Friday, August 16th, 2013

Choose or Lose

Would you undergo cosmetic surgery to enhance your look?

  • Maybe... (42%, 1,288 Votes)
  • No way! (39%, 1,188 Votes)
  • Definitely! (19%, 588 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 21 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,085

Thanks to Kim for today’s question!

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66 thoughts on “Would you undergo cosmetic surgery to enhance your look?

  1. I would most certainly consider it for reconstructive reasons if I was ever in a severe accident. Plastic surgery can really help people whose faces are severely damaged start feeling better about themselves and go on with their daily lives.

  2. I’d do lipo and get the skin tucked just to have a fresh start at working out cuz hauling an extra 60 pounds around makes it suck for running. Hard on the joints. But I’m good with my face.

  3. Amanda Tetreault

    At this point in my life i certainly wouldn’t and hopefully as i age i continue to be confident with my looks but you never know how you will feel as you age!

  4. Susan

    If I had the money and the time for recovery, definitely! I’m confident with my appearance as is, but there a few things I’d love to enhance- for example, one of my eyes is slightly hooded and I’d love to “fix” that. Just to feel *that* much better, you know? I’m a strong believer in plastic surgery so long as you do it to enhance, because if you have no self esteem in the first place, all the plastic surgery in the world won’t fix how you feel about yourself. But purely on a personal level, I totally would :)!

  5. Hana

    I got double eyelid surgery in Korea and it was a great decision for me. :) It made it a lot easier and fun to wear eye makeup after.

  6. No. I’ve gone to plenty of hairdressers with a picture of what I wanted my hair to look like and ended up with their INTERPRETATION of the picture, thus not looking like what I wanted at all. With that being said, I can only imagine what would happen and how I would feel if a surgeon did not properly understand what I wanted and instead performed his interpretation of what I asked… especially on my face! Nope, can’t take that chance just for the sake of vanity. But that’s just me. Now ask me again a few years down the line after I’ve had kids and my boobs are scraping the floor…

  7. Michou

    Yes, though I’d only consider small procedures (eye lift, peels) and am not interested in anything too changing or dangerous.

  8. ReneeP

    I personally think it is crazy. We first used surgery to save lives as a last resort, it was considered a big deal and something to avoid if possible. Now we use it for vanity. Surgery is such a drastic assault on the body.

  9. Sara E.

    God created me this way I don’t think I need a surgeon to mess with my face.
    I’ve had plenty of friends get boob jobs or moles removed all for cosmetic reasons. What I think is funny now is the friends who got boob jobs when they were all 18 are now getting them removed now that we are in our mid-late 20s.
    I had an employee that always looked really ‘off’ then she was open with her chin implant and cheek implants and artificial hairline. I don’t think it enhanced her beauty- made her look unusual.

  10. Yes I’d love to get my “man brows” lifted (brow lift). The sit on and bellow my brow ridge and I have small eyes so it look like I’m squinting all the time. I serious love to get them raised by 6mm to open up my eye slightly. Basically I want them to sit where my brow dimples are. (above my brows lol) It’s not going to happen as the price it extremely high for something that its pure vanity, but if someone offed to do it for me it take that Dr. up on it.

    I’m have been tempted to just shave off my browns (problem solved). But I’m to lazy to draw them back in every day.

    I won’t get surgery done for wrinkles, really that just to extreme for me.

  11. Heep

    Assuming laser hair removal doesn’t count (just imagine, never having to shave again!), I’m good at the moment. But in 15-20 years, if I develop a saggy turkey neck or huge fat bags under my eyes, I’d probably do it.

  12. Lee

    I was always pretty staunchly against it for me until I turned 45. Now my jaw line is getting softer no matter how thin I am and I see the jowls of my mother and grandmother and I think maybe. I don’t really want to look younger, I just want to look like I aged a little more gracefully.

  13. Kica

    I MIGHT consider an injectible, but not going under the knife UNLESS it’s for medical reasons.

  14. Lisa

    Yep, I would and I have!

  15. Kristy

    Personally, I would never put my life on the line (by going under general anesthesia) purely out of vanity. Now injectables and that kind of stuff, that’s a different story, but that’s not really surgery. Even that can get pretty gross looking if it’s overdone.

  16. the only thing i would consider is a breast reduction, but other than that, i’m happy with myself. hopefully my black won’t crack as i get older, lol.

  17. Jax

    Having had 2 sets of surgery’s to correct damage from a dog bite to my face (that healed badly leaving a mis-formed lip and stopped me being able to smile) and a breast reduction (I was ridiculously large and it was causing health issues) I would never go under the knife for reasons of pure vanity. The scaring, and infection in one case, is not worth it.

    • Devi

      Pretty much echoed my sentiments. I think plastic surgery should be considered for any serious injuries that can lead to horrible scarring, and for any health related issues. I can’t preach for anyone who would consider it for pure vanity, but I would just recommend to not get too far ahead of yourselves or treat the aspects of yourself that you dislike as “tragedies.” Take Cindy Jackson for example, who stated “Nature messed with me, so I didn’t have any problems messing with nature.” That quote annoys me to no end. Nature would have messed with you if it you were born with a serious health condition or given just a few days to live after birth. Deeming that nature messed with you because you were not born with the looks that you want is so incredibly vain and so disrespectful to those with actually physical/health issues.

  18. Courtney K

    I had rhino/septoplasty (aka a nose job) last year, and I’m really glad that I did. I had a large, convex nose, plus it was very crooked. It was something that made me feel uncomfortable all my life. Don’t get me wrong. I have great self-esteem despite not having what I consider a “perfect” body. Even so, there are some things that you can’t change about your body. Your bone structure is one of them.

    For those curious, I wasn’t in a lot of pain after my surgery. I was completely stuffed up and tired. Felt more like I had a cold. After a week I could breathe normally, and still had some aches and swelling. I thought I was going to be in horrific pain, but I NEVER was. A few tylenol was all I ever needed. After 3 weeks I looked pretty much back to normal. I don’t think my nose is perfect (still have one odd bump), but it’s much straighter than it used to be and I’m quite happy with it. I still look like me.

    Cosmetic surgery is a choice no one else can make for you. It’s there if you want it, but you never have to.

    • Deb

      Im with you Courtney! I had huge bags under my eyes and a lot of overhanging skin on my eyelids that were noticeable at age 5 and only got worse. Both were hereditary. I got tired of sometimes being hardly able to see my eyes so I had both upper and lower done. Best money I ever spent. I get so TIRED of all the preachy, sanctimonious “I’ll never do that” people with their snide comments. Plastic surgery doesn’t have to be about making yourself into a Barbie or a freak. It can be about fixing something that really bothers you and yet still leaves you looking like yourself. So for all of you critics out there, think about that before you are so quick to harshly judge others. It is a personal choice and no one else’s business.

  19. Aubri

    If I had the money I’d think about a nose job. It’s been broken twice and it’s not horribly misshapen or anything, but I feel it’s too big for my face and it could do with a little change.

    • Courtney K

      If you have records documenting your injuries, your health insurance might cover quite a bit of the surgery. No harm looking into it. If you want financing, there’s a service called Care Credit that offers interest free plans.

  20. Surgery carries too many risks for me to willingly undergo it for vanity. I know of far too many people who’ve needed surgery and run into problems post-op, so it’s not a chance I am willing to take. Also, I think it really has changed the way we perceive what a 50 year old face or a 60 year old face should look like (tight, alarmed and only able to blink with difficulty!). If I were in a disfiguring accident or had some serious sort of facial or sinus cancer (heaven forbid – not things you’d wish on your worst enemy), then that would be different but just to “enhance” my look – nope. I’ve got too much else going for me to worry too much.

  21. Ana

    I had a nose job almost two years ago, I don’t regret it.
    I breath better and my nose is besutifully straight hahaha!
    And my nose stills looks like the old one but better.

  22. yellowlantern

    I think I’m too much of a wuss to consider getting surgery for something that wasn’t medically necessary. The idea of just laying there unconscious and having someone cut into me is enough to give me shivers. I’d consider smaller things like fillers and botox though.

  23. I turned 50 last month and I’m healthier today than I was at 30. I have no wrinkles, no crows feet, no puppet lines around the mouth, and “the twins” are holding up pretty well. I haven’t personally considered cosmetic surgery, but I’m not against it for those who choose to enhance their looks. What I do know for certain is “never say never”.

  24. Tatiana

    the answer is yes. I have hooded eyes, so I’m looking forward to do blepharoplasty in the future, ’cause the problem will get worse with time. I was thinking about changing the shape of my nose too, but then decided that I don’t really need to change it, it’s just an insecurity and I can change my thoughts about that issue. I think for some people the decision to have a plastic surgery is reasonable, but some go crazy with it – there are loads of examples – and I don’t think the end result worth the efforts and money.

  25. I don’t think so, but never say never is my motto. Almost 50 now, I’m not sure I will feel the same in 10 or 15 years. Right now, however, I am content and do not feel any need..

  26. sagehen

    I would not ever consider platic surgery, except for reconstructive reasons. I am afraid of doctors, needles, and infection.

  27. doroffee

    I would:
    -if I had an accident, and I really felt uncomfortable with some alterations in my face it caused
    -have breast surgery. I wouldn’t want an implant, just some surgery to make them firmer. They have been sagging since age 10, and not only I don’t like the way they look, I really rarely get affordable bras which give enough support yet don’t look like anything even my grandma would find too outdated, and they sometimes cause me pain, too…

  28. Danielle

    I’d do it if I started aging badly. But with my oily skin and use of sunscreen I’m hoping that won’t be the case.

  29. Susan Dowman Nevling

    I would have plastic surgery in a heartbeat but will never be able to afford it. Would love to have my eyes and neck done.

  30. xamyx

    I think there is a difference between cosmetic & corrective surgeries. Even with a corrective surgery, I’d have to give it serious thought. There are too many inherent risks with any surgery, and to do something out of pure vanity isn’t worth the risk. Perhaps if I didn’t have a child who depends on me, I’d feel differently, but for me it just isn’t worth it. I’ve had 2 medically necessary procedures done, and experienced complications with both (one was actually life-threatening, and it was a rotine procedure done in a nationally top-rated US hospital), so if given a choice, I’d go with dietary changes, exercise, skincare maintenance, & makeup.

  31. Nikki

    The only way I’d have something done would be to replace disfigurement because of an accident or major surgery. For example, in the next few years I will be having an prophylactic double mastectomy. I will be having implants put in.

  32. Cat

    I think I’d feel really weird using money for cosmetic surgery. Like, I don’t know if I could go through with it without feeling like the money could be put to better use. And if I really saw so much to enhance about my looks right now (I’m still young after all), I think I’d rather invest in counseling to feel better about how I look than changing myself through cosmetic surgery. That would just be my preference.

  33. Sally

    I would never do any cosmetic surgery to my face. I would, however, get a breast lift after children 😉

  34. the only thing i would ever do, which i’ve thought about a lot lately, is to get this mole removed from my chin.. but other than that, i don’t think i could do it!

  35. Amanda

    I can safely say that at this point I have no interest in it. But as I age, I might consider doing procedures to alleviate those symptoms. Hard to predict how I will feel in the future…

  36. Britte

    I can’t see myself getting cosmetic surgery, but I don’t have anything against it–you have a right to control your body however you want to, and I don’t condone shaming people for their personal choices!

  37. I chose Other, because I definitely wouldn’t now, and don’t foresee a reason why I’d want to in the foreseeable future. However, if I had a problem and needed reconstructive surgery, or ended up with a new mole in a very visible location, I also wouldn’t have an issue choosing the surgery.

    Also, I didn’t know where this would fit in: I’ve often thought about getting LASIK, but that’s less about cosmetic issues (I prefer glasses to contacts) and more the fact that it’s kind of annoying that I am more than half-blind if something happens to my corrective lenses. :)

    • Oh…and forgot to mention, I have occasional back pain now, but if it increased to being more chronic than a week of pain 2-3 times a year, I’d consider breast reduction surgery. But I don’t think bearing the pain I do now is worth changing my body.

  38. zainab

    I would if I needed reconstructive surgery, or just aged frighteningly badly (and liposuction is tempting). But, having seen the results on people I know I’d be wary of doing unless my self esteem was a rock bottom and there was no other way.

  39. Kate

    I would totally get a boob job later in life post-children!

  40. liz

    Yes, I would have a breast reduction if someone offered to pay for it.

  41. Kay

    It depends what is considered surgery. I’ve had cyst extractions and cortisone injections (when i had bad cystic acne before accutane). Some people would consider that cosmetic surgery. Also, there is a history of skin cancer in my family. If i ever needed a cancerous or precancerous spot removed i would consider cosmetic scar correction.

  42. If I had the money, I would consider have a procedure or two done.

  43. discrepancy

    I have a large overbite that I will be fixing when I can secure the funds to justify that kind of expense. Otherwise, only reconstructive for me.

  44. Jenn H.

    I have a cleft lip that was repaired, the scar is visible and it SUCKS to put on lipstick because my cupid’s bow is slightly uneven. My grandma has been asking if I want to fix my nose and cleft up, but I’ve kept putting it off for competition. Honestly, I don’t even give a crap about it anymore. Sure I was teased in middle school about and started using make-up to try to look better (still got teased), but in high school, I had my own confidence, but it didn’t shine through truly until I graduated. I don’t wear as much make-up as I did when I was young, but that was because I had friends who cared about me. Weird scars, nose or lips, I don’t care- I’ll rock who I am. I’ll just enhance what makes me beautiful with make-up… which is making my eyes look great. :)

  45. I’m definitely getting otoplasty (when I have the money) and I’ve already had a consultation for it. The only other thing I’d consider might be implants if after I have kids they are still an A-cup! I have noticed my eye lids have become more ‘hooded’ as I’ve gotten older but seriously…I think I just have to accept that!

  46. Lark

    A good facelift is priceless.

  47. Veronica

    I’ve gone back and forth on the issue, and eventually I decided that it’s a highly personal choice that shouldn’t be subject to other people’s judgement. While I don’t like the ridiculously high beauty standards that pressure women into getting procedures, I don’t necessarily believe that all women who get surgery haven’t put plenty of thought and time into it, either.

    Right now, the only cosmetic surgery I could see myself doing is potential varicose vein removal. I work on my feet a lot, and they run in the family on my aunt’s side, so it’s possible I may develop them in the future. I’m not too proud to admit they’d seriously effect my comfort and vanity enough to want to change it, but this is several years down the road before I’d have to consider it. In general, I don’t think I’d get anything done to my face, but that’s easy to say at age twenty-six. I could see myself getting minor work done to sort of enhance a mature face (ala Susan Sarandon’s recent work) but I don’t see myself chasing the youth bunny down the rabbit hole of extreme cosmetic intervention (ala Joan Rivers).

  48. Aanica

    Yes, I would be careful and research the doctor and absolutely YES :)

  49. If I was in an accident, or if I lost my breasts to cancer or some other body part/malady.

  50. I had to have sinus surgery when I was 21 due to a closed cavity on my right side that was causing me to get tonsillitis and pneumonia every 6 weeks for about 2-3 years. The doctor asked me if I wanted a nose job to fix it being a little crooked from a break and the insurance would cover it since the sinus surgery was a medical necessity. I jumped at it! I had to have my tonsils removed at the same and recovery wasn’t bad considering. I was so happy to have my nose fixed. I’m now 40 and I’ve been getting Botox, juviderm, sculptra, and peels since I was 35. I go every 4 months for a touch up. I don’t look overly done as no one has ever noticed and I look like I’m 32. It’s the best money I ever spend. And I have always had self confidence and high self esteem. Next up is a boob job. They’re looking more downward then out.

  51. Stacey

    Yes. I would. Only because I have excess skin from losing 125 pounds. And it would be a dream to have a normal body after all the work I did to get it off naturally, no supplements, no surgery. But only a dream. Too costly.

  52. Never say never :-))
    I think (now) that I would only do it if I had an accident or something bad which changed my looks.

  53. Kate

    I’m saving for a nose job. I’m 30, and I’ve considered and reconsidered it since I was 19. I’m happy with everything else I have. :)

  54. Lisa J

    My grandmother told me “aging is a privilege not everyone gets. don’t fret too much about lines and wrinkles. they show the world a lived life.” i try to take that to heart everyday and not worry to much about getting older and the effects it will have (i’m 34). still, i think it’s okay to want to do a touch up here and there if it will make you feel better. it’s just when you want to change everything from head to toe that you may want to step back and reevaluate your motivations. just my two cents…

  55. ZG

    Not sure if this would be considered cosmetic surgery but I would further smooth out my poc marks left over from Cystic Acne and tweak my nose it could stand to loose a pound. That is all.

  56. Astrid

    I’m actually going to have cosmetic surgery. I’m going to have jaw surgery, to get my lower/mandible jaw forward. It will mainly be to fix the pain I have (my jaw hurts when I eat and I gnash really badly, which isn’t good for my teeth), but it will also make my whole face look different. But I wouldn’t consider any other operations.

  57. Astrogherkin

    Personally I would never get plastic surgery. I love everything about myself, including my “flaws” and “imperfections”. It’s the way God made me. For me, the way I look is part of who I am. I used to be very insecure in the past, especially when I was a teenager, and wished to change parts of myself – like my nose, my teeth, my hair, my skin colour, my stretch marks and my height. I realised later that the reason I didn’t find those things beautiful was because of the fact that I grew up in a racist society which didn’t value these “ethnic” or “exotic” features. I felt dehumanised by the media and advertising (and makeup companies!) but later I grew to love myself – every single detail of my body – and see the beauty in what society considers flaws. I also see the beauty in my mother and grandmother and when I grow older to look more like them, with all their gorgeous wrinkles and fat, I will be happy for what they have given me.

    It’s also a cultural thing, because I’m originally from a very traditional (South Indian) culture where Western beauty standards don’t exist. Once women in my culture have children, they don’t care about how they look any morel they don’t need to! Women in my culture don’t use makeup, don’t shave their body hair, and most of them have never even heard of plastic surgery. It’s just not part of my culture, and it’s incredibly liberating.

    That doesn’t mean we are perfect. We have issues of colourism, for example, which are horrible, and high sales of skin-lightening cream. But I thank God that I am from a culture where women are valued for other things than merely their physical beauty, and where we are allowed to age. I feel that in Western consumerist societies, women are just not allowed to age, or to have any physical “imperfections”.

    I don’t judge anyone who chooses to get plastic surgery, or in my culture, bleaches their skin. I blame the society and not the person. It is very hard to live in a society where you are constantly told that this or that thing is ugly and I fully support anyone’s choice to do whatever they wish to feel better about themselves, if they are fully informed and sure about their choice.