Monday, August 24th, 2009

Temptalia Gives Away MAC On Display Lipglass!

We’re giving away one (1) MAC On Display Lipglass, from the limited edition MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection.

Submit your entry by leaving a comment in this post and telling us what your favorite lipglass is from this launch.

All entries must be submitted by September 5th, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with “winner chosen” when one has been chosen.

Increase Your Chances to Win…

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299 thoughts on “Win MAC On Display Lipglass!

  1. Kitson

    On Display is actually my favorite. :)

  2. Cindy

    On Display is my favourite from this launch :p

  3. donna

    on display! hehe

  4. Melody

    On display is my favorite!

    Twitter ID:melodycosmo
    Forum username: melodycosmo
    RSS subscribed!

  5. margot

    RSS subscribed, forum username : margot, twitter : MAClicious

    The collection isn’t out back here, I would so love to get it before everyone back here LOL and it’s such a beautiful colour.

  6. Torrie

    Young Thing is actually my favorite. It fits my personality and taste pretty much to the “T”..haha. I love it! On display is my second fav!

  7. On display is my favorite!

  8. Hannahe

    I really like Young Thing.
    On Display looks amazing!

    twitter: makeuphannahe
    rss subscribed

  9. kimmy

    love On Display!


  10. On Display is definitely my favorite lipglass from this launch!

  11. Regina S

    young thing
    twitter: sandersite

  12. Browneyes

    On display is the best! I love the color- not 2 dark, just right. I love that its a highly pigmented, fairly opague gloss. LOVED the way it looked on my lips…MUST HAVE it!!!!!!!! :)

    Browneyes- forum username

  13. On Display and Young Thing!!

    RRS Subscribed & Twitter: Choi_joy

  14. on display!

    twitter: a_banger
    rss: does google reader count?

  15. DevilishDoll

    I think it’s a toss up between On Display and Personal Taste. So gorgeous!

    Twitter: MissDynamite696
    Subscribed to RSS

  16. Lauren

    Loving Personal Taste lipglass so far! Its very subtle and the perfect shade to wear to work. I am already thinking of buying a backup!!

    Twitter- LaurNicks

  17. JennBee

    On Display!

    Twitter: jennbee
    Forum: JennBee
    RSS: subscribed!

  18. sandy

    i love personal taste! its so pretty and shimmery

  19. Hinahon

    My fav’ is actually On display, I love such colours !

    RSS Subbed
    Forum: Hinahon

  20. Nina

    On Display is my favorite! I love the color and the fact that it is the most flattering on my skintone.

    email subscriber
    twitter: nina0205
    forums: nina0205

  21. On Display is gorgeous!

    email subber
    twitter & forums: heygirlhey698

  22. allie

    i’m in love with on display, it’s my fave!
    twitter: billetsdoux

  23. I think I’m agreeing with the general public on this: ON DISPLAY is HOT HOT HOT!! Would love to win it :)

    twitter: @styleezta
    RSS: Subscriber

  24. On Display is the color I like the best.

    Twitter – Phyrra
    Forums – Phyrra
    subscribed by email :)

  25. Noemie

    I love LOVE KNOT by MAC…

    But On Display has the potential of being my new favourite!

  26. Jessica

    On Display is so gorgeous! 😀

  27. Vanessa

    On Display or Personal taste
    twitter: mvqiao
    rss subscribe

  28. Jo B

    On Dispaly is my fave

  29. estefania

    on display ofr sure!
    twitter: estefafernandez
    rss sub
    forums: estefafernandez

  30. jrsbubble

    On display is my favorite lol

  31. Nadine

    I tried on Display but I think I put wayyy too much on! Very goth-like. I would love to try a lighter coat/ mixed with something else.

  32. scarlettholly

    oooh, yes please!!

    twitter: scarlettholly

  33. Cindy

    On Display is my favourite !

    Twitter: Cindyyyyyyyy
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  34. Buttafly

    On Display looks amazing!

  35. Alisa

    Young thing is my fave, On Display would be number two.

    Twitter – @poppysmum
    RSS subscribed

  36. Sheena

    On Display is 1st, followed very closely by New Spirit :)

    twitter: SheenaMarie412
    forum: SheenaMarie412
    already subscribed to rss

  37. Sharon

    On Display seems like a very nice color.

  38. Diabla

    New Spirit!

    Twitter: sale morveuse
    RSS subscribed
    Forums: climax

  39. Sharon

    ^^ It fits my skintone but I like Personal Taste. the light pink seems really beautiful

    Twitter: SUMM3RxBABii

  40. Cherie

    On Display

  41. Heather

    I am looking for a nude color so I guess Young Thing looks like my fav. But I really want to try On Display.
    twitter: twtrheather

  42. I love nudes so Young Thing would be my fave.
    twitter & forum: MiiSZTW
    RSS: subscribed

  43. On display is my favorite! :) I’m also following on twitter. Twitter id: kiitzyy

  44. Abby

    This one, on display, is definitely my favorite. I love dark lipglasses.

    Twitter & Forums: welookedlike

  45. Marianitamc

    On display!!
    Twitter: marianitamc
    rss: subscribed 😉

  46. Niharika

    young thing.
    too pretty!

  47. on display is my favorite!

    twitter: amynaree

  48. Jaime M.

    On Display is my favorite!

    Twitter: goddessinsepia
    RSS Subscribed!

  49. Annika

    This one? LOL

  50. Alice

    I am feelin New Spirit. Love asnything that is coral!

  51. lovepotion18

    personal taste is my fave!

  52. “On Display” is my favorite lipglass from this collection. It suits me best!

    Thank you!

  53. I would love to get this lipglass and try it.

    Twitter ID : newtomakeup

  54. Julie

    On Display :)

    twitter: goodbyelovee

  55. Ali

    Young Thing is my fave!

    Twitter: MizAliBoyle

  56. Lisa

    On Display is my favorite :)

    Twitter: ReikoKorin

  57. Bobbie C.

    My favorite lipglass in this launch is On display! it is gorgeous and reminds me of Jampacked which i missed out on!

  58. Darby

    Haha truthfully it is On Display
    RSS subscribed
    Twitter: Darbywynn318

  59. Olivia

    Well, since you asked, my favorite is actually On Display!

    : )

  60. George

    To be honest, it’s On display, lol. =D
    It’s a gorgeous color!

  61. on display is my fave from this collection

    rss sub

    twitter makeup_queen81

    forum username makeup_queen81

  62. Nicole Straka

    On Display!

  63. Lulee

    on display is my favorite, how convenient 😀
    twitter: aalajoon

  64. Venessa

    i love on display because its so deep and sultry looking

  65. Dominique

    on display. all the way:)

  66. Star109

    On Display !

    forum: Star109

  67. Jennifer

    On Display is my favorite, because I know it would make me feel edgy and fierce!

    Twitter: RodTheModFan
    RSS subscribed ([email protected]) .

  68. hleary8

    New spirit! I love corals, but On display is beautiful too

    Twitter: hleary8
    RSS subscribed!

  69. Lily

    the only thing i bought from this collection was YOUNG THING!!
    and i love it.

  70. Katherine

    On Display and Personal Taste are my favorite!
    Twitter: ceribella3
    rss sub

  71. Christine

    Definitely On Display. XDDD That seems to be everyone’s top choice as well.

    twitter: stine21x
    RSS subscribed.

  72. MC

    Personal Taste!

    Twitter: magicallymc

  73. Millie

    Saw the collection last Sunday. Loved On Display. Pick me! :)

  74. Kelly

    on display!

    twitter: tinkersweetie
    rss subscribed
    forum: tinkersweetie

  75. On Display is my favourite, too, although I like Personal Style.

    Twitter: Neko_Anastasia
    RSS e-mail subscriber
    Forums: Neko_Anastasia

  76. Valerie

    I love 3 of the four (On Display, Personal Taste & Young Thing). But, I’d probably wear Personal Taste the most. Thanks!

    Twitter: dragonfly777
    Forum member (same email)

  77. Maria

    On Display :)


    I really want that!!!
    RSS subscriber,
    username: GOSLEDIF

  79. Personal Taste is my favorite :)

    RSS subscriber
    Twitter: mrs_sinatra

  80. April M.

    New Spirit!!
    RSS Subscriber
    Twitter: LittlMissApril

  81. Shelley

    On Display is my fave. Second fave is Personal Taste.

  82. Megan

    On display, definitely lol

    twitter- stareis01

  83. BaDKiTTy

    young thing and on display.
    Twitter: RussianBaDKiTTy

  84. addie

    on display is my fave.

  85. Emma

    Personal Taste is probably my favorite from this launch…but I haven’t seen any in person yet!

  86. Emma

    I subscribe to your RSS email feed!

  87. Emma

    Follow you on Twitter (oceangirl621)!

  88. kim

    On display seems like a pretty nice color and it would be my favorite.

  89. JillyB

    For a lighter color- New Spirit. For more color- On Display.

    twitter- stitchymom

  90. autumntrinity

    i heart On Display!

  91. Anitacska

    Definitely On display! :)

  92. Amie

    I like the On Display lip glass!

  93. tess

    on display cause it’s the on;y one that gives a pop of color! i’m on the med dark skin tone so this would be perfect…

  94. Rachel C.

    On Display!!! for sure… :)

    RSS Subby

  95. Eliane T.

    Personal taste is my favorite. It looks so great!
    Thanks a lot.

  96. Eliane T.

    I am a subscriber.