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I’ve done so in the past, but I haven’t in four or five years. The older I get, the more of a germaphobe I become! I’d be okay with using a product from certain friends (e.g. ones I knew who took good care of their products) if it was lightly used (think once or twice).

— Christine

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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!


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I have done so in the past, and if it’s something that can be wiped clean such as powdered stuff or lipstick, I’m alright, but if it’s something such as mascara and lipgloss, definitely not.

I’ve been swapping on MUA (makeupalley) for about 4 years now and trust the people that put description of use on their items (prefer used once/swatched one/new) and I do the same. I trust that over any tester found in any store. Sephora/MAC/Depart Store/Drug Store testers I only use on the back of my hand for shade matching. 😉

2 things I just won’t swap for it mascara and lipgloss unless they are brand new.

I don’t mind using used cosmetics if it’s someone I know keeps them as sanitary as possible. However, I know of a little store nearby my house where they sell REALLY OLD used cosmetics.. and they leave them all sitting wide open (like lipsticks and eyeshadows) in the store. It’s disgusting. Funny enough none of the things are limited edition.. they’re just super old drugstore cosmetics that they sell for higher than buying new stuff would be. Ugh makes me shudder every time.

I don’t understand why anyone would buy opened/used drugstore brands for higher prices when the $1 stores sell brand new drugstore stuff for…well $1.

I doubt anyone actually buys any of the makeup. They also sell perfume so maybe that’s how the place is still around, but the thought of thousands of people walking past the shop in the place with dirty hands from touching stuff at all the other vendors.. dust and whatever else, just freaks me out.

I have, but only for products that are easily sanitized (like lipstick). I like to sanitize things like 20 times to be sure I got every little tiny germ off and then I still scrape off the part someone used. I try to avoid it though, because I usually gross myself out thinking about it and then I never use the product.

Don’t like doing that. But if needed I can use eye shadows (with my own brushes) and only from friends. Can’t use anything from strangers.

I know blog sales are all the rage these days but I think it’s such a disgusting concept. I would never use a stranger’s makeup products. Especially lip gloss, I don’t know what kind of dirty hamster would sell a used gloss to someone else. What happens if the person whose makeup you’re buying/using had mono or herpes. Omg gross. Gross. Gross. Just say no to used makeup.

I’ve done lab test at my locally highschool my final year and the amount of contact/germs spreading culture we got back was more horrifying then anything I’ve seen and it’s the reason I’m cautious with tester as it’s the same sort of breading ground.

Herpes is transferred by skin to skin contact (site of infection to the site of contact) it’s doesn’t thrive on none living tissue at all.

Mono on the other had is transferred by siliva and could live in a liquid product like lip gloss or a public water fountain for a short time. Mono is much more prevalent in High School for that reason. 😉

I’ve swapped on makeupalley.com once, and very very occasionally I would use makeup at Sephora, but after I thoroughly sanitize it. I wouldn’t purchase used makeup at all though. And NO to lip glosses/liquid liners!

Only at the cosmetic counters for testing….and I would wipe it with alcohol or kleenex before usage….but never never never from anyone else. Never had hand me down clothing so cannot even fathom using someone’s makeup.

Certain things yes. I’ve worn used lipsticks before. I wouldn’t use any used eye product though – I tried wearing my mom’s extremely old makeup once (this was years ago, though), and I got an eyelid infection. 🙁

No even though i used beautysoclean on all my products. Im ok sharing my things with my best of friends… but not using theres.

hm, depends on the product and packaging. If it’s something with an air-tight pump I really wouldn’t have issues (if I knew how old it is and that it’s not past it’s life-span obviously!). If it’s a powder or a lipstick it depends on the person and on how well I can sanitize it on the go (and how desperate I am). As for cream products (the kind you dip your fingers in to), lip glosses, mascara and any of the sort – eww no!

I’ve have used very close friends’ and my mum’s before now and they’ve use mine on occasion but only certain things. Like I wouldn’t fancy using anyone elses lipgloss, that you can’t really sanitize.

I’ve swapped over the past 2 years on mua, however, rarely now as I’ve lost my heart for it — just too much effort & angst. I have no problem swapping for BN or lightly used powder products as these are easily disinfected with alcohol or Fresh wipes. Although I have swapped for 2 cream products (BN or just swatched), I generally do not swap for cream products.

I wouldn’t have a problem with it (with the exception of certain things). Our skin is actually a pretty effective barrier to things getting into our systems – we’re more at risk from some of the chemicals in some cosmetics being absorbed than we are from “germs” getting into us. The only “used” item I have is actually a Clarins cheek product that was LE and sold out before I could purchase it. My Clarins SA got permission to give me the counter sample – she wiped off the top layer with a disinfecting wipe and gave it to me for free. I haven’t had a single problem with it. I might be a bit more concerned about something like a mascara or an eye liner, especially if I used it to line my water-line.

I wouldn’t use mascara or lipgloss, but everything else is fine if it has been sharpened or disinfected with alcohol and it is still in good condition 🙂

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