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i suffer from chronic migraines and perfume scents are one of my triggers. i’m grateful that my workplace prohibits perfumes or scents of any kind. this way i’m able to work (relatively) pain-free 🙂

Yes! I work in a hospital and there is a no scent policy because of the patients. It’s okay, cause the smell of the hospital is rancid enough. Lol

The policy in my hospital is minimal makeup and no excessive strong perfumes/scents. Pretty much everyone ignores this tho and some people come in smelling like theyve bathed in perfume!

As a patient that was my experience and it drove me crazy. Especially in the Labor and Delivery department. A few times I came very close to wanting to yell at them to just stop coming in my room because it made me so ill. 🙁

well unfortunately i am an unemployed student at the moment so no there is no policy at the moment lol… but in any of my previous jobs there has never been a policy on fragrances. Lucky for me because i have worked in some pretty smelly places lol

No they don’t, but don’t let that on to them because I am sure they will add one! I work for an accounting office and they have some pretty backwards rules, including you MUST have your roots done if you choose to go blonde…..They obviously didn’t get the memo of the ombre trend in 2012! Haha!

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I work as a shift supervisor at Starbucks, and the company does have a no-fragrance policy because it interferes with the smell of freshly-ground coffee that’s supposed to permeate the café. It even goes so far as to say we’re not supposed to use “strongly-scented deodorants,” though I definitely don’t encourage my baristas to follow THAT part of the dress code!

None of mine ever have, beyond the assumption that you don’t want to knock anyone out with it. I remember some coworkers wearing deodorant/perfume strong enough that I could slightly smell it, which was preferable to some co-workers and customers whose BO was very apparent.

I wish there were! A lot of fragrances make me nauseated, and because you’re at work, it’s not like you can just leave the area (like you could in a bar or at the grocery store).

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I’ve never had an employer with a fragrance policy, but I’ve worked in both very small, intimate studio settings and larger offices with cubicles, meeting rooms and elevators. I definitely try to keep the fragrance low key. In a studio I worked in a few years back, the girl who sat across a table from me would comment about how I smelled when I changed deodorants, no joke. I know I don’t love working in close proximity to people with strong perfumes, so I generally try to keep it to one spritz of a perfume in the morning (if that) and use unscented hand lotions in the office. The fun stuff is for evenings and weekends.
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Believe it or not, I can often smell changes in deoderant, body and hand lotion.
We live in a two story house and can smell my husband peeling an orange downstars in the kitchen when I’m in the bedroom!.
I read that special forces used completely unscented products in the field to avoid detection.
I also prefer my husbands natural clean smell but like scent on other men.

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No, but someone has recently put up a hand lettered (and amateurishly messy) sign stating “No strong fragrances on the 3rd floor”. I think this is actually as a result of the young boys who douse themselves in AXE at regular intervals in the day. There are some on staff who are sensitive to fragrances but I’ve never known it to be an issue (mind you, in a high school, good luck trying to control the wearing – or “over-wearing” – of fragrance products!)

I work in a clean room, so I’m not allowed to wear fragrance, make up, or hair products. I’m glad they decided deodorant was ok!

No, although I had an interview at a place that prohibited makeup, nail polish, perfume, and even deodorant.

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YIKES….I couldn’t imagine working there – the double whammy of people not wearing deodorant and ME not being able to wear makeup… it sounds silly but I know that there are people who work at places where they can bring their pets to work and THAT is a huge benefit to working there; my youngest son was working for an IT firm that provided hot, home cooked style lunches free to staff and it really cut down on people walking next door to another IT firm. People value different things about their workplace (taking pets, hot meals) and just reading this, Kaseycannuck, I realize how much being free to wear makeup is a value for me and being prohibited would make me not want to work there…

I believe it was a contamination issue, because I even asked about unscented deodorants thinking it was a scent issue, and the answer was no, none at all. I remember it was a plastics manufacturing place but I don’t know exactly what they made there.

Yes it does 🙁
We are not allowed to wear perfume, lotions that have a strong smell nor body spray. Also, our deodorant supposed to be odorless.
At the beginning I didn’t like this policy and it was very hard for me to stop using perfume since it was part of my daily routine but after 7 years of working at this place, I can tell you that my sense of smelling has become very strong and I enjoy using my perfumes on the weekends 🙂

I’ve never worked at a company that had that policy, but they should consider it. There is one woman that use to work near me (thankfully not too close) who drowns herself in the most horrid scent. It got so bad that I had to hold a cloth up to my mouth and nose when she walked by. You can tell what hallway she was in as the scent would permeate.

The hospital that I gave birth to obviously didn’t because during my 5 hour labor process I was being punished by heavily fragranced nurses which was too overwhelming and annoying. After labor I thought I would be ok but the onslaught continued. By the time the switch of nursing staff occurred at 6pm I was so annoyed with it all I asked my doctor to allow myself and baby to go home the same day. I had to settle for the next morning to be released. In my hospital survey I did report it. No offense to those in the medical field but I think the only thing that should be worn is scented deodorant. It is just too overwhelming in such a setting.

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