimmermoss, Soft Brown
  • NARS: Alhambra, Bohemian Gold, Cheyenne, Hula Hula, Kalahari, Sea, Sex, & Sun, Stage Beauty, Wicked
  • Urban Decay: Baked, Chopper, Crash, Eldorado, Flipside, Maui Wowie, Vert

Best Lipsticks/Glosses for Medium Skin (Warm)

  • MAC Lipglosses: Enchantress, Lychee Luxe, Nymphette
  • MAC Lipsticks: Bombshell, Craving, Crosswires, Plumful, Sweetie, Velvet Teddy, Viva Glam I
  • NARS Lipglosses: Babe, Frisky Summer, Greek Holiday, Misbehave, Orgasm
  • NARS Lipsticks: Christina, Flamenco, Manhunt, Niagara
  • Urban Decay Lipsticks: 5150, Naked, Pistol, Wanted

Best Blushes for Medium Skin (Warm)

  • MAC: Ambering Rose, Margin, Plum Foolery, Springsheen, Sunbasque
  • NARS: Deep Throat, Luster, Orgasm, South Beach (Multiple), Torrid

My Recommendation Guide is a compilation of Temptalia’s and readers’ recommendations for the best of the best for different skintones. If you’ve ever wondered, “What are the best eyeshadows for my fair skin?” — this guide is intended to give you a good answer, or at least, a good place to start! Help us help others by contributing your own favorites.  You can access the entire series, as it stands to date, here.