Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Win MAC Kittenish Lipstick!

One (1) lucky winner will receive the limited edition MAC Kittenish Lipstick from MAC’s Fabulous Felines Collection! (Retail value $14.50!)

RULES: All entries must be submitted by September 10th, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

Congratulations to Angelique N.!

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804 thoughts on “Win MAC Kittenish Lipstick!

  1. Stephanie

    I’ll wear it to a date night with my boyfriend with simple eye look. A little sheered out of course.

  2. Sarah

    I would wear Kittenish everywhere I go!!

  3. Brittni R

    I’d be wearing Kittenish everywhere once falls rolls around! So excited for pea-coats and hats!

  4. Kay

    So pretty! Definitely out for a girls’ night!

  5. Madison

    I’d probably wear it out to a club as part of a vampy look =]

  6. Lize

    I’d probably rock it with a neutral eye to a party or something or wear it sheered out to school 😀

  7. Sarah

    I am following you on Twitter and tweeted @

  8. Alexandria Cooper

    I Would Wear The first and second one to a party then thrid and fourth my everyday lip colour :) .xx

  9. michelle

    I would wear Kittenish lipstick when I go out with friends.

  10. Dini

    I love Kittenish so I’d wear it everywhere, from work to the grocery store!

  11. Brittany

    I’d wear Kittenish going out for a HOT night on the town. Maybe with some black liner, a black sweater, and some hot boots…I can see it now.

  12. j

    id wear it to church

  13. I’d wear this to my first every NYFW event next Thursday!!!

  14. Joyce B

    I would wear Kittenish if I were going out in the evening. Probably with something like a black cat eye.

  15. Sarah Bokhari

    I will wear it on my nephew 5th birthday party . I know it will be amazing day time lipstick
    tweeted here and ofcourse following you

  16. Anna

    i’d wear it anywhere. probably around the house to make myself feel glamorous when i’m working or doing chores HAHA

  17. Dawn

    For me, Kittenish is more of an evening shade, so I’d wear it on a posh evening out

  18. I really don’t have a specific place I’d wear it…I tend to wear dark shades and unusual colors whenever/wherever as long as it works well with my eyeshadow look. :)

  19. Carolyn

    Anywhere for an everyday look. If layered very thinly, I think it could give my lips a deepened berry color that would look lovely for fall.

  20. Kellie Wilson

    I would wear the lipstick to work! so cute! also tweeting-@kelliechio

  21. Katrina

    Shopping downtown on a crisp fall day!

  22. OOhhhh nice! Thanks for the giveaway! Kittenish is such a deep color, don’t have anything like it! I would only wear it in the fall/winter maybe a special occassion or a night out. =)

  23. Rita

    In the evening in some party.

  24. Maren

    I think I would wear it to a party! :)

  25. Heather

    I’d wear it out in the evening for a nice, fall look!

  26. Marinka

    I’d wear it on a date or a night out.

  27. I would wear it to a party!

  28. Angela

    i would wear it definitely it out at night, maybe to a dinner.

  29. Misela

    I would wear this out to a fancy dinner. And my complete face look would be a neutral smoky eye with minimal blush and the lips to give my look a sexiness and a pop of color.

  30. Rachel C.

    I see myself wearing this all over!! to work (very casual office), out with friends, and to baseball games!!! Go Yankees….sorry I digress…Thanks for an awesome giveaway!!

  31. Misela

    I am following you on twitter and I RT to your tweet about the contest and also RT this (RT to win MAC Kittenish Lipstick! Info + one more way to win:

    User name

  32. kelly alice.

    i would wear kittenish out on a date with my partner, to our favourite local restaurant!

  33. Id wear Kittenish if im going out at night or with a neutral eye look.

  34. I’d wear it to go out with my friends!

  35. Danielle F

    In the fall I would wear it almost anywhere, but lightly for work :)

  36. Liat

    I would wear it for a date with my husband

  37. aclearcutsign

    The holidays are upon us, so I’d wear it to every holiday event that I’d be going to!

  38. kris

    It’s definitely a date night lipstick for me.

  39. Hanne

    For me it’s more of a night time lipstick but i wouyld love to rock it during the day on those long winter months as well.

  40. PinkStar08

    i’d wear Kittenish everyday i love it!

  41. Maria

    I would wear kittenish anytime during the fall. It’s a gorgeous fall color :)

  42. lrielle

    to work, provided it was sheered out.

  43. Arantzazu

    The dark one for a night party or something.
    The shimmer one… Buff, really don’t know. I don’t know how shimmery it is, but I think this one for the night too.
    The other two, for the day, depending on the clothes, the mood…

  44. Audri

    I reserve my high end lipsticks for nights out, so Kittenish would definitely be a date-night staple.

  45. JayJay

    I’d wear it everywhere!

  46. Frances

    There is nowhere I wouldn’t wear kittenish! <3

  47. I’d wear kittenish to the mall!

  48. I’d wear Kittenish out shopping!

  49. Grace

    I’d wear it for a night on the town with the girls!

  50. Stephanie

    On a HOT date!

  51. Stephanie Carvalho

    I’d wear on a night out with my honey.. since is cold down here, i’d use a black outfit, some nice high heel boots.. make: black eyeliner, volume mascara and nude eyeshadow to make a clean but amazing look.

  52. Tanya

    id wear it for classy evening out with neutral eye make up and precise eyeliner and my hot black stilettos!

  53. Julchen

    I´d wear it on a gig with my band

  54. Elena

    I’d use it when i want to be noticed like in a romantic date or a special occasion

  55. saja

    this is an awsome fall color so i would be wearing it everywhere and rock it:)

  56. Amanda

    Kittenish is purrrrrfect for fall (hehe, sorry, I couldn’t resist!), I would wear it everywhere. Sheer it out with a bit of gloss and it’s easy peasy!

  57. Yumi

    To work and a night out prob. Lol my first response was “on my lips” too!

  58. Kaylabella

    Definitely a night out!

  59. Tania

    i would wear it on a girls night out :-)

  60. dulce bilog

    I would wear it everywhere! MAC is pretty good at creating lipstick colors for the current season!

  61. I would wear it to the movies. With the Burmese Beauty Quad. I think that would be really pretty.

  62. Step

    I’d wear it to a concert at this divey place downtown.

  63. Adrine

    I would wear it to work! I love wearing different looks to work, it spices up my day! lol.

  64. qchesq

    it’s pretty for everyday wear

  65. Maria

    … everywhere :-)

  66. sarah

    when I have a girls’ night with my friends!

  67. Danielle

    Since I have a little bit of a darker skintone, Kittenish won’t look super vampy on me…. Therefore, I would wear that kitty anywhere and everywhere! :)

  68. yit

    Id wear it out for my birthday night out on sept. 17 with my girlfriends. It woul make a prefect addition to a fabulous striped(yellow, brown & purple) micheal kors dress im wearing!!

  69. I’d wear it out at night :) whether going to a movie, going out on a date, going to a party, etc 😀

  70. Maja

    I would wear it on my lips :-)

  71. clemence

    I’ll wear it everyday, even at the university! So beautiful!

  72. Patricia

    a night out with the bf :)

  73. Monica

    I would wear it out with my friends!

  74. Anna

    If I love a new lipstick, I wear it constantly! And that one would go soooo well with my cat eye glasses 😉

  75. Stephanie C

    I would wear it for special occasions

  76. Ana

    i’d wear it sheered out to a dinner with my family

  77. Marielvis

    I’d probably wear it with a neutral eye. Beautiful for fall

  78. Candis

    I’d wear it anywhere. I mean, you says you can’t wear something you love everyday?

  79. Sam

    I would be a little daring, and wear it to school.

  80. Brooke

    I would wear it at nighttime.

  81. iM4cGirl

    I would wear Kittenish to work and when I go out.

  82. Court

    I’d wear it by itself!

  83. Seattleite

    I would wear it everywhere – from work to play!!! 😉

  84. Doriana

    I will wear Kittenish to the work every day…

  85. alafair

    I’d wear it for a party at night

  86. Arduinna4

    I’d wear it with dark-black clothes and gothic makeup to a club. :)

  87. Salina

    I’d wear Kittenish to my art show- for sure. And it could probably be an everyday thing, too. :)

  88. Samantha

    I would wear kittenish sheered out with boy bait on top and with my kitten heels!

  89. janette

    Anywhere and everywhere

  90. Norma Darakjian

    Everywhere I go!

  91. Keen Janine

    I’d wear out on date night wiht my husband. I’d also wear it at work with the right gloss.

  92. Brenda

    I’d wear it anywhere for an everyday look

  93. i would wear it for a candle light dinner with my boyfriend.

  94. Becky

    I would wear Kittenish everywhere: to school, to the mall, around the house. It is just gorgeous!