Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Temptalia Gives Away MAC Vintage MAC-oliday!

The first giveaway in our third blogiversary celebration is in the theme of Vintage MAC Holiday. Check back tomorrow for another Vintage MAC-oliday prize package!

We’re giving away…

  • MAC Royal Assets Warm Eyes
  • MAC Royal Assets Coral Lips

all from the limited edition MAC Royal Assets Collection. This prize is valued at $58.50 (U.S.).

Submit your entry by leaving a comment telling me what your favorite holiday is.

All entries must be submitted by October 13th, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with “winner chosen” when one has been chosen.

Increase Your Chances to Win…

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609 thoughts on “Win MAC Royal Assets – Vintage MAC-oliday!

  1. Oh and my twitter name is: lareinadefl

  2. My favorite holiday is Halloween. Spookiness, dressing up, fantastical makeup! yay!

  3. Amy

    My favorite holiday is a toss up between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love Christmas because I get to see the joy in my daughters’ faces when they open up their gifts and I get to be excited about Santa Claus through them all over again.

    I love thanksgiving because my whole family gets together and eats tons of delicious food and then we play Trivial Pursuit until we pass out. (Yeah, we know how to party lol)

    Twitter: MizzPrice

  4. I would most definitely have to say Christmas! It’s so warm and it just allows everyone to get together n enjoy each other’s company. Might I and, presents are also nice! Some people are very generous! =)

  5. Sarah116

    twitter: sarona

  6. angie

    my fav holiday has to be Christmas… snowflakes, bright lights, christmas trees~ <3

  7. Darby

    My favorite holiday is Halloween because of the weather the candy and the costumes

  8. My most favorite holiday is New Year, Christine! :)
    Not Xmas, but precisely New Year.
    With all the pines and snow and gathering by the fireplace with hot cocoa. Ahhhhw! And that’s the end of 1st term at the university, so I have 2weeks’ holidays! šŸ˜€

    Twitter: Pobeda.

    Re-twittered: yap, of course!

  9. DejaToo

    Christmas because it gives me an excuse to buy more makeup (not like I ever really need an excuse)! (Twittername: Dejatoo)

  10. alicia

    Another vote for Christmas. The year ends, and a new one will begin. It’s a reflective time, and a time for great makeup holiday collections.

  11. Ames

    My fave is Halloween…then Christmas. hehe.

  12. Cherie Mok

    My favorite holiday defintely is Christmas. Because me and my family can go shopping/ vacation in other place.

  13. Evelyn

    Christmas! So festive. And this is when the holiday collections come out. :)

  14. Cass Martinez

    My favorite holiday is Halloween! I LOVE all the spooky decorations and I love everything fall!

  15. Hana

    My favourite holiday is Christmas! Makes winter and snow more bearable :)

    Twitter- hburney

  16. KyaLyn

    Halloween is my favorite holiday, perhaps because it is so close to my birthday. :)
    Twitter: KyaLyn

  17. Charing


    my favourite holiday is the Chinese new year, because I get red packets with money inside :) and I get to see all my cousins :)

    twitter name: charingkam

  18. Mariam

    My favorite holiday is Halloween, because it gives the opportunity to be creative with Clothes and Makeup. I love dressing up and doing costume makeup for my self and other people!

    Twitter name: @onebume

  19. Kristin

    My favourite holiday is Christmas :)

    Twitter: haxxai

  20. halloween! i suppose i have a little bit of a flare for the dramatic… i mean, any opportunity to douse myself in glitter and false eyelashes just turns me on!

  21. My favourite holiday is Christmas, mostly because I love the atmosphere and decorations everywhere that go up, and the sales that go on during that time.

    twitter name: watercoloursky

  22. fuzz

    My fav holiday is christmas.

  23. My absolute fave is Christmas. I know it’s not really an original choice, but I just love it, all the pretty pretty lights, a little tree in my room and ofcourse gifts ^^ It’s just about the only holiday we really celebrate with the whole family present, so it’s one of the few times a year we really get to spend time with the entire family. =)

    Twitter: Stephniie

  24. Katya

    my favorite holiday is New Year!!! it is not celebrated in states as much as in Europe, but i love it – just shows that i haved lived another year and ready to start new one!!!

  25. Ashley

    My favorite holiday is Christmas!

  26. Dany

    My favorite holiday is X-mas, the reason is simple: Food & Presents ^^

    Twitter @danyasi

  27. Amy

    I love love love Christmas.

    Twitter: Kissandmakeup11

  28. Jules

    I looooove easter holidays!
    Because of the spring, the weather getting warmer and everything gets colour :-)
    Twitter @Juvino

  29. Pinky

    Thanksgiving! I like to eat :)

    Twitter: Pinkyd1


    Who doesn’t love Christmas! As much as it’s been commercialized and there isn’t much of snow or anything here, the whole atmosphere’s just so wonderful and warm & fuzzy(:

    Twitter: carolinekan

  31. Anika

    My favourite holiday is definetly christmas

    twitter-username: animaniMACs

    bye Anika

  32. Josie

    My favorite holiday is Easter. It’s a relaxed and joyful celebration.

  33. Kristin

    Hands down it has to be Halloween

  34. Jessica

    My Favorite Holiday is Halloween :)

    Twitter: Jessikkaa07

  35. my favoritee holiday is christmas because it is my younger brother’s birthday too! :)

    twitter: jaaammmiieee

  36. Halloween, I’m really into the fantastical and I love dressing up and wearing elaborate makeup. It’s also not a “family” holiday so you never have to feel sad about not having any and being alone.

    You have no idea how much I loved this collection. I wasn’t into MAC at the time so I’ve slowly gotten a few things in swap and blog sales. I would absolutely adore more things from this collection!

  37. My favourite holiday is fall-holiday (yaaah we have this in germany) and it’s my favourite vacation because it’s my birthday on October 15th. And this holiday is perfect to celebrate my birthday (:


    My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.
    Twitter: littleone617

  39. Ann

    Christmas! I am a December baby so snow and lights and holiday food! ohh so good! <3

  40. Claudia

    fav holiday has to be christmas.


  41. Grace

    My favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    Twitter: lunaimper

  42. Kim

    My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving! All the family gets together and just a

  43. Crissy

    I love Victorian era Christmas!

    Twitter: GoldieGlocks

  44. my favorite holiday is Christmas. hands down! :)

  45. Wilcoa

    My favorite holiday is Halloween because I can dress up, do my makeup crazy, and hand out candy. I love seeing the little kids all dressed up, so cute! Though sometimes I debate about my favorite holiday being Christmas, so it’s a close second ;P

  46. Oh I would love to win this!

    I am a follower: manja_r

  47. jeanne.bee

    I love Halloween and Christmas!

  48. lel

    fave holiday is christmas, everyone is so nice haha

    lel912 – twitter name

  49. Cindy

    My favourite holiday is my holiday in winter, in february/march i often go on a wintersun holiday, to pick some sun and warmth on the Canarian Islands Spain (i live in the Netherlands)

    Twitter: Cindyyyyyyyy
    Subscriber by email


    I’m sad because I never commented her for all the other contests and I think we were supposed to :(

  51. Kate

    Favorite holiday? Halloween, makeup lovers’ favorite, of course!!

  52. Renee

    My favorite holiday is Christmas because of it’s overall awesomeness! The music, the smells, and the food are all always wonderful.

    twitter- luckykinamimi

  53. Christmas! I love the snow, the lights, the songs, and food! :)

    Twitter: amarixe

  54. Rebecca

    My favorite holiday is Christmas, but I also love Thanksgiving. There has always been something heartwarming and endearing about watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade, and enjoying good food with the family all day long. I also love Thanksgiving, because to me, it marks the real start of the “holiday season,” with a full month of fun with Christmas shopping, baking, and decorating!

    Twitter: RebeccaKaz

  55. hmmm… this is a difficult one, cus i love ALL holidays in general.
    but if i had to choose, its mos definitely Christmas… Family food and gifts!!!

    twitter: choi_joy

  56. lunatwinkle


  57. Jocelyn

    Does my birthday count? haha… I think I have the most fun on my birthday! Plus, there are no holidays in august so I felt the need to make a personal holiday! Ok, if this doesn’t count, I guess my next favorite holiday is halloween because I like to do my friends’ makeup!

  58. Kayla

    My favorite holiday is Christmas, because it’s the only time my family puts aside all of their differences, and spends quality time together no matter what.

    I also LOVE shopping for presents… I have a giving addiction… and what better time of year to give than CHRISTMAS!

    Love these, so pretty! XO

  59. nancy sok

    I like thanksgiving day..all the food you can eat. lol

  60. Kayla

    My favorite holiday is Halloween! Cause that’s when you get to do the most creative makeup of all!

  61. shiny922

    NEW YEARS EVE! Love counting down the seconds! :)

  62. brandie

    THANKSGIVING! so much delicious food and lots and lots of apple cider mmm

  63. neli

    fav holiday is christmas

  64. Sandy

    My favorite holiday is the one my SO and I created and celebrate: the day we met!

  65. Christmas of course!

    Princesalivia at twitter xx

  66. Jasmine

    My favorite holiday is Christmas. I just love all the decorations and wearing warm clothes.

    Twitter: Addicted2ooMAC

  67. Gina

    My favorite Holiday would either be Thanksgiving or Christmas simply for the fact that they are Fall/Winter Holidays and I love the weather!!

  68. Elle

    My favourite holiday is definitly Christmas!!!
    Twitter: Ellectronica

  69. Stephanie

    My fave holiday is Hallowe’en! Fall is my favorite time of year and there are so many fun things happening!

    Twitter: desperatehswf

  70. Z

    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because I get to see all of my family.

  71. Bobbie C.

    My favorite holiday is….probably…New Years Day because it sparks the start of something new and gives u the opportunity to start over fresh again.

  72. shama

    hi , my favorite holiday is christmas i love holiday collections

  73. Thanksgiving is my fav holiday!!!
    and my twitter name is x_PEACESofme (already following u)

  74. Halifax

    I love New Year, when time (and everything with it) seems to change for the better

    Twitter: juan_hurrican

  75. Amy p

    Halloween is the best holiday by far! And I can’t wait to take my son trick-or-treating for the first time this year!

  76. lesleykat

    my favorite thing about holiday makeup is GLITTER and SHIMMER! you can wear it all the time without looking over the top because it’s festive!
    twitter: lesleykat

  77. Jenny

    Christmas! Not because of presents, but because of all the feelings surrounding the holiday.


  78. susie

    Xmas is my fav

    twitter nameļ¼šlulualulu

  79. Maria Marino

    My favorite holiday would have to be Labor Day!! It’s the start of the summer!!!! :-)

    Twitter: mariamarino

  80. Christmas because it’s also the day of my baptism :)

  81. Jennifer

    My favorite Holiday is Christmas , because I get to hang out with family and give gifts.

    Twitter: RodFanatic77

    BTW this collection is gorgeous packaging wise especially. I wish I was into mac when it came it.

    Christine as you can see why I will be buying the Baroque collection: My Room:

  82. katelaureng

    my favorite is definitely fourth of july!
    for some reason christmas and me don’t mix well (we’re like oil and water) and i love fireworks, bbqs, and the summer.

  83. Nadine

    My favorite holiday (“holy day”) is Sunday because that’s when I can take a breather and catch up on tasks that have fallen by the wayside for the past week! Bad pun? :) Ok, my favorite holiday is Memorial Day or Labor Day because they kick off the summer and fall, respectively. Those 3-day weekends are a welcome respite and they usuall involve grilling outdoors! Reading others’ comments, it seems like there are different interpretations of the word “holiday.” I presume that those who live in the U.S. regard a holiday as a day when the U.S. Postal Service is closed. Meanwhile, I’m guessing those who don’t live in the U.S. regard the word “holiday” as the U.S. equivalent of “vacation,” as in an extended trip away from home.

  84. katelaureng

    ps. my twitter is katelaureng

  85. Astrid

    summer holidays
    cause its warm and i can work all sumer

  86. Mandy

    A close call between Halloween and Christmas! But I’d probably have to say Halloween!

  87. Marianitamc

    I think my favorite holiday is new year I feel like I can leave behind all the bad stuff and start over again
    Twitter: marianitamc

  88. Kell

    Christmas is my fav holiday – I love the snow and the x-mas trees. TWITTER: Kella86 :)

  89. egon

    My favorite holiday is Eid AlFitr, it comes after a month of fasting & the first day my mum cooks a special breakfast :)

  90. Vanessa

    I really love any holiday that gets my family together to share quality time!

  91. Evelyn

    thanks for doing these :]

    twitter name: evy118

  92. sab2509

    my favourite holiday is summer, i am a school teacher and I get a nice long break from work :-)


  93. Corinne

    my favorite holiday is christmas! :)

    twitter – omgitscorinne

  94. sue

    My favor holiday is X’mas follow by boxing day!!

  95. Yesi

    My Favorite holiday is any in the time of Fall!!!

  96. felicia

    My favorite holiday is Christmas!

  97. Jimena

    My favorite holiday is Christmas, cuz is when I see all my family, that normaly I dont see

    Twitter: JimeHime

  98. Carol L

    I love Thanksgiving! There is always a ton of food and great shopping the day after!

  99. gio

    My favourite holiday is Christmas!

  100. happybadfish

    favorite holiday is Christmas, it’s my birthday also, just love getting to see the family and all the decorations.

    twitter: happybadfish