Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Temptalia Gives Away Ralph Lauren Romance and Always Yours

We’re giving away a set of Ralph Lauren perfumes: the original Romance, and the latest Always Yours to one lucky reader. Submit your entry by leaving a comment in this post and telling us why you want to win.

All entries must be submitted by February 26th, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. That’s it! This contest is only open to U.S. readers only, sorry!

Created by Harry Fremont, the perfumer behind the timeless Romance fragrance, Always Yours celebrates a deeper commitment with a more complex formulation. The launch of the new Always Yours fragrance celebrates the 10th anniversary of the iconic Romance brand. The Sensual Floral Chypre unites celebratory top notes of Sun Goddess Rose, Yellow Freesia and Ginger; with elevated mid-notes of Lotus Flower, White Violet and Fresh Daylily; and enduring base notes of Patchouli Concentrate, Creamy Sensual Musk and Oakmoss.

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Good luck!

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177 thoughts on “Win Ralph Lauren Romance & Always Yours Set

  1. I want to win because I smell bad and want to smell better!

    Following on Twitter: PrettyxPink

  2. Karen K

    Why do I want to win you ask? I’ll tell you why. I NEED some freakin’ Romance in my life, that’s why! At this point I’ll settle for some that comes in a pretty bottle. It’ll probably last longer than the other kind anyway.


  3. Sasha

    I’d like to win because I’m in a fragrance rut!

    Twitter: xlovechild

  4. rena

    I tried Romance scent in Denmark (yeah, random) and I loveedd how it mixed with my natural scent. All the boys gave me a thumbs up for it. I never got around to getting it so I hope I can win this one!
    twitter: lilgirlee

  5. Jami

    I would like to win, because I’m constantly looking for the perfume that fits me best.

  6. amber

    I’d love to win because I adore Ralph Lauren perfume AND I haven’t had any new perfume in a long time. Not even for Christmas, eventhough I asked santa 😉 Thanks!

  7. Nikki

    My husband wears the men’s version of Romance—it would be great if I could wear the women’s!!! 😉

  8. amber

    I subscribe via RSS email (shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com)

  9. amber

    I follow Temptalia on Twitter (scarletsletter)

  10. shana

    hey temptalia! I would like to win this because I absolutely adore your website. It has taught me so much about different products. I also would like to win because I am in desperate need of a new fragrance and a little romance in my life I wouldn’t mind either lol.

    twitter shanasaurussrex

  11. kat

    Oh I would love this :) thanks!

  12. victoria

    i would love to win. romance is one of my favorites but i ahve yet to try their new one.

  13. Abie

    I have been a fun of Ralph Lauren for ages. i still have the Romance perfumed. It has been 10 years or more and I’m still loving it.
    Thank you.

  14. Rebecca

    I want to win because the original RL ROmance is my signature and I want to try this one!!!

  15. mopan

    I want to winnn this pretty fragrance!

  16. kae

    i want to win because i’d love to try his newest fragrance. i have the original ralph in the turquoise bottle, but i got it about 7 years ago! very old!

    following on twitter, ohkaekaekae

  17. justred

    I would like to win because I am always my own 😉

  18. i’ve loved this fragrance since high school. please bring me back!

  19. katrina v

    I’d like to win because I love wearing perfumes and smelling great! :)


    twitter: katrina_v & subsribed

  20. junjihyun

    i want to win because i like perfumes but i don[t have anyone

  21. Janice Li

    i think RL romance smells great and would love to try the new scent!!

    twitter: janiceli

  22. Kathy

    i would like to win because i’ve never tried/owned any ralph lauren fragrances before :]

  23. Veronica

    Adding another fragrance to my collection wouldn’t hurt.

  24. dani

    i love, love, loveee ralph lauren!!

  25. Carolyn

    I’ve love this! I tried a sample and it was great!

  26. Nancy

    I would love to win because I’m still searching for my signature scent :)

  27. Cassie

    I would LOVE to win this because, well, I’m ashamed to say that I have been subsisting on sample perfumes for about 6 months now! I haven’t had the money to buy new perfumes but I am tired of smelling like a perfume shop! LOL. I swear I wear a new one every few weeks and I DON’T enjoy it. Plus, I just about depleted my sample collection. PICK ME PLEASE!!!

  28. Cassie

    Just joined Twitter as Cassie Winther! YEAH!

  29. Whitney

    I would love to win this!!!


  30. Jasmine

    i would love to win this!!!!!!

    twitter: exclusive_eyez

  31. Roslynd

    haha at the first comment left :)

    I want to win because i love ralph lauren and i am poor because i just had a baby and cant stop buying cute stuff for him lol

    twitter::: oh_roxy

  32. Yaya

    Oooh la la! I’d love to win this. Thank you!
    Twittername= yayafox

    • Yaya

      I’m always replying to myself. I forgot to add why! I’ve been looking for more of a floral scent. I’ve been wearing the JLO Glow for years.

  33. Emily

    i would LOVE to win because i wore Romance for a couple years and the bottle ran out a few months ago (i squeezed every last drop out of it!). i haven’t had the cash for another bottle but it’s next on my list of “splurges.” i am also dying to see how Always Yours fits on me :)

    following on twitter: emmalee_

  34. Tanya

    I want to win because its about damn freakn time I win SOMETHING!! LOL ok, not a good enough reason? ok I want to win because I would love to give this to my mom for her Bday, my dad has gotten into this rut of giving her the same perfume for the last 5 years…she doesnt want to hurt his feelings by buying herself another kind…SOOOOO if I did it, she would be off the hook :) and the best part, it wouldnt cost me anything because I would have won it, here…from YOU!!

  35. I’d love to win this because I don’t own a single fragrance! I want to smell the romance swirling around me and maybe it’ll help me find a true love. *crosses fingers* (:

    Twitter: Kajitsu
    Following RSS on email

  36. Aw you’re so generous! I’d love to win because I need some new perfume, and don’t get out enough to the mall to buy any new really good perfume :( I’m a stay at home mom, so is hard to get out of the house sometimes.

    following on Twitter already : labellagirlz and RSS’d as well :)

  37. Jenny

    I’ve been wanting this perfume for the longest! I want to win this!

  38. JeanMarie

    I’d love to win this because as soon as I first smelled this fragrance I fell in love. <33

    twitter – jeezjeanmarie

  39. jessica

    i’d love to win!


  40. honeybrown1976

    Me x 3

  41. Agnes

    i would love to win because i am obsessed with collecting fragrances.

  42. Agnes

    oops wait im not a us reader. :(

  43. Kharina

    Hi Christine, I’d like to win this because I love makeup and I also loooooovvvvveeee perfumes with flowery scents! 😉
    twitter: kcasamon

  44. OMG i would so love this set, i need to smell better!!!!
    twitter: anya1976

  45. arness

    Arness on twitter
    Also get rss

  46. I would love to win this because this is my sister’s favorite fragrance and she wears it all the time. If I could win it then every time I wore it I would be reminded of her. She lives far away from me and I don’t get to see her very often so it would mean a lot to me to win this. Thanks!

  47. Mariana

    I want to win b/c I LOVE the original Romance and I would LOVE to try the new one. My husband might like a new “Romance” too!!

    Twitter: mshephi & already get RSS

  48. Mariana

    opps, I mean twitter name is mshepi

  49. lienny

    please enter me

  50. Dana

    I’d like to win because I need more romance in my life :)

  51. I want to win because 7 1/2 years ago, my then boyfriend gave me this perfume on our one month anniversary (i know totally cheeeeeesy but I loved it) and in 5 months, we’re getting married on our 8th anniversary. I would love this to be my Wedding Day perfume & be able to mark that off my to-do-list!!!!

    Already subscribe to twitter & RSS through my google reader!

    <3 Tosh

  52. I’d love to win! Twitter name is belletrist9.

  53. Brittany

    I want to win so I can stop using such boring perfumes!

  54. Brigitte

    I would like to win because the truth is I’ve never had a perfume before xD;.Sad right? But that’s mostly because I got into like the make-up and stuff awhile ago and perfume is kind of expensive. xD; Oh well. 😀
    I find it so awesome that temptalia gives contests xD!

    Anyways 8D.

    twitter: riochann

  55. Julia C

    I want to win b/c I LOVE the original Romance and I would LOVE to try the new one!!

  56. I love Romance – its my most fav perfume ever !
    Twitter : Indian Girl

  57. Pau

    i LOVE the original Romance!!! my hubby loves it to as well, since we were dating, and he asked me to wear it to our wedding last year :)
    PauFM on twitter, alredy suscribed to RSS via a feeder.

  58. mich

    i waana win!
    i get rss
    twitter – teasecake

  59. elizabeth lee

    i would love to win this cuz i love trying new perfumes and it would be so cool to get a new one!

  60. Jazz

    Awesome site. I would love to win.
    Nueva York loves Temptalia.

  61. Teri Luce

    I would love to win. I do not actually own any perfume like this, and in fact only own two scents. None of which are as feminine as this one. I love the scent of this perfume and have long wanted to purchase it, but unfortunately do not have the funds to do so. If won,I would love to wear this on my wedding day.

  62. Shayla

    I’d love to win because I’ve started a (small) perfume collection, and the scent description doesn’t sound like anything I own!

    Twitter: ReveNoir

  63. Amber

    I’d love to win because I love Ralph Lauren fragrances!

    Thanks for the contest!

  64. naz

    I want to win this because I don’t have many fragrances and would love to try this out. My twitter name is “Tubbay”. Thanks!

  65. phuong k

    oh temptalia, i want to win!

  66. Brie

    Of course, I’d like to win (will I ever NOT enter into one of these? Not likely! heh)

  67. Jen

    I’d love to win. It sounds so pretty.

  68. Ruth

    I would like to win this perfume because I am a perfume nutso! I love all scents ESPECIALLY Ralph Lauren Romance…it smells so pretty and light and I would love to win this set!!

    Twitter: DuffyLove84

  69. Laudry

    I already love Ralph Lauren’s “Romance,” but haven’t been able to replace my last bottle for at least nine months now.

    In January I got a magazine with a sample strip of “Always Yours” & fell in love on the spot. I’ve been dying to get some from that moment but it’s simply out of the question for me. I constantly go through samples & sprays of what seems like 75 new scents before finding just one that I love…

    …and those are my reasons for wishing I’d a set of both these scents!

  70. graykittyboo

    I want to win because I really don’t own anything that qualifies as a true perfume!

    Twitter: nina0205
    Email subscriber

  71. Stefani

    I NEED to win because…come on we all know it, Romance is hard to find. Especially with those icky boys today!

    Shopping is always there but why not try getting something for free.

  72. Sarah

    I would love to win for the experience of winning something.

  73. Sarah

    I would love to win for the sake of winning something.

  74. Norma

    I would like to win because I want to smell good whenever my baby comes next month. My due date March 16

  75. Jasmine

    i’d love to win this!! floral scents are my fave!

  76. Alana

    sounds like such a pretty scent, i’d love it

  77. Angie

    Thank you! Romance might be nice since I broke up last dec 😡

    twitter: hippie_ippie

  78. Caitlin

    I want to win because I need something to sweeten up my bad start to this week! lol =D

  79. amanda k

    I’d love to enter this one, too! You’re getting through your makeup bin for giveaways, aren’t you? 😉 I

  80. Sarah

    Would LOVE to add these to my teeny fragrance stash

    • Sarah

      Oh oops I forgot to say why I want to win, lol! I want to win because I work at a conservative firm that doesn’t really allow me to express my femininity through my clothes or makeup, so pretty much all I can do to remind everyone that I am a sexy woman is smell nice =)

  81. id like to win because i dont owe a lot of perfumes and i would really liek to add this to my small collection :)

  82. anna

    i would love this because i am a perfume-maniac :) i even love perfume more than makeup (gasp!)….
    i am also a subscruber

  83. Zahra

    I would love to win Romance because every time I want to buy it I walk into the store and think maybe I should wait. But then at home I think, dang it, I should have bought. I can never make up my mind, but I love it. My sister in law has it and it smells so good…….
    Please Christine, give it to me!!!!!!!!!Pretty please:)

  84. Tiffany

    i want to win because i simply need a new fragrance :)

  85. Amanda

    i would love to win, ive been wanting this forever but lost hours at work so i’ve had to do some serious cut backs..this would really make my day, my month. thanks for the oppurtunity!

    twitter follower: astewart87

    subscribing to email feed now!

    thanks again so much.

  86. Mai

    I want to win because I am in need of a new fragrance

  87. I’m a Ralph Lauren fanatic on a student budget. It’s just unrealistic for me to spend money on perfumes, etc. Bath and Body Works spray for the win! I’d love to win! My twitter name is au_courant and I subscribe to the RSS on Google Reader.

  88. Chris

    i want to win because i really like this perfume ever since i smelled it from a magazine ad i wanted 2 get it 4 a long time

  89. Amelia

    Good Lord, do I want to win that!
    Following you on Twitter, name is i_heart_art
    and also by RSS…

  90. Patty

    I want to win Romance because I need some in my life, whether through fragrance or the real deal.

  91. Sandy

    oooooo meeee!!!
    twitter; iMakeupx3

  92. that sounds positively dreamy. i subscribed via RSS as well.

  93. Monica

    I want to win because I am broke and can’t afford to buy such expensive perfume :(………….But I love Ralph Lauren scents and winning this would be a dreeam come true!!! Thanks Christine!

  94. aaj83

    because i have used the normal version of Romance by RL and it is one of my now i am DESPERATE for this one..

    Twitter id: aaj83
    Already subscribed to RSS feed :)

  95. kleri

    i would love to win because i want to try his newest fragrance!!!

  96. pquanda

    Hey CHRISTINE! I’d love to win because I love Lauren’s scents!!
    I’m subscribed to your RSS feeds.

  97. cindy

    i know i’ll never win but i want to atleast try!