2012 Most Innovative High-End Brand

When one thinks of innovative brands, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is always a contender.  From there, it’s a careful consideration of an entire year’s worth of releases, from new formulas to new shades.  With the release of Metallurgy, OCC became the clear winner this year.  It takes great patience, attention to detail, and commitment to play around with the formula that made you so successful (Lip Tar) in the first place and then do it all over again with a twist.  Did we not see the blinding brightness of Nylon this year? What about Conceal? Definitely one of my favorite concealers, especially when you need full-on, opaque coverage.  This is a brand that’s not afraid to try new things and create shades you might not otherwise think of. It is a brand that takes so much pride in each and every product they create.