Sunday, July 5th, 2009

This summer, YSL launched a new shade of Everlong Waterproof Mascara — Ever Peacock Blue ($28.50). It’s described as a “luminous blue,” though I would say it’s more like a rich navy blue with just a hint of green in it. The above photo used a primer base (MAC Prep + Prime Lash), and then a few coats of the Everlong. This was actually my first time trying a YSL mascara, and I was pleased with the length, natural curl (these lashes weren’t curled!), and thickness. I felt like the formula didn’t give into clumping at all, which has always been an issue for me as I tend to pile on more mascara than the average person, I’d say!

I liked using this colored version of Everlong, because it felt lightweight, fun, and minimalistic. It’s like a twist on sporting colored eyeliner on a lazy day. If I’m lazy or out of time in the morning, a few coats of this blue-hued mascara makes the whites of my eyes look a little whiter and opens up my eyes just a wee bit more. For me, the only downside to this mascara is the price tag, which is a bit steep for a mascara that is more of a novelty than an everyday staple. (In black, I could easily see myself using this regularly, so then it’d be worth it to me, since I’d get through on a tube in a couple of months.)

Are you a colored mascara fan? Why/why not?

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34 thoughts on “YSL Everlong Waterproof Mascara in Ever Peacock Blue Review & Photos

  1. Ria

    I usually stick with Black/Brown, just because it lightens up my eye area a bit more than Black. I am loving that shade though, I’d like it try it out (but not buy a whole tube :/)

  2. tabby

    I don’t wear colored mascara, but I like the look of this formulation of mascara. It looks very natural. I’ve always bought drugstore mascara but might have to check this out…in black, of course.

  3. Diabla

    Never wear colored mascara. I find this very pretty (in blue) but I’m partial to black which suit my style best.
    Everlong looks very different on me by the way, Christine. It makes me doll lashes, ultra long, separated. Yours look softer. But it’s maybe because we have different lashes. :)

  4. DJ

    in junior high, I wore so much blue, purple and teal mascara (lancome) that I never need to wear it again, lol (it was the 80s).

    I love YSL mascaras, though–both faux cils and everlong.

  5. I don’t really go for the colored mascaras, although I do have the Lash Blast Luxe in Black Cabernet (purpley one). I think I’d just stick to the blackest black I can find ^_^

  6. Ophelia

    i like colored mascaras (benefit blue lash) because it adds a little pop of color that isn’t too obvious. in any case, it’s always fun to do something a little different =)

  7. AYHM

    I am not opposed to colored mascaras but I don’t go out to make sure that I purchase them – to me the color payoff is so slight that it just makes no sense to me to have to a colored mascara. I stick pretty much with black or black brown which suits my style a bit better anyway.

  8. Amber

    I have the ones from Urban Decay (Black Cherry, Electric Blue, Flipside, Indigo, and Purple Haze) and find that I really like Flipside, which is the teal-bluish color. I hardly EVER wear any of them because they are just not practical for the day, but I sometimes wear them when I go out at night :)

  9. Glosslizard

    I like colored mascaras for a little twist, black is nice, but variety is the spice of life, y’know? 😉 My favorite is Chanel Exceptionnel in Smoky Violine, which is a beautiful, deep violet-purple color, not too bright, and dark enough to enhance the lashes. I love it with a smoky eye or to complement brown or gold toned neutrals!

  10. maddie

    i usu wear black or sometimes brown if im doing a brown eye BUT
    i sometime tip the lashes off in color… Vincent Longo put out vibrant mascaras in white yellow red blue… not sure if they are readily still avallable i use them and love them

  11. Wilcoa

    I never wear colored mascara because I find it looks very unnatural, but I may be misjudging it since I had a bright bold blue when I was 15 and tried it, then was told it looked horrible. So I’ve avoided colored mascara since. This is very pretty and subtle though, so I may try and take a peek at these once they come in.

  12. Nicole15

    I like the idea, as you said, of colored mascara making your eyes look whiter & brighter. But other than that, I just have never found one that really stands out. This YSL one is pretty but we can see the color in a close-up photo but would probably not notice it as much in person. Therefore, what’s the point. If i’m itching for a pop of color on my eyes, I’ll stick to colored eyeliner.

    • That’s a good point — I think it also depends on what kind of makeup you wear, too. If it’s light makeup, colored mascara stands out more!

  13. I also had bad 80’s associations until EL released their MagnaScopic in hot pink! I ended up w/ a teal also. It was the best- ultra vivid and opaque. I used to apply it just on the tips of my lashes after applying my usual black all over- not a natural look, but awesome nonetheless! They don’t make it anymore, so now I have MAC Lash Mixing Medium to play with!

  14. Natalie

    I never wear colored mascara but yesterday I saw a Shu artist wearing a purple mascara and it looked really stunning. I didn’t notice it until she closed her eyes, so it looked really subtle too.

  15. While I’m more of a black mascara girl for everyday wear, I do like to take colored mascaras for the occasional spin. My favorites are Urban Decay Big Fatty Colored mascaras in Electric Blue and Flipside, and Smashbox Bionic mascara in Indigo Ink. They can be fun to give a pop of color to the eye, especially on summer days :-)

  16. I am a very big fan of colored mascaras, I will check this out, thanks!

  17. I mainly wear black mascara, but my newly found love is Guerlain’s double ended mascara with the sparkly purple at one end (the butterfly LE). I also have a plum and a purple mascara (Clarins) that I use sometimes. Like others said, I used to wear blue and other coloured mascara back in the early 90’s and I don’t think I’ll go back to that ever again. :)

  18. I’m sticking to black, coloued ones are not for me!