Saturday, November 12th, 2011

Would you like to see Temptalia Holiday Gift Guides?

  • Yes, please! (95%, 4,189 Votes)
  • No thanks! (5%, 218 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,407

They’re not something we do extensively any more on Temptalia, but as always, I want to give you the content you want to see, so please take about two seconds to click yes or no!

If you do want to see them, I’d love it if you’d let me know what type of gift guidesdid you want it based on price? person? holiday gifts/sets specifically vs. permanent items?  Should I mention a few non-beauty items? Let me know!

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122 thoughts on “Would you like to see Temptalia Holiday Gift Guides?

  1. Jenni

    I think it would be most helpful to do it by price range! Including exclusive holiday sets of good value, any limited edition items worth coveting, or permanent items that people normally wouldn’t splurge on but would love to receive as a gift!

  2. In this day and age – I would imagine that price range would be the smartest way to go about it!

    Many thanks for this, and for all you do. I very much appreciate you and your outstanding site.

  3. Devi

    Erm, stupid question: What IS a gift guide?

    Sorry. >.<

  4. Tia

    I’d really love to see based on price and also by person. I find it hard to buy make up for other people just because I’m used to dealing with my own skin/eye/hair colour and skin issues so I can find it a bit more difficult to take into account the same factors for other people.

  5. Amy

    I would love it organized by price! A few non-beauty picks would also be interesting :)

  6. Reader

    Guides based on person, price (deals are the best), and type of cosmetic (nails, eyes, lips, cheeks, etc) would be great! I would like to see non-beauty items as well.

  7. BooBooNinja

    I’d like it if you could do it by person, and then perhaps organize the items in order of ascending price.

  8. Tasha

    I think a gift guide would be great. I woould like to see it broken down by price. I would also like to see some non beauty related items too. Maybe it will help me find a gift for someone that I didn’t know was out there.

  9. Rochelle

    Would love to see stuff thats categorized by person e.g. Boyfriend, best friend, mum, work colleague etc.

  10. meagan

    Yes, wonderful idea Christine!!! I am having a hard time coming up with something for my coworkers. Specifically, my boss. She is a very classy lady who has been my mentor and I really want to get her a nice set of hand creams, or something beauty-bath and body related, but I have no idea what. Just an example of many gifts i’m drawing a blank on.

  11. Erika

    Id like to see it based on price. And all beauty unless you find something so fab it just has to be mentioned! :)

  12. Dana

    I would love to see your take on holiday gifts! I think based on price point would be best. I would also like some ideas on non-beauty gifts for all genders :)

  13. shelly

    Definitely would! And definitely by price and by person. A few non-beauty items would be fab, too.

  14. Ljana

    Yes please, those are so helpful! I loved when you did suggestions based on person (men are especially difficult to shop for – I keep buying my boyfriend things I’d like to get with For Men labels slapped on them, e.g. Chanel perfume, even though he’d be far happier with Old Spice and a video game). If I remember correctly, you used to have a list for dads, best friends etc. I loved that concept.
    I don’t mind if a product is permanent or not. As for non-beauty items, if you feel something deserves to be mentioned (a book, a gadget, anything) I’d love to hear it too.
    I hope this helps!

  15. 56

    I’d love to see a Temptalia Gift Guide, but that does sound like quite a bit of extra work! Don’t take on too much, girl! You’re doing a great job already :)

    As far as suggestions go, I think it would be helpful to sort the products by price, age range the product is best for, or maybe by makeup skill level, whether the color is cool, warm, or neutral (or colors that work best for people with those undertones), or maybe even by skintone and eye color!
    Obviously doing all of these things would be way too much much, but a couple of these ideas could be helpful ;D

  16. Amanda L

    I would like some guides by price range (like under $25, under $75, and a “splurge” category). I think it would also be helpful to a guide to best values for permanent products, as well as a guide to best of the limited edition products! It would be nice to include some non-beauty items as well!

  17. R

    I would like to see gifts based on price and separated also in different categories of beauty such as makeup, shower stuff (body washes…), fragrances, etc. :)

  18. Sara

    I would say any info you can give out I would be happy with. I like to know about value sets mostly so I can split them up and give my friends “beauty goodie bags.” Non-beauty stuff would be good too…especially gift ideas for those who already “have everything.”


  19. Amy

    I would *love* to see a gift guide! By price would be my first choice, though I’m happy with anything! And non-beauty-items would be fun, too :-) Thank you, Christine!

  20. AnaA

    I’d love to see based on prices. But besides makeup I’d love to see things like shower gels, body lotions, fragrances, skincare… and not just feminine stuff, it would be good to get some ideas to the men of the house 😀

    And thank you in advance, I believe it will be a lot of trouble to you doing this, so here’s something to let you know that we really appreciate the effort!

  21. Kahoane Aiona

    I agree w/ many of the other comments, based on price & person. Even dabbling in a few non beauty related things would be nice.

    For pricing examples:
    -10 Beauty Stocking Stuffers for Under $10
    -The Best 5 Palettes Under $50
    And also by person:
    OR even by make-up style
    -The Natural Beauty
    -The Rocker Chick
    -The Modernist
    -The Free-Spirit (lots of color!)

    But Iʻll be grateful to any posts you decide to make!
    Iʻm soooooo grateful for your blog, I check it daily!

  22. Alice

    Personality and price!

  23. sarah

    gender maybe..i.e what to get your partner, dad…
    also selection by price would be appreciated!

  24. I think arranging it by price is a good idea, and you could also have categories for “beginner makeup user”, “makeup aficionado”, etc, so we can have guidelines. :)

  25. Lisa


    Do it by price, please.

    And I’d love to see recommendations other than “scented candle, scented hand lotion, scented whatever.”

  26. Boone

    Holiday gift sets please! There are so many brands putting out special LE sets this time of year it’s impossible to keep up on my own!

  27. Katie

    I would love to see sets put together by price. For example, a set including everything you need for a complete look with stuff from varying brand that is currently available…I think foundation could be excluded because that seems pretty impossible to buy for someone.

  28. Beckie

    YES please! Please include guy gifts too because I’m stumped for my boyfriend lol.

  29. Aria

    Preferably only beauty related items, based on prices, and holiday gift sets specifically. :)

  30. This is such a loaded question… It’s like asking an alcoholic if he would like some vodka or something! xD

  31. I’d say only beauty and ones that are the best value. I’d also love to hear about sets that are very unique and, or wearable colors.

  32. Denise

    What a great idea! We value your opinion Christine, you have excellent taste.Got to say you haven’t steered me wrong.Bring on the gift ideas categorized by person would be nice.

  33. Emma

    I am on a very limited budget this year and i would love to see some very cheap gift ideas for makeup. Thank You!

  34. Carrie Mansfield

    By price and by skin type would be great- because like the other person said, it’s easy to know what looks good you but so difficult to know what might look good on others!

    I wouldn’t be adverse to non-beauty stuff too. I always find it difficult to find things that aren’t candles/picture frames/knick knacks to give!

  35. Audrey H.

    I’d love a gift guide to include price but also skin/hair/eye color. This would be great especially with all the F&F sales this time of year. Thanks for asking :)

  36. Fiaspice

    I think it would be great if it’s organized by price and you could trow in non-beauty stuff, that’s be awsome.

  37. Jennifer

    Ppplllleeeeaaassseeee beauty gift ideas for girlfriends…preferably not just holiday sets because some of my friends are total makeup-geeks like me and care more about quality than quantity. We all completely love and trust your reviews and I know that anything you recommend would be absolutely perfect. And any sort of gift ideas for guys (non-beauty too) would so greatly appreciated…I have no idea what to get my boyfriend this year!

  38. mumtaza

    mostly i’d just love to see detailed swatches of palettes and sets: Lorac, please!!!! MAC of course. TheBalm. Really i’d like too see high quality sets or palettes that might make great gifts or might make great buys for the beauty junkie herself. and i’d love to see what NOT to buy, like which sets sacrificed quality for quantity (like Stila and so many others have in the past.) thank you for all that you do!!!

    • Please check out the holiday reviews I’ve already put up – I don’t have anything from LORAC, sorry! I’ve reviewed nearly every MAC holiday product already as well.

  39. Would be great organized by brand then maybe a brand caparisoned roundup

  40. I would LOVE to see gift-guides! I would appreciate it if they were organized by price point, as well as by the person. For example, I will be purchasing gifts for friends of mine – their colouring is obviously different from mine, and I don’t know what would work well on them most of the time without testing it on them first. I appreciate the poll, Christine!! :-)

  41. Pretty much everything I would love in a gift guide from you has been covered (price range-sorted and non-beauty good, too!) If Shaun would be willing, I would love for some ideas from him as well (things he might like to get this year, “beauty” or not) Might be easier then you saying things you would get for him and ruining any surprises, lol.

  42. CatherineM

    Sorting the gifts by price range would be very helpful, since everyone has their budgets for christmas. When people have determined how much they want to spend on each person they can still go through the lists and see what fits best. Thank you so much for doing this!

  43. Helen

    Yes please! I know some of the stuff you suggest wont be available here (UK) but it will still help to give me some ideas.

    Also I think splitting them by price is best as what I think it’s appropriate to give my sister, some people would choose to give their mum whereas I think most people have a price range in mind. Maybe like others have said an indication as to whether it’s for a warm or cool skintone would be helpful.

    Thanks Christine :)

  44. Jennifer

    based on price and based on the recipient’s age range possibly!

  45. CMS

    I would like to see it based on price

  46. my

    I think by price would be a good idea. Also, please include some things for the men in our lives (e.g. husband, boyfriend, father, brother etc.). Thanks in advance Christine! Advance Happy Holidays! :)

  47. Iris

    It would be nice if you include fragrance sets. The women in my family are quite a bit conservative against make-up products but they all love a few nice perfumes. And I’m totally a snob in the smelling art!

  48. Erica

    Would love to see a mix of products and items, maybe grouped by price range? Then people can have a go-to guide for those hard to get or Secret Santa gifts.

  49. Rosa Veenstra

    Yes, I love holiday gift guides! I’d like it to be strictly beauty-related please, as I’m from The Netherlands and I can imagine that you would recommend products from stores we don’t have in Europe. Make-up however, we do have;) And assorted by price range would be very nice! Of by brand maybe?

  50. Cindy

    1. Price/category
    2. Recommended especially for…co-workers, teens, moms, mother-in-laws, husband.
    3. Great you-can’t-go-wrong gifts – not just beauty, but your terrific finds.
    4. A sub-section “best value.”

    Thanks Christine! I look forward to seeing your picks.

  51. Julia

    I’d love a guide that talks about different themed gift sets (eye palettes, nail kits, skincare, etc) that you think are good values.

  52. Laura

    I would love to see a holiday gift guide organized by price and maybe with a few non-beauty related items thrown in! Thanks Christine!

  53. CynthiaCC

    By price range would be great. Definitely want to think about gifts based on price–it’s a whole different story for a Secret Santa versus say, my sister! Also special holiday sets would be excellent, since I always like that happy, Christmassy feeling. (I’m the sort of person who would buy every single philosophy holiday set, for example, if money were no object, just because it makes me so happy!)

  54. Scarlett

    i’d say doing them by price range or person would be the most helpful (:

  55. mais

    oh my god yes…it’s so hard to figure out what to get each person and just figuring out a holiday budget…a gift guide will highlight some products that I may not have heard of!!

  56. i would love to see one…I would have loved it more if it came before Sephora F&F sale… :)

    • Sorry – the past response from readers to gift guides have been dismal–very few comments–so I saw no point in doing them in the future until a reader recently asked me about them.

  57. Karen

    I think it would be nice to categorize the guide by product type. That way if I know somebody really wants say a lip gloss set, I’ll know where to look. Of course, I personally like to see sets with highly coveted products in them, like the new gift set from MUFE with their Smokey Lash and HD Powder, and of course, sets of a really great value.

  58. Based on price would be nice, and a mix of holiday items and permanent items.