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YSL Juicy Grapefruit (03) Volupte Sheer Candy Lipstick
YSL Juicy Grapefruit (03) Volupte Sheer Candy Lipstick

YSL Juicy Grapefruit (03) Volupte Sheer Candy Lipstick

YSL Juicy Grapefruit (03) Volupte Sheer Candy ($30.00 for 0.14 oz.) is, first and foremost, a balm. I say this to help set expectations, because for all of the fancy packaging, it is a lip balm, which means sheer color (YSL describes the color as “a sheer veil of brilliant color”). It is also described as lightweight with ingredients that will keep “lips feeling soft and hydrated for up to eight hours.” Juicy Grapefruit is clear when I wear it. It’s described as a “sheer, fresh baby pink” but it’s a glossy shine and not much else. I would expect to see more color in some of the darker shades in the range, but I haven’t tried them personally. Like other lip products in YSL’s line-up, these are mango-scented.

This product was a total miss for me–I was curious to see how it would work out, and the real point of these is something that’s moisturizing (and perhaps, lightly tinted), but it’s not moisturizing at all. I would apply this, and I would feel the need to reapply after an hour, because it would disappear in that time. I applied it before bed, and my lips felt chapped when I woke up. I don’t have high maintenance lips at all, but these made me feel like the queen of thirsty lips. I would actually describe this as drying, because after an hour of wearing this, all I wanted (and needed!) was more balm.  I tried using this and nothing but this for three days, and after those three days, my lips were on the verge of making a run for it.

It has a really emollient base, common to YSL’s Volupte line-up, and it glides on effortlessly, because it’s really creamy (without being thick or opaque). It feels nice on, and it doesn’t feel drying initially.  The packaging, too, is just like the Rouge Voluptes but with different coloring, and my favorite part has always been the filigree of YSL logo that wraps around the middle (but it will hold fingerprints). It’s always nice when a high-end brand uses high-end packaging to complement their product line. These were the only high points of this product–this was one of the more disappointing products I’ve tried in the past few months.

Remember, I can only review based on my personal experience with a product–if this formula worked for you, by all means, enjoy it for the both of us! :)  I’ve seen plenty of positive reviews on this product, but I didn’t experience it myself, unfortunately!

The Glossover


YSL Juicy Grapefruit (03) Volupte Sheer Candy Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

If you purchase, make sure there is a return policy! This wasn't moisturizing, needed constant reapplication, and always left my lips feeling more parched than the time before.











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YSL Juicy Grapefruit (03) Volupte Sheer Candy Lipstick
YSL Juicy Grapefruit (03) Volupte Sheer Candy Lipstick

YSL Juicy Grapefruit (03) Volupte Sheer Candy Lipstick
YSL Juicy Grapefruit (03) Volupte Sheer Candy Lipstick

YSL Juicy Grapefruit (03) Volupte Sheer Candy Lipstick
YSL Juicy Grapefruit (03) Volupte Sheer Candy Lipstick

YSL Juicy Grapefruit (03) Volupte Sheer Candy Lipstick
YSL Juicy Grapefruit (03) Volupte Sheer Candy Lipstick

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Sephora, $30.

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Any clear lip balm that advertisers some shine. Even Vaseline will do it!

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90 thoughts on “YSL Juicy Grapefruit (03) Volupte Sheer Candy Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Kary

    I’m a sucker for lip balms but after that review I’m super depressed. Just because it was soo pretty was enough for me to consider dropping $30 on it (don’t tell my boyfriend :x)…but after that review, I’ll just stare at it for a little while here, and get over it. lol

  2. Holy cow…an F? Very disappointing, YSL.

  3. Lulee

    there is a fine line between sheer and clear. I would say rouge coco shines are sheer. i would say these are clear. I’ve swatched the lot on my hands at sephora and am always shocked by how little color is in these.

  4. Jessica

    So let me get this straight. A moisturizing balm that dries out the lips, that’s supposed to leave a wash of color but is clear, and is called Pink Grapefruit but tastes like mango. And costs THIRTY AMERICAN DOLLARS. Huh.

  5. This is so crazy. I was literally just about to do a review on this product in the exact color. I, too, was extremely unsatisfied.

    • THANK YOU. THANK YOU. I thought I was CRAZY, because every review I read was positive! I’m so glad I’m not the only one!

      • Vitória

        I bought this product in another shade (dewy papaya) and holy crap, it is SHEER. Makes almost no difference on my lips, except add some shine for like half an hour, and it ALSO dried the hell out of them. Then I went to and the average rating there for this balm is 4.3 out of 5, WTF? Glad I was not the only one who hated it. Thanks for the honest review, Christine.

        • It’s so comforting to know I’m not the only one!! I’ve sat on this review for some time now, just because all the reviews I saw were really enthusiastic and loved it – and I was like, “OK, maybe I need to re-test this…” but same thing happened again.

      • hmm… i sometimes feel that when people shell out a ton of money for a product, they’re in denial about the bad quality and only see the good things. maybe it’s what’s happening with this…

        • Lisa

          I don’t trust sephora ratings, I know personally that I have submitted quite a few negative ratings and about half of them never get posted to the site. On the other hand, all my positive reviews always get posted so…

          Too bad about this, I really love volupte!

        • Nancy

          Yeah, I’ve had negative reviews submitted to that were never posted. The positive ones always get posted so now I don’t even review on Sephora anymore. Also, I agree on people who buy into the hype and sort of convince themselves it’s a good product just because they paid the money for it. I sometimes get that feeling too like “it IS a good product, it IS expensive, it HAS to work, I DO love it..” It’s pathetic but true.. and deep down inside I’ll know I hate it and would never repurchase.

  6. Diane

    I tried a dark plum shade of Volupte Sheer Candy Lipstick after I read a RAVE review by the beauty editor at Lucky Magazine. I also was very unimpressed with it’s consistency. I sampled it only long enough to wipe it off and apply something else. It was so thin and slippery, I was fearful that the dark-yet-sheer shade would be all over my cheeks in no time.

  7. Kelly

    What a shame. It looks devine in the first picture, it certainly made me sit up and notice – but then I continued reading :(

  8. mina

    i seriously lol’d at the dupe suggestion of vaseline. :)

    pretty packaging, but total disappointment!

  9. Yazmin

    The packaging is gorgeousss

  10. Lisa

    these are just eye candy! they look so pretty, but horrible color payoff. Im disappointed YSL!

  11. Resa

    Um, awkward. I think this is the second F you’ve given a YSL product!

  12. AnGeLwInGz

    Yikes! Christine you are awesome for being honest about products from all price ranges. High end isn’t necessarily the best at all times.

  13. Kimmy

    This looks exactly like the covergirl glossbalms. Only the ysl ones are waaay more expensive and the covergirl ones are actually very moisturizing. The ysl ones smell like mango and the covergirl ones have mango butter in them. hmmm…

    • queenfrostine

      The glossbalms appear to have better pigment to them too, I know there are a few shades that barely show, but some have just the right level of color (for my taste anyway!) for a tinted lip balm.

  14. I knew these would be a miss when I first read the press release. It was ridiculous.

  15. Karen

    #3 is the worst one of the lot it has no color payoff at all. I really like the other colors and bought them all because they have a nice shine and the color payoff is amazing. I’m sorry you didn’t like this one Christine but I hope you might try one of the other colors.

    • It’s not even the color that made me dislike this product but that it was drying. I wouldn’t try any of the others, as I don’t need a product that dries my lips out :(

      • Val

        I agree! I bought this color on June 1st and my tube is already gone. Constant re-application was SO necessary, it’s like the glosses formula was sucking the life out of my lips. If I could rate it lower than an F, I would!(IMO)

        • LOL! Ouch!

          Yep – it’s one of those balms that’s only as good as long as you can feel it, so you know it doesn’t impart any long-term benefits!

  16. Valerie

    An F from Temptalia?? WHOA. Heads are gonna roll at YSL!

  17. Ester

    I know this is somewhat unrelated but is there a way to view the products in a certain rating category? Like if I wanted to look at reviews or swatches on products that have received an A rating?

  18. Lacey

    try the covergirl natureluxe gloss balms. same exact thing. except, they really are moisturizing, and a fraction of the price

  19. Ahhh, this looks SO PRETTY in the tube. I wish it was cheaper, so I could give it a try and if it doesn’t work out I’ll keep it because of how pretty it is, since we don’t have return policies in Sweden when it comes to make up… Or even better, if we DID have return policies about make up here.

  20. Alex

    I have the darkest shade- (as ridiculous as it sounds) Mouthwatering Berry- and I’ve been using it for some time, I’m very happy with the shade, it matches my skin perfectly, of course it’s quite sheer, but I like the contrast between darkness of the product itself and how easy I can apply it, because of the lack of pigmentation+the packaging is stunning. BUT for some time now, my lips became extremely dry and I would’ve NEVER connected it to this lipstick/lipgloss!! so thank you Christine!!!!!
    ps- even though I know now what mean product caused the dryness of my lips I like it too much to stop using it! I’ll drink A LOT more water from now on;) xxx

    • You could also use a really good lip balm at night, too :) Wear your YSL during the day when you’re awake and can enjoy the feeling, and then repair at night!

  21. Celine

    im so disappointed you feel this way because the packaging is so lovely, its really put me off :( but thats why you do this right!? to save us money :) x

  22. Alyssa

    I love F reviews. I always LMAO while reading them. I’m a bad person.

  23. PJ

    I follow your blog daily, and this is only the second time I disagree with you. I have worn this formula every other day for over 1 month.I have the cherry color. It feels light and summery. It is sheer, and the mango scent is yummy and tastes a bit sweet. My lips never feel dry after application. I love it, and give it at least a B ( it is pricey!) Would give COCO shine only a C plus for moisture and longevity! Just had to tell you! Thanks! PJ RN

    • I don’t find Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shines moisturizing, though they aren’t particularly drying – and those don’t last well on me either, but YSL’s actually dried my lips out. :( I’m glad it worked for you!

  24. Jen

    Wow, I hardly comment on here but I have to thank you for doing this review!!! Oh gosh, I had 3 of these in my cart on Nordstrom…I was going to buy them tonight!!! Thanks so much Christine!!

  25. Kausar

    It looks so good in the tube!! Dang… too bad doesn’t work as well.

  26. Cassy

    I have the succulent pomegranate shade and for me it’s fantastic :) The cherry and berry shade are the most pigmented along with the pomegranate shade. I had no issues with it being drying or fading either :)

  27. Emily O.

    This was pretty much what I was expecting after reading the desperate copy. I had a feeling the product could not stand on its own and would never have purchased this item but I’m still gladdened you did this review as I now feel edified that this is an Emperor’s New Clothes sort of product :)

  28. shontay

    Bam! I had to laugh at the F grade. I must say, even though I didn’t try it on my lips, I absolutely agree with the grade. I played with these in Sephora and watched a pair of women try them on. They left empty-handed. It was just a mediocre product. Chanel coco shines are much better.

  29. Melissa

    Hahaha unbelievable! What is the point of using this lipstick, then? It doesn’t add anything at all. And it is not cheap! I hope you didn’t have to buy this one, Christine!

  30. Jackers

    I’m sorry, I know you like their lipsticks but I found them to be WAY overpriced and disappointing. The color settled into my lip lines, didn’t stay put and it just slid right off of my lips. For spending about 40 bucks I expect a lot more than that. I’m really not surprised that these things are a joke too, I just find that YSL (in terms of lip products) really relies on their name and packaging and just rips their customers off. But, of course, that’s just my experience and opinion.

  31. agreen2

    I have the Lucious coconut and I love it, but I do have to apply it a lot. It does not last 8hrs!!!

  32. Avril

    I’m so sad. I couldn’t wear a colour that pale anyway, nor could I spend on makeup right now, but it looks so pretty in the tube. But then… the swatch. Sheer. Sheerest sheer. Clear, even.

  33. Jen

    Dear Christine, thank you for the review. It’s such a shame about the product. I thought the colour so very lovely in the picture! :( Do you know of a product that is a similar colour but not clear? (Sheer is ok, but I do want it to be good quality). I just really love that particular shade of lipstick.

  34. Helen

    I have 04, 05, and 06. I don’t think the lighter colors would even show up on my lips. I’m happiest with 05 Berry, and 06 Cherry, the more intense shades. Although 04 is OK. They’re not really moisturizing, but they aren’t drying on me either.

  35. Sticking with Jack Black Grapefruit & Ginger. Too bad, it looked pretty, but the day that I can throw down $30 for lip balm is the day that I need to drive my truck up to the Inglot and MAC stores and say, “I’ll take it.” #other priorities.

  36. Madeline

    The regular RVs dry out my lips like crazy!! I tried these thinking that they’re supposed to be more balmy, but not only are they all clear, they’re just as drying!

    Phew, it sucks that they garnered such a bad review, but I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought so!!! You’re totally not alone in your experience, Christine!

  37. This shade is the only one in the line that was a dud. I was so bummed when I saw you were reviewing this one – I knew the review would be bad. I wish you’d try the others!

    • Is the actual formula different? The lack of color is one thing, but the formula is what brutalized my lips.

      • Cassy

        Well when I swatched all of them in Sephora they pretty much felt the same :( So I would assume they are the same formula across the range expect for the difference in pigmentation in the more intense shades.

  38. Pawsha

    Vaseline as a dupe, that’s funny! Had to laugh at that one. This will certainly be a pass.

  39. +1! I have another color and I was really disappointed with this product as well. I feel my lips drying with it and really want to urgent rescue. Usually I adore YSL lip products but this time it a real miss.

  40. snm

    I experienced similar issues with Rouge Pur Shine,which supposed to be a moisturizing sheer lippie either.I got three shades ,but I have to confess that I fell in love with the packacing in the first place.They dried out my non-problematic lips,they were even worse on winter-crocked lips.I also read some good reviews about them before buying.I dont know what YSL puts in those lipsticks,but surely it doesn’t work for some.

  41. looks pretty, but basically you’re paying $30 for the packaging. no thank you.

  42. I got the papaya one (the coral color) and it left a pretty tint on my skin (though very sheer) when swatched but on my lips it looked like I just put on my plain old Nivea lip balm! The packaging is absolutely gorgeous but that baby went straight back to Sephora. I heard great things too, I’m glad to see another person who didn’t like them either!

  43. Vania

    I had the exact same thoughts on the lighter colors of this range. However, I ended up buying #4, a reddish one, and it is pretty pigmented. Also, I find it very moisturizing. I wouldn’t bother purchasing any of the lighter colors though, they seem extremely sheer…

    • The major issue with these, for me, wasn’t the sheerness, because I imagined the darker shades would deliver more color (over this one), but the formula on this one dried my lips out – which was the real problem! :(

  44. artemis

    wow. that’s scary. when i first saw that pic i thought this would be a perfect lipstick shade but it’s a bad balm haha

  45. I don’t believe they actually call this ‘lipstick’!
    As someone said above – this isn’t sheer, it’s obviously clear, lol! 😀

  46. Christina

    Such a shame. If that colour were true…. *swoon*

    Thanks as always for your honest and educational reviews.

  47. Stephanie

    Im SO glad to see that im not crazy! I purchased all 6 or them and numbers 1-3 were clear and 4-6 were all similar colored on my darker skin and my lips were potato chip crispy! I promptly mailed them back to Sephora! Some people rave about her great they are on Sephora’s website, i had started to wonder if i somehow got all duds… Now i know they are crazy! lol

    • It’s so good to know you’re not the only one, right? I’m happy we’re not alone!

      • Stephanie

        Its very good! I was sooo disappointed when i got them and tried them. The tubes were so beautiful the idea (glossy tinted balm) was great… I anxiously waited days for my sephora box to get here (the nearest sephora is abt 100 miles away so i could not just go and play with them) I ran to greet the UPS man and i had my hopes CRUSHED like a child who got socks on Christmas LOL! I cant understand how this stuff has a 4.3 on!!! I tried the cherry one w/ a sheer BBW cherry gloss on top but something so expensive should not need cheap-y gloss to make it work!

  48. Kim

    I actually love the balms. I have papaya, grapefruit, and pomegranate (thinking about getting cherry.) Grapefruit is definitely the worst of the bunch. I absolutely adore pomegranate above all else though.

  49. Tanya

    This shade is very disappointing, the berry shade on the other hand is a whole different story. It gives the impression of a lip stain but with out the fuss.

  50. jilian

    ooooooooh!!! I luv the packaging!!

  51. Kathrina

    Normally YSL is one of my favourite brands but this one seriously looks like a big joke. It seems to have the quality of the average drugstore chapstick and they have the nerve to sell it for $30.

  52. ak

    It’s an F for being a very expensive Vaseline or Chapstick

  53. Jacqueline

    Basically, it’s Chapstick with pretty packaging. Pass.

  54. jasmine

    30USD for a dupe of vaseline?

  55. Yas!

    for me, this is a great product! i agree that the darker shades must be more pigmented; i was bought Succulent Pomegranate for my birthday at the start of the month and have used it every day (i’m now around 2mm into the tube). I find i have to make sure to wipe off what i have on if i want to touch it up as it’s extremely buildable and bright. i dont find that it dries my lips but i do use lip balm a number of times throughout the day so maybe it would on someone who doesn’t.
    i LOVE this and can see myself re-buying and trying the other darker shades soon

  56. I looked at them in Sephora and they looked extreamely passable, but my Husband just WOULD NOT pass them by after looking at the fancy packaging and reading its benefits. I wouldn’t try them because of them high price, but the Husband INSISTED and so I tried one on. While alot of them look pretty meh, I tried the Pomegrant one, and not only does it look beautiful and is extremely buildable, it DOES make my lips soft. My Husband loves it (and the smell and taste!). While $30 is a bit pricy, its good for a once in a while splurge. I love putting it on, and of course, the packaging is gorg. Only complaint would be that I have to reapply after about a hour and a half (but it leaves a gorg tint to my lips. I just like my lips glossy at pretty much all times).

    I’d def try before you buy though, as some of the other colors look lame. Pomegrant one is amazing though.

  57. Daisy

    I agree that Grapefruit was kind of a bust, but the colors like Mouthwatering Berry and Succulent Pomegranate have a beautiful flush of color :)

    • The drying texture I cannot put up with – for me, these leave me with unhealthy, cracked lips – and using it for more than 2 days led to bleeding lips!! No thank you. I’ve used other shades from the formula, and they’re all terribly drying and ultimately painful for me to wear. Sorry!

  58. Nancy

    This is one of my “products I regret purchasing” items. I used it two times max and now it sits in my drawer looking pretty. The formula is glittery and flaky. The product itself doesn’t moisturize but instead dries my lips out. It goes on clear with chunks of gritty golden glitter. Worst $30 ever spent on makeup..
    Worst part was I bought it last summer for my trip to the Bahamas right before I left too..

  59. Zoe

    I really like some of the darker colours in the Sheer Candy line. I’m obsessed over the Pomegranate one, but you’re right… the lighter shades have little to no colour payoff. Disappointing from YSL, one of the brands that I hold in highest regard and am rarely to never disappointed with.