Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Happy 300,000 Comments — Win Marine Life from MAC’s To the Beach Collection!

Today is a very exciting day — we just reached 300,000 comments! Six months ago, we celebrated 200,000, and I really can’t believe we’ve achieved what we have already.  It’s just one of those milestones that calls for a celebration! It’s incredible how much of a community we have here at Temptalia, and it is completely in thanks to all of you who make it possible

Thank you for all of your comments over the years — I look forward to the next 100,000!

To celebrate, Temptalia will be giving away the much-anticipated, virtually sold out Marine Life High-Light powder to one (1) lucky reader. (Retail value $26.00!)

RULES: All entries must be submitted by June 14th, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

Two Ways to Win

You can do one, the other, or both to maximize your chances of winning…

1.) Leave a comment on this blog post. You can tell me how much you want Marine Life, how you’d use it, what you had for lunch, the best part of your day… whatever!

2.) Follow me on Twitter & re-tweet the following: RT @temptalia Follow @temptalia & RT to win MAC Marine Life from To the Beach! Info + one more way to win:

Congratulations to Erin!

Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully. When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us.

Comments that include advertisements, self-promotion, insults, etc. may be in violation of our comment policy and subject to deletion. Please see our comment policy for more information.

1,954 thoughts on “Win Marine Life from MAC’s To the Beach!

  1. Cristin

    I really want this product…and I mean badly!!! The best part of my day was logging to the site to see that the Marine Life was being given away =)

  2. Georgina

    I’m making kielbasa and saurkraut for dinner tonight. 😀
    And I’m in love with the little sea horsie!

  3. Silvia

    Congratulations! And I need Marine Life because it’s amazing and sold out :(

  4. Tu Le

    I had Tofu for lunch :)

  5. Nicole

    I plan to use Marine Life as a blush.

  6. evo

    i know it was sold out last night on the canadian site. it was back up this morning but i’m looking at the site again and it has been taken off.

  7. nihan

    last night boyfriend suggested that we may go to hawaii for the memorial weekend and i was so excited and happy of course:) i was waiting forward to go out of town for the longest time ever!! and if i win marine life my day will be p-e-r-f-e-c-t. and i know it’s silly but i was just thinking that it is nice to the go to the beach after picking up my to the beach goodies :PP

    i don’t even bother saying how much i want marine life bec. i know everybody here wants it badly!!

    happy to the beach everybody :)

  8. Congrats to 300,000 comments, that’s huge! 😀

    I sooooo badly want to win because I never win stuffs :/
    I’m superpale so I would use it as a nice summer blush, I think it would be very pretty to swirl the two colors together.
    For lunch I had noodles with beefwook and water, we didn’t had any milk.
    The best part of my day is probably…my lunch. My day wasn’t that fun but the lunch was sooo tasty! 😀
    Have a great day, I looove your blog, the best beautyblog in the entire world! Keep up the good job, girl! <3

  9. Shela Tat

    Congratulations! I just had a meeting with my neighbor/boss and I’m getting paid to blog. How sweet is that?

  10. dani


    i had a piece of banana cream pie and a brownie for dessert and oatmeal for breakfast, lol. ^_^

  11. Jimena

    I will use it as a blush!! and my best part of my day was the lunch time… lol I haven’t had a really good day

  12. Sarah Ann

    i want it really bad. i went to the launch party to get it and waited on line for 2 hours, and when i finally got in it was sold out. i was extremely upset. I really want it!!

  13. Jessica

    I would use it as a blush, and it’ so beautiful!! Congrats on another milestone!

  14. Marina

    I want Marine Life. I love it <3

  15. BaDKiTTy

    i am having the worst day at work today:( just so pissed right now:(

  16. Mandi

    The best part of my day is that I actually motivated myself to clean up the house, I’ve been putting it off for days! I would love Marine’s so beautiful and (hopefully) unique!!

  17. purp

    i had round table for lunch! and i wanna win!!

  18. Catherine

    Congrats on all the comments!! I would love to win this! And I had chicken and cauliflower for lunch!!!

  19. Lan

    I want this so bad because its a unique color and its sold out on the site! Its hard to get ahold of!! I’d use it as a blush for light skin. Lunch I had pizza pops hahah.. =)

  20. Melissa

    I just got a new puppy! And me and him need to parade around the town in style with Marine Life.

  21. Hinahon

    I wanted it :( But I was short on money so I didn’t get it…
    I regret it, I wish I could win it :(

  22. Andrea

    Tricky thing
    We don’t usually have lunch we can have a snack but we eat a heavier
    meal at night in that case we had spaghetti with tuna baked in his own
    oil champions green olives and grated mozzarella.

    Why do I want the Mac Marine Life, To have a nice disk with all I need
    In One Blush, highlighter and Bronzer. It makes a nice thing for the winter days too. I want to use to highlight my cheekbones.

  23. hey, christine! grats :) ..i haven’t had lunch yet btw :( i’m still staring at my email hoping mac online will send me either a cancelled or confirmation letter about my order.. day 2 with no 2nd email, so i’m starting to freak out ><

  24. for lunch I had herb, goat cheese, & spinach rolled chicken w/ garlic & sun-dried tomato penne pasta (dinner from last night!)

  25. amy

    I would love to have and try this! I can’t believe it sold out so quickly! I am looking for a nice bronzer, I think this one would work great.

  26. I had sushi…and this is marine life highlight powder…freaky 😀

  27. Cat

    I want it so so so so so so bad! I would use it as a blush! I had spicy chicken and rice soup from a mexican restaurant here where i live! yummy!

  28. Nadine

    I’m at home sick, so theres not much good about today. I get to have a nap this afternoon though :)

    Can’t wait! Thanks for giving such an awesome product!

  29. Ramlah

    congratulations on your success! Well right now i’m having rice w/ cauliflour and potato curry and water to drink.

  30. Sydney

    It would be amazing to win this. I think my heart would stop beating for a couple. I’d most definitly be using this as my summer blush. It’s so beautiful and suits all skin tones.

    My day so far is going well.. Went to the gym, groceries ( bought a HUGE watermelon for 29cents) and heading off to the beach :)

  31. alisson

    want this so much haha

  32. alice


  33. Amber


    mmm i want this so badly, but it sold out ):

  34. Sabrina

    The best part of my day has been hanging out with my kids and knowing that dh only has 1 more day of work until he’s on his mini-vacation!
    And I want this so badly so that I can give it as a gift to my sister! :)

  35. Sly

    Mac is not available in my country so this is may chance. Had spagetti bolognese for lunch.

  36. Deb

    This powder compact is beautiful. I would love to win!

  37. I have to wait an entire month for this collection to come out in my country!! I want it!!!

  38. rachel


    I want this so badly, I had my order canceled from Nordstroms so I’m going to stalk all the MAC stores in NYC!

    I had sushi for lunch (spicy tuna and salmon avocado) yum!

  39. Isheeta

    I love it coz it is so pretty!! I would use it as a blush :) I just had my lunch with spicy rice and spicy beef :)

  40. Gladys

    I already have one on the way but I’d love to have one to look at and admire and one to use. I haven’t had lunch yet but I think I’m having some chicken taquitos. Yum!

  41. Ellen

    It would be a fun item to have because it is gong to sell out in a minute! And I had a slice of pizza for lunch : )

  42. Congratulations!

    I really want to win!

  43. S

    I’d love to use it as a blush/hilighter 😉 Blessed day ~

  44. Stephanie

    I really realllyyyy want marline life like I’ll do anything and I would use it more as a blush and for lunch I had ravioli:)

  45. Marine Life is such a unique color. I would try to use it as blush 😀

  46. SusyLovesMac

    Hi Christine, I would like to just say I would LOVE to own one of these powders but if I don’t win I do say congrats to the lucky winner :)

    The reason I want this baby is because I been waiting desperately for this collection. I went online to place my order and it was sold out at maccosmetics. Next I decided to check Macy’s and sure enough sold out. My next guess was Nordies and there it was, ready to be ordered. I went ahead and placed my haul order with excitement because I knew YES, I’m gonna be one of those lucky girls with this beautiful product! Sadly 1 day later after I had placed my order, I received notification from Nordstrom saying the high light powder was unavailable and would not be shipped. When I received that email I was sad :( because now I have nothing and can’t afford to go nuts and buy one off of eBay at some crazy price. So yeah that’s what happened to me. Again I say GOOD LUCK to the lucky winner :) every girl would be pleased to add this beauty to their collection.

  47. Elin

    I would use this on my cheeks!! :) This would look gorgeus in the summer!! 😀

  48. Anna

    I wouldn’t buy marine life, but I think it be nice to get for free. :)

  49. Ah, congratulations on the # of comments! That’s amazing!!

    & duuuuuuude, I’ve been waiting for this giveaway! If I won (which I would LOVE to), I’d actually give this to a friend, providing that I’m able to pick up my own preorder today haha.

  50. Biddi_NZ

    I had toast for breakfast! (my last/current meal) id loveeeeeee to win marine life so I could use it as a blush!

  51. Michelle

    I want it!

  52. Joy

    well, if I’m already comment-ing it means I want the Marine Life High-Light powder :))
    I would use it as a: blush, highlight, eyeshadow…I would also not swirl it all together at once…i would use a smaller brush to pick up some product…but not all the glitter from the first usage
    I like your contests…but I would also like to win once :)

  53. Kate

    I want this so bad! Perfect blush 4 my NC20 skin! :)

  54. Rachel

    it’s simply too pretty to pass by! i’ll use it alone as blush and pair with bronzer for a sizzling summer look. i’ve retweeted. :)

  55. This is to die for! I don’t just want it, I feel like I NEED it!

  56. Joyce

    It’s so pretty! I really want to win this~

  57. Kelly

    I soooo need Marine Life! I feel like I would be able to use it every day this summer since I don’t have anything like it. The best part of my day was laying out in the sun. It’s 87 here in Michigan and it feels great after a cold winter!

  58. isis

    I just woke up with the worst headache after dreaming I had a headache :( The cute little sea horsey would make me feel better lol.

  59. Gail

    Love to win – would use as a blush

  60. Twitch

    Congrats!! I just got engaged and winning would be awsome :)

  61. Amy M

    I had leftover pizza for lunch. It was pretty tasty.

  62. Abril

    For lunch, I had a salad I made myself! I’m on a diet! Hahaha!
    Congrats on 300 000 comments! That’s awesome Christine!

  63. Maria

    That powder is SO pretty!

    I’m proud to say that I didn’t go out on my days of yesterday and today – I have done absolutely NOTHING and I LOVE it!

  64. Ariana

    Dying to get my hands on Marine Life. I absolutely love coral colored face products :)

  65. Nayeli

    Omg, this is a great gift!!!! I ordered online and I will not be
    receiving one bc it’s sold out :( I would use this as a blush bc it looks so pigmented.

  66. Miki

    Congratulations on the 300,000 comments; that’s awesome! I look forward to your next celebration REAL SOON…at 400,000 comments!

  67. Diane

    I want to store it as a collection! Congrats on 300k comments!

  68. I checked the morning of the 25th and Marine Life was already sold out! It was devastating… I might have to try a physical store — that’s how much I want it!

  69. Stephanie

    Congrat! I would use it as a blush rather than a highlighter I think.. 😉

  70. i would really like marine life

  71. Valerie C.

    Congrats on 300,000 comments!!! That’s amazing. It just shows how successful this blog is! You do a great job! I love this collection too….MAC is my #1 brand to use.

  72. Chrissy

    I’m going home (North Carolina) for two months. I leave in the morning. It’s a long flight (9 hours) especially with a two year old. :/

  73. Congratulations with your 300.000+ comments! You realy deserve this!

    I would love to win Marine Life, I couldn’t believe you would give this beautiful product away! I realy love it. The coral color is beautiful as a blush. I would use it for a beautiful spring look, nude eyes, soft pink lips and this sweet coral blush. The light color I will use as a highlighter above my cheeks for a healthy look!

  74. I want it because I always miss the LE powders that are always sold out quick! AHHH lol

  75. Grete Sofie

    I think the product is too beautiful to use, so I’d probably just end up looking at it…

  76. Susi

    I LOVE it…but it was just so ridiculously expensive in Germany, so I had to skip it (and I really regret it, believe me *sigh*)

  77. Kat

    Congrats on the bazillion comments ^-^
    I want Marine Life because I was so disappointed that I couldn’t get it in the 6 places that sell MAC in 3 different cities I went to because I wanted to pamper myself after a rough week – it was sold out everywhere…

  78. tatiana

    I want to win it so bad!!!!!!! I recently got laid off and have no money to purchase it!!!!! I would love it!!!!

  79. Mary-Frances

    The best part of my day will be watching the Minnesota Twins in their new ballpark.

  80. Cindy :P

    I’d love to own Marine Life, since I’ve never really had any proper products for highlighting. Today I took the DELF examination level B1, which is sort of like the Cambridge exams, or even the TOEFL but this one’s in French. In the oral part, my observer was really nice, which, I think, helped me a lot since I got my English and French mixed up! LOL

  81. Irene

    It’s such a great color for my cheeks! It’s so hot and the best part of my day was a frozen chocolate covered banana.

  82. Jessi

    Congrats on 300k!!! It’s a great site – all your work shows! I don’t know if I could pull it off, but I’d like to dust that Marine Life all over from head to toe!

  83. KriStyle

    Wow 300.000 comments, congratulations!
    I would love to win Marine Life and use it as a blush.

  84. Arianne

    This week, i’ve celebrated that my friend is in remission! :)

  85. Following and re-tweeted, twitter: Anitacska

    I got my recent Debenhams order today, Guerlain Meterorites in Teint Beige = <3 :)

  86. I wanted Marine Life so bad only to find it was sold out!! :( :(

  87. gio

    Congrats on 300,000 comments!

    I’d love to win this, thanks for the giveaway.

  88. Angela

    WOW congrats on the 300 000! I would love to win this, it would be an awsome blush!

  89. I just think Marine Life is so beautiful! I’d love to have it in my possession, but probably wouldn’t purchase it myself just because I hesitate with the price tag.

  90. Tat

    Congrats babe! You deserve it! Love marine life and when I went to get it my silly mac counter had sold out :( it looks so perfectly versitile! Pick me pick me! Hehehe xoxox

  91. Charlene

    I want Marine Life so much because it is really beautiful and i’m sure that it is just as lovely applied as a highlighter or blush ^.^

  92. MissCammo

    it look so pretty!! i really want it :)

  93. First, congrats on your 300k comments! <3
    Second, for lunch I had Pancit (Filipino) and white rice. 😀 w/honey green tea as drink. 😀
    Third, goodluck to everyone & umm.. I really want this because I first saw this on your site, lol & fell in love w/the details. I recently started getting into mac and I only own like 5 things, lmao. But I love their lipsticks. 😀 The high light blush would be so awesome to have. lol (Plus I tried to buy it online and in person – my state's population is small and they don't carry too much great things in my area lol) But yeah it was sold out when I heard it was on the website. I keep refreshing, haha. 😛

    Oh! & I would use it as blush of course! 😛

  94. Leah

    I would use it as a blush. I had hummus for lunch. :)

  95. wendy

    I would use it as a blush or even an eyeshadow!

  96. Judy

    Marine Life is BEAUTIFUL!! I’d love to have it as a collection item – it’s simply too pretty to use!

  97. Bananabelle

    I haven’t decided on lunch yet but congrats on reaching 300k comments! And yay for 0 spam! :)

  98. Brooke

    I want to win Marine Life because I pre ordered it from Nordies and just got a phone call today that they oversold the pre order and I am really not getting marine life =(