Saturday, April 11th, 2009

Temptalia Gives Away MAC Love Alert Dazzleglass!

We’re giving away one (1) MAC Love Alert Dazzleglass from the limited edition MAC Double Dazzle Collection. Submit your entry by leaving a comment in this post and telling us why you want to win. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with “winner chosen” when one has been chosen.

All entries must be submitted by April 13th, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. That’s it! This contest is only open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws.

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Good luck!

Winner has been chosen! Thank you for participating!

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433 thoughts on “Win MAC Love Alert Dazzleglass!

  1. Sa

    I’d wear this over red lipsticks and smile. I don’t have one now.

  2. Lingping

    I’d love to win this one! The color is so gorgeous – I’d wear it all the time :)

  3. Brooke

    I want to win because dazzleglasses are gorgeous!

    soco210 @ Twitter & RSS feed subscribed

  4. I would like to be entered into the competitiom please & I would love to win this Dazzleglass because I do not have any! Thanks :)

  5. JeanMarie

    tiwtter – jeezjeanmarie
    & I’m sub’d to your RSS emails. :)

    I would love to win because I think I would love this dazzleglass the most and give it a nice home lol. But seriously, this dazzleglass is sooo pigmented. I NEED it. And I’m so afraid of MAC selling out and it taking forever for them to restock. :(

  6. Sarah

    I’d love to win! Twitter name is MissMoofy. I think the dazzleglasses are so pretty. :)

  7. Ali

    I would love to win because this is my favorite lip gloss – I’m so glad MAC brought it back!

  8. apfelwinter

    I’d like to have one because i need mooore lipglass!
    twitter:apfewinter, +RSS

  9. I’d love to win because I have a total of 0 MAC products and I’m really picky with lipstuff but this looks sooooo pretty. It screams “MUST HAVE” >.<

  10. would love to win. =) Haven’t try any dazzleglass before. So it’ll be great to be able to try one.

  11. I want to win it because I’m unemployed and can’t afford to buy it!

    twitter: DeltaCephei
    RSS subscribed

  12. Cish

    Love Alert looks gorgeous! and I still don’t have any dazzleglasses :(

  13. Mikki

    This one is gorgeous! I want to win! Pick me!

    Twitter = MikkiPikki

  14. I want to win this because it’d look great over lipstick!
    erincharp on twitter

  15. Alexis

    I’d love to win because I haven’t bought any DG from this collection and would really like one!!


  16. Nikki

    I’d love to win Love Alert because it is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

  17. I’d love to win this because I’ve never bought a DG in my life, but I sure would like to own one.

    Twittr: Joellevand

  18. i’d love to win cause dazzleglass are my favorite :)

    twitter: hollababy78

  19. Michelle

    I want to win because you can never have enough lip glosses!!!

  20. Yvette

    I would love to win because I’m greedy for DazzleGlass..yummy..yummy..

    Twitter:YJMC1..twit, twit..

  21. Wilcoa

    Would love to win! Never had a red lippie, never had a dazzleglass and wold love to start.

  22. Elizabeth

    I’d love to win this cause I’ve never tried a dazzleglass and this one’s gorgeous!
    Twitter: MsScoresby

  23. Naz

    I want to win to see what all the hype is about.

  24. I’d love to win one because never own a dazzleglass 😀 thanks

  25. Tracy

    Oh – I’d love to win – I don’t have any dazzleglasses, although I’d probably have to hand it over to my daughter!

  26. I would love to win because I’ve never tried dazzleglass before and it would be a nice splurge!

  27. joyceee

    i’d love to win because dazzleglasses are very expensive for a lipgloss and it’s hard to justify almost 20 bucks for a lipgloss LOL!

    subscribed :)

  28. Kay

    I want to win because these are not available where I live (japan)!
    Twitter name: xmts

  29. Ju

    I want to win because I’m feel flirty, so, a gloss with a name like “Love Alert”, it’s really for me 😀

  30. babycakeseses

    I would love to win because it is such a pretty color!

    Twitter: babycakes88

  31. Anitacska

    I would love to win this because this is one of my favourite shades and would definitely like to get one, and if I didn’t have to pay for it, that would be great! 😉

  32. ladyluck13

    thats my fave colour of the lot.

  33. Christina C

    I would love to win this beauty.

    Twitter: candboys

  34. Chloe

    i want to win because dazzleglasses give you an amazing finish to your lips!
    Twitter: xSparklezZx
    I am a follower of your twitter and a sub to your daily feed.

  35. i want to win i dont own any dazzleglass & this is my most fav among the dazzleglasses you swatched :) hope i win. thanks christine.

    email subscriber

  36. migzy

    i wanna win coz i don’t have any dazzleglasses yet
    twitter: migzque

  37. Andrea

    I’d love to win since I don’t have any Dazzleglasses!!!

  38. Dauphine

    I really would like to win,because I love MAC.But a girl can’t have everything,so I would be very lucky to get it for free.
    My Twitter: Dauphine

  39. Mica

    i would like to win because i don’t have any dazzleglasses! and this one in particular is a pretty color!

  40. I would love to win because dazzleglasses are sparkly and I love sparkly stuff! Oh and I’ve never had a dazzleglass:)

    Twitter- Dazzling232

    and I’m subscribed to the RSS Feed

  41. alexis

    Twitter- alexis1024
    Id like to win this so i can finally try a dazzleglass and see why theyre so popular!

  42. rasilla

    they are such fun dazzle-y glosses :)
    and I <3 glitter/shimmers 😛

  43. Mica

    twitter: mica_gee

    i would like to win because i don’t own any dazzleglasses. i missed out when it came out!

  44. I’d love to win this because I have no other color like it~
    Twitter: rubyz

  45. Manda

    I would love to win because I need a new DG!! thanks!

    twitter: ImmaDiva

  46. I would love to win Love Alert since I don’t own that color.

    Twitter: FabDiva20
    E-mail subscriber

  47. Yay! Another chance to win!

    I want to win because I have yet to try a dazzleglass!

    Twitter: BreezyH
    I’m subbed as well. :]

  48. bluematilda

    it is a beautiful color, and i like that when i smooch my hubby, unbeknownst to him, some of the glitter ends up on him…! hee!
    twitter bluematilda

  49. I would love to win this because I think it’s gorgeous!! :) Also, because I don’t own any Dazzleglasses!

    Twitter: x3materialheart

  50. Annika

    I’d love to win, this is such a pretty colour! .)

  51. Christina

    I don’t own any dazzleglasses….love to win!

    twitter: cryshelle

  52. Euphoria Blossom

    I’d love to win Love Alert because Borneo sucks and from where I come from, we have NO MAC stores!! *BAWLS!!*

  53. Lexi

    this looks beautiful!

  54. Shelly

    it’s so gorgeous!!! i love red lips but can’t pull off red lipstick so this gloss would be perfect for those classic glam looks!

    twitter: shleee

  55. TeresaAK (Twitter)

    My MAC addiction started when I joined the Nordstrom family at the SF Centre (I think it was a mandate;D). At the time, the variety of products was meager, but the variety of lipsticks was remarkable! FAST FORWARD 18 years later: I still haven’t ventured beyond MAC l/s (in terms of their lip stuff). I think a DG would be a nice gift for someone who ought to try someting new, and a great gift for someone who is living proof that MAC is not only timeless, MAC is ageless.<333

  56. christygolighty

    so cute i would love to win one of these

  57. Renee

    I would love to win because I have never tried a dazzleglass in my life.

  58. Anna

    I would love to win this because I have yet to try a dazzleglass and this one looks beautiful!


  59. alyne

    its my twitter name!

  60. Katherine

    I would love to win because I love red lip products!
    Twitter: ceribella3
    I already follow RSS feed

  61. I would love to win because that color is so gorgeous. I have never won anything from Temptalia before and MAC is my favorite brand of all time! I follow on Twitter and I get updates via email.
    Twitter: GlamourGirl21

  62. tabby

    I’d love to win Love Alert Dazzleglass.
    My twitter name is llamabelle.

  63. Kendra

    twitter: MzDiz136

    fingers crossed! =)

  64. Cozy

    I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to get this dazzleglass, it’s one of my very most favorites and I can’t afford it! xD

  65. jesstooimpress

    love love all the dazzleglasses, and i didnt get this one!

    dude to my lack of muulaaa. haha <33 pick me!

    twitter – jesstooimpress

  66. Maggie

    i would like to win because i have no mac products, and love alert looked great in your lip swatches! :)

  67. ..amy..

    I love lipglosses and especially dazzleglass I only have one n mizzunderstood I deff want this one if I don’t win ill find some cash somewhere and get a cpl everyone should own one soo sparkly

  68. Lauren

    I’d love to win, for the pure fact i have NO dazzleglasses
    It’s a crime and it needs to be rectified! haha

  69. Tracy

    i would looove to win this because ive never tried a dazzleglass before, and i feel like im missing out on something gorgeous!!

  70. Lauren

    twitter name: Lollypop0613

  71. Macaddict

    ALL the Dazzleglasses are SO gorg that it’s hard to resist them!
    Twitter: Macbeauty

  72. Brittany

    I want to win this because I love mac and never knew about this one. This color is so pretty, I love it! :)

  73. Meike

    I’d love to win this because the name describes the color perfectly!

  74. Kitt3n

    I would love to win because I love dazzleglass. I own one, and I agree it is nice to see glitter on my hubby when I kiss him.

  75. twitter: flipchink7

    I would love to win because I love lippies.

  76. i want to win because i love this color!

    twitter: divinexjanice

  77. I want to win because this color over pink/red lipstick would rock.

  78. msviolet

    I would love to win because this and Date Night are really the only dazzleglasses I like but I can’t afford either!

    mzviolet on twitter

  79. Pick me please! Cos the dazzleglass colors are fab!

    My twitter username: mizzdevi

  80. cloudburst

    Hi I’d love to win since I don’t have this colour! twitter: thespell.

  81. sprut

    I want to win! :)

  82. Alannah

    I’d love to win because I really need some good news and I love this shade! It’s the only one I want out of the bunch!

  83. Summer

    Oh… I would love to win, I don’t own any Dazzleglasses and I have been dying to get one! Plus I could use a pick me up since my hubby is leaving for a year really soon =(

    Twitter- pinkstars82

  84. i want to win this dazzleglass because i seriously love it!
    twitter: michelleadams
    i follow you in my google reader, as well.

  85. Jenn

    I want to win this because i reaally want to own a MAC dazzleglass.

    twitter: chinandjuice

  86. Maren

    I would like to win this because I missed it twice!
    twitter: leogecko

  87. anna

    I adore the dazzle of Dazzleglasses 😀

  88. I would love to win :)
    I really like the dazzle glasses.
    Twitter: Phyrra

  89. Mila

    Milaxx on twitter
    I need these for the summer

  90. Mila

    Also on RSS feed and email

  91. jessica

    this is my fav dazzle!! twitter is hotdot2122

  92. madeline0134


  93. vina

    i want to win because someone stole my mac up bag with $90 worth of mac limited edition products ):

    twitter: vinakristalc

  94. jamie

    i want to win.

  95. jamie

    i want to win because i have never tried a dazzleglass before.

  96. i would loooovvvveeeee to win!!!
    did the rss thingy

  97. jamie

    it looks so pretty.

  98. Karina

    I would like to win because I don

  99. jackie

    I’d love to win. I still have yet to add a Dazzleglass to my collection :)

  100. noi

    I’d love to win Love Alert cause a red lip will always be a classic and wearing Love Alert will surely help me through tough times nowadays with all its glitter and that awesome dazzle! Dazzleglass = happiness :-)
    twitter: namooshie