Friday, November 4th, 2011

Choose or Lose

Would you rather lose your wallet or your makeup bag?

  • I'd rather lose my makeup bag! (71%, 2,840 Votes)
  • I'd rather lose my wallet! (28%, 1,094 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,974

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section! :)

Thanks to Stacey for today’s poll idea!

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78 thoughts on “Would you rather lose your wallet or your makeup bag?

  1. I rather loose my make up bag … cause then i’d still have my wallet with my money to go buy more ; ). the idea of losing a wallet seems like a nightmare!!

    • I lost my wallet once. It would be terrible. I have an $80-something unlimited ride metrocard, my student ID ($25 to replace) my debit card, my prepaid allowance card, and cash of course: the last scares me the most, ’cause you can’t just ‘cancel’ that so no one can use it.

      • Naomi

        I’d rather lose my makeup bag. I lost my wallet recently; it had my id, my insurance card, some cash, a $25 dollar iTunes gift card, but the worst was my mother’s debit card. Even though things can be canceled, you can’t help but think whose got your stuff (information).

    • My mom has lost here wallet enough times to make me fear it ever happening to me. Plus my makeup bag is insanely large that it don’t carry it with me unless I’m traveling.

      To lose my makeup mean’s either my lugged get’s stolen/lost or my purse gets stolen or lost with my wallet. Both would be upsetting.

  2. monisola


    I use my left hand to apply and then I go back over everything with the right hand

  3. Definitely my make-up bag! Replacing everything in my wallet would be a major headache whereas going shopping to replace items in my make-up bag would be fun!

    On a side note…I just found your blog and I have to say it’s THE best make-up blog on the net! Thanks so much for taking the time to do such thorough reviews. Living overseas, I don’t get the chance to see most of the items you review in person but with your input has helped tremendously in deciding what to order. :) Merci beaucoup!! Bon week-end!

  4. OMG that is such a hard question…I really had to sit there and think about it. I would rather lose my makeup bag (although I don’t want to by ANY means). It’s not even about the loss of credit cards or IDs (because those could be replaced) or money (I would probably lose more money losing my makeup bag, I’m sure!). HOWEVER, I wouldn’t want someone to HAVE my ID and use it in an illegit way. Or know all my information or steal my identity. You know, all the things us 21st people have to worry about :/

  5. Heidi

    My make up bag is worth SO much more than my wallet ever is. As long as I can cancel and reorder the cards before they get used then… definitely would rather lose my wallet.

  6. Elysia

    omg this is hard! Mostly cuz I carry most of my brushes with me, and they are expensive! But i’d rather lose my wallet. I could sleep without brushes-not without I.D.

  7. Daniela

    I’d rather lose my makeup bag. I’d go crazy if I lost my wallet with money, ID, driving licence and all the other things inside of it!

  8. Carrie

    Make-up can be replaced. Identity theft is a nightmare

  9. Rania

    Makeup bag! Only because I don’t carry any precious items with me, just a transparent lip gloss (my lips are quite pigmented). I hardly reapply makeup any way.

    AND I would like to thank you Christine for your wonderful blog. I bumped into it accidently around 8 months ago and it made me view makeup differently. Sometimes it makes me disappointed I can’t get most of the items you review coz we dont have many brands where I live but I still admire your hard work and effort.

  10. Sarah R

    I would rather lose my makeup bag- those possessions can be replaced without having major damage to your life. But if somebody took my wallet with my ID and credit cards and everything, it would be a major headache! I can always buy more makeup!

  11. Ashleigh

    Wallet, while it would be fun to go shopping to replace my makeup bag, it would be a lot more expensive than replacing the contents of my wallet :p
    I don’t have a credit card, or much cash, so the only money I would lose, would be the cost of replacing a few things

  12. Natalie

    I’d rather lose my makeup bag. I use a cheapie little bag most days (unless I’m going somewhere nice) and all that’s in it is MAC Hue & Jack Black balm, so it wouldn’t be too hard or expensive to replace! Losing my wallet would be an insanely expensive disaster!

  13. Nadia

    I’d rather lose my makeup bag than my Gucci wallet. The wallet itself is worth more than what’s in it. I don’t carry cash and cards can be cancelled/replaced. So it’s the wallet itself I wouldn’t want to lose lol.

    In any event, losing my makeup bag would be no big loss really. I don’t carry much with me. Just my one lipstick I’m wearing that day, tweezers, little perfume sample vials, some hair pins, a couple of lip/eye pencils that were GWPs.

  14. Megan

    Wallet. I know, I know.

    But my makeup bag is filled with about 10 limited-edition Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscopes. 10. I don’t carry around my Social Security card, and my two cards (credit and debit) are fraud-protected. No cash, unless you value pennies and nickels.

    But that makeup bag–that’s one thing I grab if we have a fire.

  15. I never carry money in my wallet anyway, the only thing i do carry are my student cards and gym cards, which are easily replaced! And my bank card.. which is also easily replaced and for free. makeup bag, i would have a melt down

  16. Definitely would rather lose my makeup bag. For a couple of reason, actually. I don’t carry that much makeup with me in my bag to begin with so the loss wouldn’t really hurt that much. Losing my wallet would be a nightmare, trying to remember every card in there to call and tell them I lost my wallet. Replacing my driver’s license would be a tremendous hassle since I’m currently living outside of my state of residence. It’s much easier to replace makeup than the things that really matter, imo.

  17. Manny S

    I’d rather lose my makeup bag. I generally only carry enough to touch up a few things (lip liner, lipstick or lip gloss, and maybe an eyeliner). My wallet has way too many valuable cards in it to just be so careless with it.

  18. Courtney

    I lost my wallet (and phone and keys) briefly when I left my bag on a bus. It was a nightmare. Fortunately, I got really lucky that no one took it and the police were able to get in touch with the bus driver to return it to me.

    Losing a makeup bag would definitely suck, but losing ID and credit cards is downright frightening.

  19. Dame Elizabeth

    If this was a case of your wallet or the makeup bag you carry around with you, then definitely my make-up bag.

    However if it was a choice between my money being stolen or my make-up collection being stolen, then without a doubt money – all my limited edition stuff makes me so happy, I’d be absolutely devastated without it!

  20. Ashley Tatton

    I don’t carry cash so mostly I’d just have to replace a few cards which is annoying but I’ve done it before a few times. My make up bag is partially irreplaceable and A LOT more expensive.

  21. Amy

    My wallet. I don’t carry cash, and my cards could be frozen and replaced.

    I have a million expensive things in my makeup bag, and it would be incredibly expensive to replace.

    • Amy

      I also say this because I’m a college students with $50 bucks in her card and I don’t have the money to replace all the makeup I’ve bought.

  22. Bettynova

    only because im not one of those people who carry their whole lives in their wallets
    one debit card, some cash and thats it for me

    my makeup bag is always full of limited edition stuff: unreplaceable

  23. Mango the mango

    *shifty eyes*
    “Oh gee, looks like I lost my makeup bag. Guess I have to BUY EVERYTHING AGAIN BWAHAHAHAHA!!!”
    *cue crazy shopping spree with me running around and money flying everywhere*

    Seriously though, I’d much rather lose my makeup bag than my wallet. I was really surprised at how many people said wallet, but now that I’ve read the comments I see where they’re coming from. =)

  24. jenniet2002

    would rather lose my wallet for sure. i carry a Vera Bradley travel cosmetic bag with hundreds of dollars worth of my favorite products, plus a mini brush bag that hold all of my MAC brushes. i would rather get a new ID and debit card than lose all of my precious goodies!

  25. My wallet! I lost it once and it wasn’t that bad, I cancelled my debit card (I don’t have credit cards yet), renewed my ID card, bought a new subway card, etc.; what you really lose in the end is the cash inside, everything else can be replaced.
    My makeup bag on the other hand is worth a million times more than my wallet! There’s no way I could have an amount of cash in my wallet that would compare to the cost of all the items in my bag.

  26. Chelsea

    I rarely carry much cash with me, my debit card could be cancelled automatically and replaced completely in 3 days, my ID would be a bit of a nightmare.. but I’d rather not go out for a couple of weeks than have to buy all my make up again!.. Just carrying my basics, a couple of brushes and some glosses would be hundreds! Ahh, and limited addition stuff.. I practically wept when I lost the MAC Cruella gloss Wicked Ways from the VV collection.. AHHH.

  27. SkyyyC

    makeup bag! Too much hassle to lose your wallet. Calling all the banks to freeze your account, and wait a week for replacement cards… It’s just unbearable! Plus what my makeup bag contains are the ones i don’t use often anyway. It’s just there in case of an emergency.

  28. Annika

    I’d lose my wallet because I only keep my student ID ($5 to replace) my sephora card, and my atm card. I never have any cash!

  29. Lindsey

    Wallet! Credit/debit cards can be replaced for free! Getting a new driver’s license might be a bit of a pain, but it’s not the end of the world. Losing a make-up bag… that’s a lot of product to replace! And, I never carry enough cash to panic over losing (definitely a lot less than my make-up is worth!).

  30. Stacey

    Yes, my question again!!

    This past January someone stole my wallet (credit cards, ID, insurance card, AAA card, gift cards). The thieves who did this also charged 300$ on my credit cards in gas. Very very stressful, not to mention the time afterwards I spent in canceling the cards and at the DMV.

    But I would lose my wallet any day over my makeup bag. I don’t even own that many LE items but I’ve accumulated so much makeup over the past three years, it be more of a financial difficulty to replace lost/stolen makeup than it would be my wallet. Plus, makeup make me feel so good and put together, how do you put a price on that?

  31. z

    wallet…it’s worth less.

  32. Roberta

    Make up bag cause I don’t carry that many items and I can get new items. I don’t want the hassle of rcancelling cards and wait for new cards to come. Also the whole identify thief part. That is such a big headache.

  33. Stephanie

    I’d rather lose a bunch of makeup that I can replace versus having to deal with the DMV to get a new license. Not to mention my credit and debit cards.

  34. makeup bag! Sure some cards might not be much to replace but half the time people don’t even ask to see an id for credit cards even though I phsically write see ID on my cards. It would suck to have some person walking around using my credit cards

  35. Lori

    make up bag!! good excuse to go MU shopping 😛

  36. grace

    wallet! cuz i dont really carry cash and my makeup bag is worth more..

  37. Roo

    The costs associated with replacing each would be about the same but replacing my makeup would be fun and replacing all my ID would not be fun.

  38. You can replace anything, even if not exactly, in your makeup bag but the trauma of losing your wallet would be awful. My credit card, debit card and all my important information is in there. Plus replacing makeup is fun!

  39. Deb

    I almost never carry cash, so I would just cancel my two credit cards, get a new ID, and be done with it. 😀

  40. Meredith Payette

    I’ve gotten my purse stolen before and while it is a pain in the butt, losing my makeup bag would be more expensive to replace than the stuff that I carried in my wallet. I had about 6 MAC lippies in my purse and that cost more than it did to get a new ID and wallet!

    I think if I had my full makeup bag in there I would have been more upset than I was!

  41. Losing your wallet would be sooo much more of a hassle. You’d have to cancel your credit card(s), get a new driver’s license, etc. etc. You would be open to identify theft as well. Whereas if you lost your makeup bag, just take your butt to the drugstore or Sephora and restock! :)

  42. Rebekah

    Definitely my make-up bag.

    Not only is my wallet itself expensive, but identity theft is not something I’d ever like to be victim of and having actually had my entire bag stolen in the past it was definitely the contents of my wallet I was more worried about over the contents of my makeup bag!
    I now only carry the essentials (concealer, eyeliner, mirror & lipstick/gloss of the day) in my makeup bag and I definitely never carry cash in my wallet any more.

  43. Jessica K

    I’m talking about my big ol’ makeup case, cause the only makeup that travels everywhere with me is lip gloss. The value of my makeup bag (case) far, far outweighs the value of my wallet. Somewhere in the neighborhood of $1400 for the makeup and maybe on a really good day my wallet is worth $200…That’s kind of sad but true.

  44. Kat

    I’d rather lose my makeup bag, as I don’t carry much but a couple of lipsticks, a gloss, and a mirror.

  45. Lisa G

    Rather lose my makeup bag and I can sum it up in one word-DMV! Replacing a driver’s license is a pain in the arse!

  46. I voted to loose my wallet because I’m only 13 and i dont have any cards and stuff when I have money I usually have it in my pocket, I have my makeup in boxes but if I travel and bring my makeup in a bag I rather loose my wallet since I dont have much in their 😛

  47. Brittany J

    Makeup bag hands down it is much easier to replace makeup then it is anything in a wallet

  48. Heather

    Even if I’d replace my I.D., credit cards, etc., I would still feel uncomfortable with thieves having my address, full name and the name of my credit card company. So I’d rather lose my makeup bag..

  49. Stephanie

    Sadly I’d rather loose my wallet since I never have more than $100 or so in cash and my makeup is worth MUCH more LOL

  50. Hilary

    I would much rather lose my make-up bag. I don’t carry alot of makeup with me in the first place and most of it is drugstore. Never would I ever bring something super expensive like my Dior lip glow when I can just throw in another Chapstick.
    True: you can cancel the Credit Cards and such but I don’t want stranger to know my identity, take my bus/train/subway fare card, and other personal information. It would be a huge and stressful hassle to lose my wallet rather than my travel makeup bag.

  51. Lumi

    LOL. I would rather lose my makeup bag!!

    It’d be more of a pain to replace the things in my wallet like driver license, credit cards, etc. And worry about ID theft at the same time.

    I don’t even have a separate makeup bag though…. XD
    But if I did, I could replace the lost makeup items if needed.

  52. Rozae

    I just misplaced my makeup bag, just when I finally decided to use one :( I’m beyond sad. However I have lost my wallet once & that sucked big time.

  53. Becca

    I don’t have a credit card (just debit for emergencies) and I usually only carry around a 20 (unless I’m going shopping) which is the price of one of the items in my makeup bag…. plus, if some stuff I had there were LE, then they would be really hard and frustrating to find again. ANd you can always cancel cards.

  54. Amanda

    I’d rather lose my makeup bag even though its contents cost much more than what I keep in my wallet. I was a victim of identity theft two years ago when my wallet was stolen (He cut into my purse with a pen knife while I was on the subway. I never felt a thing.) and it was an absolute nightmare that I never want to experience again! Until everything was settled and the jerk was found and punished, the most mundane day-to-day things were difficult. It would make me sad to lose all of my expensive or limited edition makeup, but it would kill me to lose my identity again. Plus, who wants to spend hours waiting on line at the DMV? Not me!

  55. wallet! I never carry much cash and I could cancel cards and replace them easily etc. Make up would be much harder and more expensive to replace!!

  56. are

    is this serious?

  57. My makeup bag, quand même! Losing my ID, debit card, social security card, metro card, and so on, would be terrible: replacing all these things here in France is a pain in the butt, plus it costs money and takes time!

    I’d feel sad if I lost LE makeup that I cannot purchase again, but it wouldn’t be so bad.

  58. Alison

    I would freak out at having my IDs and things gone! I don’t know, I think losing your wallet is somehow higher risk, even if your makeup’s way expensive…

  59. snm

    funny question:) yesterday I thought I lost my make up bag and I was freaked out! I generally don’t carry so many items in my bag but I was staying at my friend’s house for several days and had many of those expensive or LE items with me so it would have been a disaster!
    so unless I am carrying a make up bag that is worth about a couple hundreds,losing a wallet is always worse.but then again,I don’t carry much cash so I will grieve mostly for the transportation card in that case.

  60. Hilary♥

    Definitely my makeup bag. If I lost my wallet I’d go nuts coz I’d lose my money, ID, credit card and more stuff O__O that scares me to the bone!
    I could still buy my makeup though :) I NEVER bring limited edition products with me so losing my makeup bag wouldn’t bother me so much after all.

  61. Wow, I said wallet INSTANTLY! As terrible as that would be, my luggage was misplaced once at an airport and I sat down and had a big ol’ cry at the thought of all my LE palettes and hundreds of dollars worth of makeup and brushes that I might not get back. Thank god they found it the next day, I think I may have even kissed my Burmese Beauty palette!

  62. Anna

    Ironically, everything in my wallet isn’t as valuable as the things in my make-up bag. I never carry much cash in me and have just one of my cards so…

  63. Nicole

    I voted for loosing my makeup bag. It will take much more effort to go for new papers like id-card, passport, drivers license, debit and credit cards etc. For me it will be easier to buy new makeup, because I know what I like and can buy my favorite pieces.

  64. nicole

    My makeup bag is likely worth more than what is in my wallet, since I carry around very little cash and could quickly call my bank to stop unauthorized charges. However, it would be a much huger hassle to replace the items in my wallet (I don’t know what your last trip to the DMV was like, but it took me a week to recover from that ordeal). . . so, I guess I’d rather lose my makeup bag, though I would be soooo sad.

  65. too many things that either can’t be replaced or are very difficult to replace – plus all the other hassles associated with losing a wallet. It would be a pain to replace the things in a makeup bag, but easier than the wallet!

  66. Audrey

    Lose the makeup bag! It’s much easier to replace my powder, kabuki, and lip products than my debit, Ulta, Sephora, CVS, and Sally’s cards that I use to buy the makeup! 😉

  67. M.

    I do love my beauty products, but not so much that I’d rather have my identity and credit cards stolen than have to replace a few lip glosses and eye shadows…

  68. Kate

    It’s hard, but I think I’d say my makeup bag. My makeup is worth a good amount and can’t be canceled like a credit card, but I really don’t like the idea of someone finding my credit card number, full name, address, insurance card…all at once. Too creepy for me.

    Don’t get me wrong, though…I’d practically have a memorial service for my lost Urban Decay and MAC products. They would NOT be cheap to replace.

  69. Brony

    I would rather lose my make-up bag. Not because I’d be any better off – I’m one hundred percent sure that the contents of my make-up bag cost that of my wallet several times over. But after having lost my drivers license by itself not too long ago and my wallet in full when I was about 15 I would go to great lengths to avoid ever having to go through the inconvenience of all that.

    Plus even if it took some time to be able to afford to replace the contents of my make-up bag at least I would have fun doing it :).

  70. Destiny

    I thought about it long and hard, but I’d rather lose my wallet because I never carry cash, so all I would have to do is call up my bank and have my card canceled, and replace my driver’s license, which is about $25, I think – the makeup in my makeup bag definitely cost me a lot more than that!