Friday, August 7th, 2009

Matte Alert: Zoya Matte Velvet Collection

Zoya Matte Velvet Collection ($6.00 each) consists of three matte-shimmer polishes. What’s nifty about these is that they look matte, but there is still a healthy dose of shimmer in it, so while it has that flat look, the shimmer adds depth and makes them more interesting. Keep in mind that matte-based polishes have a lot shorter wear time, particularly because a lot of top coats add shine/glossiness (which defeats the purpose of matte). Without a base or top coat, you’ll get chips pretty quickly. (Of the three nails I did, Loredana is half gone, while the other two show minor tip wear, and it’s been about 12 hours.) But, but… there is a benefit to these… they dry incredibly fast. Like insanely quickly. No quick-drying top coat required, these babies dry down completely within a few minutes (so work quickly).

  • Dovima is a grayish-black with silver shimmer. I didn’t find it to be a true black, but more of a subdued charcoal. This one was my favorite of the three.
  • Loredana is a silver with silver shimmer shade. It’s not a light bright silver base, but it’s noticeably bright without being too much so.
  • Posh is a rich, jewel-toned ruby red. It has a beautiful jewel-tone ruby red base with soft, silver shimmer. I really love this shade of red, and being able to wear it matte is fun.

  • Product: 8/10
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 7/10
  • Packaging: 8/10

Recommendation: If you’ve always been curious about matte-finish nail polishes, these are for you. If you don’t mind re-doing your nails after a few days, I’d strongly urge you to sneak a peek at these lovelies. They’re fun, hip, and definitely a trend for fall.


Have you picked up these new shades yet?

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41 thoughts on “Zoya Matte Velvet Collection – Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. sprut6

    Blah…I didn’t like these nearly as much as I thought I was going to.

  2. Andrea

    OPI also has a matte collection with more bright colors than Zoya. OPI has about 6 colors (I think) from their original collection and they turned those popular colors matte. I personally like the matte finish and it’s definitely true they chip a lot easier than normal polishes. Just wanted to let you know Christine since I find that OPI is easier for me to find than Zoya :)

    • Ashley

      Have you tried OPI’s matte polishes? I’ve been really wanting to stock up on nail polishes, but I find OPI to be so hit and miss.

      Anyways, I definitely LOVE the charcoal one. I don’t think that the red one works though, but I’m also not that big a fan of true red nail polishes. I think it would look much better with that glossy finish. The grey one looks nice as well, but the charcoal wins hands down!

      • Andrea

        Yeah I have one OPI Matte polish, I don’t remember the name right now but it’s just bright pink. It’s really nice to have because I’ve never seen matte polish but if you’re not into the matte look then I don’t reccomend it. And it’s not long lasting and tends to chip after about 5 or 6 days.

        • i love OPI, they last longer than most polishes w/o a top coat but using a good top coat works wonders :)

          I usually get the OPI polishes from Sephora, but I have to start visiting nail shops because I’ve gotten almost all the sephora ones lol

        • Ashley

          Well, seeing as my nail polish tends to chip after a few days and I rarely ever like keeping the same colour on for more than a day or two, that’s not so bad!
          I saw swatches for the OPI ones though, and they all looked really bad (except one, which I think is the same one you were referring to)
          BUT BUT BUT. I saw the new ones from Sephora brand on their website and saw some swatches, and they look really nice! I think I might try those ones out first and see if I like the whole matte nail look on me.

      • Nope, haven’t seen them around here yet.

    • I know about OPI’s collection, though I haven’t seen it anywhere in person!

  3. Dee

    They’re actually much prettier than I thought they would be.

  4. DJ

    I love the dark charcoal colour. cool.

  5. Hinahon

    I actually like the Posh one !
    I hope i can get them in anyway here, I’m from France

  6. Whitney

    ohh! these are different.. I kinda like them.

  7. I love these mattes! Dovima and Posh are just amazing…my favorites…I hope Zoya brings a few more colors out, especially since they do purple so well.

  8. Viv

    I just go the red one in 3 free polish deal they had a few days ago!

  9. I ordered Loredana and Dovima during their twitter promo. Can’t wait til they come in!

  10. I ordered Dovima and Posh the other day. I’m so excited to get them, they look fantastic!

  11. liz

    yes! just ordered dovima during the zoya 3 free polishes code frenzy. also ordered freja and suvi.

  12. Ceci

    Love ’em!

  13. LizKS

    I love the RED! Not so much the greys they remind me of concrete and soot. But then, I don’t like dark colors. I wish now I would have ordered Posh!

  14. cloudburst

    I think I’m going to hold out for the Orly matte topcoat, then I can make any colour I already own matte.

    • Wileycat

      Oooh. I did not know about the Orly top coat to make any color matte. I will have to check that out.

  15. Christy

    ^That sounds like a really good idea! I like the look, but nail polish that chips easily doesn’t work for me. These look pretty though.

  16. jess

    I don’t like these. I feel like painted nails should be shiny!

  17. Irene

    FYI: Posh is OOS (I ordered around 11am EST on promotion day and got my package today) Zoya will send when they have more in.

  18. Alannah

    I ordered these yesterday–so excited to get them! Love your swatches.

  19. Sarah

    I ordered Dovima with the 3 free, very goth. Now just waiting for the black collection from MAC to go with it.

  20. shonn

    i ordered Domiva from the free Zoya day. Can’t wait to get it

  21. Wileycat

    I was tempted to order some of the matte polishes this week when Zoya was giving away three for free after their Twitter contest but I picked some shiny metallic ones instead. I am glad that I skipped them if they really chip that easy. I am really hard on my nails so that would not work for me.

  22. Miri

    I ordered them and like the colors. The only downside is that my nails turned very yellow. I saw it when I removed the nail polish.

  23. Janelle

    I think I shall try them, especially because of the price :) I was thinking about it but I shall definitely try them out. I have a problem with chipping anyway so the reduced wear probably wont bother me.

    Have you tried the Manglaze matte polish?

  24. I am not so sure how I feel about the matte nail look yet. It’s neat and I like one minute then the next second I am thinking about how it looks like a manicure is needed. So, rather than buy several of these polishes I have chosen just to buy Essie Matte topcoat so I can make all of my polishes matte if I choose. It just seems like a more practical and cost effective option. We will see how it works with all of those new Zoya polishes on the way:)

  25. Miss_Silk

    Oddly it looks….gritty?? i dunno if that makes sense… But, i’d want to try them myself. That posh color, looks pretty though!

  26. muffingrl

    bleh, i really prefer my nail polish to be SHINY!

  27. I really like the look of matte nailpolish on nails, quite surprising and interesting. I also heard they chip quite easily, but that’s no big deal for me considering most nail polishes ship after 3 days.

  28. Brandi

    They look dry! Lmfao! I don’t know how else to describe them.

  29. alicia

    I’m not impressed. The matte look will come and go, or will go mainstream. I don’t think it’s that unique. I avoid Seche Vite top coat mainly because I think it’s too shiny, and there are existing matte top coats in the market. Besides, I hate polish that chips easily.

  30. Shyradynne

    O.O i love how they look!
    especially the red one

  31. Sonita

    i really like posh

  32. really really like the black and red shades :)