Friday, April 17th, 2009

Temptalia Gives Away MAC Steppin’ Out Dazzleglass!

We’re giving away one (1) MAC Steppin’ Out Dazzleglass from the limited edition MAC Double Dazzle Collection. Submit your entry by leaving a comment in this post and telling us why you want to win. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with “winner chosen” when one has been chosen.

All entries must be submitted by April 19th, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. That’s it! This contest is only open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws.

Increase Your Chances to Win (For a total of three chances!)

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Good luck!

Winner has been chosen! Thank you for participating!

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266 thoughts on “Win MAC Steppin’ Out Dazzleglass!

  1. Ann

    YES first!
    I just love those dazzleglasses

  2. Lisa

    Soooo pretty. I’d looooooooooooooove to win this cause it’s super gorgeous and definetily one of my musthaves for this summer!!!

    Twitter: Saiikax3
    RSS subscribed

  3. Please enter me into the draw, I would love to win because I have no Dazzleglasses and I don’t think I will be getting one anytime soon! Thank-you :) x

  4. kae

    i want to win because this looks like such a pretty pink color.

    twitter: ohkaekaekae

  5. Manda

    i would love to win because this is my fave shade and mine is almost gone!!!

    twitter: @ImmaDiva

  6. Stephanie

    I want to win because I’ve never tried a dazzleglass before!

    twitter: fillette

  7. purple

    I want to win because this is a beautiful color!

  8. Macaddict

    I want to win bc I’m lovin’ it!!! Great colour!
    Twitter: Macbeauty

  9. Steph D

    Please enter me in the draw, I would love to try the dazzleglasses!

  10. aradna

    because its mac!
    rss subscribed

  11. because i never win 😀 love is on my side… but this dazzleglaze wants me so and i want him 2.

    twitter:makeupblog + email

  12. Paulien

    I want to win because this is a great chance to try those famous dazzleglasses!

  13. Anna

    I would love to win because it’s such a beautiful color and I’m totally broke right now :'(.

  14. Niharika

    i soooo wanna win this.
    uber pretty!!

  15. I would love to win this because the color is really pretty and I love MAC. I have never won anything from Temptalia yet. I follow on Twitter and subscribe via email.
    Twitter: GlamourGirl21

  16. jessica

    i just love dazzleglasses ;D and it`d be awesome to win.
    twitter-giggling also receive rss already.

  17. Haley

    I would love to win this dazzleglass because I think it’s a gorgeous color, and also because I have never won anything in my life.

  18. Maria

    I would LOVE to win the dazzle glasses because I dont own any and would love to try them out.

  19. Lauren

    I would love to try one of the dazzleglasses! Love the look they give!

    Twitter: Doozywhoop

  20. Sarah

    I’d love to win! The colour is so gorgeous and I have never tried a dazzleglass. Twitter name is MissMoofy :)

  21. Cassie Miao

    I don’t own any MAC products but I really wanting to try this product!

  22. Leah

    I love the look of this Dazzleglass, one of my favorites based on what I’ve seen. Can’t afford any of them right now so I’d love to win.

    Twitter = Feisty_Redhead
    & I am a subscriber, too. =)

  23. jolener

    I would love to win because i never tried any of the dazzleglasses, let alone own any of them.

    twitter: jolener
    RSS subscriber

  24. Brie

    I want to win this, I adore dazzleglass!

  25. Patricia Bertola

    It’s so gorgeous!

  26. Lauren

    i’d love to win, because it would really cheer me up right now!
    twitter: lollypop0613

  27. Stephanie

    I’d love to win because I’ve never tried dazzelglass before and would like to. Plus, this shade looks amaaaazing!

    twitter: thebackseatsman

  28. Lauren

    I would love to win a dazzleglass

  29. Tanya

    Hi! I would love to try this! The color is so pretty!

    twitter: tanyan1
    I am subscribed.

  30. Katherine

    I want to win because I love dazzleglasses!
    Twitter: ceribella3
    Already subscribed :)

  31. Alexine

    I’d love to win because I want to try out the dazzleglass!

  32. Heather

    I want to win cause I love dazzleglass!! Twitter – rockerchick2719 RSS

  33. I want to win because I’ve never owned a Dazzeglass!

    Twitter: Shushka

  34. vicky!

    i want to win because i don’t own any MAC lip products!

    twitter: thaichilisauce

  35. jamie

    i really wanna try the dazzleglass!


    twitter: jamienator

  36. Erika

    I would really like to win because u guys always have amazing giveaway stuff, and im like crazy to get one. I can’t buy from the Mac website because i don’t live in the US :( and ebay sells so freaggin’ expensive, so i reeeeally really would like to win this :)

  37. Ashlee

    I would love to win because it’s beautiful and because i have never won anything

  38. i want to win because i love dazzleglasses!!!

  39. My twitter is missmercy87….and I believe I deserve a dazzleglass because I can’t afford to buy any decent stuff, and I currently only have two MAC items!!!They weren’t brand new, either :(

  40. Summer

    Please enter me!! I want to win because the dazzleglasses are so so pretty and I just can’t afford more than 1.

    I follow you on twitter! Pinkstars82 =)

  41. Cheyenne

    I love MAC, and I love free MAC even more!
    Cuppincake on twitter

  42. Kirstin

    I would love to win this ’cause the colour is so pretty!

    Subscribed & twitter’d (kirstinkthx)

  43. Pizzicata

    Would like to win this because it reminds me of a good song. Tweeting at pizzicata09

  44. Pretty color, I’d love to win!!!
    DreamyObsession on Twitter!

  45. Crystal

    I have never owned a dazzleglass and would love to!
    Crissy8410 on twitter!

  46. Shelly

    I would love to win because this color is insanely gorgeous and I would love to have it be my first dazzleglass!!
    -subscribed to RSS =)

  47. Jenn

    I want to win because I want a dazzleglass!
    Twitter: chinandjuice
    Email: subscribed


  48. kimmy

    i love it!!
    twitter: kimmy_kouture

  49. Janet

    This looks like a fun color!

    Thanks, Christine!

  50. kat

    Because it’s a beautiful colour and I don’t have a dazzleglass! Twitter: kittton

  51. Danielle

    sooo pretty!! Twitter: dmartinxoxo

  52. Tina

    Please enter me because I have none.


  53. Tiffany

    i would love to win this dazzleglass cause i’ve never tried any of them and this one looks super gorgeous!

    twitter: tiffster289
    RSS feed: already subscribed!

  54. I wanna win this because I live all the way in Jamaica and there are no MAC stores here and the website won’t accept intl credit cards :(


  55. BaDKiTTy

    Would love to win this one, cause they are all pretty. so doesnt matter which one for me.

  56. kobri

    I’d love to win because I really like this colour and I never win anything.
    Twitter: Kell78

  57. Jen

    I’d be happy to win this!!

  58. Dini23

    OOh I want this. Im so greedy, I want them all lol. Theyre oh-so-pretty!!!

    subscribed and twittered

  59. Emma

    please enter me!! i love dazzleglasses and i would love to win another one!

  60. DoDe

    One entry for dazzleglass.

  61. baybee

    i want to win!

  62. Kim

    I’d love to win this because the color is really cute

    Twitter: kim9duck

  63. Teresa

    I’d love to win b/cz this is one of my fav looking dazzleglasses
    twitter: TeresaHonoursMC

  64. Fataliya

    I’d like to win because nothing is better than winning some MAC!!!
    Twitter: Fataliya

  65. I want to win because Dazzleglasses are so damn pretty.

  66. Ricci

    I want to win because I love this color I want to sparkle this summer!

  67. Mica

    please! I would like to win because i don’t have any dazzleglasses and this one is a pretty color =)

    twitter: mica_gee

  68. Melody

    I would love to win this
    Pick me :(
    Twitter id: melodycosmo
    Recieve daily feed

  69. Audrey

    I’d love to win because it looks gorgeous!
    Twitter: szuchnic

  70. Porcelain

    I’d like to win because I love pink glosses!

  71. Ooooh this color matches my hair. Haha. I love it!


  72. I would love to win this because I need a dazleglass in my life and this color is hot!
    Twitter @ibiscaraib

  73. mich

    please enter me
    twitter- teasecake

  74. Sa

    It would make me smile

  75. Catherine

    I would love to win this, it’s so pretty!

  76. kensie

    gorgeous!!! i wanna win plz!

  77. Rachel

    I want to win because i want to give one to my friend. =)
    Twitter: Mortine

  78. lisa

    I would like to win this because i do not have this shade.

  79. I want to win because I don’t have any MAC products.

    Twitter: BuriedMalice

  80. sej

    I really want to win because it would make my day! RSS and twitter: Itzastar

  81. Claudia

    I want one cause I just do.
    Twitter: awinknasmile
    RSS subscribed

  82. ali

    bc its dazzle!
    current subscriber

  83. Carolyn Barnett

    i is suite1954 on twitter.Beautiful color.This is the first time i saw dazzleglass. COOL!

  84. Angel

    That looks beautiful :)

  85. I would love to win Steppin’ Out dazzleglass because I’ve never got the chance to get that color when it first came out last year and been wanting that dazzleglass for sometime.

    Twitter: FabDiva20
    E-mail subscriber

  86. Jackie

    id love to win because ive developed this odd obsession with makeup due to youtube and sites like these but i cant afford to purchase everything id like! its not something i need… but its something i really want! 😀

  87. Indira

    i want to win because the color is soo pretty and i want a dazzleglass :)

  88. Ming

    I would love to win this gorgeous coloured dazzleglass I have never tried them before!!!
    Twitter: fabulositybebe(following u)
    RSS: subscribed

  89. Delia Lupan

    I want it because I loooove dazzleglasses

  90. Lina

    i’d love one! too poor to buy one right now lol
    RSS subscriber
    twitter: linawangfang

  91. Mary Ann

    Who doesn’t want to win this? 😉

  92. Grace

    I’d love to win! This is a very cute color :)

  93. Becca

    I want to win because I’ve never tried any of the dazzleglasses, but they look pretty.
    twitter: Rebsolo

  94. Cindy K.

    I would love to this color.

  95. Cindy K.

    I love this color.

  96. Catherine

    these colors are so pretty, never owned a dazzleglass sure would love to!

    Twitter: so0xpink

  97. diana

    i want to win because this lipglass is GORGEOUS!!!!! and it’s meat for me lol

    Twitter: Cheetokisses
    Rss subscriber

  98. because it’s a very pretty color 😀

    twitter; xkhaotik

  99. Kristin

    I would love to try any Dazzleglass. I think this one would look good on me!!

  100. joyceee

    i’d love to win this :) gorgeous color!

    subscribed tooooo