Sunday, November 6th, 2011

Zoya Feel Collection for Winter 2011

Every season the color experts at Zoya create dozens of new color collection options. This year, one of those “secret collections” just had to be seen now rather than later. The Feel Nail Polish Collection by Zoya delivers six new, highly pigmented, full coverage, neutral creams that are ideal for right now. Zoya polish retails for $8.00 per bottle.

  • Kristen Full coverage, gull gray cream
  • Carey Full coverage, periwinkle gray cream
  • Megan Full coverage, taupe gray cream
  • Kendal Full coverage, rose quartz beige cream
  • Kennedy Full coverage, pale french beige cream
  • Avery Full coverage, blonde beige cream

availability: November 15th, 2011 @

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20 thoughts on “Zoya Feel Collection for Winter 2011

  1. This looks more like a face foundation ad, this girl is so gorgeous! But anyway, I do love the polish on her nails… and her ring:D

    • Devi

      Lol, I know I was staring at her face the whole time. So perfect. o_o I love the way her nails match her eyes though.

  2. Devi

    Full coverage creams make me happy. 😀

  3. kristen

    My name! 😀 And I’ve been looking for a perfect gray lately.

  4. Steph

    Nice colours, but I am too distracted with the amount of retouching they did to this pretty woman!

  5. Gaga4Gaga

    LOVE all of these, can’t wait to see swatches!!!

  6. Tina

    Mm. Definitely not for us color fiends, this collection! Yawn.

  7. Carey

    Is it ‘Carey’ or ‘Caret’? I can’t read the names on the polishes that well.
    My name is Carey so I would love a to get a polish with my name on it. Because nothing is ever spelled the way my mother spelled it.

  8. I like the grey creams= happy, full coverage= happy, happy!!!

  9. Kristen

    Yay! They finally have with my name! Spelled correctly and everything :D. And a color I actually am interested in… I’ll totally check that out when they come out.

  10. Claire

    As much as I love to paint my nails, asthma makes it difficult. I have tried butter London which is ‘3 Free’ but it still stinks to high heaven, I’ve read that Zoya and Nubar are also ‘non toxic’ but I was wondering if anyone knows how badly they smell. I’m considering trying water based, non toxic kids’ nail polish which I’ve read doesn’t even last a day (Piggy Paint)I just want nice nails without a nasty asthma attack inducing smell, anyone have any ideas? I live in the UK. :)

    • They all smell about the same to me, to be honest :(

      • Claire

        Thanks, I don’t think I’ll chance it then.

        • Rachel B.

          Does wearing a mask help anything? I bought a cheap little rinky dink painter’s mask down at the Dollar General store because I am sensitive to smells. They don’t cause asthma attacks, but the nail polish does cause me to have panic attacks because it smells so strong. If you have the money maybe you could buy a heavier duty mask to breathe through. I don’t know anything about asthma though so those might be silly suggestions. I hope you can figure something out! 😀

          • Lark

            What you want is a painters respirator. It looks like gas mask because it IS a gas mask. a good paint store would have one and I have no clue what they cost now, $25 to $30? But if you take care of it it will last years and years. And it will flat stop an attack due to exposure; putting mine on is like going in to the asthma clinic where the air is cleaned!
            Before the price horrified you, think about what you spend on make up to be reading temptalia lol! . Painting them outside could help, but then you sit in allergens for a while.
            Painting respirator. The ones farmers use for pesticides and molds may be too pricey and do you need protection from nuclear isotopes? Overkill. What the tatters/ street writers wear is it.
            Doing them under a chem lab hood that evacs fumes would be more comfortable. Look about you, see who you know and what you can get hooked up with.

            • Claire

              In the summer I do my nails and toenails outside but it’s too cold now lol. Doing them on my window sill with the window wide open helps a little. My family would freak if they saw me with a gas mask ^_^

          • Claire

            I’ve never tried that, I think my dad has some lol thanks for the suggestion :)

  11. Nancy

    So far, Megan & Kenal look nice to me. Some of the other looks “redone”. Need some swatches to know for sure.