Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Win MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish from In the Groove!

One (1) lucky winner will receive the limited edition Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish from MAC’s In the Groove Collection! (Retail value $28.00 — but let’s face it, next best way to get one without paying $100on eBay!  LOL!)

RULES: All entries must be submitted by July 31st, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

Two Ways to Win

You can do one, the other, or both to maximize your chances of winning…

1.) Leave a comment on this blog post tell me what your favorite MAC collection is (of all-time)!

2.) Follow me on Twitter & re-tweet the following: RT @temptalia Follow @temptalia & RT to win MAC Stereo Rose MSF! Info + one more way to win:

Congratulations to @fabsdarling!

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2,077 thoughts on “Win MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish from In the Groove!

  1. Juliana

    my favorite mac collection is to the beach!

  2. What a nice prize!
    I’m nostalgic about the Starflash collection. Back then Mac had just opened in my country, that was my first real Mac haul and I still enjoy using the products I got at that time (am kind of scared of seeing them used up I must say).

  3. Michelle

    I loved the Spring Color Forecast collection! So much to choose from!

  4. Krista

    Undoubtedly, Cult of Cherry!!!

  5. Jenny

    I’m pretty new to mac, but my favorite collection that I’ve seen so far was probably Liberty of London. I loved the packaging and Ever Hip is one of my favorite lipsticks!

  6. Khadija

    My favorite MAC collection of all time was the Hello kitty collection because i am obsessed with her as is.

  7. Amber

    My fave MAC collection of all time has to be “To the Beach” from Summer 2010! The Marine Life higlighter is so gorgeous I have it on display in my room!

  8. Tawny

    My all time favorite Mac collection is the TO THE BEACH collection for Summer ’10. Very wearable products but at the same time, very unique. I have back-up for a lot of the stuff from that collection

  9. evo

    cult of cherry!

  10. meghan

    My all time favorite Collection was Cult of Cherry. I love the deep fall colors. I am hoping Venomous Villains will be up there too!!!

  11. Arantzazu

    In don’t know well MAC older collections, but I like very much ‘Prêt a papier’.
    I find the colours very beautiful and the image of the collection is very sweet.

  12. annall

    This in the groove collection is my favorite, because stereo rose got released,a nd unfortunately i didn’t get there on time, and missed out on it, so it would be awesome to win it.

  13. Jennifer

    my favorite MAC item has to be studio fix never leave home without it 😉

    • Jennifer

      ok lol that was a mistake i totally misunderstood the question ummmm…my favorite of all time would have to be the SuperGLaSS

  14. Jula

    I liked Liberty of London, even though I didn’t have the chance to get anything from it :(

  15. Madison

    mac hello kitty!

  16. My fave MAC collection will be the Hello Kitty! It’s so cute that I want to collect them all 😀

  17. alana

    my favourite collection was c shock!

  18. roberta

    no doubt, Hello kitty!

  19. Sara

    Vegas Volt- love my lipstick

  20. Kaylabella

    I absolutely loved the Style Warriors Collection!

  21. Pam

    favourite mac collection is Rose Romance

  22. Oh dear, I have so many all time favourites. C Shock and Style Black are the ones I wish they would repromote though. I wasn’t all that into In The Groove, until I saw it in person. That one’s up there as well!

  23. my fav collection is the hello kitty collection even though I didn’t have any money to buy anything from it then ^^’

  24. cafii

    mac hello kitty!

  25. Liz

    Mac to the beach!

  26. Marinka

    My favorite MAC collection of all time is going to be the Venomous Villains. I just love everything Disney-related and I will be buying a lot of this collection for sure!

  27. Lauren C.

    My favorite collection was the From Our Lips collection, which introduced the Viva Glam Gaga&Cyndi. I love this collection because Viva Glam Cyndi is my all time favorite lipstick!

  28. Khalilah

    The Spring Colour Forecast was the best!

  29. cult of cherry ! hands down.

  30. Sydney

    rose romance!

  31. Shah'ada

    I’m REALLY looking forward to the feline collex!

  32. there are so many great ones but i would have to say the hello kitty.

  33. Joni

    My favorite MAC Collection was the Makeup Art Cosmetics collection :)

  34. Fiza

    I’m new to this but so far my favourite is Liberty of London. The packaging is so pretty. Plus, i love A Different Groove Lipglass to add a touch of plum to an otherwise plain boring everyday look.

  35. Lauren

    I have not been a fan of MAC for that long so I haven’t experienced that many collections but I think my favorite is To The Beach, all of the colors work so well together!

  36. Jywoi

    I’m new to mac so To The Beach would be my favourite but the year is not over yet and Fabulous Felines looks awesome!

  37. saralorine

    Pret-a-papier! GL everyone.

  38. WithIt

    Hi Christine!
    The MAC collection that started my obsession was “Royal Assets!” A friend bought me the 5 smokey eyes pallet as a gift and I became hooked for life! :) Up to now, that’s been my favorite collection, but I think the up-coming “Fabulous Felines” might take its place!

  39. suzette rodriquez

    As of now the barbie collection was my favorite. who dosent like Barbie? but i think the new disney one will soon be my fav.

  40. Azaza

    Color forecast 3 would be my favorite

  41. That´s a really good question. I think, the best MAC Collection ever ist the Give Me Liberty of London Collection. I like the Love Lace Collection, too. Thank you very much for the nice price.
    Greatings from Germany. Lisa (:

  42. I loved the C-Shock collection from 06! That was one collection where I bought the ENTIRE collection. Still love the eyeshadows to this day.

  43. Sandy

    My favorite MAC collection would be any collection I actually got to own, since I have only 2 MAC products in my possession: “O” l/s and “Teddy” kohl e/l.

  44. i would have to say In The Groove, simply because of the MSF’s. they were all so beautiful and it’s the collection that made me fall in love with MSF’s!

  45. i looooove c shock but Dare to Ware and Disney one are making me shake… So excited!

  46. Marie-Lyne

    Mac ”To the Beach” collection 2010 :)

  47. Eunbee

    I’m going to have to go with Starflash! Absolutely LOVE the textures and color selection they had-too bad they were all sold out at my MAC store :(

  48. Kae

    Hello Kitty, hands down!

  49. Adele

    I am fairly new to MAC but A Rose Romance was lovely. All very wearable and therefore I could justify buying lots (as opposed to what I normally do and buy it and then never use it!).

  50. LuvJ

    The Lure Collection from 2006.. love the colors from that collection..

  51. selva

    I loved the “BRUNETTE BLONDE REDHEAD” collection!

  52. Joanne

    My favorite was the Hello Kitty collection because I’ve been collecting Sanrio merchandise since I was a little girl!

  53. I have to say that Disny’s villeins is my favorute and I really don’t care about the products. the packages are TO DIE FOR!!!

  54. Dawn

    The Spring Colour Forecast Collection must be my favourite, as there was just so much to choose from – something for everyone!

    To The Beach comes a close second

  55. Carol L

    I would have to say the MAC Kitty Kouture was my fave.

  56. Hmmm favorite MAC collection, this is a tough one since I have liked different products from various collections. I’m still in love with my FaFi for MAC Collaboration. Loved the colors and her fafinettes are too adorable!

  57. My ultime favourite MAC collection was C-shock

  58. Nina

    My favorite collection of all time is Danse

  59. Diana Ross collection hands down!

  60. Denise

    my all-time favorite Mac collection is To the Beach

  61. Jenni

    My fav collection so far (I’ve only been following MAC collection launches since Winter 09!) is the Spring Forecast collection :)

  62. Missa

    My fav collection would be the style black collection. Next would be colour forecast :)

  63. Dee E.

    ‘Prêt a papier’ was my favorite, with In the Groove trailing closely behind!

  64. Sarah

    ooh thats a tough one! Id have to go with Liberty of London. I bought many things from that collection that I use regularly and the packaging was my all time fav!!!!

  65. Phung

    I like the DigiPops Collection! I’m kind of new to MAC only since last year, so I don’t know all the collections but this time I bought Tawny One from MAC at Nordstrom for the Anniversary Sale and it’s really nice especially the eyeshadow. I mean it looks shimmery purple but comes out gold like!

  66. Alisha

    My favourite MAC collection was Hello Kitty, for sure!!!

  67. Norma

    It’s between Hello Kitty & To the beach:)

  68. Bobo

    the Pret-a-Papier collection!

  69. My fav collection of all time is ‘Give me Liberty of London’. Just loved the packaging lipsticks! =)

  70. Aline Nayara

    My favorite mac collection is mac in the groove!

  71. I think it would have to be a tie between to the beach and in the groove. To the beach had that gorgeous highlighting powder and in the groove had some gorgeous MSF’s and blushes!

  72. Emily

    My favorite by far was Neo Sci-Fi!!

  73. mrsgengy

    Honestly, I have never tried MAC, so I don’t have a favorite collection, but winning this would be an awesome way to start!!!!

  74. Lou

    I totally heart Rose Romance!

  75. fabienne

    Hello kittyyyyyyyyy

  76. carla



  77. Jenny

    My favorite collection of all time had to be Style Black Collection. I love the messy rocker look

  78. marley

    the hello kitty collection

  79. Cindy

    My favourite collection so far is the Cult of Cherry, love it !

  80. Jen

    I like Fafi a lot even though I don’t really have many products from it.

  81. Margarida Castro

    My favorite mac collection (of all time) since I know about MAC is: to the beach collection!!**

  82. Shirry

    Um, Flashtronic? I guess.
    I am a huge fan of MAC’s mineralize stuff – mineralize eye shadow, mineralize blush and MSF! I am collecting them! So basically all collections with mineralize stuff, like Color Craft, In the Groove, Electroflash, etc. are my favorite!
    So sad that I had missed the release of In the Groove and of course the Stereo Rose due to my summer trip And Nordstrom had just cancelled my backorder of Stereo Rose :(
    Praying that I could win it here. Amen!

  83. Catherine

    My favorite collection was Cult of Cherry.

  84. michelle

    Definitely the spring color forecast collection!!

  85. hanh nguyen

    My favorite is MAC fix+ and mineralize skinfinish perfect topping.

  86. Mandi

    My favorite MAC collection was Lure <3

  87. I have to say Neo Sci-Fi because I have atleast 3 from their collection and I love their orange packaging :)

    twitter id : newtomakeup

  88. Tanica

    My favorite MAC collection was Style Black!!

  89. Brynn

    I loved the Naughty Nauticals collection!

  90. Danielle

    My favorite MAC collection is the Lure collection from forever ago!! I love the turquoise packaging, and the Maidenchant blush cream is possibly my favorite blush of all time!! I also want Waternymph from this collection very badly, but can’t find it anywhere :(

  91. nikki

    The Give Me Liberty of London collection is my favorite so far, but the Felines collection is looking pretty nice!

  92. JennyJen813

    Heatherette for the packaging and Liberty of London for colors!

  93. Tanisha

    Style Warriors is my favorite collection. :o)

  94. Kendra

    My favorite MAC collection had to be Cult of Cherry!

  95. Mary Beth

    The only ones I’ve seen come out were Pret-a-Papier and To the Beach. Oh, and In the Groove. And I haven’t bought anything from any of them. And if I did it would probably be…. well I can think of things I would buy from any of the three actually. I think maybe I’d choose Marine Life but I haven’t swatched it so don’t know. I will go with To the Beach then. I’m positive that the most fascinating one is Rodarte. And the one that I have a product I love from is Viva Glam Cyndi and Gaga.

  96. Nayeli

    My face has been style worriers