Friday, October 1st, 2010

Win Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. 3!

To kick of our anniversary month, one (1) lucky winner will receive Urban Decay’s Book of Shadows, Vol. 3! (Retail value $54.00!)

Congratulations to Carina H.!

RULES: All entries must be submitted by October 15th, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

Two Ways to Win

You can do one, the other, or both to maximize your chances of winning…

1.) Leave a comment on this blog post tell me which three shades you’d use first!

2.) Follow me on Twitter & tweet the following: Follow @temptalia & RT to win Urban Decay BoS III Palette! Info + one more way to win:

This giveaway prize is provided by Temptalia.

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2,445 thoughts on “Win Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. 3!

  1. Edani

    Loaded, Perversion, and more Loaded! I’ve been lusting for Loaded since the preview images!

  2. honoluluhoney

    i would try smog on the lid and then last call in the crease with snatch as a highlight and in the inner corner of the eye. i love to have this pallette, there is so many combos to try!

  3. Oh the possibilities! This is such a versatile palette…so many combinations to choose from!

    First one I’d try: Last Call and Suspect with a pop of Uzi for highlighting.

  4. Omg – I guess my favorites are: Maui Wowie, Smog and Loaded :)

  5. Bordello, Loaded and Money

  6. lovesmakeup

    Loaded, kush, and rockstar! love those shades!

  7. allyssa

    i used to own maui wowie and a friend borrowed it & i never saw it again so i would definatly want to use that first. i loved that color :(

    after that i would go for smog and rockstar!

  8. I’d use Haight, Smog and Midnight Cowboy Rides Again in combination first :) Always wanted to try it! :)

  9. last call, rockstar and bordello!!!

  10. joi

    Psychadelic sister, loaded, and uzi

  11. I would use: Last Call, Radium, Smog

  12. Sam

    The one I’m MOST excited to try is Loaded. Rockstar looks beautiful as well, and so does Psychadellic Rockstar!

  13. Margherita

    Haight,Last call, Loaded

  14. Jessica V

    Bordello, Money, Rockstar and Loaded! Great fall colors : )

  15. Psychaedelic Sistar, Rockstar and Loaded!

  16. Claudia


  17. Brian McDowell

    I love bright colors so I would use Radium, Kush and Psychedelic Sister first!

  18. Hailea

    Psychedelic Sister,Haight,Kush!I love the box it’s just too cute

  19. jackie

    bordello, psychedilic sister and rockstar ^_^

  20. susie

    I’d wear Radium & Rockstar first! Such gorgeous colors :)

  21. I like psychedelic sister, rockstar and money shade!!! 😉

  22. Sarah Scheibel

    I’d put Bordello across my lid, Last Call in my crease and outer corners, and Psychedelic Sister to line the bottom and make my green eyes pop. This palette is awesome :)

  23. *B*

    The the two greens..and the goldish brown! Sooo pretty :)

  24. Ooh how I want this!

    I would use Bordello, Smog and Last Call!

    I’m crossing my fingers here!

  25. Rebecca

    I’d wear Perversion, Radium and Uzi together!

  26. neeley

    Loaded and Haight!!

  27. Isheeta

    Haight, Loaded and Money!

  28. Lisa

    Definitely Money and Loaded!

  29. Liat

    I’d use Bordello, Last call & Rockstar. I think they will create a great look!

  30. Molkinaify

    Last call, Rockstar and Loaded!

  31. Marinka

    Bordello, Rockstar and Midnight Cowboy Rides Again!

  32. Amy

    My three favourite shades whould have to be:

    Last Call, Midnight cowboy rides again, & Bordello

  33. Snatch, Last Call, Rockstar!

  34. Last Call, Bordello, Snatch ‹3 this palette is soo gorgeous!!

  35. Rachel w

    Loaded, money, and bordello

  36. Erica

    Last Call, Rockstar and Bordello

  37. Christina

    Maui Wowie, Last Call, and Snatch. :)

  38. evo

    pyschedilic syster, rock star and kush

  39. Crystal

    Kush, Smog and Money. :)

  40. Rebeca

    I’d use Loaded, Haight and Perversion =)

  41. Loaded, Last Call and Rockstar :))

  42. Bradleigh

    Radium, Uzi and Perversion

  43. Dusty

    Bordello, money & midnight cowboy rides again

  44. JPScraps

    I would use smog, suspect, and maui wowie. Thanks for the chance!
    I tweeted too.

  45. I’d use bordello, psychedelic sister and rockstar. Loving the palette.

  46. Janaina Carvalho

    I’ll use Perversion, Loaded and Smog!

  47. Emily

    Loaded, Money and Uzi. A green smokey eye, gorgeous!

  48. Natalie

    Bordello, Last Call & Rockstar!

  49. I would definitely use Kush, loaded and psychedelic sister first. Loves them!

  50. Nadine

    I would use last call, rock star, and psychedelic sister first!

  51. olga


    i’ll first try the:

    Last call



  52. Staci

    bordello, last call, and midnight cowboy rides again

  53. Kerri

    I would use Loaded, Rockstar, and Psychedelic Sister

  54. Bordello, Money and Rockstar

  55. Becca

    Rockstar, Loaded and Bordello…want!

  56. Nomie

    I can’t say “Loaded THREE TIMES,” can I? Then I’d use Loaded, Kush and Money!

  57. Bordello, Rockstar and Smog =)

  58. Money, Psychedelic Sister & Rockstar!

  59. Esther

    Haight, Bordello and Snatch :)

  60. Jamie Dunn

    Bordello, Rockstar and Loaded!

  61. leeann

    I would first use money, loaded, and uzi


  63. Maya

    I Will use loaded and honey… They are sooo beautiful!

  64. Maranda S

    I would use loaded, smog, and bordello!!!

  65. daniela guidon

    suspect, radium and perversion

  66. Alexandra

    I’d use Kush, Loaded and Money

  67. Haight, Rockstar and Bordello. But not necessarily at the same time!

  68. Iciar

    Uzi, naight and psychodellic sister

  69. Brenda

    I would use Maui Wowie, Rockstar and Last Call!

  70. Ann

    Psychedelic sister, Maui Wowie, and Kush

  71. Jessica

    I would use Bordello, Smog and Rockstar!

  72. Abby V

    I would use bordello, money, and rock star. They seem like they would look amazing together.

  73. Shanaz

    Smog, Psychedelic Sister and Radium

  74. Jamee

    I’d use Bordello with Rockstar and Perversion.

  75. E

    Haight on the bottom, Shog on top, and Maui Wowie for highlighting. I have no pretty bright blues and greens, so that looks really exciting!

  76. Definitely Loaded, Maui and Smog!!!

  77. Stephanie

    I’d use Smog, Suspect and Psychedelic Sister! Great variety of colours in this palette!

  78. Lala

    I’d like to try something with Maui Wowie, Loaded and Money… I think that would be interesting~

  79. Cindy

    Loaded. Rockstar and Maui wowie

  80. I’d use Smog, Uzi and Rockstar especially seeing as how its Fall…cant wait.

  81. Marie

    I think I’d use Last Call, Bordello and Snatch first. :)
    Awesome giveaway!

  82. Tiffany C.

    i’d HAVE to use Maui Wowie, Kush, and Radium.

  83. NeenaJ

    I would use loaded, money & perversion to create a smokey teal eye.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  84. Stephanie Carvalho

    Money,Rockstar and Last Call!

  85. Jennifer

    suspect, rockstar, loaded

  86. Charlene

    I would use the purple the black and the white. :)

  87. I’d use Bordello on the lid, Last Call in the crease and Rockstar to deepen the crease.

  88. maxiene

    Three shades I would use first Bordello, Last Call, and Rockstar. Not only do they are fit together really nicely, but the names all have a true significance in my life. Bordello for Halloween cause who doesn’t love to dress up. Last Call for being out all nite with my closest girls and we never want the nite to end. Rockstar for the luxury we wish we could have. This would be first combination I would try if I were to win – and I totally send in a picture of the look!

  89. Valerie Brower

    I would wear Money, Radium, and Haight first!!! Such pretty colors :)

  90. LU

    Loaded, Money and Bordello!

  91. uzi as base, perversion center and inner lid blending it with psychedelic sister towards the outer lids :)

  92. Maui wouie, haight and radium

  93. Roxy

    I would use Haight, Loaded, and Rockstar first. I love the colors in this edition!

  94. Judy

    Loaded, Rockstar and Bordello!

  95. Aissa Babinski

    Perversion, money, loaded

  96. Definitely Haight, Smog and Kush!

  97. Lisi

    Rocksar, Suspect, Smog!

  98. Loaded, Rockstar and Snatch!

  99. virion_butterfly

    I’d use psychedelic sister, radium, and loaded!