Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Win MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish from In the Groove!

One (1) lucky winner will receive the limited edition Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish from MAC’s In the Groove Collection! (Retail value $28.00 — but let’s face it, next best way to get one without paying $100on eBay!  LOL!)

RULES: All entries must be submitted by July 31st, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

Two Ways to Win

You can do one, the other, or both to maximize your chances of winning…

1.) Leave a comment on this blog post tell me what your favorite MAC collection is (of all-time)!

2.) Follow me on Twitter & re-tweet the following: RT @temptalia Follow @temptalia & RT to win MAC Stereo Rose MSF! Info + one more way to win:

Congratulations to @fabsdarling!

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2,077 thoughts on “Win MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish from In the Groove!

  1. francesca

    NEO SCI-FI all the way!!

  2. Shannon

    My favorite collection of all time would be the Barbie collection :)

    Thanks hun!!

  3. Maren

    Liberty of London, I think :)

  4. Nikki

    gosh sooooo manny favs!!! but I think I would have to choose the upcoming Dare to wear I plan on getting every lip gloss!!!! lol….I am a mom of twin girls and wearing makeup makes me feel back on the day again LOOL…

  5. hanh nguyen

    I also tweet it on twitter as hhhnp12

  6. Mel

    I know I’m early but I gotta say Fabulous Felines will be my favourite!

  7. Tiffany

    the best collection of all time would of course be A Muse!

  8. HautePJ

    definitely liberty of london!!! so fresh and different.

  9. Stephanie

    mine was cult of cherry! and it wasn’t even the reds that won me over, it was Creme Cerise lipstick!! LOVE it!

  10. Ester

    My favorite collection is to the beach!

  11. May

    Probably Hello kitty. Not for products necessarily but for packaging.

  12. Barbara

    Hi! My favorite mac collection is Naked Honey! (:


  13. Arianne


  14. Joy

    My favourite collection is Hello Kitty :)

  15. dusty

    Hello Kitty =D

  16. Tobi

    My favorite is the Spring Color Forecast collection.

  17. Rachel

    Love that look! I love starflash eyeshadows and pearlglide liners :)

  18. Janice

    im pretty new to M.A.C so my favourite collection so far has been the spring colour forecast.

  19. TB

    Since I just started collecting, I am anticipating the villain collection to be my favorite!

  20. lily

    MAC STYLE BLACK, just soo cool looking!

  21. Valene

    Hmm, honestly I’ve only broken down and purchased from MAC this year. The closest store or counter for me would be a very expensive flight away. But I finally caved and started ordering online, I hate purchasing things without seeing them in person, but that’s where websites, especially right here at temptalia, come in handy. I get to see real on skin/lip/nails swatches not just promo pics and it helps me make much smarter choices than I would without. SO THANK YOU!

    That all being said, out of the 3 collections I have purchased from, I really like the Alice+Olivia the best. The pigments are just gorgeous.

  22. Tiffany

    I think To the Beach and the Spring Color Forecast (Coral!) are tied for #1.

  23. Marielvis

    My favorite MAC collection was The Spring Colour Forecast!

  24. Man..this is a hard one. But if I really had to choose, it would have to be …… MAC Liberty of London

  25. Lovely, I think this is my only chance to get one! Haha. :) Thanks for having a giveaway! My favorite MAC collection was the Hello Kitty collection.

  26. Sharee

    My favorite is to the beach :)

  27. Barbara

    Hi! My favorite mac collection of all time is Naked Honey!
    This is such a nice giveaway! Thanks for doing it! bye bye

  28. Johanna

    My favorite collection is hard to choose from the two but it is warm and cozy and the love lace i love it!!!!

  29. Aisha

    My favorite Mac collection is “To the beach” I love the colors so bright and just reminds you of summer! :)

  30. Jen

    I’m really into Hello Kitty, so the Hello Kitty collection. Mostly just for packaging though. =)

  31. Lotte

    I’m new to mac. Until now this is my fav. Cause of the MSF in this collection.

  32. Amaura

    I’m pretty new to mac collections but so far Liberty of London. I love the packaging.

  33. Its a cross between Style Warriors and Naked Honey… Buzz from Naked Honey is my absolute favorite lipglass of all time

  34. Ashley

    My favorite is Style Warriors because I couldn’t buy a single thing from In The Groove!

  35. Adriana

    My favorite collection is Barbie loves MAC.

  36. rachel

    hello kitty!!! i really love the colors but also packaging!

  37. Staci

    My favorite is the pret-a-papier collection because I love the coral colors of the lipsticks and lipglasses.

  38. Leda

    I’ve only been following the collections for a little while, but so far my favourite is the Spring Colour Forecast.

  39. Mindy D

    Hello Kitty! :)

  40. MimiG323

    I’m really pumped for the upcoming Venomous Villains! I’ll definitely buy more from it than any other collection in the past!

  41. Marwa

    Definitely Style Black!

  42. Tifa

    I’m new to makeup so I’m not really familiar with that many MAC collections, but so far I’ve liked In the Groove more than To the Beach and Alice and Olivia. I like the concept of the Disney Villains one, but I’m actually particularly excited for the Wonder Woman collection! Too bad that’s gonna take a year to come out :\

  43. jesspynk13

    In The Groove!

  44. Jessica

    My favorite is To the Beach!

  45. I loved Baroque Boudoir for the beautiful silver compact (filled with sheer mystery powder), which I still use everyday!

  46. Diana

    Rococco! an oldie but a goodie. :)

  47. ena

    Liberty of London!

  48. Kim L

    BARBIE LOVES MAC – since i love barbie <3

  49. Megan

    Hello kitty and liberty of London were awesome!

  50. kareny

    Hello kitty collection!!!

  51. Mai

    My favorite of all time? Hmm maybe Danse because of the name and Lure because of the packaging

  52. Kim

    Mine would be Danse…such a beautiful collection!!!

  53. Bea

    my fave mac collection is style black

  54. Sam

    My favorite MAC collection was Color Craft. I loved that one!

  55. Angela

    I have to say it was Hello Kitty collection. I regret not buying very much and wanting it so much now.

  56. Agnetha

    Mac Rose Romance & Pret a Papier!

  57. Sam


  58. Vanessa

    MAC Sugarsweet!

  59. My favourite collection is the one coming up with the cats.

  60. helen

    mac hello kitty

  61. katy

    my favorite collection was probably new sci fi.

  62. Katt

    Heatherette! Soooo girly! Barbie and Hello Kitty were close runners-up though.

  63. My favourite is Neo Sci Fi! :)

  64. Michelle Pattison

    My Favorite MAC collection of all time is yet to come. I absolutley can’t wait for venamous villians – so cool even though I’ll be 31 on saturday disney is still where it’s at and now I get to share those classics I loved with my niece. we watched Snow White together when it was re released several months ago and we went and saw the Princess and the Frog in theatres when it was there. At her age the villans are still villans and she dreams of the Princesses but I’m thrilled by the villans collection

  65. Smak

    Helllloooo kitttyy

  66. My favorite MAC collection of all time is of course the Hello Kitty collection. The theme was so cute, so was the palettes and the doll they were selling. I wish MAC would do more cute themes like the Hello Kitty one :)

  67. Estelle

    MAC Barbie only because it rereleased Moth Brown, which I adore!!

  68. mango

    hello kitty!!!!!!!!! duh!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. mandy

    MAC Hello Kitty is my fave!

  70. hlenters

    i’ve only started collecting Mac (so addictive!). Liberty of london was my favorite. Looks like the Fabulous Felines collection might top that though…

  71. Kate

    I’d say Liberty of London.

  72. Brenda

    Hello Kitty is my fave.

  73. My favorite collection from MAC was To The Beach, beceause it’s the firts collection that I discovered by myself and fell in love with certain products♥

  74. Favorite MAC collection of all time…. Fafi!!! I bought the entire collection, totally made my life. Favorite pieces were the nail lacquer and all shades of teal eyeshadow. The signature drawings really made the collection stand out <3

  75. kara vitacca

    I really loved warm and cozy and spring forecast! warm and cozy was probably my favorite though :)

  76. jukipa

    my favourite collection is rose romance , i absolutely love the see thru lip colours

  77. Heidi Pena

    Favorite collection was probably color crafted – so many pretty things.

  78. Sandy

    My favourite MAC collection was Barbie loves Mac!

  79. Entering! I would have to say my favorite MAC collection of all time is She Shines. I have all the pigments!

  80. Jessica

    My fav so far is the “Warm and Cozy” Edition, because it was the first they released after i found out what MAC is (and its the only LE i got more than 4 products from :) )

  81. Carrie L

    my favorite was pret a papier
    i haven’t been into mac for long but i bought a lot from that collection and I love it!

  82. chibicheeks

    I would have to say Hello Kitty or to the beach, so colorful!

  83. Julie

    My favourite was Liberty of London, I was obsessed with the packaging and the colours were pretty wearable!

  84. Isheeta

    MAC To The Beach!

  85. fiaspice

    That’s a hard choice. I really loved To The Beach, Pret-à-Papier and DigiPop equally.

  86. Stacy

    My favorite collection was the spring color forecast collection. Especially with the peachy-coral colors :)

    Thank you for doing this.

  87. Janie

    Mac’s Blonde, Redhead, and Brunette Collection!!!!!

  88. Storm

    Oh, why do you do this?? I loved Neo Sci Fi because it contained my HG of blushes. But….I’m excited about this Wonder Woman collab. AND…To be honest, I loved Style Black. My favorite though…ooh….ummm….
    Barbie Loves MAC! I had just gotten into it and I loved Barbie as a kid… and was all over MAC….. so yes! Barbie Loves MAC with a lot of others close by!

  89. Yo

    My all time favorite is the Fafi Collection!=)

  90. angie

    My favorite collection is the Rose Romance collection!

  91. michelle

    The Hello Kitty collection!!!

  92. Kristen

    MAC to the beach!

  93. Olivia

    spring colour forecast…

  94. Mimsy

    Hello Kitty.

  95. Amanda

    The Barbie Loves MAC collection was by far my fave!!

  96. Rednwicked

    I loved the Style Black collection!!

  97. Dayday

    I really love To The Beach, I bought a lot from this collection. Also Cult of Cherry!