Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Temptalia Gives Away MAC Nice Kitty Lipglass & Sweet Strawberry Lipglass

We’re giving away one (1) of MAC Nice Kitty and Sweet Strawberry Lipglasses, recently launched with their Hello Kitty Collection. There will be two winners, each winning one of the lipglasses up for grabs. Submit your entry by leaving a comment in this post and telling us which lipglass you want to win.

All entries must be submitted by February 13th, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. That’s it! This contest is only open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws.

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Good luck!

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1,046 thoughts on “Win MAC Nice Kitty Lipglass or Sweet Strawberry Lipglass from Hello Kitty!

  1. anna

    Sweet Strawberry Lipglasses,please!

  2. ooh I’d love to win Sweet Strawberry Lipglass please! x

  3. Heidi

    I would love to win the Nice Kitty! Please!

  4. anita

    sweet strawberry o x please

  5. Anitacska

    I would love the Sweet Strawberry lipglass please!

  6. caprig

    I wanted to get Sweet Strawberry Lipglass, but could not swing it- I would be thrilled to get one!

  7. Sweet strawberry! Hot pink is the coolest colour and it makes your teeth appear whiter.

  8. Tayma

    I would love to win Nice Kitty! Yay!

  9. Keighter

    Nice Kitty would be awesome! Twitter: Keighter

  10. cloudburst

    Hi, I’d like to win Nice Kitty! And thanks!

  11. KaylaK

    Yeah Nice Kitty would be an awesome addition to my haul I did at 5am lol

  12. crystal

    I would loovvvee Nice Kitty lipglass! My Twitter is mrshillthom!

  13. Sadie

    Nice Kitty please! MEOW! Hello kittay you so prettay!

  14. Michelle

    Sweet Strawberry looks delish!

  15. Nice Kitty please!!!! soo cute!

  16. Shayla

    Wow, tons of giveaways lately! Thanks!

    I’d love to win Sweet Strawberry, since it was one I was looking at but decided not to get…and now I want it! Haha

  17. nagiko9

    Oooh! Me! Pick meeeee! Sweet Strawberry, please.

  18. Paperbacktripper

    I’ll have nice kitty please!

  19. Jennica

    Nice kitty! :) good luck to all the entrants!

  20. Jessica

    Nice kitty please!
    Following rss
    Twitter : kawaiigaikotsu

  21. Manda

    o wow, either would be amazing hahaha but if I have to pick one, I’ll try NICE KITTY!! thanks :)

    twitter name: ImmaDiva!

  22. victoria

    pick me, pick me!!! sweet strawberry for me!!!

  23. Kristin

    You spoil us Christine!

    I think Nice Kitty would look simply fabulous on me 😉

  24. Bonnetta

    Sweet Strawberry for me please. This is nice of you to offer a drawing.

  25. I would love to win either, but if I had to pick, I’d definitely pick Sweet Strawberry!

  26. very cool of you to do!

    sweet strawberry please!
    twitter: textdrivebys

  27. I don’t think I got my hands on Nice Kitty. I’m following you on twitter already, and rss feed as well.

  28. I want one! :)

    twitter: pandaLum

  29. yaay!
    hmm, nice kitty,
    pretty please.

  30. MorganHope

    Sweet Strawberry!!!
    Morganhope on twitter

  31. nice kitty please :)
    and thanks for doing these awesome giveaways
    twitter name: gummibalu

  32. Spiffy

    ooooh nice kitty for me please! =)

  33. My-Linh

    OMG Sweet Strawberry!!

    Twitter: my_linh
    already following the rss feed :)

  34. i’m really liking sweet strawberry :)

    twitter: eyelinerninja

  35. Hi Hon! I’d like to win Sweet Strawberry just because it is my color, but would def. have no problem in winning Nice Kitty =D

  36. Brigitte

    Sweet strawberry! And o’ course on Twitter I’m Kajitsu. Following RSS but on a reader not email… Does that matter? :/

  37. I’d LOVE to win the Bright Pink out of the two!

  38. I would love either but Nice Kitty is my fave. :)


    Twitter name: PlatinumBlonde

  40. Jamie

    I would love to win the Nice Kitty!
    Twitter: atnb

  41. Sugarplum

    Oh – I want to win the HK Sweet Strawberry Lipglass! I’m lemming this one, but didn’t get it yet!

  42. stacey

    i would like to win sweet strawberry!
    my twitter is staceyadele!!

  43. Kera

    I would love to win the Sweet Strawberry Liglass. It’s a beautiful color.

  44. Ashley

    Oooh fun! Sweet Strawberry please :)
    Twitter name macpixie55

  45. Jenn

    Sweet Strawberry! Twitter: sexontheflag


  46. Nice Kitty for me, and my twitter is asiyakei. Thanks for the contests!

  47. shruti

    got the nice kitty already sweet strawberry would be awesome

  48. platinumheart

    Twitter= Platinumheart

    Either or. :]

  49. Ok I wouldn’t mind these if I didn’t have to pay for them, LOL!

  50. Jeannie

    Nice Kitty please. :)

  51. sweet strawberry! ancientbruises on twitter (and i just tweeted you about how i can’t subscribe to your damn rss feed)

  52. Caroline

    Here Nice Kitty, Kitty! :)

  53. beej

    i would LOVE nice kitty!

  54. Klara

    I would love the Nice Kitty lipglass!

  55. Shanna

    Nice Kitty


  56. lisa

    nice kitty yay

  57. Dawn

    Sweet strawberry pls.
    My twitter name is dawnblaze.
    thank you!

  58. Rena

    Sweet Strawberry please :)

  59. Liz

    They are both beautiful, but Nice Kitty looks perfect for me! I follow you on Twitter as kittylitter1.

  60. auroragyps

    The Nice Kitty is really pretty and I’ve wanted a new pink gloss.

  61. nice kitty looks like a gorgeous color :)
    twitter: xkhaotik

  62. Stephanie

    sweet strawberry

  63. I’d like to win the Nice Kitty! (And I follow you on Twitter: jfount)

  64. Tekoa

    Nice Kitty! Because I have two nice kitties at home.

  65. Annie

    I’d love to get Sweet Strawberry, but winning either would be awesome!

  66. Vanessa

    Christine you are so sweet for giving away free goodies! Yay! :)

    vivaciousmakeup @ twitter

    nice kitty please ^_______^

  67. Julie

    Sweet Strawberry!

  68. Eunice

    sweet strawberry!!

  69. Claudia

    hi there! I’d love to add Nice Kitty to my collection!

  70. Brandi

    sweet strawberry! yay!

  71. Sweet Strawberry is gorgeous. Would be nice to get something from this collection too, since HK is my favorite and I’m broke. *sigh* xo!

  72. Ooh, the Sweet Strawberry Lipglasse is my preference!

  73. Lesli

    sweet strawberry! yay!
    am subscribed to the feed :)

  74. Jina

    i would like to win sweet strawberry!

  75. Priscilla

    sweet strawberry – please and thankyou :]

  76. lmnmakeup

    Sweet strawberry please!

  77. Julia

    Oh I would love sweet strawberry!

  78. doris

    sweet strawberry because i call my daughter my little strawberry shortcake lol

  79. rachel

    nice kitty pleasee :]

  80. Amy

    I would love Sweet Strawberry, I’ve been wanting to go pick it up so now I’ll wait and see what happens. 😉

    Twitter: eneriyma


  82. gio

    Sweet Strawberry please.

    twitter: beautywithbrain

  83. i_darling

    I’d like Sweet Strawberry please, if I’m chosen.

    : )


  84. Coquettiquette

    Ahh! Sweet Strawberry, please!

  85. amanda

    Nice Kitty, please. (But I’d go for either one!)

  86. Vness_12

    Sweet Strawberry ALL DAY! I’d love to win one to put in my new Hello Kitty make up bag! I love how Sweet Strawberry has a little denser color than the others. I love the sheer colors but I really want Sweet Strawberry….please. :)

  87. madelin

    sweet strawberry please!

  88. Dana

    I’d love to have Nice Kitty Lipglass! :)

  89. Mires

    I’d like to have Nice kitty but the other one is ok too.

  90. Lara

    These are my two LUSTS from the collection :) I’m laratf on twitter!

  91. jess

    nice kitty, i love it! meow!

  92. Kaoru

    Sweet Strawberry!

  93. pj

    sweet strawberry please :)

  94. DevilishDoll

    Nice Kitty =)
    Twitter = MissDynamite696

  95. Sher

    Nice Kitty Lipglass, please! :) ?