Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Temptalia Gives Away MAC Vintage MAC-oliday!

The first giveaway in our third blogiversary celebration is in the theme of Vintage MAC Holiday. Check back tomorrow for another Vintage MAC-oliday prize package!

We’re giving away…

  • MAC Royal Assets Warm Eyes
  • MAC Royal Assets Coral Lips

all from the limited edition MAC Royal Assets Collection. This prize is valued at $58.50 (U.S.).

Submit your entry by leaving a comment telling me what your favorite holiday is.

All entries must be submitted by October 13th, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with “winner chosen” when one has been chosen.

Increase Your Chances to Win…

For a total of two chances! Just remember you must leave a comment on this post to get entered initially. Please be sure to use a valid e-mail address.

2. Follow us on Twitter (please include your Twitter name in your comment!) and re-tweet the following: “RT @temptalia RT to win $58 worth of MAC Royal Assets! Follow @temptalia & RT to enter! Info:

Congratulations to Kesha!

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609 thoughts on “Win MAC Royal Assets – Vintage MAC-oliday!

  1. Jen

    My favorite holiday is Christmas!
    Twitter: Jenny53072

  2. Rita

    My favourite holiday is summer holiday because it’s the longest and warmest.

  3. Cindy

    I’ve resisted Twitter for so long . . . but I caved for the sake of your awesome giveaways. I realized, though, that I forgot to put my twitter name in the first contest. Aaahh well!!


  4. Andrea

    My favourite holiday is Easter!!!

  5. My favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day! Because it’s also my birthday!!! Thanksgiving is also another favorite. :)

    Twitter: cupidgirl21483
    RSS Feed subscribed!

  6. Tattoo Girl

    YAY!! First comment! My favorite holiday is Halloween! I like to dress up and go out and see all the wild costumes! And, the candy, of course! I’m to old to trick or treat but I take my son and he loves it!!

  7. Amanda Sun

    Gorgeous colours from that collection – I didn’t manage to get any of it, but it’s awesome you’re doing a giveaway! :)

  8. My favorite holiday is Christmas, I just LOVE the decorations and the movies and the nice food!

    Great giveaway! I re-tweeted.

  9. Oh my twitter-name is DeltaCephei.

  10. my fav holiday was in 2006 to South Africa (Johannesburg, Pretoria & Sun City)! the experience i gathered there is immersely valuable and dear to me, as it open my mind about the culture of other races and learn about respect, and how big and beautiful the world is!
    i’ve retweet!

  11. My favorite holiday is Christmas!

    Twitter name: polychrome22

  12. Ramlah

    I want to win!!! <3 MAC

    My favourite holiday is xmas.

  13. Michelle

    My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love all the Holiday Collections that come out.

  14. tousledkitten

    Christmas is my favourite holiday because it’s cold outside so you get to snuggle up with your partner inside and watch lots of great TV.

  15. mcc

    My favourite holiday is of course Xmas, I love holiday spirit!

    My twitter is, I also retweeted. Good luck everyone!

  16. Jess

    My favorite holiday is Halloween!! I also love fall!! It is just a beautiful time of year!!

  17. volha

    i love spring!!!

  18. Nina

    Christmas is my fave, love the parties and the food!

  19. Star109

    I love Christmas

  20. Anitacska

    HI lovely Christine! My favourite holiday is Christmas, especially now I have children, I see it through their eyes and it’s magical. :) Also I LOVE the smell of a real pine tree. :)

    Twitter: Anitacska

  21. j533j

    My favorite holiday is Christmas! I love the excitement and the cold weather. :) (my twitter name is j533j)

  22. my favourite holiday is christmas… meeting the family and eating lots of good food.. and theres the snow! i love snow!

  23. Fatima

    I love these colours really pretty.

    thanx again for this great give away =)

  24. Torrie Mckeague

    My favorite holiday is of course Christmas. It’s just the season, the decorations and it just makes me feel all tingly inside. I love getting and receiving gifts. I especially love the family dinners with all the great foods.

    Re-tweet done! Twitter: macupbytor
    Rss: subscribed

    Thanks, have a nice day!

  25. My fave holiday is Christmas because I get to spend time with my family. I’m close with my fam & they’re really important to me. During Christmas, I get to see my relatives from all over the country. Everyone’s usually in good spirits & I just love the feeling of Christmas. I love to see X-Mas lights & seeing all the decorations. I enjoy it very much. :)

    • Oh I forgot to leave my twitter name.



      • I just realized I forgot to tweet about this giveaway because when I wrote my answer, I wrote it on my DSi & I was gonna wait til I got on the pc to tweet about it.

        But stupid me posted my twitter name as a reply w/o having tweeted it yet.

        I hope that doesn’t disqualify me. I’m sorry Christine! :(

  26. Renee

    I’m fairly new to this MAC game so it would be absolutlely great to win this!!! I’m crossing my fingers….

    • Renee'

      I love any holiday that gets me some time off from work!!! LOL but I have a few fave holidays… Christmas because I love everything about it (the gifts, the weather, seeing my family, and everyone just seems to be so pleasant around that time)… Thanksgiving because I love to eat!!! And last but not least, Carnival!!! Being that my family is from the islands, Carnival is big deal and we try to make it to at least one every year!

      My twitter name is: myLuV4fAsHioN

  27. Jen

    My favourite holiday is visiting Disney Sea in Japan, raiding their department stores of High-end and drugstores for budget makeup buys!! I always got a lot from my holidays in Japan :)

  28. tofupoo

    you and your amazing contests :)
    my favorite holiday was a tie between halloween and christmas but really its christmas. i love the way it smells and the music and the spirit and i have nothing but good memories from christmas. it makes me happy

  29. Peggy

    my favorite holiday must be Christmas! who doesn’t love receiving gifts, and the great parties with my friends and family coming all together, the beautiful Christmas tree and lights …can’t wait !

  30. Ji

    My favorite holiday is when my family went to Koh Samui, Thailand.
    We went to a resort called the Karma resort and it was AMAZING
    We had a private pool, 3 bedrooms which are separated into little bungalos a living room that is also separated. the living room had a kitchen, a tv, couches and a dining table and everything.
    We spent so much time in the resort just relaxing and soaking ourselves in the sun. We listned to music…watched movies and drank alot of cocktails. it was amazing!

  31. My favorite holiday is Christmas!

  32. Oooooo!

    My favorite holiday is Christmas :-)

    I retweeted the giveaway @ladonnaflynn

    Thanks Christine!

  33. maryshopper

    My favorite Holiday is Christmas with mom. Hopefully by next year we will be together.

  34. My favourite holiday would be Christmas; although my father died 2 years ago, I will remember all holiday we spent together with my family. Usually I would come home on Christmas eve (let’s not mention the times I would miss the train :))) and my parents would wait for me and my brotehr to come home and decorate our house. My mom would cook my favourite brownies and I would sit with my father in the kitchen talking about school and job and cookies :) These are the memories I keep in mind, although Christmas is really sad now without my dad :(

  35. Supriya

    Awesome giveaway, I’d love to win one of your giveaway ONE day!! :-)

    Twitter name – Guddu81

  36. Lisa

    my favourite holiday is eastern … because we spend a lot of time with the family painting the eggs and all the other stuff

  37. Alice

    Christmas is my favourite holiday.. Any excuse to pile on the sparkle and glitter and go to all the fabulous parties.. Than recover with the family by eating lots of yummy food!

  38. got to be christmas, its so calm and happy and i get to see all my family plus i can go nuts with xmas themed colours in my make-up hehe

  39. AliceDisco

    Christmas is my favourite holiday.. Any excuse to pile on the sparkle and glitter and go to all the fabulous parties.. Than recover with the family by eating lots of yummy food! -AliceDisco

  40. ALessa Ngo

    Yay, my favorite holiday is Christmas. It’s cold, it’s cool and I’m with my friends.
    Twitter: AlessaNgo
    I retweeted it.

  41. Tashiba

    My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love the holiday cheer!

  42. Christmas if I’m in Australia/Lunar New Year if I’m in China.

  43. montrese

    My favorite holiday is Halloween! The first reason is because it’s the closest holiday to my son’s birthday (October 14th) & the 2nd reason is b/c it gives girls like myself who don’t work in the fashion or beauty industries a chance to dress up & be overly glamorous! This year I’m gonna be a sexy leopard! With the full leopard makeup! I’m รผber excited!!

  44. Kajsa

    Wow! Many giveaways right now!

    Twitter: Monticka

  45. I wolud be happy to win these ones :-) Of cause I retweeted
    Twittername: IPaintMyWorld

  46. My twitter username is FabDiva20 and I will RT this on Twitter right now.

  47. My favorite holiday is Easter. I love the pastel colors. I love the religious aspect of it. I love getting together with the family. I love the Easter Egg hunts with the children. I love the weather.

    Thought my favorite holiday season is Christmas. I love the feeling. I love the atmosphere. I love the hapiness. I love the sales. I love mint. I love the clothes; boots, leggings, gloves, scarves. I love being with family. I love that there’s no school. I love the songs.

  48. Sass

    Halloween…of course. :)

  49. Randi

    Thanksgiving is my fav holiday

    twitter name: Fierliss

  50. Tracy

    So pretty!

    twitter – krazymom91

  51. My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love everything about it, I love the decorations, the coldness. I absolutely love the smells. Love the 24 hour marathon of “A Christmas story” on TBS! I am 24, and really haven’t experienced the gift opening portion of Christmas in a long time. I was always more into buying gifts for everyone, and wrapping them really pretty. Also looked forward to always buying that extra toy to drop in the Toys for Tots box at whichever department store. Even if I am short on money, which always tends to happen around that time. I still make do with what I have. I enjoy every part of it. I know it is better to give than to receive. I am lucky to have friends and family who are thankful for whatever they get. They don’t complain, and if I get a gift, no matter what it is, even if It’s body wash from the Dollar Tree, I don’t mind. I love it, its very much so appreciated!

  52. Nikki

    My fav holiday is the 4th of July. Fireworks,BBQ & fun in the sun!

  53. kathemc

    MLK Day is my favorite, in part because it usually falls on or near my birthday. :)

    also RTed (katheel)

  54. fiaspice

    twitter: fiaspice

  55. Melinda

    My Favorite Holiday is Definatelly Christmas I love the bright colors and the sweet music every one so happy and joyfull the gathering of gifts and the baking just warms my soul :O)

    your prizes are always amazing thxs(Melinda)

  56. Alexis

    My favorite holiday is definitely Christmas!! I love the decorating, shopping for presents, and all the yummy foods!

  57. My favourite holiday is CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!
    I start celebrating from the 100 days! I love the music, the lights, all the colours, the foods. It’s the most delicious most decadent period. I’m already celebrating it right no.

    Twitter is tiffanyyelitza

  58. I have a love-hate relationship with christmas, but it’s still my favourite holiday. I love christmas food, the spirit and atmosphere!

    Twitter name: Sannanator

  59. catrienna

    my favorite holiday is definitely chinese new year, yeah!

  60. Jollene

    My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Who doesnt love an excuse to pig out with the people you love?!

  61. Lulee

    even though i dont celebrate it, i adore christmas! it’s the best holiday ever!

  62. Sarah

    Christmas for sure!!!! I actually don’t like any other holiday really – although I do love carving pumpkins for Halloween!

    twitter: sarahsquires

  63. MC

    Christmas! Not even because of the 25th… but because of the whole month. I love Christmas music, Christmas trees, Christmas food, Christmas lights… the whole dang season.

  64. Leigh

    It’s a tie between Christmas and Halloween, but I guess I’d say Christmas because with it comes a month off of school ๐Ÿ˜›

  65. Melissa

    These giveaways are fun. Thanks for doing them!
    My twitter name is MS73.

  66. Maria

    I love Christmas. I love the cold and snow and that it’s dark early and the lights in the streets and the christmas tree and the delicious food from my mom and that everything seems to be so calm and peaceful.

    Twitter: MAC_HumidEyes

  67. Sabrina

    My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Awesome food, family and football. And naps. What’s not to love? :)

  68. Marta Fernandes

    My favorite holiday is Christmas, no doubt about it. There really is something in the air around that time of the year.

    My twitter name is Andromeda18_

  69. Cecilia

    My favorite holiday is Christmas, because it’s also my husband’s birthday and friends come over after midnight to celebrate.

    Twitter: ceci_arg

  70. Porcelain

    I love Halloween – I think it’s an Autumn thing. I actually wrote an LJ post about it a few days ago, you have creepy timing! :)

  71. Huai-Ann

    My favorite holiday is Halloween!

    Twitter: kewlhat

  72. Madeleine

    My fav holiday would be Christmas and I’m Chinese so I really love Chinese New year. Around that time, we get to buy new clothes for the occasion, go house to house visiting and loads of eating.!

  73. Lingping

    my favorite holiday is Christmas, because of all the good food and family time, but also because it is a welcome break in the long, dark and cold winter, with lots of lights and warmth indoors.

  74. Soucieux

    I love Christmas because of all of the food, the smell of Christmas trees, being with family, and the general feeling of happiness. :)

  75. CC

    My favorite holiday is Christmas – because it’s also my birthday! :) Two wonderful days all wrapped up in 1!

  76. My fave holiday is Thanksgiving! :)

    Twitter: liss98

  77. justred

    Favorite Holiday is Halloween!!! Best season for clothing, hair stuff and makeup.

  78. Kate M.

    My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because it’s smack in the middle of the holiday season and kicks of the festivities of Christmas!! Plus shopping is unbeatable!!


  79. Arduinna4

    My favourite holiday is New Year’s Eve cause i love fireworks and its a nice opportunity for fresh beginnings!
    Twitter : Arduinna4

  80. MJ

    My favorite holidays are Christmas and New Year’s. I love Christmas because of the Christmas trees, the decorations, the twinkle of the decoration lights and on trees, and everything! I love New Year’s for we can celebrate the end of a good year and start a great new year and plus my birthday is right around the corner (Jan 4).

  81. Erica

    Christmas! waking up with my daughters in the EARLY morning and seeing their faces light up always brings me joy. Would love to win : )

  82. L

    Favourite Holiday: Christmas! Who doesn’t love spending time with friends and family ๐Ÿ˜€
    twitter: stylebyte

  83. Jessie

    My favourite holiday is one where I can have unlimited money to spend! :)

  84. Florence

    My favorite holiday is Chinese New Year.

    Twitter: TheRedViolinist

  85. xKiKix

    my favorite holiday is thanksgiving because the next day there is the black friday sale and i’m pretty sure everyone loves a good bargain.

  86. Corey

    My favorite holiday is Halloween, not only because it’s just so campy and fun, but because it falls right in the middle of the autumn.

  87. Nadine

    I think my favourite holiday is christmas because I get to see all my family. I LOVE just sitting around the christmas tree and listening to christmas music. I hate all the sress though …
    PS. I’m liking these “retro” MAC giveaways!

  88. Joni

    My favorite holiday is Christmas!
    Twitter: DaleJrFan50

  89. Natalie

    My favorite holiday is Hannukah!!

  90. Erin

    My favorite holiday is Christmas. I am a teacher so I have time off around Christmas, so I find it really relaxing. I love spending time with the family and decorating the house, wrapping presents, etc.
    Twitter name Rin311Star

  91. Kat C.

    My favorite holiday is summer vacation (does that count?) if it doesnt, then i do love easter; i love what it symbolizes :)

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  92. Odessa

    Amazing stuff! @dnsguardie on Twitter!

  93. My favorite holiday has got to be HALLOWEEN. Of course. Who doesn’t love a holiday where you get to dress up, step out of harsh reality for an evening, and get free candy?! Of course its also another excuse to go crazy with make up, haha
    Twitter – Kiyishima

  94. lisa

    Christmas because i get present!!! I also like the the pile of holiday sets that come out!

  95. mabelm

    My favorite is Christmas for sure!!, thanks for the chance =)


  96. jackie

    the best time of the year is certainly the holidays. the hot chocolate, family together, gifts wrapping, the smiles on children faces and santa’s warm lap. lets not forget the fashion! and warm fall trends. its the time of the year where all families come together regardless of religion, to share the joy with all.

  97. My favorite holiday is Christmas! I love everything about it.

    Twitter = adriyah

  98. Sarah

    My favorite holiday has always been Halloween! Twitter: Spinsterkitten and RSS follower

  99. My fav holiday is Christmas hands down!

  100. Shana

    Id have to say my favorite holiday is Halloween! I love to be able to get all dressed up, wear crazy dramatic make-up and cute costumes!