Friday, December 27th, 2013

Choose or Lose

Have you worn bold lips AND bold eyes at the same time?

  • A few times! (33%, 909 Votes)
  • Oh yeah, many times! (29%, 821 Votes)
  • Nope! (23%, 634 Votes)
  • Once at least. (15%, 418 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (0%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,789

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28 thoughts on “Have you worn bold lips AND bold eyes at the same time?

  1. Amanda

    I like to do bold smokey eyes with a bold lip but I always stick to neutral colours. I actually feel like it suits me better than wearing a bold lip colour on its own with a simple eye. I feel like its a more balanced look.

    Ah, typing bold that many times made me realize what an unusual sounding word it is haha.

  2. A few times, yes :-) But I guess it depends on what you call bold. A smokey eye + rapsberry pink lips, is that bold?

  3. mari

    Everyday lol I can not leave the house without a bold lip no matter how sick or lazy I feel. But my eyes, I do a dramatic cat eye but no eyeshadows or mascara which to others seem dramatic enough //shrugs// lol

  4. xamyx

    If a vampy lip & dark eye are considered “bold”, then yes, many times. However, if I’m wearing brighter shades, I will pick one or the other. Maybe it’s because I was a teen in the late-80s, but I equate a bright eye & lip with Tammy Faye Bakker, and the whole overall “cheap” look it portrays, regardless of how expensive the products.

  5. Katherine

    I never have, but I want to! One of my 2014 resolutions is to get more confident with makeup.

  6. imaginary

    I’m doing it quite often. I’m terribly pale, so sticking to light lip color with bold eyes makes me look sickly, the same with bold lips-subtle eyes. That is one reason, but I also simply love strong make up looks :)

  7. CatG

    I have! Especially for big events, I can’t resist the bold lip and dramatic eye looks!

  8. Kathryn T.

    I do ALL THE TIME — but I’m a stage performer who plays in a 2500 seat hall! if I want to be anything other than a featureless blob (I sing in a symphonic chorus) I have to really slap it on with a trowel.

  9. Xero

    I would never, really. 😐 I don’t really like how it looks, especially not on me.

  10. Madelyn

    When I was just starting to get back into makeup, my mother-in-law took me to the MAC counter back when it was CF. The artist asked me what I wanted, and I told her to be a Gothic Barbie/Pinup. After she did beautiful bold purple smoky blown out eyes, she asked what I thought the lip color should be. I asked, “Nude, to balance the eyes?” because that is what I read. She laughed and said a Gothic Barbie does not play it safe. She painted my lips with a deep purple wine that was beautiful. Since then (3+ years) I love to pair a dark colorful eye with a dark colorful lip.

  11. Veronica

    I’ve tried it once or twice, but I feel that it overwhelms my features. I think you need to have a lot of lid space to balance out a bold lip with bold eye makeup, and since my eyes are hooded, that’s difficult to do that. Besides, with the amount of work it takes to do an intense look on hooded eyes, I don’t want my lips distracting from it. 😛

  12. Every time I go clubbing :)
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  13. I have a couple of times. I think it looks stunning! I always think about Selena Gomez’s makeup on her Come and Get It video, where she wore a red lip and pretty dramatic eye and it looked AMAZING
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  14. I do quite a bit. I think whether it looks good is based on the colors you use. If you do a strong eye with neutral colors and a bright lip then it looks fine. I’ve rocked blue eyeshadow and red lips… looking in the mirror later I realized that it didn’t go with what I was wearing or anything. I try to balance my looks. Being a massive lipstick fan I tend to make my eyes strong but not crazy if I’m going to wear a strong lip color. Blush is key. Use a subtle blush. I think it depends on the person too.

  15. I like balance in my makeup and I also don’t like a nude lip on me so I always do a somewhat bold lip with a bold eye but like quite a few others, I tend to use neutrals on my eyes (sometimes with a hit of bright colour under my lower lashes). So I’ll do a bold lip with a smokey eye or a more defined eye but in more neutral shades (taupes, greys, cool-toned deep browns).

  16. A few times, but I prefer to do one or the other.

  17. Meredith

    That was the look in the 80’s. Tan skin, purple eyes, fuchsia blush and lipstick and gloss! Just look at Cher during that time period and you can see what I mean. Tasteful? No, but we had FUN!!!!!

  18. I have done a few times sort of accidentally LOL, finished eyes then reached for a lipstick which ended up being quite bold also.

  19. Mardi

    Most of the time. I wear glasses so the eyes aren’t as a obvious and in my mind need to be balanced with lipstick.

  20. Ann

    Normally only when I go to a club or on New Years.

  21. C

    Yeah, all the time. Strong style calls for it.

  22. If I’m wearing a bold lip and bold eyes I just don’t do blush. 😉
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  23. No. I prefer the natural makeup or the no makeup look (with actually no makeup on my face), so normally I go neutral on both eyes and lips! I hardly ever wear eyeshadow, and when I do I wear neutrals and a wash of colour – definitely no bold colours, nothing that requires blending. I just don’t enjoy it; I’m not an eyeshadow person. I love the dark lip, though, which I’ve been wearing a lot recently.
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  24. At Sephora, we’re required to wear, as our makeup uniform, one of 3 “holiday looks” we’re promoting during the holiday season. 2 of them are pretty dramatic all over (if you’ve been in a Sephora, you’ve probably seen the pics on the walls).
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  25. Kathrina

    For me it all depends on the occasion. I like my evening makeup to be bold but I don’t think I would feel comfortable if I did the same look for daytime. Basically I believe everyone should wear whatever they like.