Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Win Matrix Biolage Smooththerapie Collection!

One (1) lucky winner will receive Matrix Biolage’s Smooththerapie Collection, which includes Deep Smoothing Shampoo, Ultra Control Deep Smoothing Masque, Deep Smoothing Conditioner, Deep Smoothing Leave-In Cream, and Deep Smoothing Serum! (Retail value $60!)

Congratulations to Heather S.!

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Two Ways to Win

You can do one, the other, or both to maximize your chances of winning…

1.) Leave a comment on this blog post telling me what you’re doing for Halloween!

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Congratulations to Greta V.!

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384 thoughts on “Win Matrix Biolage Smooththerapie Collection!

  1. Kristin T

    Going out to the bar with friends.

  2. Rachel

    Going to a friend’s house! Her mom decorates their yard in an insanely big way every year for Halloween, and this year she’s collecting food cans for the local food cupboard from people who want to go through it.

  3. Liz

    just zombie-make-up for my little sister and then casual non-halloween dinner with my friends :)

  4. Sara

    Eating a good dinner and going to my parent’s house and feeding their cat while they are on their cruise. very scary- LOL

  5. dezaria

    As I live in Hawaii, I will be walking up and down the “strip” parading with everyone else Afterwards, I will be attending my friends Halloween party at her house.

  6. brooke lemaster

    Going to dinner with my husband and then coming home to watch Dexter and the premiere of Walking Dead. We didn’t get Trick or Treaters last year but we have a candy stash in case!

  7. hellothere21

    frat party! :)

  8. Ariel

    Probably stay home and wait for the one kid on the block to come for candy. πŸ˜›

  9. Kalex

    Taking the kids to a Halloween party this afternoon and Trick or Treating tomorrow night!

  10. Julia

    Scary movies and a 90’s themed dance party!

  11. Hannah

    Hanging out at home with family (immediate and some extended) and watching a movie :)

  12. Mizuki

    decorating my room, and sleeping hahaaha

  13. Katherine

    I’m gonna dress up and do my makeup as a cat, and take my daughters out trick-or-treating.

  14. rena

    I am dressing up as an Avatar, yes blue body make-up and everything, and going to a halloween party. Then I am going to end the night with horror movies.

  15. Donna

    Our town is doing Halloween on Sunday… so I’ll be handing out candy and hopefully not getting to bed too late for my 5am Monday morning wakeup time… *thud*

  16. Lindsey

    I’m not really doing anything for Halloween…probably handing out candy and making some caramel apples. :-)

  17. alma

    Watching scary movies;)

  18. Brittany

    Dressing up like a Cat and handing out candy at my grandparent’s house. Then prob out to the local pub crawl.

  19. Cindy

    Probably stay home and watch a horror movie.

  20. I am taking my niece and nephews trick or treating.

  21. basak

    Dressing up as Mad Hatter! Just for the sake of doing the crazy makeup with orange fur eyebrows.

  22. Luna

    Last night I went to an Eroctic Hynotist. Tonight me and my Boy are gonna see our friends band

  23. Amy

    I’m dressing up as a cat to go trick-or-treating!

  24. Nars

    not much unfortunately– MPRE coming up very soon! :(

  25. Karin

    trick or treating, LOL! ohhh yeah :) youre never too old. pshh

  26. Teri Martin

    Halloween party tonight, trick or treat tomorrow!

  27. Cindy

    I’m working, unfortunately. However, I am excited to hand out candy after work!

  28. Jess

    I am probably just going to a few bars dressed in my costume with my friends. Oh and taking a ton of pictures~!! By the way, this smoothing line is AMAZING!

  29. Halloween is not celebrated in my country! We are gonna have the Presidencial Election this weekend, so I am gonna vote! ^^

  30. Nicole

    I will be relaxing at home with my boyfriend and giving out candy to the neighborhood kids who stop by. :)

  31. Dress up like cats from CATS musical and go treat o’ treat.

  32. Nina

    party with my friends πŸ˜€

  33. Meroflee

    I will be going to a housewarming party πŸ˜€

  34. Kim

    I go to my youngest brother’s house and hand out candy in costume (this year I’m a bumble bee!) while he & my sister-in-law take the kiddies out trick or treating – it’s so much fun!

  35. catrienna

    taking my daughter to trick or treat

  36. Joe

    spending it w/my beautiful wife & giving out candy to all the little monsters.

  37. Jessica

    My friends and I are going trick-or-treating! (and yes, we are all either college students or graduates) 8D

    And tonight my friend’s band is having a Halloween concert, but I’m not sure who’s going, and I don’t want to be there alone with people I barely know, so still trying to figure this one out πŸ˜›

  38. darcey

    Scary movie marathon :)

  39. Rachel

    There’s a dance in the student center on campus so I might hit that up, but I’ll probably just watch a couple Hitchcock movies with my roommates.

  40. Celebrating my birthday via cruise!

  41. Shannon

    Passing out candy and getting drunk! LOL

  42. lauren

    going trick-or-treating with my little cousin! and then off to a halloween party :)

  43. Naziba

    Going to a haunted house and watching Paranormal activity 2!!

  44. courtney

    Ugh nothing cuz I’m sick

  45. courtney

    Fb fan courtney bella

  46. Isa

    Relaxin’ at Home :)

  47. Lyn

    being lil bo peep!

  48. Melanie

    I’ll be surfin the ‘net on Halloween.

  49. Victoria

    Accompaning my little sister and her friends out for trick or treating for unicef :)

  50. Michelle

    Dressing up to scare the trick-or-treaters and watching old horror flicks.

  51. GinaTheresa

    Scary movies and candy! The Descent and Drag Me To Hell plus Reeses Peanut Butter Cups!

  52. Sara

    Watching scary movies :)

  53. eveli

    I’m going to a family halloween party

  54. FlyingBuffalo

    Trick or treating with some friends!

  55. AshleyD

    I’m not doing anything…my deadline to turn in my thesis for my Masters degree is in 2 weeks so I’m staying in working on that..

  56. Glamarmywife

    It will be my baby girls first time trick or treating. We are going to be a geisha a samurai and a baby panda.

  57. Ann

    Taking my daughter to Trunk or Treat at my nephew’s school and then back to their house for some more treat or treating.

  58. Isabelle

    Watching at children and give them some candies

  59. Melissa D

    I’m going to a Studio 54-themed party and my outfit rocks if I do say so!

  60. Livy

    This Halloween I’m going to watch a scary movie marathon with my girlfriends then we are going to a costume party and trick or treating and today I’m going to carve pumpkins and make Carmel apples with my little sisters lol

  61. marta

    Handing out candy :)

  62. Livy

    Going over to my friends and watching a scary movie marathon then a costume party and trick or treating and today I’m carving pumpkins with my little sisters an making homemade Carmel apples :)

  63. Leigh

    Hahaha, most boring answer ever: study, study, study, work on a paper, study.

  64. Veronica

    I’m dressing up as Justin Bieber for work and then having an old-fashioned sleepover at my best friend’s house!

  65. kaaren

    taking the kids T or T ing

  66. just had a house party! It was super fab :)

  67. Diane

    Meeting my friends puppy!

  68. nikki

    Take my two kids trick or treating. Hoping my husband can get off work early to help ;).

  69. Lisa

    I will be helping out at school where we’re hosting an event for the kids in the area to come and trick or treat. Then, I’ll be off to a costume party at a friends house!

  70. Sarah

    Going out with my friends. I’m being the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.

  71. becka

    handing out candy and taking my 11 year old trick or treating.

  72. Jessi

    Putting on some zombie makeup and going to a par-TAY!

  73. Lilly

    Staying at home. Already went to a party on Thursday.

  74. Please email me with any hints & tips on how you made this site look this good, I’d be appreciative.

  75. Angela K

    Having a relaxing night in.

  76. Ana

    Taking our little one trick-or-treating!

  77. Danielle M

    I am staying in to pass out candy to the kids!

  78. Tess B

    Dressing up as Charlie Chaplin and going to Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight!

  79. sarah

    at a party, dressed as a zombie!

  80. Nazih

    Watching scary movies and giving out kit kats!

  81. Heather

    taking my poodle trick or treating :)

  82. *Megan*

    Watching a lot of scary films!

  83. Kathy

    I’m going to work on Halloween.

  84. Jackie

    I’m going to a Halloween party!

  85. Cindy

    I’m going to be dressing like a lion like the one in frmheadtotoe’s video!

  86. Joyce

    Hosting an awesome party!!

  87. Fiona

    Scary movie marathon at my friend’s house.

  88. Julie

    Hanging out at home watching scary movies and eating junk food.
    All the good parties are on Saturday night and I am working.

  89. Dulce

    Taking my son trick or treating! Hope it doesnt rain too hard

  90. Mamavalveeta03

    I’m going dressed as a “Party Pooper” (seriously? I’m staying home, relaxing in front of the TV and going to bed early!)

  91. Sasha

    I’ll be spending the day with my boyfriend =)

  92. sofia

    clubbing wearing a creepy outfit….lol

  93. Babyu21

    I am handing out candy to the kids.

  94. Tracey

    Taking my son trick or treating with his friends.

  95. vanessa

    Watching the WORLD SERIES!! GO GIANTS!!!!!!!

  96. I’ll be having Sunday dinner with my family, and then going to a kick off party for National Novel Writing Month. I can’t wait!