Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Happy 300,000 Comments — Win Marine Life from MAC’s To the Beach Collection!

Today is a very exciting day — we just reached 300,000 comments! Six months ago, we celebrated 200,000, and I really can’t believe we’ve achieved what we have already.  It’s just one of those milestones that calls for a celebration! It’s incredible how much of a community we have here at Temptalia, and it is completely in thanks to all of you who make it possible

Thank you for all of your comments over the years — I look forward to the next 100,000!

To celebrate, Temptalia will be giving away the much-anticipated, virtually sold out Marine Life High-Light powder to one (1) lucky reader. (Retail value $26.00!)

RULES: All entries must be submitted by June 14th, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

Two Ways to Win

You can do one, the other, or both to maximize your chances of winning…

1.) Leave a comment on this blog post. You can tell me how much you want Marine Life, how you’d use it, what you had for lunch, the best part of your day… whatever!

2.) Follow me on Twitter & re-tweet the following: RT @temptalia Follow @temptalia & RT to win MAC Marine Life from To the Beach! Info + one more way to win:

Congratulations to Erin!

Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully. When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us.

Comments that include advertisements, self-promotion, insults, etc. may be in violation of our comment policy and subject to deletion. Please see our comment policy for more information.

1,954 thoughts on “Win Marine Life from MAC’s To the Beach!

  1. Maxine

    congrats on 300k comments I would use marine life as a blush for lunch I had a salad =)

  2. Kim

    I’m making Korean bulogi for dinner. :) MMmmmMMmm!!!

  3. Cecilia

    I’d love to win it because it’s so beautiful and it would look great on my cheeks. LOL.

  4. Olivia

    I can’t wait to see my family tomorrow!

  5. I can’t believe I missed out on this online! I WANT IT SOOOO BADDDD. I’d wear it with corals!

  6. yourshar0na

    congrats on the 300,000 plus comments!
    long-time reader, and your reviews and looks have yet to get old =D

  7. Carla

    I had Fruit Loops for lunch! Haha.

  8. allie

    oooohhh pretty!I had trix cereal fir lunch!yummy =)

  9. Kae

    Grats on 300k comments! :)

  10. Jenny

    This is seriously the only product I want from the whole darn collection. I’m putting off buying it because I’m hoping i can catch it at a CCO in 7-8 months!

  11. Nicole

    I totally want Marine Life! It’s the only thing in the entire collection that I wanted and I didn’t get it in time! 300,000 comments is a lot! It makes me happy though because I really love this site and I’m glad so many other people do too!

  12. Jordyn

    The best part of my day was hearing that the top kill was going into effect in the Gulf of Mexico. Hope it works!

  13. Natalia

    I had a turkey sandwich on cranberry bread and it was delish!

    I NEED not want Marine life :)

  14. MC

    I want, want, want it! I love seahorses, mac, beauty powders, and marine life in general.

  15. Nina H.

    I would love to win this powder because me and my daughter are in love with seahorses!

  16. Congratulations!!! I love your website, I check it daily :) I’ve also gotten all my BFFs hooked onto it :)

  17. I really want Marine Life, and more than just for looking at. I think this would look nice as a blush and highlighter on my fair skin, so it would serve double duty.

  18. Emily

    – I want Marine Life THIS MUCH (holding arms out as far apart as possible, possibly even touching the moon).

  19. Flor :D

    Well, i don´t know why but i have bad experiences with M.A.C., every time i go to the mall to ask for a new collection, they don´t have it yet and when i come back to check again, must of the products are sold out!!! i asked why that always happened, and the “makeup artist” told me that in some countries M.A.C. send just a FEW products. And the worst part is M.A.C. don´t sell online in my country.
    I believe the color of Marine Life works really well on fair skin like mine, plus this is not a regular color. That´s why i raelly want to win. 😀

  20. JoElla

    It is so pretty and would be a great first piece of MAC for me!

    Congrats Christine!

  21. Heather P.

    Hi! I reallllly am loving the highlight powder! So gorgeous, I would use it on the apples oh my cheeks for a light flush. Let’s see…I had ihop for lunch, and the best part of my day today was watching my little man graduate preschool!!! It was kinda sad too. Thanks for the contest!

  22. missy

    I’d just Marine Life as a blush!
    I only had a bag of sun chps for lunch so I’m rally hungry actually.

  23. A. Rose

    I had a salad and a sandwich for lunch! I was SO tempted to pre-order this highlighter but I just recently graduated and don’t have the funds to indulge in MAC :( Thanks for giving one of us the opportunity to win one!

  24. Alexandra

    i will do anything for this!! i want it so bad! oh yeah and i had a peanut butter and nutella sandwich for lunch. yumm!

  25. KIMOY



  26. Heli

    Oh wow! All the replies for this giveaway might help you reach 400 000 comments before you can say “sold out”! 😀 I’ll def participate in the hope of winning the most beautiful coral blush of the year! Oh and I had a greek salad for lunch 😉

  27. Sparkleandsmile16

    Congratulations! This is a great acheivement! I love coming onto your website everyday. :)

  28. Michelle

    Congrats on 300,000 comments! I would use this as a highlighter/blush!
    Lunch: protein bar and water (yuck)

  29. Katherine

    i just had a delicious quesadilla! lol marine life is gorg!

  30. The best part of my day was spending time with a few beauty blogger friends and laughing the night away! 😀

  31. I want Marine life so badly because he is soooooooooooo beautiful i’m in love with it but i have to save my money because otherwise no Disneyland for me :( Well for my lunch i had bread with olive oil and garlic (yes it was verry stinky inside my mouth xD)And the best part of my day ? that i realised that over 16 days me and my boyfriend are 2 years together (yeaaaay)

  32. What a gorgeous product, who wouldn’t want it in their collection?

  33. the colours are to die for.perfect blush for me :)

  34. Marta

    I’d like to have it for packaging, design of the pattern and of course to have another powder blush – I love blushes!

  35. Joanne

    Winning this would be my first ever product from MAC, so yes, I want it!! I haven’t had lunch yet, but I just ate a piece of chocolate…

  36. Sally

    Christine, you have the most amazing giveaways!
    (I had a peanut butter and honey sandwich for lunch.)

  37. I was so sad when this sold out,
    I kept refreshing it to see if it was or not and waited for my mom so I could ask to order it, but it was too late. :(

  38. Rochelle

    It is so pretty! I only had salad for lunch and this would make me feel better about having to pass on a cheeseburger so that I can look good when I go To The Beach.

  39. Marta

    The best part of my day was luaghing with my friend! :)

  40. Lyndsay

    haha, I’d LOVE to own marine life! Hmm, for lunch, I had a turkey and cheese sandwich and a pickle on the side. 😛

  41. Kylee

    soo beautiful :) I love this and would like to see it in person.

  42. Michelle

    The best part of my day so far is trying out your newest look!

    I need this to give as a birthday gift to my shopping buddy, my best friend, my wonderful mom! I have been looking everywhere for this, but it’s sold out everywhere. My mom and I share our makeup collection. We always read your blog together, Christine. :)

  43. clyne

    I am in love with marien life but it’s no longer available in my Mac store. By the way I had spaghetti bolognese for dinner (I’m French, so it’s evening here)

  44. Marine Life is sold out already on MAC, imagine when I swatch it in person! :) It’s that great. Makes me want to have it right now.

  45. kasiaj85

    Whoa! that’s a whole lot of comments! congratulations, I haven’t been here for long but I just love to start every day by catching up with your looks and the new stuff! Makeup world is just so vast, and you’re like a tour guide! Keep on writing! :*

  46. Ebru

    Needless to say, and I am sure rest says the same, but I would LOVE to have marine life so much! Marine life is 2 die for lol! I will use it as a highlighter/blush since I have fair skin.

  47. I really want this badly and I would use this as a blush. Actually it’s too beautiful to be even used and retweet this.

  48. Alexis

    I want Marine Life because it’s so pretty and perfect for summer! I’d use it as a blush :) Oh and I had a sandwich from subway for lunch!

  49. Nadia

    This is odd but I just went on the Canadian website to check to see if Marine Life was still available and they have completely pulled the product off the page! The rest of the collection is still there but the listing for Marine Life is gone…weird!

    I’ve had a fabulous day so far and it would be even more fabulous if I won this 😛

  50. j e n

    P.S. For lunch I made myself a yummy grilled cheese sandwich!! 😛

  51. Ada

    I think it looks really pretty! I’d use it lightly so I won’t look like a clown.

  52. I would so love this marine life I love pink colors!

  53. Tiffany

    Congrats Christine! I love your site! (: I would love to win Marine Life because it was sold out online even before I could get to it!

  54. The best part of my day? Knowing that tomorrow I’ll finally be finished with all my exams for school. Can’t wait for university in October! … but I’m still a bit afraid of the exam tomorrow. :(

  55. rashmi

    i want it sooo badly i ordered from nordies but now only i got a mail saying that it is being cancelled

    i would use it for the instant glow which i surelly lacks..:(:(:(
    need a good highlighter in my dull life hahaah
    my best of the day is when baby wakes up in the morning n searches for mamma … awww that is the best moment for me everyday when he looks for me ….
    love the motherhood n enjoying to its fullest…

    if i win u know whom to send the prize …pls consider me a local for this entry
    i never sent the entry earlier for any contest
    but i really need this badlyyy

  56. Marsha

    Love the seahorse! I had a ham sandwich for lunch. :) Making Lasagna for dinner..

  57. Claudia

    I want this because it would be the first ever blush/high lither I’d own! And it’s seriously too pretty.

    Congratulations dear on the milestone! There’s a reason for that :) awesome site

  58. congrats!!
    I’m should be studying for my exam but reading your amazing blog instead XD

  59. Sandra

    One of my very best moment of the day is when I do my make up… it helps me to wake up!!!

  60. diana

    looking forward to SLEEPING tonight…too much work

  61. Elysia

    Yum! i’m so exited about what I had for lunch today! it was a really yummy turkey sandwich with the works and I was able to eat carrots without dressing (saved myself some calories!) mmmm I really want marine life! I LOOOVE its shade of coral!

  62. Christina8717

    i would use marine life as a pretty flush of colour on my cheeks!

  63. Hey Christine,

    I would like to win Marine Life because it is gorgeous. I am a blush fiend and I love corals! I would definitely use this as a blush rather than a “highlighter” as well. I just had breakfast (at 1 PM, haha!) and I am currently working on finishing touches for my club’s banquet. Oh, procrastination. Hope I win!

    Ashley ((:

  64. ashlee

    i had frosted flakes for lunch & id use it for a blush because im soo damm fair!

  65. Sass

    I just want it as my 2nd one…I want to keep it as a collector’s item.

  66. Andrea

    I’m wearing gold eyeshadow today after not wearing it for a long time! I had forgotten how much I love gold shadow :)

  67. the colours are to die for.perfect blush for me =)

  68. Darrien

    AHHH I would LOVE this! My MAC store sold out and online it is too, BOO!

  69. daniela.

    it is sold out everywhere in germany, too, and i want it sooooo bad! from the swatches and all the pics it looks like the perfect blush for my skintone.
    love! <3

  70. LostcauseFoundeffect

    I started a new job today !

  71. Anaelle

    I’m in love with Marine Life! ♥♥
    It would look so pretty in my bathroom along with with my other beauty products! (and on me too, but that’s a given! :p)

  72. brittany

    congrats, christine!

    tomorrow is my 25th bday and i would love to win marine life 😀

  73. grace

    I had edamame for snack 😛 marine life would be a perfect blush for me

  74. Celeste

    i had a really fun day playing cards with friends. :) i would use marine life as a blush.

  75. Kerry

    I want Marine Life because.. It’s so beautiful and it’s sold out EVERYWHERE! And.. I had a Diet Coke today :3

  76. Natalie

    Congrats on the big 300,000 !. I would use the celebratory prize to highlight my cheeks and give them a fresh summer glow.

  77. Ilaria

    Yes please

  78. azita

    I would use the powder as a blush! Just because of the beautiful color it gives off :) Happy 300,000 comments, Christine!

  79. Michelle Pattison

    I would love MArine highlight powder. it’s too pretty. the only thing that could make it perfect is if the seahorse wasn’t overspray.

  80. angela segura

    omg marine life!!! well first and formost congratz on the 300 000 commentes!!! your great and deserve that and more!!!! and i guess the reasoni want this is because its what its gunna make my summer look look even greater…i missed out on the peach ombre from the color forecast and i really really really need not want but need it1!!!!!! thanks :)

  81. Jenny

    I had a grilled chicken bacon ranch salad for lunch lol … i hope i win .. i called 3 stores in just one mall looking for it!

  82. Tawny

    COngratulation on the 300,000 comments; your website is informative and very addictive to all of us girls.
    I would love to use Marine Life as a multipurpose product. It would serve as a great highlighter/blush ( since I’m so pale) and the packaging is just adorable. I ate ramen for lunch LOL, typical college life…sigh and the best part of my day is that I’m done with midterms and am finally getting a chance to catch up with my sleep :( :)
    Have a nice day everyone.

  83. Sofia

    The best part of my day is that i get a job!

  84. Angelique

    definitely would be used as a blush for me… seems too pigmented for highlighter

  85. monica

    i’d love to win it to use it as a cheek color maybe even an eye shadow!!

  86. I had a ham & cheese breakfast sandwich from sbux for lunch 😀

  87. Arielle

    i would use it as a light blush, but i will also use it as a highlighter. I had a sandwich for lunch. Pick Me!

  88. Rawrzellers

    I’d use it for blush every day, I had a egg and cheese sandwich for lunch because I didn’t eat it for breakfast, I haven’t had a best part to my day but I’m going to yearbook later on today and I feel I’ll have a really good day there. Ummmm I’m writing this as part of the day as my cat lays on my lap and my legs are falling asleep. My cat is fat and orange but I love him, I also drew a concept for a make up collection I would like to create. Um…. I gathered all my coins up today as well to hopefully have a few bucks in my bank account for in the groove collection… uh I checked temptalia like 6 times today. And thats about all my day consisted of right now.

  89. Lori

    Congrats on 300,000 comments! :) I would use Marine Life as a blush!

  90. Step

    I haven’t had lunch today because I’m out of groceries. Boooo. Congratulations on your 300k!

  91. Aubrey

    Congrats on the 300,000 comments!
    Sadly, I am stuck at home nursing a child with pink eye in both eyes! :(

  92. Brittany

    I want to win Marine Life because I can’t justify buying it for myself :)

  93. This is by far the highlight from this entire collection =)
    I would love to use it as a blush or maybe even an eyeshadow, it’s super pretty!

  94. Amanda

    Congrats on 300,000!!!!

    Marine Life is so pretty, such a great summer color!

  95. the best part of my day is the morning when i make me up to work! I wanna so much the Marine life to make this part of my day even better! XD

  96. Brie

    I would love to use this as a blush as well! :)

  97. Sabrina

    Definitely want Marine Life! The colors are beautiful. Of course its tempting to just never use it and keep the metallic overlay! :)

  98. Janneke

    I want that higligh powder so baaaaaad =(! It’s so pretty!!

  99. Andreja

    Vau, I would love to win this MarineLife. I do not have any product of MAC yet, because in our country it is not available. But MAC have some great stuf. So I am very sad that I do not own no MAC products.

    Congrate for some many comments on the blog. Your blog is really great, I like your posts. If I like to know something I just look in to Temtalia and vaula: I found the perfect info. Thank you so much for this.

    I retwitted this giveaway here:

    Have fun!