Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Temptalia Gives Away MAC Push the Edge Pigment!

We’re giving away one (1) MAC Push the Edge Pigment, from the limited edition MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection.

Submit your entry by leaving a comment in this post and telling us how you use MAC pigments.

All entries must be submitted by September 7th, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with “winner chosen” when one has been chosen.

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364 thoughts on “Win MAC Push the Edge Pigment!

  1. Jennifer

    I would use it as an eyeshadow for the outer v or as an eyeliner, and finish it off by making it a sheer gloss for my lips , so I would have the perfect matching lip shade!

    Twitter: RodTheModFan
    RSS Subscriber ([email protected])

  2. Very.Cherie

    I have never used a pigment before… BUT I would use it as an eyeshadow :)

  3. I only own one MAC pigment and typically I wear it as an eye shadow on my lids, but sometimes I mix it into my moisturizer for overall face glow!

    Thank you!

  4. Terry

    I only use pigments as eyeshadows, but I would really love learning how to use them properly if mixed to gloss/nailpolish.

  5. i use mine as eyeshadow normally!
    cocomotion is a great pigment for a color wash
    and i use vanilla as highlight, cheek highlight, on the lips, everywhereeee :)
    and then i use copper sparkle and golden olive as a lid color for smokey looks! :)

    and i’m subbed to the email rss feed!

  6. Tiffany

    okay well with push the edge i would use it as an eyeshadow wth brash and bold pigment duhh lol.., put a little bit in some clear nail polish.. ans since dark lips are in for the fall i would put some bing mattene lipstick from the cult of cherry collection and a little bit of the push the edge in the middle with a lil clear gloss over top.

  7. Christine

    I have never used a mac pigment in my life, but I think they’d be really pretty as a nail polish.

    twitter: stine21x
    RSS subscribed

  8. Marta

    I mix pigments with lipgloss and eye kohl, they’re awesome, and i need to try them in nail polishes also. But normally I use them for eyes and they’re great :)
    rss subscriber 😉

  9. G

    Never used them.

  10. wcd

    I typically use my pigments wet and on the lid.

    twitter: whitdub
    RSS Subscriber

  11. Andrea

    I use them as eyeshadows, and some mixed with body lotion for my cleavage area 😉
    Rss subscriber, twitter: Austrian_Babe

  12. kelly

    I use pigments as eyeshadows.

    twitter: tinkersweetie
    rss subscribed
    forum: tinkersweetie

  13. Ydania

    ii use pigments for eyeshadow..even lipgloss =] (wen u mix it with clear gloss).. i have also tried using it as a cream blush but it cant be done with all colors..

    RSS SUBBIE ^.^

  14. Deb

    This color is beautiful. Thank you for this giveaway! :-)

    RSS subscriber.

  15. I use them with fix+ as eyeshadows or liners. I also use them dry as highlighters

  16. Dana

    I use pigments wet and dry depending on the type of look I’m going for. Dry is more of a natural look but wet really brings out the depth in color.
    Thanks :) Dana
    Email Subsriber

  17. Allie

    I have never used MAC pigments so this would be the perfect opportunity to try! I have used the HIP ones by L’Oreal and they are fun! Hope to win. Thanks!

  18. I use pigments for lips, eyes and nail polish! I would love to win this because its sold out everywhere here and I don’t order online!

    RSS subscriber :)

  19. Chocobon

    I use them wet with my home made mixing medium for a vibrant color or dry for a subtle effect, I also mix them with lipgloss!!!
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    Chocobon on Twitter
    Chocobon on Temptalia Forums!

  20. KyaLyn

    I use pigments as a base and for color, it just depends on the color.

    Twitter and Forum: KyaLyn

  21. I use pigments as eyeshadow, sometimes as highlighted (Your Ladyship), wet them and use as liner, and sometimes mix with clear/sheer gloss for extra sparkle. Recently, I pressed Cocomotion into a pan and use as a solid eyeshadow (works great!)

  22. Ali

    As eyeshadows, with MAC Fix+

  23. Evelyn

    just as eyeshadows :]

    subscribed and twitter name is evy118 forum name is evy118

  24. Nazia

    Mostly, I use pigments as eyeshadows, but once in awhile I’ll put it into a clear gloss and use it on my lips.

  25. KrisBliss

    I use pigments on my eyes as shadows – both wet and dry. I also use them mixed with MAC’s clear lip gloss to create new colors (my fav is Old Gold mixed w/ White Gold & Gloss). I have also used them for highlights i.e. Fairylites for some added sparkle!

  26. I love using Pigments to mix new lip colours or accentuate certain face/body areas!

  27. egon

    mainly on my eyes & sometimes as highlighters :)

  28. Cloé

    Push the edge seems sooooo gorgeous!!! I would use it for a purple smokey eyes with Rave pearglider under

  29. Enna

    I want to win because we have not gotten this collection in Germany…….what do you say? Do I win? LOL!

    • Enna

      I forogt the most important, I would use it as an eyeshadow and would top it with some trasnparent gloss for a glossy finish. I would match it with a neutral lip color and blush

  30. Philippine

    I used pigments as nailpolish color and as eyeshadow.
    Twitter: kirinbir, RSS subs

  31. angie

    i use them as e/s (LOVE mauvement) and naked is a really nice highlighter, as its not too glimmery

  32. Vanessa

    I use pigments same as I use shadow..only x10 more careful so I don’t get it all over the place.
    twitter: mvqiao
    rss sub

  33. Kim

    i don’t own any so i haven’t used them for anything yet. but i would probably use it as an eyeshadow :)

  34. felicia

    i love using them for eyeshadow and as a liner for a pop of color

  35. Sasha

    I mostly use them as shadow or liners, but I also love using Rose with clear lipglass!

    Twitter: xlovechild
    Forum: xlovechild
    RSS sub

  36. misha

    I don’t have any pigments but I would like to use them as eyeshadows. I am soooo in love with Push the Edge and would really like to have this!!

    twitter: misha5150ak
    RSS subscribed already!

  37. Stephanie C

    I have never used pigments before but after reading all the comments, I have some ideas of how I would use them!

    RSS subscriber, forum member
    stefandru at yahoo dot com

  38. Fadya Syarmeen

    i use my pigments for absolutely everything!…as eyeshadows, liners, mixing it to make a lipgloss…the possibilities are endless! :)))

    twitter = fyafish
    rss sub
    forum username = fyafish

  39. Manda

    i wear the pigments on my eyes with either fix + or mixing medium.. love the intensity

    twitter: ImmaDiva

    email subscribed

  40. Lilly

    I use MAC pigments as a base, especially when I use bold colors. I love this pigment is beautiful, I hope I win!!!

  41. Adail


    I would love to try a mac pigment, never had one!

    i’m following you on twitter as siamese27.

    i joined the forums as siamese27. i just registered and it says my account is under review by a moderator before being activated.

    I am subscrbed to the rss feed.

  42. Shelley

    I use pigments as eyeliners and eyeshadows. Pigments are wonderful!!!

  43. Lizzy B.

    I use them as liners and as BASES for eyeshadow! amazing! and as all over lid color w/mixing medium or fix+.

    I also use pigments as blush or to tone down/alter the color of my blushes =)

  44. Lizzy B.

    I use them as liners and as BASES for eyeshadow! amazing! and as all over lid color w/mixing medium or fix+.

    I also use pigments as blush or to tone down/alter the color of my blushes =)

    @elizzybeth on twitter.
    I just #ff ‘d you last friday! =)

  45. AndreaMarie

    I am just now beginning to learn to use pigments. I bought cocomotion and am experimenting with it. Push the edge is a gorgeous color, and I would love to test it out also!

  46. Kell

    I use MAC’s pigments dry and just press them on… when I want really vibrant colour. I’m subscribed to your RSS, TWITTER (Kella86) and FORUMS (Kell) :)

  47. mei mei

    Haven’t tried pigments…would use the pigments as an eyeshadow.

  48. Colleen

    I have never used MAC pigments before, so I’ll have fun figuring out what do with them.

    I’m also a subscriber.

  49. Ruth Tait

    When going for a night out at a club or party, I put some hairspray from a pump action bottle into a smaller container, mix in some of my fave pigment, then spray onto hair after styling for a nice shimmery effect. Rose Gold piggie is especially awesome.

  50. Brittany

    I’ve never used a MAC pigment before but I have lots of ideas about how I’d wear it 😉

  51. Whittney

    I LOVE to use the lighter pinker pigments as a glowing highlight or a blush! Because it is so blendable, I like to use it on my eyelids as well!

  52. Claudia

    I have never tried this type of product before. Would love to :) purcple is my fav color too

  53. cheryl

    I tend to use them as eyeshadow or as a highlighter for my face. I love using it with my Fix+ or mixing medium because the beautiful colors stand out more!

    Forum: freshremixs

  54. I use the darker pigments as a base for a smokey eye! I use contact drops as the medium and swish the pigment around with a shader brush. When it dries on the lid the color comes out VIVIDLY! Love pigments!

    twitter: @styleezta

  55. Step

    Highlighter, eyeshadow, patted on with gloss for a lip color, eyeliner, just depends on the shade!

  56. Ji

    I mix it with shadows and use it on the lid and sometimes a hint of it on the lips

  57. tabby

    I use pigments mostly mixed with lipstick/gloss.
    twitter llamabelle
    forum tabby

  58. May

    I like to use the same pigment color on my eyes and a little on my face. It gives a sophisticated look.

  59. Megan

    I use pigment just as eyeshadow- usually with fix plus on the brush!

    twitteR: meglacey
    RSS sub

  60. Sharon

    I usually use pigments like eyeshadows. It depends on every look and every color. Some colors, I just blend them in.

    Twitter: SUMM3RxBABii

  61. Stephanie

    I’ve never worn a mac pigment before. I really really wanna get the new purple one but Im not sure what to do with it lol.
    twitter: twirler0218
    rss feed

  62. Sunny

    Love-love to use pigments on my eyes (if safely appropriate) and mix it with clear gloss for my lips.

    But I mainly get them to collect. That’s not wrong, right? :)

  63. Vanessa S

    I wear pigments on top of paint pots.
    Twitter- VanessasSecret4
    RSS subbed

  64. Vicky

    I don’t own MAC pigments, but in general I use pigments as eyeshadows

  65. i use them on my eyes, but i’m anxious to try out making a nail polish with them.

  66. Renee

    I’ve never had a pigment so I can’t say, but I do use solarbits and I like to foil it.

  67. Carla

    I’ve never used pigments but I would love the chance to finally try it!

  68. Bobbiedoll03

    I used pigments in as many ways as possible, on the lid, as a highlight, as a lipcolor…whatever i can think of!

  69. Janet

    I usually use MAC pigments as eyeshadows.

    Thanks for the opportunity, Christine!

  70. Donna

    I only use them as eyeshadows.

    Twitter/Forum – 1HardWorkingMom
    RSS subscribed

  71. as e/s, l/s, blush, liner, and highlighting of course :)

    rss subscribed
    twitter: mschristinedior
    forum: christinedior

  72. Amy

    I use MAC pigments as eyeshadow, highlighters, blush, and nail polish.

    I’m a subscriber

  73. kim

    Don’t own a MAC pigment but I would wear it foiled or over base. Most pigments look great on the eye when foiled.

  74. Bianca

    I use them as eyeshadow either wet or dry. I add them to my nail polish and my lipgloss too!

  75. lisa

    I usually use them as eyeshadows with some mixing medium.

  76. Mary

    As eyeshadow base.

  77. Nic

    I use pigments several ways: applied to the eye wet or dry, as eyeliner, to highlight, and on the lips and cheeks (depending on the color).

    Twitter: TheWoodnut

  78. Lindsey

    i use mac pigments in many different ways:
    with eyeliner mixing medium i use them as eyeliners
    certain ones i use as a blush
    some as a lipcolor
    some shades i use to highlight
    and some shades i mix with foundation for a glow

    and im subscribed in the email

  79. Margarett

    I follow you already on Twitter(i’m Wileycat), I am a member of the forums and I get your RSS feed too. So the only thing left to do is tell you that I use MAC pigments as shadows, blush, and lipcolor. The only thing I have not done with a pigment is add it to a nail polish but that is b/c I suck at putting on nail polish so I usually skip it. However, I do not have a lot of pigments so I would love to win some more.Thanks!

  80. Lena

    i press them for my palette and us them that way… less messy!

    twitter: leenuhhh
    subbed :)

  81. Stefani

    Twitter: Pinkleopardprnt
    Forum: JuicydazzleMac
    Subscribed to feed: of courseee! :)

    i wanted to buy this as I mostly wear purple & blues…but I ran out of money :(

  82. Heather T.

    I don’t own any MAC pigments :(. But I would use them as eyeshadow, liner, and I like how someone said they used it for coloring eggs!
    Twitter: twtrheather

  83. Madeleine

    I use MAC pigments on my eyes, wet or dry, I plan to try to use them in hair sprays soon.

    RSS subscribe.

  84. amani

    1) mix it with clear gloss and apply to lips

    2) eye shadow

    3) mix it with clear nail polish to create the intensity and color i like

    4)if its a skin tone pigment i mix it with moisterizer or with fondation to make a dewy look or to add sheen

    PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Sha

    Depends on the colours, but if it’s a neutral colour, I usually wear pigment as a blush, lipstick and of course eyeshadow

  86. brittany

    Vanilla as a highlight!

  87. Apple

    For eye shadows, definitely.

  88. Anneli

    I actually don’t know how to use pigments (in fact I don’t own any MAC-products at all), I’ve seen a lot of talented bloggers use them to create the most fabulous eyeshadows ever and that made me inspired to maybe try it out someday as I get better at doing my make-up. I’m 24 years old now and just recently began to take an interesting in make-up, I guess I realized that make-up doesn’t have to be about being shallow as much as being an outlet for creativity.

    My Twitter: catcult
    Follows your blog via RSS
    Forum nick: Stackhouse

  89. Lauren

    I love using pigments for a foiled look but if the color is light enough I use it as a highlight or mix a small pinch into my foundation. =)

    Twitter- omgitslc

  90. Carol L

    I use my piggies just like shadows. wherever I want the color to be.
    Twitter: cleung341
    RSS subbed

  91. Jessaminex

    I just use my pigments for a more radiant and night look.
    Twitter: Jessaminex

  92. Abby

    I use pigments for a lot of things. Custom lip shades are always fun. My favorite way is using bright colors wet as a bright liner, winged liner.

    Twitter & Forums: welookedlike

  93. Chloe

    I just got my first one, and I will be pressing a pan or two of it!

    Twitter: chloelovehockey

  94. Twitter: lcristina

    I love using pigments as shadows, liners, and lipglosses. I’ll mix in a neutral one in with my body lotion to give me a pretty glow from time to time. 😀

  95. Christy

    I use pigments as an eyeshadow, mixed with clear nailpolish and with a bit of eyeliner mixing medium.

  96. cloudburst

    I use them as eyeshadow, twitter: thespell, RSS, forum same as blog.

  97. roadstergal

    I use MAC pigments whenever I’m practicing different artistic looks that are full of color.

    twitter: roadstergal

  98. Radhika

    I use them as eyeshadows, some as blushes and even mix some of them with clear lipglass to make uber pigmented lipglosses! If you couldn’t already tell I LOVE pigments!

    twitter: @radhika_jit

  99. ringevermeer

    i use them as eyeshadows mainly

    twitter: macmaus123
    rss sub and forum member