Sunday, October 31st, 2010

Win Naturopathica Sweet Lupine Cleansing Cream!

One (1) lucky winner will receive Naturopathica Sweet Lupine Cleansing Cream! (Retail value $18!)

Congratulations to Suzanne H.!

RULES: All entries must be submitted by November 5th, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

Two Ways to Win

You can do one, the other, or both to maximize your chances of winning…

1.) Leave a comment on this blog post telling me what your skin type is!

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Thanks to Naturopathica for their generosity to help us celebrate our 4th anniversary!

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414 thoughts on “Win Naturopathica Sweet Lupine Cleansing Cream!

  1. Amy

    My skin type is dry

  2. Kat

    dry to normal skin

  3. Chrissie

    My skin is combo – normally dry everywhere except the tzone where it’s oily

  4. nashira

    i’ve combination skin type!!!

  5. Livy

    Im 16 so of course I ahve ancne. I dont really have oily skin wel I do, but it used to be very bad and now i kinda tamed it lol. So id say oily skin because i will proably never need any product for dry skin as long as i live lol XD.

  6. Fiona

    I have dry skin.

  7. Eva

    I have sensitive dry combo skin.

  8. Barbara

    I have dry skin!

  9. gabriella

    my skin is oily/combination and a bit blemish prone!:(

  10. Mistique

    Dry in the fall/winter, combination in the spring/summer. :0)

  11. Jennifer Reda

    I have dry skin

  12. Iben

    My skin type is combination, sensitive and oily (:

  13. Mistique

    Dry in the fall/winter and combination in the spring/summer.

  14. FlyingBuffalo

    combination, but lately is been more dry…

  15. KiruHana

    I think i have combination skin. Somewhere between normal and oily.

  16. Patricia

    I have combination skin.

  17. sarah

    oily tzone, rest is normal. so combination?

  18. Grace Seng

    I have oily/combination skin.

  19. Amanda

    oily and acne prone. :(

  20. freewing78

    combo to oily~

  21. Sophie

    dry and sensitive :(

  22. Nina

    combination skin

  23. Miriam

    my skin type is dry and oily on the nose.

  24. Heidi

    Classic combo skin. T-zone prone to shine and monthly zits, and cheeks that feel dry and tight if using anything too harsh.

  25. tpzhearts

    dry in the winter, normal-oily in the summer

  26. Miriam

    I have dry skin. oily in the nose!

  27. Vanessa

    I have combination skin.

  28. I have an oily skin.

  29. mine is combo…dry and oily

  30. Hana

    I have “hate-you-so-much” oily skin in the morning and then “why-can’t-you-be-like-this forever” awesome skin during the day and night. :)

  31. Maria

    my skin is very oily :-(

  32. ilaybalilay

    my skin type is oily

  33. tousledkitten


  34. Amanda Dubs

    I have semi oily skin. heavy on the nose and eyes

  35. aleksandra

    Combination, dry patches with sweaty areas

  36. Jayne R

    I used to have oily skin, but since I had chemotherapy,it is now dry, normal, oily and combo depending on which part of my face we are talking about. Weird!

  37. lovesmakeup

    I guess I would have to say combination.

  38. Victoria

    Most of my face is normal except for a few dry patches, no acne

  39. Natalie

    oily t-zone & dry cheeks

  40. Jenna

    My skin is very sensitive and can get dry and irriated if I use the wrong products.

  41. Jackie

    I have very oily skin! Which SUCKS so bad.

  42. Amy

    normal to oily.. used to be straight up oily but it’s getting drier (due to age??)

  43. ANA

    Oily and acne prone.

  44. WEI DAI

    I have combination skin~

  45. Weird, LOLOL. It’s that dehydrated yet oily type. :/ Very finnicky.

  46. saku

    For the longest I though I was oily. But now it seems to be combination skin, with a super oily t zone! To the top it off I still get blemishes, uneveness and my skin is sensitive. :(

  47. Dini

    Combination skin – it drives me nuts!

  48. Laura

    Normal with an oily t-zone.

  49. Oily and acne prone :(

  50. Sue

    Oily/Combo, but thirtsty for moisture!

  51. Mamavalveeta03

    I have sensitive skin (weirdly, oily in the summer and super-dry in the winter!).

  52. Mamavalveeta03

    I posted a comment for you about Naturopathica on facebook!

  53. Adriana

    acne-prone and combination
    Awesome huh? lol :/

  54. M

    I have combination/oily skin. So annoying!

  55. Madelynn


  56. Linh Pham

    I have oily skin :( worst part is the T-zone! (>.<)

  57. Tiffany

    I’ve got weird skin. I usually classify it as combination, but it really depends on time of the month (if you girls know what I mean….) and the weather.

  58. Fatima

    my skin is oily at the T-zone and dry every where else!!

  59. indoorkitty

    Confused; it’s oily some days, dry some days… I think my skin just hates winter and goes on overdrive to compensate for the ill effects of the cold.

  60. Jamie

    I have combination skin.

  61. kelen

    oily combination!

  62. Megan

    Dry + acne prone.. horrible combo!

  63. Jeannie


  64. Sasha

    My skin used to be normal/oily, but now it’s more like oily/combination

  65. min

    combination >_<! dry in some areas and oily in others

  66. Leenie

    I have oily tee zone

  67. Christine

    My skin is normal, but can get a little dry during the winter.

  68. combination and sensitive…

  69. Joi

    Starting to get lines :( slightly dry with partial rosacea.

  70. Aziza T

    my skin type is normal :)

  71. Tiffanie

    Oily in the summer and dry in the winter……….

  72. Mandy

    Normal to dry

  73. Amanda

    I have pretty normal skin which can be dry in the winter months :(

  74. natalia


  75. Liz

    Oily, sensitive, and aging.

  76. Alexandra

    combination skin ughhh

  77. DRY!!!!!!!!!!!! winter makes my skin peel :(

  78. Mirna

    My skin type is combination, or oily t-zone type.

  79. Megan


  80. lolly

    Sensitive skin. Boo! But generally pretty middle of the road. Just have to watch out for redness.

  81. Dawn

    combination, oily/dry

  82. Zoe

    i have normal-combination oily skin

  83. Tia

    I have combination-oily skin.