Benefit Cosmetics: The Best of the Best

Benefit is the Girly Cure to Your Makeup & Skin Woes

Have you ever tried the ever-feminine Benefit Cosmetics line? Really? Never, you say? Let us fill you in on some of the best products they have to offer. But between you and me, we definitely suggest starting out with their amazing Velvet Eyeshadows, followed by their Creaseless Eyeshadows.

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  • Creaseless Cream Eyeshadows ($19.00) come in twelve shades, and they often put out limited edition ones as part of their seasonal collections. These are easy to wear, last all day, and can be worn alone or under other eyeshadows as a base.
  • CORALista Blush ($28.00) is a value-sized coral blusher that’s absolutely divine on warmer skin tones, but it isn’t so warm or so coral that it doesn’t work on cooler or paler skin tones, too. (I love how many of Benefit’s products work for a variety of skin tones.) This is a summer staple for me.
  • Gilded Eyeliner ($20.00) is a quick and dirty way to pop open those peepers and make those eyes look alive, even when you’re operating on little to no sleep. A pearly, golden-yellow works well on the lower water line and inner tear duct to brighten up your eyes.
  • Full-Finish Lipsticks ($18.00) came back with a vengeance last fall (in 2008) and is available in fourteen shades. These lipsticks are creamy, pigmented, and moisturizing while giving you great wear. One of my favorite lipstick formulas!
  • One Hot Minute ($30.00) is an all-over loose powder that makes your entire face look brighter and more awake with just a light dusting. It gives a soft, luminous sheen that’s not disco-ball glittery.
  • Benetint ($28.00) is just one of those cult products that you either adore or you don’t understand the buzz. It’s a great multi-tasking product that you can keep in your makeup bag for any spontaneous occasion. You can use it to add color to cheeks or lips, and one little bottle goes quite a long way. It’s soft and natural–the two must-haves of any cheek/lip stain.
  • Velvet Eyeshadow ($18.00) is easily one of the best eyeshadow formulations on the market. Velvety, silky, and smooth describe the finish of these lovelies. Pigmented and true-to-color bring it all home. The only downside? There are only ten shades! I adore, ADORE Bikini Line.


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I have used a few of the products but haven’t found anything I loved & must have.

I’ve tried:

Dr. Feelgood Primer — made my skin feel soft but that’s about it.
Dear John — My skin did feel really moisturized but it was a little too thick for me & broke out on my chin.
Powder Foundation – Too cakey. I’m not a fan of powder foundation in general but I let the sales associate try it on me.
Cream Foundation – Really light and feels good but wasn’t impressed overall.
High Beam – didn’t notice much of a difference. Felt thick going on my skin and felt almsot like I was putting nail polish on.

Nicci –

I was surprised regarding your feedback on the benefit products, and wondered if I could make some suggestions to improve your experience when trying out products from Benefit’s line to suit your skin type better in the future.

Regarding High Beam: This a product heavily requested by many designers on the runway for their models, which is why they refer to it as supermodel in a bottle. Although this comes in a nail polish looking tube, it should be applied sparingly otherwise it can feel heavy if too much is used. A suggestion would be to dot in in a “C shape around the top of the eye and cheek bone and blend outward patting with your fingers for a natural looking glow. If you are more fair-medium skinned you will see what a beatiful radiance/glow it gives your skin. But if your skin tone is tan to dark, try moonbeam, another fake-it in Benefit’s line to give the appearance of radiance. Moonbeam can be mixed with moisturizer for an all over radiance and used alone using the same method of application as in high beam. You may find the consistency to be lighter than high beam as well.

Regarding Benefit’s foundations: There are several in the line, and each have benefits for varying skin types and can also be applied in different ways to offer lighter or heavier coverage based on your skin type and needs. Some kind of Gorgeous – is a foundation faker and has won numerous awards in bridal magazines because of it’s lightweight silky texture feel and natural appearance since it blends to look natural with your skin… so you will never see a line or feel the heaviness some foundations have (why it’s called a faker). It is oil-free, however, if your skin tends to be on the oily side, you should still use a primer like Dr. Feel good to mattify the skin by sponging it on first. Some gals even like to finish it off with Get Even – which is a shine blotting powder to even out skin tone and set the make up. Some kind of Gorgeous can either be applied with a sponge for a lighter coverage or a brush for heavier coverage- but once again it is not a full coverage foundation – and is extremely natural so any extra concealing can be done with Boing or Erase Paste. My personal favorite is their newest foundation “Hello Flawless.” This blendable pressed silk foundation it can be used as either a concealer, full coverage foundation or finishing powder. Because it is “pressed silk,” it is different than other “powders” because it gives more of a satiny smooth finish – your skin will feel like silk. It shades are very true to skin also, so you won’t even appear to have make up on, since it’s so natural looking, but your skin will just feel like silk. It is oil-free and has an SPF 15 also. It offers a bit more coverage than Some kind of Gorgeous and it is great for all skin types and ages. The only drawback for darker skin tones, is that the darkest shade it comes in is hazelnut.

Primers: Try that gal primer or Dr. Feel Good just before any foundation and it will keep it fresh all day. That gal will brighten your skin as well as diminish redness. It has calming agents including raspberry and chamomile that you can immediately feel when applied to skin (smells good too!) If applied with a sponge, that Gal will feel very light and best for those who don’t like to feel the makeup. However, if you have any redness, psoraisis, rosacea, then apply That Gal with a foundation brush first for more coverage. Some gals even like wearing that Gal by itself, because it brightens the skin giving you a radiance without looking shimmery shiny. Regarding Dr. Feel Good- it comes with a sponge and can be used over or under makeup. It has vitamins A, C, and E. It has cornstarch to soak up any oil, and silicone to fill in lines and pores. If you concentrate any areas such as fine lines, pores, or acne scarring with a concealer brush, you will see exactly why this is an amazing product!!! It can literally appear looking as though you are taking 10 years off someone’s skin. Application is a huge factor is seeing the results.

“10” is a highlight bronzer powder and is a perfect way to give color and radiance to the skin. It works best on light to medium skin tones. The advantage in this product is you can mix both the bronze side of the box of powder with the highlight side to get that perfect radiance and warmth to the skin. Apply using a capital E and 3 to the face staring at the forehead – brush across the nose and down. Finish off the look by dipping the compact bronzing brush it comes with in the highlight then dusting across the apples of your cheeks. Yet another way to give that perfect high cheek boned appearance and alternate to using liquid glow products (high beam or moon beam).

Benefit has box of powders suitable and customizable for any skin tone. For lighter skin tones – Georgia, Thrrobb and “10” work best. Coralista can also be applied subtly on light skin tones. For medium to tan skin tones, Coralista, Hoola, and Dallas work best. Each comes with a little brush and compact enought to travel and take in your purse.

I could go on and on about the products…but truly application and proper consultation for your skin type and needs can make all the difference! I certainly hope you’ll take my suggestions with an open mind and try the line again. Thanks for hearing me out.


I have Coralista and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It goes on so nice and smooth and although looks very “pink” in the box goes on with a beuatiful finish that is not too over powering. The smell and finish of this blush makes me interested in the other blushers Benefits has to offer.

I have tried only a few of these but I agree with you on the creaseless cream shadows! Much smoother and creamier than MAC paints or paint pots, and last just as long!! I also like thei powderflage as a setting powder for under the eyes….looks so natural because it is very finely milled.

They make some great items! I’ve been lemming the cream eyeshadows, but I’m trying to be good and not go over my budget each month.

I agree with these, but you left off my personal fave… “that gal”! I was not always a face primer kind of girl except on special occsaions. I have used Smashbox, but in recent years it has started breaking me out. But “that gal” never has.When I first bought “that gal” I did very minimal makeup, and I swear I was stopped by people in the store to tell me how amazing my skin looked. At first I thought it was coincidence, but everytime I wear it people are constantly asking me what I do to get such radiant healthy skin. Needless to stay this will always be a staple for me.

Here’s the ones that I tried:

Benetint: Goes uneven and blotchy on me. Give it to someone else.
T.M.: I’ve got a sample.I found it freasy and way too dark for light skin. Others are better.
Creaseless Eyeshadow: Lovely! It’s creamy and blendable … Wish they were bigger tho.
Glitter ”Bambi”: Tiny tube of love – truly beautiful peach glitter, also completely eye safe.
Daily Moisturizer: I’ve sampled this, so it’s not a true review but it was a bit sticky. It did the job well.

I recently ordered CORALista & Gold Set on sale with mini toner!

LOVE creaseless shadows – I actually love them better than MAC’s paint pots! The honey bunny is my favorite because it is a nice matte shade that really makes your eye shadows pop when applied on top of it!

I never was a fan of benetint – it never showed up on my tanned skin.

I also love Hoola – it is the first bronzer I have ever used. That Girl primer is okay – it makes me break out if I use it continously. The lipsticks are pretty good – they are moist and don’t dry my lips out too much. I have used their version of pigments back in the day – very nice! I should try it again!

My favorite product I used in the past was ‘Honey Snap Out of It’ Scrub which I think they discontinued sadly. I was an exfoiliating cleanser that was safe to use every morning.

When I use to work in the Marina District, SF I was close to their Chestnut Street boutique and I use to get my brows waxed there. Aw, you are making miss Benefit.

I may have to do a little Benefit shopping now – thanks a lot!

I really like Gilded liner I have used it on my eyes, lips and cheeks. Loves it! I will definitely buy it again when I am out. I love the Dallas blush and Benefit’s Shelaq is definitely a must have for me too.

I’m completely in love with the Gilded liner — I haven’t found a single person who hasn’t loved it to bits, and trust me: I use it on pretty much everyone I work on ^^

If it helps anyone, I reviewed it a couple months ago on theNotice. We came up with a TON of different uses for it… talk about a mind-boggling multi-use product!

I have That Gal primer and love it I’m surprised not many people like it but it works great for me! It keeps my makeup in place and love the smell just wish it was in a bigger container.
Boi-ing concealer- it hasn’t flaked on me and it covers well so im sticking to it!
Bright Eyes- Love this when im on the run, great for inner corner of the eye and great if you want to define your eyebrows.

I have other Benefit products such as Erase Paste,Benetint,Bad Gal Lash but the ones are mentioned above are the ones I use the most and really like!

I love Benefit and Coralista is one of my signature blushes. I really like their Lying Eyes concealer as well as their cream eyeshadows (Sippin and Dippin is a nice peach color).

High Beam is amazing – always looks great in photos and people always comment when your wearing it and it gives a natural glow to the cheek bones.

the lemon aid is also a personal fav!


I can’t wait for One Hot Minute.
I have Coralista from that list and it really does what it says on the tin. 🙂
My fave has to be Dallas though. Also Benefit Boi-ing concealor is probs the best on the market, and Brow Zings kit, so precise and professional.

I only tried Benefit gilded pencil and I’ve only used it once, but I really LOVE the finish it gives. So I’m saving it, I’ve only used it on my lips though…

Anybody who tried the creaseless shadow willing to share their experiences with them? I have oily lids, every eyeshadow i’ve tried creased under two hours (high end such as dior quint, ysl, etc…, lower ends too) and the primers, (UDPP sample I asked lasted me 5-6 hrs) TIA!

oh i love benefit too. its up their with my mac, urban decay, stila and bare minerals/essentuals! i just bought the creaseless e/s in skinny jeans and i love it. i like them better than mac paint pits too, bc they are more creamier and easier to put on. i also want to try their blushes and full finesh lipstiuck , their was a a sparkly pink color that looked gorgeous. their e/s looked nice too , but i have already alot , and im kinda a mac and urban decay girl when it comes to e.s . i havent tried the benetint or highbeam , but heard great things. i would get alot more things from benefit but i think their prices are a lil outragously high, more than mac. but i think every once in a while i may splurge on the creasless e/s , b/c i want them all now! =)

christine, i just found out that victoria secret just came out with a new makeup line, and i completely adore it. their e/s singles i think really compare well with benefit e.s .
do u think when u get a chance, maybe review the VS makeup line and do some swatches of stuff? i wanna know what u and everyone else think , and see all the colors. their blushes, lipsticks and lipglosses are good too , in addtion with the e.s = thanx christine!!!

I adore Benefit. I have the followings:
*Dandelion – purdy!! 🙂
*Benetint – don’t like it on cheeks, but love it on lips! Benetint and goldyrocks dazzleglass on top = va va boom!
*Get Even pressed shadow – great. Doesn’t go patch
*Eye Bright – okay. Can live without it. Now I use it for watermark.
*Erase Paste – one of the best concealer, especially dark circles
*Dr Feelgood – meh
*Posie Tint – okay
*High Beam – my HG highlighter!!
*Creaseless creamshadow in Strut and Skinnyjeans – love!!
*B spot perfume – one of my HG perfumes (I have 40!)
*Gabi cosmetic bag – fantastic. Want to get Lena later.
*Gloss – very pigmented. long lasting
*Ooh La La – can live without it
*Lemon Aid – don’t really need it.
That’s about it 😀

I’ve tried the new suagrbomb, and i really like it. The smell and the colour really does make more confident! I was wondering about how good ‘That gal’ is?

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