Monday, September 27th, 2010

Win MAC Perpetual Flame Pro Longwear Lipcreme!

One (1) lucky winner will receive MAC Perpetual Flame Pro Longwear Lipcreme from MAC’s new lipstick line! (Retail value $16.50!)

RULES: All entries must be submitted by October 1st, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

Congratulations to Andree!

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506 thoughts on “Win MAC Perpetual Flame Pro Longwear Lipcreme!

  1. Sarah

    Spirited Lipglass

  2. Brenda

    A clear lipgloss!

  3. kat

    Sweet tart Superglass.

  4. April Jay

    I would pair perpetual flame with my new Exces lipgloss from Chanel. It too is a long wearing lipgloss and I feel the two would go fabulous together!!! I love the new Lipsticks by Mac – I already have Made to last which is wonderful!!!

  5. Shanika

    Mac Strawberry Blonde lipglass

  6. Tracey Kaste

    Clear of course, why ruin perfection.

  7. I would just pair a clear gloss with it. The color is nice on its own.

  8. Jackie

    I would pair it with NARS Orgasm!

  9. Grace

    I’d pair it with Viva Glam Cyndi lipglass!

  10. Ani_BEE

    Kitty Kouture and other sheer with glitter lipgloss colours. ^_^

  11. Cinthia

    I´d pair Perpetual Flame with MAC Russian Red Lipglass; it´s certainly not very creative, but I think it would look great!

  12. Paula

    I would put revlon cherries in the glow gloss on top! I would wear a thin layer plus gloss to work, and amplify it for night with another layer of lipstick

  13. Rebecca

    a clear gloss just in the centre of the lip :-)

  14. Cicy George

    I would pair perpetual flame with love nectar lipgloss. Love nectar is a lovely coral shimmering lipgloss and would add a great dimension to the red tone in perpetual flame!

  15. Maria

    with a gold lipgloss

  16. irini

    again some mac plushglass

  17. Catarina G

    sheer golden lipgloss

  18. sarah

    something with sparkles!

  19. Adrine

    I would pair it with the Viva Glam Cindy lipgloss for just a little coral touch.

  20. chibicheeks

    just a clear lipgloss

  21. baby in a corner

    I would pair it with a shimmery coral lipgloss. I don’t have one myself so I can’t recommend a particular brand. Thanks!

  22. sofia

    clear lipgloss


    I would use lustral white lipglass,

  24. Sumi

    The color is too pretty for anything on top…just clear glass to make it a bit shiny should be good.


    lustral white lipglass

  26. Tamarindi

    Revenge is sweet

  27. Deb

    That looks like a job for MAC Viva Glam VI lipglass!

  28. Arantzazu

    As I said in the other ProLongwear contest… None!
    Hehehe… I love these lipsticks the way they are =)

  29. Julchen

    Mac´s Love Nectar

  30. I would wear MAC’s double dare lipglass with this :).

  31. I think I’d use a shimmery nude, like Devishly Stylish from the VV Cruela collection!

  32. J

    A clear gloss! I don’t think I’d mess with anything quite so beautiful… although maybe a clear base with some sort of subtle golden or reddish-pink glimmer to it might look nice. :)

  33. Sara

    As is or clear- love this color!

  34. Rojin

    i would just put a shimmery gloss right in the center of my lips to make my pout look fuller. i love me a matte lipstick!

  35. A clear gloss would work fine.

  36. Emily

    Viva la Glam Cindy

  37. AnaG.

    Bourjois Nude lipgloss

  38. I´da wear it with a clear lipgloss.

  39. kasiaj85

    definitely Totally It!
    It is such a beautiful color, just the raspberrish kind of lipctick I’m looking for!

  40. Brynn

    Mac Pro Clear Gloss

  41. Lisa

    Probably just clear, of something with sheer gold sparkle.

  42. Shannon

    hmm i would probably try to tone this one down slightly with a milky colored l/g like Revlon Peach Petal or something like that. Or I might go with something that’s a bit warmer and sheerer for a nice shine

  43. Anna

    Something to make it lighter so Revlon’s peach petal.

  44. Arduinna4

    A clear gloss.

  45. veneta

    Definitly just a clear one!

  46. luna

    Cherry electric by mac

  47. Michelle

    A clear or nude lipgloss.. something low-key to let the lipstick’s colour shine through!

  48. Marie

    I’d pair it with clear lipgloss. It looks nice on its own. :)

  49. Sylvie

    I’d use Creme Allure Dazzleglass Creme on top of Perpetual Flame.

  50. Mirna

    I would pair w/MACs clear lipglass.

  51. Just a simple clear gloss

  52. Elizabeth

    Hothouse–just a touch.

  53. Julia

    MAC Plushglass in Power Supply

  54. Stephanie

    Clear gloss from Mac Pro, it’s less sticky than clear lipglass! This color is soo beautiful I wouldn’t change it!

  55. evgenia

    I’d pair a clear gloss with Perpetual Flame!

  56. Beryl

    Clear lipgloss will be great I think.

  57. i only have a few blushes so style demon it is!

  58. Elisa

    Chanel’s new rogue gloss in emoi

  59. lia

    clear gloss or no gloss at all!

  60. Carrie

    A clear gloss w/gold sparkles.

  61. Iqra

    Just a clear gloss!

  62. Sophie

    A clear lipgloss would be enough.

  63. Jeannine

    I don’t know if I’d pair it with anything. I tried it on in the store last week while I was navigating the crowds and the Venomous Villians Release party, and I really liked the color and consistency on its own.

    If I had to, there would be just a touch of clear lipgloss.

  64. Martina

    as usual, as i’m not a huge fan of lipgloss over lipstick, i’d maybe choose a clear lipgloss

  65. Sydney

    Kat Von D lip gloss in Rosary

  66. Barb

    I wouldn’t wear any lipgloss with it…

  67. Ana Carolina Ribeiro

    Clear lipgloss, this color is too perfect! … Or can I just say “I wouldn’t use lipgloss at all, I like it fine the way it is”?

  68. Belen

    with a clear lipgloss

  69. aclearcutsign


  70. Bernice

    clear gloss or Revlon’s Cherries in the glow lipgloss :)

  71. Pretty in Pink

    A nice shiny clear lipgloss!

  72. nina

    MACs Love Nectar

  73. jess

    Id pair it with mac cult of cherry lipglass or nars strawberry fields

  74. I’d pair the Sephora light pink with sparkle lip gloss with it.

  75. SB

    I wouldn’t pair it with any lipgloss, but since I’m really fair with auburn hair, I would pair it with a neutral/peachy eye with no eyeliner and let the lip color really stand out

  76. Nicole

    probably a clear lip gloss

  77. Cindy

    Id pair it with Mac Nymphette.

  78. Jen

    Mac’s clear lipglass.

  79. Ula

    I would pair it with Golden Burgundy by YSL. :)

  80. Mae

    :) Clear lipgloss with a little sparkle

  81. Thifa

    A clear lipgloss would make the job to me :)

  82. Abril

    With a clear gloss!

  83. Rita

    I’d pair it with a clear lipgloss!

  84. sharee

    a clear gloss

  85. Courtney

    Probably none, since lipgloss is supposed to affect the wear. But if I did…probably something clear or red.

  86. Indah

    I would pair it with MAC Instant Gold or Pinkarat! Both has amazing golden shimmer which would be perfect for this lipstick! :)

  87. Casey

    Anything would be gorgeous, but I would probably just stick to a clear gloss.

  88. Megan

    Mac Pro clear gloss!

  89. Sabrina

    Either no gloss or one with a touch of gold or bronze sparkles.

  90. rachel

    I’d pair MAC’s clear lipgloss with Perpetual Flame

  91. Lisi

    Again: a clear lipgloss!

  92. Suzana Bueno

    Clear lipgloss. =)

  93. Mavis

    Just a clear lipgloss: )

  94. amy p.

    Mac’s naked frost lip glass!