Friday, June 25th, 2010

Win MAC Shimmermoss Eyeshadow from To the Beach!

One (1) lucky winner will receive the limited edition Shimmermoss Eyeshadow from MAC’s To the Beach Collection! (Retail value $14.50!)

RULES: All entries must be submitted by June 30th, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

Two Ways to Win

You can do one, the other, or both to maximize your chances of winning…

1.) Leave a comment on this blog post tell me what you’re doing this weekend!

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Congratulations to Jenny K.!

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983 thoughts on “Win MAC Shimmermoss Eyeshadow from To the Beach!

  1. Marinka

    I’m gonna go shopping this weekend <3

  2. Emma

    This weekend I’ll be preparing for a trip to the beach for next weekend’s long weekend! So much to do!!

  3. Rebekah


  4. Jolene

    i’ll be working and packing on the weekend because i’m leaving for Minneapolis on monday! so excited ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Ren

    Working on proofing a volunteer project for the local hospital, a few summer assignments (blegh, no fun), but then the BEACH (major fun), and church on Sunday

  6. Sharon

    Studying for exams :(

  7. Kerry

    I am going wine tasting! Yay = )

  8. Kathleen

    I will be spending the weekend with my fiance and 2 beautiful children. I am hoping to head to the beach if the weather permits! :)

  9. Jo

    This weekend I’m going to buy lots of fresh fruits and veggies at a local farmers market and just enjoying a relaxing summer weekend! =)

  10. marix

    Will see a movie with my bff and will do shopping

  11. Vanilja

    This weekend will kick of with the midsummer celebrations! It’s sauna, grilling and a few good movies in my case. Sunday on the other hand will be spent cleaning up the house, I’ve been avoiding that for way too long…

  12. Michou

    Researching apartments, getting rid of things I no longer need, finish organizing my makeup, laundry, dishes…

    and see some good friends. :)

  13. This weekend, I was hoping to go to the beach, but, there’s this “party” in my town to celebrate Jeanne Hachette (the one who saved our town during middle age) & lots of my friends are attending it, so I guess I’m too.
    But, I’ll see my boyfriend on sunday.
    CANT WAIT :)

  14. Judy

    I’m going to go the arizona for my sister’s graduation!

  15. Eileen

    I’ll be helping my sister clean the church and then head to a field day with my family enjoying the day outdoors.

  16. Jenna

    This weekend I’m starting at my first job!

  17. This weekend I’m stuck going to graduation parties for like 5 people who all conviently planned their parties on the same day. Being a good friend, I said yes to all. -_-

  18. iris

    Well today i’m going shopping, and to nor-cal. Tomorrow, sanfrancisco, and sunday, im going to work. Woohooo.

  19. I am working this weekend! Soo fun o_O

  20. nicole

    I’m going to work and relax all weekend.

  21. Pat

    I’m biking and going to the pool this weekend.

  22. Will play with my new nicky clarke straightner or will be waiting for monday :/ I don’t like weekends .

  23. Ahleya

    Tis weekend im going to my dad’s house and hopefully to the movies/mall with my sister while im there! I can’t wait! :)

  24. Joy

    This weekend I’m meeting up for lunch with my best friend and then going to the theatre.

  25. I’m recovering from my vacation and watching the World Cup! *BZZZZ*

  26. Amy C.

    this wkd is going to be a bumming at home kinda wkd

  27. Pam

    i’m going to watch Toy Story 3. finished watching 1 and 2 yesterday (for the first time!!)

  28. Nicole F.

    Going to a carnival and going dress shopping for my friends wedding!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  29. Tiffany

    I’ll be packing my stuff because I’m leaving to Seattle on Monday. It’s gonna be fun!

  30. Hi!
    I am working blah it is the final push before the fiscal year ends and so that means too much work!
    Sunday will be spent at the races though – such a lovely time!

  31. Sophia

    Going to a party! :)

  32. Brittany

    I’m going to a leadership conference for my co-ed service fraternity! (Alpha Phi Omega!)

  33. irisalonso

    going out at my city’s party

  34. yiota

    hopefully go to the beach and tan!!

  35. I’m going shopping with my boyfriend and then we’re eating out (pizza) :)

  36. brittany

    going to a cookout!

  37. Watching football of course!!! USA vs. Ghana and England vs. Germany!!!! I’m sooo excited!!!!! I’m a true Caribbean, football fanatic!!! Have a great weekend!!

  38. I am shopping in NYC and working the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic on Governor’s Island–Yahoo!

  39. I will be attending a charity fashion show, “pret a porter”, in San Francisco.

  40. Petra

    i’ll go to the cinema with my boyfriend,buy some stuff on ebay.usual weekend :)

  41. My weekend should be quiet. My birthdays next weekend, and the man already gave me my gift, so the most energetic thing we have planned this weekend is going to the farmers market. Which is just as well, since its the end of my work week, and its trounced me.

    Yes, my life is boring. I prefer it that way.

  42. sonia

    relaxing at home.

  43. Sophia

    i’m going to orlando..which means outlet malls;)

  44. Friday BBQ
    Sat-Go shopping
    Sun-I’m going to IMATS =)

  45. Zeni

    Unfortunatly I will be working this weekend.

  46. Tania

    i am gonna go to the beach :-)

  47. This week end? I sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep :)

  48. elena

    i am going to the beach.

  49. Jennifer

    Maybe taking piano class tomorrow, sleep in and hang out with friends and study for a government test

  50. Leah

    Getting some exercise/sun :)

  51. Nola

    Learning :( I’ve got a huuge exam on Monday. Fortunately it’s my last one.

  52. Z

    I am relaxing this weekend for the most part.
    I am working/volunteering in downtown LA Fashion District on Saturday and Sunday just relaxing at home…oh yeah organize my makeup mess

  53. Linda

    I’m going to learn learn learn learn learn learn! My Exam week starts on tuesday, so it’s not going to be a fun weekend :(
    Would really like to win this, I don’t own anything from MAC yet, and it would really make my day! (or err… weekend!)

  54. Stephanie

    I have this weekend planned out for baking a mango mousse cake and watching dvds ๐Ÿ˜€

  55. sophie

    i’ll go to the beach!!!! do some taning and swimming! yeay!!! and when the sun goes down i put on my makeup and go to a party at a beach bar!

  56. TheJoey

    Spending the weekend with my best friend. No distractions just talk shopping and movies.

  57. Jenny

    I’ll be working =(

  58. Sweeda88

    Not doing much this weekend! I’m about to film a makeup tutorial, though!

  59. eveli

    Friday, make spaghetti with my kids and take them to build a bear. Saturday, make some fish ceviche and invite some friends. Sunday, going to a princess house party.

  60. Jennifer

    going swimming hopefully, cause it is HOT!

  61. Claudia

    Saturday spending the day with family that’s visiting from Cali and Sunday car scavenger hunt.

  62. Fatema

    got a new house and we are moving this weekend!!! so excited!! :)

  63. Caitlin

    This weekend I will be spending in my pool :)

  64. Lizbeth

    What a pretty color!!! This weekend I dont have any set plans but hope to get a chance to hang out with a few friends before they leave for vacation! Have a good weekend!!

  65. rachel

    I’ll be returning my recently purchased Illamasqua blushers. Rude and Tremble. Not for me!

  66. Jenn

    I live in Seattle, so I’m taking the family out to the Market to eat dinner at a seafood restaurant with a sweeping view of the bay. Sweet! Belated father’s day!

  67. Miki

    Going to a party on Saturday and shopping on Sunday =)

  68. Shanika

    watching movies

  69. Lena

    i’m making sushi and cheesecake on separate days, lol. also possibly going to the beach!

  70. Kitty

    I m not sure if I can join as I live in Holland, but I try it anyways ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Saturdaymornings I always go work-out. After that I go to the local market to buy fruits and vegs.
    Sunday there will be a beauty event at my hometown, so I m sure I will be there !!

  71. Mimi

    This weekend, my husband and I are going camping to celebrate our anniversary! I can’t wait for him to get his surprise gift *wink wink*

  72. Kat

    I’m going home to visit my family and I have a graduation party to attend!

  73. Lara

    I’m unpacking and relaxing home after a week long trip to the beach :)

  74. mary

    im going to look at condos to buy as we are moving soon.

  75. Xiaoxin Liu

    read some papers. get prepared for the next rotation~

  76. S

    I will be celebrating my birthday this weekend! I’m turning 19, yay :)

  77. Kelly

    I’m going to the beach with my bff and then we’re going shopping! <3

  78. Hanna

    I am working all weekend. We are having a Grand Opening in the Store I run so it’s gonna be a busy one;)

  79. i have to finish something for school, so ill be doing that this weekend. Maybe some shopping or just hang out with a friend

  80. Karina

    Quality time with my family. :)

  81. Cindy

    Cooking, cleaning & vegging. The usual.

  82. Step

    Watching USA v Ghana!

  83. Amanda

    This weekend I will be cooling off at the pool. It is so hot outside!!!

  84. I’m hopefully going to Ulta to get some makeup of course haha. And maybe hang out with my friend.

  85. I’m going to pack a lot of stuff up because I’m moving to another neighborhood. Quite annoying and boring… =S

    I RT’d it on Twitter, @invisibletears . =)

  86. Sandy

    I’m going to a classic rock concert and will be seeing Joan Jett and REO Speedwagon. Wouldn’t this eye shadow rock right along with the music?

  87. Heidi

    I’m going to IMATS this weekend – woohoo!

  88. Chamanie

    This weekend I’m going shopping for school clothes and going to the movies

  89. catrienna

    unfortunately i need to work, :-(

  90. Rosa Napoleon

    Unfortunately my plans for this weekend is to study for GRE. Lots of fun

  91. Karli

    I’m gonna go watch my brother in a musical that hes starring in.

  92. iris

    staying at home :( cause iยดm sick

  93. Barb

    One word: BBQ (is that one word?)

  94. I’ll get my “Abitur” certificate! That means I’m finally completely finished with school and can look forward to going to university this fall. :)

  95. Jenny

    Going to IMATS. :)

  96. Naomi

    Just a little reading.

  97. Jincy

    Doing HW for summer classes.. fun fun :)

  98. I’m taking event photos at the beach on Saturday, then driving up to NYC for Sunday and Monday!